Padawan ICS ROM for AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717! [Version 6.2!]

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For those of you looking to turn your AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717 into a Galaxy Note (software-wise), there’s a ROM for that, Padawan ICS ROM by XDA user Ptmr3. (You can also follow him on Twitter here)

The Padawan ICS ROM has a great mix of Note 2 launcher, apps, and even overclocking up to 1.89Ghz with lots of governors, I recommend using SetCPU app and setting to Lulzactive.  Although the AT&T Galaxy Note will never be as fast as a Note 2, overclocking will let you run your phone as fast as possible to keep up with the latest Note 2 apps.

UPDATE: See updated version 8 here!!!

The homescreen on Padawan ICS ROM looks nearly identical to my Galaxy Note 2.  For the untrained eye, they will not be able to tell the difference if you are holding a Galaxy Note 1 or 2.

The Note 2 gallery app of course is a must, bringing you the latest 3D scrolling and also does sync with your Google Picasa web album.

Don’t forget to enjoy your floating videos!

For apps, the Padawan ICS ROM does come with Apollo music player,  Awesome Beats app for you headphone bangers, and Tweakbox app for tweaking additional stuff.

Jelly bean animations and Google Now is also included.

Overall, the Padawan is a great ROM that should allow you to enjoy the best of Note 2 and 99% of Samsung apps come uninstalled.  But you do have the option of re-installing them easily by flashing zip files in CWM recovery.

Give this ROM a test-drive today and let me know what you think!

12/14/2012 – Verion 6.2 is OUT, now adds, pop out gallery, Jedi ringtones, tweakbox, inverted GoogleNow, Flash player, more tweaks!
11/1/2012 – Version 4 is OUT, this is my daily driver, overclocked to 1.89Ghz, makes my Note run fast as a Note 2 (almost).

Version 4 changes:

Apollo Update (transparent thanks to casonswag)
Gmail Update
Build.prop. edits
Ram Management Tweaks
Eliminating Launcher Redraw
Init.d edits
Modifications To Ramdisk
Battery Enhancements
Framework Modifications
Interface Speed Enhancements
Added SMemo / SNote Back For SPen Processes


Download Padawan ROM

Download Galaxy Note 2 Add-on

Download Samsung apps (like S-Memo)

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To install ROM, reboot into CWM Recovery, wipe data/factory reset, install ROM, install Galaxy Note 2 Add-on, install any Samsung apps you want, and reboot.

Credits – XDA <—– Don’t forget to donate to developer if you like this ROM, thx!


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248 Responses to Padawan ICS ROM for AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717! [Version 6.2!]

  1. Ralph says:

    Awesome video! love the ROM…. question if I installed the Tmobile rom from the link below and radio:

    What are my issues if I reflash a rom such as this one? since it went from att to tmobile?

    • Ralph says:

      Max…. or anyone else.

      Can i flash this over the tmobile rom posted on the above link?

      • Jonathan says:

        I’ve tried all modems (including the Blaze modem) with Padawan; and none could get any signal. The one you posted above (i717 UVLG3) works perfectly for me now!!! Thanks!

  2. wilson says:

    hey max.. any battery difference??
    is the LTE and speakers working?
    is this beta xD sorry to ask u all this but i know that if i dont 1000 people will ask u later xD

  3. Dennis Goodman says:

    Will the galaxy note 2 addons and the spend zips work with jb tons aokp jelly bean rom?

  4. Marvin says:

    Does this rom have S Memo?

  5. Craig says:

    Very good rom. It’s very fast. But when I installed all my apps, my phone started rebooting by itself. It would get to the lock screen and then before I could unlock the phone it would reboot.

  6. Jimmy says:

    ive tried every T mobile modem and cant find one to work with this rom. have any idea why they dont work? they worked fine in my last rom. thanks!

  7. eddie says:

    I’m looking modem for T mobile work with this rom too.

    • shad says:

      yes that is my concern as well. I am still using the saurom rom because none of the tmobile mosems seem to work on others. Please let me know if you find one that works with this. would be awesome!!

  8. Brett says:

    Ive been trying it for about a day , and im having a hard time getting the note 2 camera feature working , Ive done a clean wipe and installed the note2 features and still not getting it, not sure if im doing something wrong but im enjoying this rom and will continue to use it, if anyone are having similar issues please lmk

    • JK says:

      I did not get the camera app features either. But happy with all of the other new features and this ROM is way faster than my former ROM.

  9. Sunny says:

    Thanks Max!!!
    I haven’t seen anyrom for T-Mobile galaxy note(sgh-t879), do you any idea on that device. I appreciated all your hard working..thanks.

  10. Trevor says:

    I installed the rom and a few of the extra apps, and when I go to check sms, touchwiz force closes…? Any ideas?

  11. Rob says:

    I downloaded yesterday night. It pretty fast and stable. Defitnatly a daily driver.

  12. Solomon says:

    How do you stop the music from playing at boot?

  13. Rob says:

    Hey max, is there a n7000 version? And is the overclocking necessary to run this rom smoothly?

