OnlyOne ICS ROM for AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717! [TouchWiz UX][Best ICS ROM]

After using OnlyOne ICS ROM for my AT&T Galaxy Note for over a week, I have to confess to you that it’s the best ICS ROM I’ve tried yet so far.

Well, there’s an updated version now, dubbed “HYFR” Beta 4 that brings more cool Galaxy S3 features to the ROM S3 Icons, S3 ringtones, S3 Notfications, S3 UI sounds, S3 Alarm sounds, and best of all, faster performance and many bugs fixed.

If you are on an older version of OnlyOne ICS, simply upgrade by installing the new ROM without wipe. (Also make a backup of your ROM just in case as always!)

Try out the latest version and let me know what you think!

Also, for T-mobile users, you can re-flash T-Mobile modems after installing this ROM.

Rating: 4.9 out of 5.


Download OnlyOne ICS ROM

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*NOTE – To install a new ROM, you need a rooted Galaxy Note, install ClockworkMod Recovery, and MAKE BACKUP of your current ROM, follow SGH-i717 instructions at Galaxy Note Root Guide before you attempt this.

See previous version:

Beta 1

Beta 1 video:

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235 Responses to OnlyOne ICS ROM for AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717! [TouchWiz UX][Best ICS ROM]

  1. ceekay68 says:

    WoW I just finished loading that new ics rom and its amazing smooth fast responsive, and you made it so easy to do .Unlike the last time I tried something like this with my att dell streak 5 inch was a nightmare .
    YOU are awesome much much thanks

    • troy says:

      Just question do i have to download the new ics Rom on my comp and
      Then connect my phone usb cable or download directly on my phone
      From site i am on a canadian network if that makes a difference i do have the
      Galaxy note i717 thanks

      • Batman2012 says:

        I am also on a Canadian network (telus). I just installed Onlyone on my Galaxy Note and it is awesome. Everything works like it is supposed to and the ROM functionality is a huge improvement to the stock Gingerbread ROM that was on the phone when bought it. Flashing this ROM was easy. Enjoy!

  2. Sam says:

    Going to try the new update!
    Quick question regarding overclocking on the i717. I wanna overclock my note to 1.7 or 1.8Ghz, but, it seems that I’m stuck @ 1.5 Ghz (stock). I wanna make sure that I need to flash a different kernel to reach at least 1.7 Ghz or do I need to adjust my profile in setcpu?

    Any info would be great!


    • Max says:

      ICS doesn’t support overclocking yet so you will have to wait or use a Gingerbread ROM like Saurom.

      • Scott says:

        Is there a way to use deluxe settings with Goldie? It’s an amazing rom I just wish it was a little more customizable. Any other options perhaps?

  3. John says:

    Been using the Hyper 4 for a few days and must say its amazing.
    Only thing I noticed is the lockscreen rotates when in landscape…..then when i put it back in portrait and unlock it, a few widgets are missing and I have to keep re-adding them.

  4. Aman says:

    nice thxxxx man

  5. Dubie says:

    Im getting this message when I got to flash the zip E:cant open/sdcard/ (bad) wtf?

    • Max says:

      How big is the file? If you downloaded on your phone, make sure to use Dolphin HD browser to download files as stock browser doesn’t download correctly. If desktop, just re-download as downloads can go corrupt sometimes.

  6. Everett Jackson says:

    I installed the onlyone rom on my note and my phone wouldn’t recognize the sim card. I had to revert back to Saurom. What causes this & how do I fix it?

  7. G says:

    Hi, Great website!

    Will this ROM work on my GT-N7000?

  8. Cebwizz says:

    I’ve been using OnlyOne from the first release and even if I’ve tried some others (Seraphim, Hybrid …etc…) but I always come back to OnlyOne, maybe the next Hybrid would do it but for now it’s really the Only one…lol.

  9. troy says:

    i have a rooted galaxy note i717 running on stock Rom
    I did back up on my clockwork and titanium
    I try to down load only one ics but my phone is not
    Supporting it unsucses is it cause Im in canada or
    Cause Im downloading on my phone and not in odin first?

  10. Patrick says:

    I have tried both of these roms and it always say it cant detect a sim card, tried all radios and none of them work. I wish this would be addressed, since I am having to use the stock ROM…

  11. Henry says:

    Stuck on Samsung logo, won’t boot. What should I do? Thanks.

  12. Sharl P says:

    Love it! The only problem I encountered is that the screen stays on all the time and it does not time out. If you rely on this feature and don’t pay attention to that the battery will last just a few hours.

    • Jon R says:

      This is almost a killer for me. I keep the phone in my pocket all of the time, and since the screen always stays on, any little movement in my pocket, and it unlocks the phone. I added a password to eliminate accidental opening.

      Otherwise, I love this build!

      If anyone has a solution tot he screen timeout (or lack of), please let us know!