    • JK says:

      I am running very smooth without overclocking. But the overclocking is definitely a huge improvement in speed and performance.

  14. sunny kim says:

    Max!! I can flash this ROM on tmbile galaxy note(sgh t-879)? What do I have to do if i can’t..I love this ROM so much on your video.I hope can flash this ROM ASAP.. thanks max..

  15. stephan B says:

    Hey man,

    I installed the ROM which runs very fast but it looks like I am not able to select a different language for the keyboard.. I need to have the french keyboard installed.
    how do I go about installing that?

  16. rajeev says:

    the new Padawan ROM for the samsung galaxy note I717 is eally a beautiful ROM its super fast a must have

    • CGraham says:

      I love the speed but I keep getting errors on my gmail, it will not send my mail – tried reboot and even did a master reset and then a clean install. Any thoughts

  17. rick says:

    Probably the best ROM I’ve used performance wise, and the note2 features just make it that much better. After using Black Star and Cyanogen each for several months the only thing I can say about Padawan is that I wish it were a little nicer looking and a bit more customization like the others

  18. PUNIAZ says:

    where is myfiles

    • jeff says:

      yea i use solid file explorer beta 2 . available in the market. switch to landskape and you can work with two planes .

  19. Hasan says:

    Hi max
    Really like this Rom, but I have problem that the icons show on my phone in one color (blue).
    Do u have any solution for this issue?

    Thank u again for this rom

  20. Haze says:

    Great ROM but overclocking to 1.89 causes reboots for me. I have lulzactive set as the governor and cfq as the scheduler. Is anyone else having that problem?

  21. bob says:

    wait, how does this have google now if its an ICS rom?

  22. mariela says:

    i am not getting 4g on my phone. What can i do?

  23. jeff says:

    I came from blackstar which i liked a lot but it did have some issues. The battery life on this rom is excellent i was able to go back to my stock battery. the LTE and the GPS work perfect. Quadrant standard pute it third on the list. I cant find anything that dosent work. i tried the overclock but found the phone to get a little hot and the battery drain was higher. the performance is just fine at stock. ZIPPY even. This is my new rom (for today as im a flash-a-holic) Thanks MAX nice recomendation and thumbs up to the DEV….

    • Robert says:

      hey dose your phone reads lte with this new version?!? because i cant get anything more than 4g on my note.please let me know.thanks.

  24. Rob says:

    hi max, i’ve been using this rom for a while. and honestly, its awesome. however, i notice that when streaming music, it plays alright but when the screen times out and shut off, the sound starts cutting off. what should i do?

  25. Johnny says:

    Missing My files on this rom, any way i can find it?

  26. Johnny says:

    Missing My files on this rom, any way i can find it? let me know where.

  27. jeff says:

    im using solid exlporer

  28. Tom says:

    Great ROM!!! Super fast. Thanks Max! Only thing I noticed is that “my files” is not working, but downloaded solid explore solved this problem. Thanks for all the great work, Max!!!

  29. Johnny says:

    I’m a little confused about this… is anyone missing tbe S Pen function when using the keyboard?

  30. morana says:

    hey i really want to thank you for this site it has been very helpful for me since i got my galaxy note , i have one question what should i do when i try to install the padawan3 and it tells me that installation aborted but it did not do that with the note2 file . is there a solution for that because i’m currently stuck with something that isn’t what it should be . so please help me right , oh yeah i forgot to to back up my stock rom also so i;m really stuck , so please help

    • jeff says:

      did you use the latest version of cwm or is it possible the download is corrupted. if you can still get into recovery yo can fix it.

    • jeff says:

      if all else fails i’ve done this after a mess up
      You MUST have Kies full installed on the desktop/laptop and make sure you’re updated to the latest version.

      1) Boot your note into download mode
      2) Connect your Note to the laptop with factory USB cable
      2) Launch Kies on your desktop (full version)
      4) Choose Tools, Firmware upgrade & initialization
      a) While in download mode enter the S/N & model name (ALL CAPS!!)
      b) It will prompt to initialize to original settings. Click “YES”
      c) It will prompt to initialize the latest version. Click “YES”
      d) It will download the firmware upgrade components (DO NOT DISCONNECT THE DEVICE!!)

      5) It will prompt for firmware upgrade and initialization.
      a) Click check box for reading above information
      b) Click your choice if you want your information saved on Samsung Kies corporate servers (I choose WITHOUT saving).

      Just kick back, wait and the phone will update to the original out of box software with the latest updates already applied.

      I cant take the credit for this and cant remember who origionally posted it.

  31. morana says:

    my CWR is the latest one but how would i fix it there in CWR

    • jeff says:

      if you can get back into recovery redownload the rom and start ove follow maxes directions to the letter.

    • jeff says:

      This is directly from XDA


      -Download ROM
      -Backup your apps with preferred method(app2zip is great)
      -Wipe data ( factory data reset)
      -Wipe system (Format system (in mounts/storage) if on CWM)
      -Flash ROM
      -Wipe cache/Dalvik
      -Fix Permissions
      -Boot system and DO NOT TOUCH FOR 10 MIN
      -After the 10 min, reboot phone and enjoy the Force
      – Flash Add Ons/ Theme AFTER 10 min Waiting Period

  32. alex says:

    this shit is ther beast………….dowload and install…….

  33. alex says:

    HI MAX…..What do you think about this :Black*STAR Rom VIII …..

  34. Rob says:

    Max, just a question, is it possible to change the boot animation in this rom, not that i dont like it, but just to change it. Please let me know

  35. Dhruv says:

    Does 4G work in this ROM?

  36. jeff says:

    As I try to install the add on’s like face lock tcmr says installing and then says applying 15 toggle quick pannel and face lock and a few othrs won’t install. Anyone know what im doing wrong.

  37. JK says:

    Flash doesn’t work!

  38. angel f. says:

    hey max…i was able to install this rom successfully but i couldn’t recover all my apps through TITANIUM BACKUP…it shows 0 on restore apps…..any suggestions? or is anybody else having this problem? thank u!

  39. morana says:

    this rom is amazing ,i can’t believe how fast my note is moving right now it crazy

    • jeff says:

      hey you finally got it installed

      • morana says:

        one question how do i uninstall the bloatware , i installed it and realized that i really didn’t need it . it’s just a bother .

        • jeff says:

          i dont think you can. reflash the rom as before , i didnt put the bloat it runs so smooth

          • Rajiv says:

            Hi Jeff & Morana. I am trying to get Padawan v4 to install on my At&t Note (i717). It’s rooted with CWM touch recovery. I was able to get the Paranoid Android Jelly Bean rom to work on it, but not none of the Padawans. Am I missing something here? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    • marcelo says:

      are you icons blue? because mine are blue and i cant changr the color.thanks

      • Rajiv says:

        Hi Jeff & Morana. I am trying to get Padawan v4 to install on my At&t Note (i717). It’s rooted with CWM touch recovery. I was able to get the Paranoid Android Jelly Bean rom to work on it, but not none of the Padawans. Am I missing something here? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

  40. KENNETH says:

    It is possible to install the add-ons and the GNOTE 2 add-on on other ROM that is not the Padawan3…

  41. farhan says:

    Hi max !

    I have a problem , error 921 is coming in play store app?

  42. can I flash this over the old one or do I need to do a wipe

  43. Flash doesnt work,I have flash settings but no flash!

  44. marcelo says:

    how can i change the color on the icons ? they are blue.

    • jeff the nubie flashaholic says:

      i use nova launcher there you can change to stock jelly bean or download something else i used black gloss puts a black boarder around the icons. nova is cool too lots of configurables . thats my own word i made up . i think if i flash one more rom my note might melt.. im keeping this one iv tried them all.

  45. marcelo says:

    Thanks jeff i give it a try

  46. Jan Carlos says:

    Hello Max, I’m more a follower of his brilliant work. Friend and I wonder if ixiste a way to put the pt-BR for the SGH-i717 Galaxy Note AT & T? I can not turn at all can you please help me? Thank you.

  47. Troy says:

    To get rid of the blue icons you have to install the Note2i717 file from above fixed the blue icon issue. I can’t find the icon in the video to over clock. How do i over clock and im getting a lot touchwiz issues. For example trying to change the wallpaper “Unfortunatley, Touchwiz Home has stopped” Ive only installed the pADAWAN4 ROM and Note2i717 and ICSblaz. Do i need to install the rest of the apps?

    • jeff the nubie flashaholic says:

      you have to install lulzactive and set cpu. I really didnt find the need to overclock the rom was so smooth and fast already.

    • jeff the nubie flashaholic says:

      i use nova launcher . you can use a stock icon theme gets the blue out

  48. reezy1 says:


    Does anyone have a link where i can download SetCpu?

  49. ducasio says:

    can someone please let me know how to overclock the att 1717 note thanks.

  50. ducasio says:

    also when i flash the svoice zip it keep aborting the instal .how can i get the svoice zip to work thanks .

  51. Kris says:

    Stuck in the Samsung Loading screen, additionally, can’t get SNote or SVoice to flash, everything else appeared to be working fine and then I rebooted and it’s stuck at the Samsung loading screen

    • jeff the flashaholic says:

      go into recovery and Wipe Cache Wipe Cache/Dalvik Fix Permissions this usually works for me. Otherwise do a factory wipe and the next 3 steps again.

  52. jeff the flashaholic says:

    Inverted Gapps nice battery saver white font on black background just flash in TCMR

  53. Therese says:

    where do I get my original at&t cingular ringtone? I’m very new at this. “This is my first android 2 months old”

    • jeff the flashaholic says:

      i have it. If you make an email account and post it i will email it to you. just dont post your reagular email address. Im not sure of the rules here but that seems ok that file does come on all the att phones

  54. ducasio says:

    i love this side .thanks guys for you work and for helping us with all are issues .trully.

  55. Lasi says:

    Hi Max
    Thanks for all your videos and works. This Rom is great. But I have problem that’s “insert sim card..”
    the Rom could see my sim card. My Note is unlocked and currently running good on Saurom.
    I’ve tried Icsblaze , Kid, VK1 …. and no lucks.
    Is anyone has this issue? any suggestion?

    Thanks You

    • ducasio says:

      i have the same issue.did you find any solution ?

      • Lasi says:

        Ducasio, I haven’t find any solutions yet. I’ll let you know if I find out anything about this issue. For now I just re-flashed back to Saurom .

        • ducasio says:

          i fix it whith ics blaze .what i did was before i flash the padawan rom i wipe factoty reset ,wipe cache partition,then wipe dalvik cache .then i flash the rom.and with out rebot flash the add on zip .flash any samsung apps zip i want it .then i flash the ics blaze .and then rebot my phone .it work perfet for me im using simple mobile on the att note so i did have to program the mobile networks onese more for better performace.let mew know if i help .

          • Lasi says:

            Thanks Ducasio,
            but no matter what I did, still no sign of signals. reflashing, tried all radios, add on installed…. still won’t work. I guess I have to stuck with Saurom for now.

  56. marcelo says:

    I think if you reflash the rom it migh work. Just do all steeps befor reflash

  57. Juan says:

    I just realized lulzactive is a separate download. I am pretty clueless about this.
    Can you share your lulzactive settings? Right now I can ‘t exceed 1.7 ghz without causing
    A reboot. I envy your 1.89 setting

  58. sang says:

    this is great rom. I am using Bell galaxy note sghi717 and unlocked it to use as fido user.
    anyways there is one problem. I don’t get 4g or 3g no data.
    Any solution? please help me.

  59. Juan says:

    Anyone know if this room has a fast charge kernel?

  60. CGraham says:

    As always THANKS – Everyone laughs at me with all these installs and stuff ” your going to kill your phone again”

    Q – I can’t get my Monthly Calender Widget to work, any advice

  61. Eddy says:

    I downloaded this rom on my phone and everything works well, but the only problem im having is when im get on the web and try watch a movie it says i dont have flash player. I have the lastest flash player on the phone but its not working….HELLPPPPPP!!!

    • carl smith says:

      Eddy, Adobe flash isn’t supported by Padawan 4.0.4, but you can go to and download the latest Flash Installer and install it. It will overwrite the original flash player. You’ll just have a set up a free account with an email and password.

      • Juan says:

        I went to 4shared and found a lot of different flash things.
        Am I looking for an installer specifically? Or just Adobe flash with the highest version number?

      • Juan says:

        I went to 4shared and found a lot of different flash things. Tried to install flash 11 but it won’t let me replace the system app. Looks like I may need to take some extra steps to make this work.

  62. Stephen Hagerty says:

    Hey max I’m new to commenting as I usually figure this shit out myself. However this padawan ROM just isn’t working on my att sgh-i717. Flashed as recommended, it essentially gets stuck at the samsung boot logo. Waited about 45mins to no avail. Any advice or any chance you know of another good Note 2 ROM for the sgh-i717? Thanks bro. And BTW your site is great all the people who complain are just Droid-tards.. when I switched about 8months ago from jailbreaking iOS your root guides where my holy grail to learn the ways of modding android. Thanks for the hard work you put into this site!

  63. Devi prasad Boggupalli says:

    HI, I have updated my at&t galaxy note SGH-I717 to ICS 4.0.4 from gingerbread directly via kies. BUt, then the browser is not downloading video files like .avi and .wmv and .rar files and even dolphin HD not able to download files. They are able to download only jpeg files that are 1-2MB. i tried both in carrier mode and wifi mode. Right now i have come down to India and I am not going back to USA. I did a factory reset and the problem persists. opera is relatively ok. but not worthy. even chrome is not downloading. PLease somebody give me a tried and established solution.

  64. brandon says:

    im bout to flask pawn dawg ics rom do i download and flash all three zip folders

  65. Jobby says:

    I flashed this rom and think it’s great. But I don’t seem to have the overclocking feature. Where would it be? It’s not on any of my homescreens or anywhere in settings OR anywhere in apps. Did that part of the rom just not get installed on mine? And if so, why me? Why? … Also, my instagram app doesn’t work since I flashed this rom. I’ve tried going to settings, apps and clearing data in the instagram app. Didn’t work. Tried uninstalling it, then reinstalling it. Didn’t work… Well if anybody can give me a helpful response it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    • sinath says:

      Hey youre not the only one who doesnt have the overclock app as i didnt get it either and still dont know how. Also my instagram didnt work at first o actually flashed my phone 3times cuz i thought i did it wrong but it is working now. My battery life is amazing.

    • Juan says:

      Go to the Google play store and search for set cpu
      Download and install for free.
      Doesn’t come with the Rom.
      I made the same mistake.

  66. Craszh says:

    Haven’t flash new rom for a while since official ics, final flashed this rom today and everything works great. finally snote and google now work on my phone with this rom have been trying to get this to work before and never did work. thanks MAX! this rom is fast and everything seems to work fine so far. installed using wcm and 4g is working fine also. using gnote att on tmobile hope it stay this way LOL. gonna skip JB for now till there is a better way to install it. don’t want to use twrp.

  67. craszh says:

    is anyone know how to change the boot animation on this rom? i can’t seem to get the boot animation working on this rom, do i need to change the kernel or something? if anyone have the answers please give me step by step on how to change it. i am using att galaxy note on tmobile. Thank you in advance

  68. Craszh says:

    help, how to get adobe flash to work on this ROM or what i need to do? need it for web movies, thank you in advance for any help.

    • johny says:

      i think you can download adobe flash player{android version) from other site site?

      • craszh says:

        hi johny thank you for your help, i went to and downloaded the adobe flash and it installed, but still no flash. every time i click on the adobe flash player settings it takes me to

        are you able to get the flash working? if yes can you please let me know how you get it to work? Thanks

        • johny says:

          the orginal browser is not working the abobe flash,so i intall firefox and working so far.{make sure you enable the add on into setting}sorry for my english,i am not englishman.

  69. dillon says:

    Im not getting any text under my icons on the home screen is this normal ?

  70. johny says:

    any chance to put a mulit window for this rom?,this is rom is so far so good for me except not support 4g lte.(only support hspa and 3g only).

  71. craszh says:

    this rom boot animation is annoying is anyone able to make a change please let me know. greatly appreciate all the help, thank you in advance. this rom is awesome so far beside

  72. craszh says:

    the flash is not working. love the google now it’s awesome.

    • Craszh says:

      finally got flash to work. step i took uninstalled it, reboot and re-installed using titanium back up and reboot again.. if anyone have the same problem like me try this method. hope it work for you too.

      now just need to find a way to change the boot animation, the music thing is annoying. if anyone know a way to do this please let me know. i use the e s file explorer to do this before on official ics and it works fine. do the same method on this rom and it doesn’t work. thanks in advance

  73. Tendo says:

    Okay guys when i click on ”download Padawan ROM” there’s three file.Which one is the good one ?

    • craszh says:

      when i installed it i just download the and the (lastest one). flash the the reboot than make sure to follow the instructions to the T. works for me. hope this help.

  74. craszh says:

    make sure to follow the instructions MAX putted out. the wipe/factory reset, etc.

  75. jim says:

    cowboys from hell. very nice!

  76. brian says:

    Hey I just flashed this Rom Anne wanted to hknow if there anyway to force 4g on my phone I’m using ATT note on tmobile network I don’t see network mode any sec would help thanks

  77. Rick says:

    ROM works great except the Tethering and Portable Hotspot errors out with “Unfortunately, Settings has stopped.”
    Any ideas on this one. I have a Note I7117

  78. craszh says:

    anyone else have the same problem as me? i notice some of the apps i put on the home screen turned into little green androids. not all of them but some of them. anyone know how to fix this? Also still hoping someone can help me on how to change the boot animation on this ROM. Thanks

  79. colton says:

    why doesnt my 4g data not work with this rom

  80. Juan says:

    Version 5 is out now.
    Haven’t updated yet

  81. colton says:

    where is the version 5 at

  82. craszh says:

    anyone try the v5 yet? wondering what is the different or new features on the v5 vs. v4

  83. Craszh says:

    updated to v5, but don’t see anything different as a user. but everything works fine except the Myfile is not found. anyone know how to fix that? i’ve tried solid explorer bet2, astro file manager and e s file hope to solve this problem but still no Myfile found. Even did a wipe/restore data still no luck. Help thanks in advance with any info. Also if know how to change the boot animation please let me know as well. haven’t try to over clock since the stock already fast already no need to do so. Thanks.

  84. Craszh says:

    hi MAX or anyone,

    my friend galaxy note i717 still on gingerbread will i have a problem if i flash this ROM directly from gingerbread?

    • craszh says:

      nevermind i just answered my owe question i went ahead and flash the padawan v5 anyway on my gf i717 and so far so good. had a little problem with adobe flash, but fixed. no Myfiles either on her phone and my phone. can’t change the google now language to spanish also. any help on this will be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance.

  85. Bill S preston says:

    Excellent ROM. Very fast.


    Open a file explorer, I use Root Explorer.
    Navigate to ‘System’ folder on root of internal SD card, then go to ‘etc’ folder and find a file called: PowerOn.ogg
    i.e /System/etc/PowerOn.ogg
    Rename the file to: ‘PowerOn.ogg.Backup’ (just so you have a back up of your original) (to restore simply delete the custom sound you made and then rename this back to PowerOn.ogg)
    Find an appropriate .MP3 file you want as a start up sound and rename to PowerOn.ogg (notice the capitals at the start of Power and On)
    (You may need to use a convertor to convert .MP3 to .ogg but I didn’t, I simply renamed the .MP3 file
    Once you have your new PowerOn.ogg file simply paste it into System/etc folder
    Turn up volume, reboot phone and test it out!

    Props to this guy:

  86. Juan says:

    Haven’t updated yet and I am thinking of waiting for the next version.
    Been reading in xda and the plan is something called a rebate that all the
    Tech geeks seem to be very excited about.

  87. craszh says:

    Hi Max,

    is anyway to change the language to Espanol for google now? i’ve tried to change it on V4 and it won’t let me and accidentally picked the France language, after that it won’t let me go back to English so I flash the V5 and V5 still won’t let me pick Espanol language. Any suggestion will be appreciated, thank you in advance. V5 still don’t have MyFiles folder. other than that everything else work great so far. love this ROM so far. Also thanks for all your ROMs and everything else on this site. this is where is learn how to root and flash ROMs since i got my galaxy note, thanks a million.

  88. Juan says:

    Version 6 will be out today and the testers are raving about it.
    There is no OC kernel but apparently it really doesn’t need it.
    This thing is supposed to be ludicrous speed.

  89. Juan says:

    I am now currently running Padawan version 6.1

    So far so good. I would love to hear what Max thinks of it.

  90. Juan says:

    I can’t get Adobe flash to work.
    Very bummed about this. Anyone have a solution?

  91. Juan says:

    Nevermind, sorry. I went to and downloaded flash 11 when I should have gotten 11.1

    Works great now.

  92. craszh says:

    upgraded to v6.2 today pretty fast, but i like v5 better since v6.2 can’t over clock it. swype didn’t have language to choose from re-stalled the one from v5 and it work just fine. now data signal display as E, 3g, H or H+ instead of just E or 4G on the v5, wondering if i can install blaze modem on top of this, because this built in one doesn’t seem to be that fast. so far this rom seems to work just fine for me pretty fast, but not that fast as v5 since it doesn’t have the oc option. now monitoring the battery life to see if it as good as v5 or not. thanks

    installed on i717 with Tmobile network

  93. craszh says:

    update: battery life on v6.2 is not that great vs. v5, thinking of restore back to v5 till they fixed it. performance is good, but battery is the most important to me tired of switching battery or charging it without going through the whole day. BUT this ROM is awesome like it a lot. like Juan said i am also wondering what MAX has to say about the new versions. Thanks

  94. Rob says:

    Where can I find the v6? I can only find v4.

  95. Brendon Phillips says:

    When I installed the Padawan v4 rom the first time, it worked well. Now, whenever I flash it, it always tells me that ‘android.process.acore’ has stopped running, reloads the home screen, and gives me the warning again; this forms a cycle.

    Is there anything that I can do? Or should I just go back to CyanogenMod 10?

    • juan says:

      Yes I had the same problem.

      open settings
      won’t be easy with all the crashes
      manage apps
      go to contracts
      hit clear data
      go to contracts storage
      hit clear data
      also had to do calendar storage if that crashes too

  96. Ian says:

    I have been using your site for some time with success. However, I am currently stuck on a CM9 rom that I can’t update and quite honestly, I hate. I just tried to instal this ROM and recently tried the BlackStone (or something like that) that I also found on this site, both of these ROM’s have failed, almost immediately, every time i try to instal. I have performed all of the obvious troubleshooting. Factory reset/wyped cache and partitions, re-downloaded the zip files. I finally gave up and decided that i would go to stock ICS and I can’t even do that. I reflashed the stock ROM from the gingerbread article found on here and then Keis tells me that my device is no longer supported!
    Please help, this is driving me crazy.

  97. Christian Wilson says:

    I know this does not deal with Galaxy Note but does anyone know when they will have the root for the new Galaxy Express that came out a few weeks ago?

  98. jose says:

    does this or any other rom come with a stable android beam?

    • juan says:

      not sure what you are asking.there

      there is a Wi-Fi direct feature. never tried it myself though.

    • craszh says:

      Yes this version 4 comes with Android beam go to setting click on more and turn on NFC from there you can use the Android beam feature if this is what you’re asking. I just notice i think version 6 also have this feature not sure, but version 6.2 which I am using now doesn’t have this feature for this ROM.
      This version 6.2 only have wifi direct i can’t get it to work last time and i haven’t test it out yet which i don’t really use it anyway.

  99. DJ says:

    I have been waiting for this ROM, great video. Wish you would show using the stylus and does will it have the same feature as the note ll?
    Before downloading this ROM I downloaded the 4.1.1 and I could no longer get the WIFI to work. Any suggestions? Just wondering before I load this ROM?

    Again great imformation and demo.

    Question: does this rom enable you to do the dual screen?

  100. Raymond says:

    what include on the Galaxy note 2 add on file?

  101. Raymond says:

    what the include on the Galaxy Note 2 Add-On file?

  102. Dillon says:

    Did they put the fonts or app text back in the home screen ? Because thats why I didn’t keep version 4

  103. Raymond says:

    hey Guys! I install Padawan 6.2 ROM on my i717 and try to install the 3 T-mobile ICS Radio and nothing happen NO SIGNAL SERVICE!

  104. Raymond says:

    no they dont, dont have the text on the home screen

  105. Drei says:

    hey, does this rom have to be installed with the current ICS on the i717.. because i think i f’d up and had to reroot the phone and the phone went back to gingerbread.. then i recopy’d the rom zip file to the phone, reason y because i unziped the rom before i copied it to the phone n thats where i f’d up

  106. cel says:

    the links for v6 do not work also the link for samsung add-ons isn’t working either!

  107. Fatih says:

    This is good job and good rom. But not best or perfect.
    And I can’t understand. Why don’t default file explorer? Why do we have to setup piece by piece?
    First flash rom second flash note2 but not working. Why blue icons and widgets?
    Where is my Turkish input language?

    I made two different installation. but not working.
    the same error every time; “%1$s is not responding”

    • Kapia says:

      Have you tried installing without the Note2 Add-ons? I was having the same issue and flashed just Ver7, seemed to do the trick.

      • craszh says:

        Hi Kapia,

        Is your S Note work? I keep getting this message when i try to insert the video or picture “Document restored after application closed”. i think version 4 or 5 works fine for me, but not v7. Or do you know how to fix it? Thanks in advance for any tips

  108. Daniel says:

    does anyone tried V7? what is the upgrade from 6.2? Thanks.

    • craszh says:

      yes i did updated to v7 don’t find anything wow me yet with all these updates, but i am still greatly appreciate them for their hard work. sometime i don’t even know why i keep updating all these stuffs, i guess i am high on android. LOL

      • angel from p-town cali says:

        hey craszh can I go straight to v7 or do I have to install from the bottom? thnx bro….

        • craszh says:

          When i first upgrade i start from v4 and work my way up, but i think you can just jump right to v7.just make sure you backup your current rom first and follow the instruction to the T. If you’re me that is what i would do, so you decide i don’t want to say yes and you run into problem and looking for me.

  109. Dillon says:

    Max please try the aocp the collective ROM , its the best ROM I’ve seen and I think its worth checking out , and is now my favorite jellybean ROM .
    Please try it for your followers

  110. Dillon says:

    Its more unique I fore got to add

  111. brandon says:

    Does the hotspot feature work

  112. Ken says:

    I’m currently on BlackStar X, and really like it. However Xi has recently been released, and instead of just automatically moving on to the next version, was wondering if anyone here can tell which things work better with Padawan?

  113. David says:

    Stuck on Samsung boot screen! Any help? I have an i717.

  114. medo says:

    i downloaded this padwan and did all u said but it doesnt work it says 1$ is not responding would you like to close it?
    pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee help me max what to do

  115. medo says:

    i downloaded this padwan and did all u said but it doesnt work it says 1$ is not responding would you like to close it? and process system ui is not responding
    pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee help me max what to do

    • Daniel says:

      I got the same problem… now I’m restoring… to old version…

      • medo says:

        My friend try fo download the quincy jell bean software and then go to recovery mode and do all max steps then xownloax the padawan sware only then reboot and wala u have it pal it works nice for me

        • Daniel says:

          after I restore to old version then wipe the data and re-install only the v7 version and now is working perfect!
          hope this help.

        • Daniel says:

          after I restore to old version then wipe the data and re-install only the v7 version and now is working perfect!
          hope this help.

          PS: the website seems to be laggy… or just me.

  116. craszh says:

    Wondering if anyone able to get the S Note working on v7? Also what is the Samsung App zip contain? Thanks in advance

    • Daniel says:

      I got the S note S memo working fine 7v. but I’m not sure what Samung App zip contain…

      • craszh says:

        Thanks Daniel,

        I keep getting this message when i try to insert the video or picture “Document restored after application closed”. Don’t know why, thanks.

  117. spyked says:

    So, I flashed this ROM and then I went to the Play store and downloaded SetCPU and lulzactive but when I go to SetCPU it doesn’t give me any options to enable lulzactive. Also I can overclock past 1512… help?

    • Geeps says:

      I am having the same problem as you spyked. I tried everything i could think of with no success.

      • spyked says:

        Reading through the comments, a user posted that the new v6 Padawan does NOT have an Overclock kernel… It would have been nice if the article writer would have included that in his Update comments because I thought I was going crazy…
        I also didn’t realize that with this ROM I lost 4G LTE… Yeaah I’m going to want that, so I think I’m going to flash to something else…

        • Geeps says:

          Hey thanks spyked. Sounds like v4 may have LTE (and OC kernel), so I am going to try that one and will report back.

          • Geeps says:

            OK, I installed v4 and it works much better than v6.2. It crashes less often, is smoother, allows overclocking and 4G networks. The only down sides are the blue icons (fix with Note 2 update), stock browser doesn’t work (installed Dolphin browser), and many widgets are no longer working. Overall, I would say v4 is much better.

  118. Quentin says:

    Cant Get This Rom To Install Correctly….After The Reboot And It Come To The Startup Screen I Gets Errors Like System UI Not Responding And It Freezes And Stuff…..Whats The Problem

  119. Quentin says:

    ok, im trying to install this rom and install note2 add on and reboot but it comes up %1$s is not responding. would you like to close it? and theres a button “scale”.. tried pressing it but it doesnt do anything….HELP MAX???

    • Daniel says:

      try this I had same issue.
      1. restore to old backup
      2. when you are in recovery mode wipe cache and data
      3. install just only the rom. Do not install note2 add on.
      4. reboot your phone.

      above steps fixed %1$s issue. Let me know if did fix.

  120. Ernesto says:

    Tried installing it but I got the error message everyone is mentioning and now I don’t know why to do this was my first time installing a rom and I’m disappointed that it didn’t work but what’s worst is the phone isn’t responding every time I try to turn it off it turns back on by itself an the same message appears I’ve tried rebooting by volume up and down plus power button but it just keeps vibrating and nothing happens it goes back to error message please please anyone help me

    • Shad says:

      yes same issue it took many trys to get to reboot menu but finally able too. like above comment says dont install the note2 add on zip. I went to xda devloper site and dl version 7 seems like it doesnt have all the note 2 functions but still learning the rom. if you install version 7 and note2 add on zip will get the %1$s is not responding message. huge pain getting pack to reboot menu.

    • Shad says:

      yes same issue it took many trys to get to reboot menu but finally able too. like above comment says dont install the note2 add on zip. I went to xda devloper site and dl version 7 seems like it doesnt have all the note 2 functions but still learning the rom. if you install version 7 and note2 add on zip will get the %1$s is not responding message. huge pain getting back to reboot menu.

  121. Alan says:

    I dont know english very well but i will try!
    First: Ilove this page! I have modificated my GN like i have wanted…so…thanks!
    Second: Somebody kwow if exist a way to have two ROMs working at the same time…maybe is a ilogical question, but in this life, everything is posible! The reason of this is that I like this ROM but also the Tablet Hybrid mode is awesome…so I want to have both ROMs at the same time…is posible? LOL
    Finally: Thanks! I will be waiting new ROMs! Maybe padawan with a tablet experience (that sounds really cool)

    Iphone SU*KS!

  122. craszh says:

    V8 came out today anyone try it yet? If anything exciting? Thanks

  123. mark says:

    hi max i just installed everything but it wont start.. keep on telling me UI not responding.. please help…

  124. Rico says:

    ever since this update, whenever my phone rings…my ringtone starts out quiet and then gets loud to the volume it should be. Anyone else experiencing this? A feature I’m missing to turn off? It’s really annoying.

  125. shadow2291 says:

    I don’t know if you guys are having the same issue as me i just installed and tried a few roms since I installed a rom with touchwiz the lock screen does’nt work anymore even that i flashed another rom, i think its maybe the touchwiz.

    Can anyone help me here

    • nils invincible says:

      you mean the lockscreen in that particular touchwiz rom?or any other rom which doesnt have touchwiz?
      if its an issue then you can also use 3rd party apps like MiLocker.

  126. nils invincible says:

    for some reason…i cannot install the note2i717.rar from the recovery boot.first it gets stuck in the “opening” command then it says error….is there any solution??please help,it will be highly appreciated.
    and also,i cannot add any widgets like the months,then any of the analogue clocks!!says,problem loading widget on the home screen!!
    a solution is a dire need now… 🙁

  127. Ruben Santiago says:

    Hello, I downloaded padawan 6.2 and the Download Galaxy Note 2 add on when i do a factory wipe ,wipe partition cache and dalvik cache wipe I install padawan 6.2 zip and download galaxy note 2 add on and restart i get this (%1$s is not responding would you like to close it ?)and in the box instead of the word close it says(scale) then it freezes and i have to boot into recovery wipe everything again when i just install padawan 6.2 it works but i cant overclock it, it only goes to1512 please let me know if im doing something wrong and thanks you for all your great work and any help you can give me

  128. Ruben Santiago says:

    Hello its me again is there an overclock kernel i can use on the Padawan v8? Any help is greatly appreciated

  129. anony says:

    The padawan ICS rom will destroy your Samsung Galaxy Note SGH-i717. It will work for 2-5 days and then your phone will lose all service and not connect to any cellular towers. The only way to restore your cellular service is to restore your device from a backup of a earlier date(if you made one!). This will give you another 2-5 days before the rom renders your device unusable again. I suggest avoiding this rom as it will cause you to get no cellular reception. That includes no incoming or outgoing calls, no text messages, no internet, NO SERVICE! This was tested on 2 different AT&T SGH-i717 devices.

  130. Ash says:

    yes of you can’t follow directions and you don’t flash the ucmd3 modem you are pretty much dead in the water. Everyone complains about this when they first flash the Rom without the modem. My connection speeds are higher than they have ever been before. So yeah, if you can’t be bothered to read then flash something else and good luck to you.

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