  13. Adam says:

    I have tried beta 1 and hyfr and I cannot get it to install at all. It keeps saying bad and aborts

  14. Adam says:

    I’ve also downloaded each file multiple times nothing is working.

  15. chris mouradian says:

    This is the worst rom I have ever used flashed several times just problems back to back phone earphone and speaker go out half the time where I can’t talk or hear anyone have to put the phone on airplane mode and turn it off to get the phone to go on mobile data network constant freezing I had saurom on att previously with no problems I’ll be switching back

    • Franco C. says:

      You must be doing something wrong because im running it just fine. Everything works.. although I wish it had a few more mods done too it its still a pretty stable ROM. You can always add your own mods from other threads/sections in xda. duhhhhhh

      P.S Thanks for everything Max!

  16. Beauchacho says:

    Max, love the ROM! The update fixed the widget display issues, etc. Is there a free tether method for ICS?

  17. Fatih says:

    Hi Max. You are crazy men. Thanks for everything.
    But jkay not working. Maybe similar application ?

  18. TheChamp says:

    Sup all, just install the ics rom… None of the radio works for tmobile and its telling me to insert a sim card which is already in the phone… help please…

  19. kevin says:

    hey guys. Humbly asking this question, I’m trying to flash clockmod recovery but At&t samsung galaxy note is not listed. I might’ve missed a step in installing clock mod recovery…please help 🙂

  20. Jay says:

    flashed this rom on my bell Galaxy note i717. working perfectly fine! so for all of those who are wondering if this is for at&t only its actually not. i am getting pretty good service with bell canada and the most stable rom i have used uptil now!! keep up the great work. have always followed you for my s2 i9100 and will be for my note as well!! cheers

  21. troy says:

    To Jay every time i try to download this Rom it says unsuccessful this device does not support this file
    Do you think if i back up my stock Rom and do a wipe then set it in download mode and install it from
    Odin on my pc should be safe i have downloaded the Rom on my computer waiting to see if someone says ya or na?

  22. troy says:

    And i ave same phone as you on bell

  23. Alexander says:

    Esta bien, me gusto mucho PERO…
    En mi Galaxy Note i717 AT&T
    Tuve muchos problemas
    Navegando en la web daba muchos errores..
    se reiniciaba,,,
    Confirmando que segui todos los pasos bien, Nunca me dio error al instalar….
    En fin Espero que at&t lo saque pronto para instalarlo..Pero sin DUDA !!!!SI TE FUNCIONA BIEN,,OLVIDATE de sacarlo Es uno de los mejores….

  24. derrick says:

    Hey max i downloaded the new ics to my computer.Now im stuck how do i get the file new rom on to my phone?What do i use?Can some one help me please im new to this one

    • wealthy Wyatt says:

      Connect your phone to your CPU via “mass storage”
      Open your internal or external memory(doesn’t matter..I prefer internal)
      Copy the zipped rom onto your internal or external
      Un-mount and unplug your phone from your CPU

      And hopefully you can follow mas’s steps from there
      Much luck

  25. D Plez says:

    Is there am overclock?

  26. Tim says:

    I really like this rom but unforutatnely it does not seem to have Social Hub installed so my contacts no longer show facebook and twitter updates. Other than that is pretty good.

  27. kevin says:

    touchwiz home keeps stopping. Any fix on this? Thx

  28. DeathAnchor says:

    hey Max, I after I installed, I cannot launch Camera or anything that uses media. It says “Media Scanner running” and quits, but I don’t see the media scanner runnning in the notifications. Any ideas on how to fix this? I tried the wipes on cache and wipe to factory settings before install.


    • DeathAnchor says:

      It appears that the media scanner is actually running, but it’s freaking slow the first time. Give it at least an hour to scan before trying to play with media.

      Thanks, This ROM is WICKED awesome!

  29. jean pierre says:

    for some reason i cant download the new rom im having some errors is there any other website to download it? thanks

  30. jean pierre says:

    im having a huge issue when downloading the roms it only goes about up to 30mb then just stops. this is a cold start issue please help

  31. troy says:

    To Jay ok but i still have to download this Rom first to flash through CWM and after clearing all cache files still can’t download phone won’t let me says does not support the file hmmm

    • Jay says:

      are you downloading it directly on your phone? you will have to download it on your pc first and den transfer it into your internal storage using the usb cable

  32. philip says:

    after i install the ics 4.04 my Bluetooth not work with my car, when start to pairing agair, my car can’t find my phone.

  33. Gabriel says:

    hello, works perfect on my galaxy note with t-mobile i install blaze modem, the 4g is faster than saurom rom, this one is the best ics, with sauron rom my 4g was slow but with this one is super fast, thanks zedomax….

  34. Leon says:

    Anybody here is having problem opening movie on Crackle. My screen goes black, nothing else.

  35. Leon says:

    Anybody here is having problem opening movie on Crackle. Mine just showed black screen.

  36. neftali says:

    this rom and the blaze modem work great! thanks zedomax

  37. Meshick says:

    The ICS works great im on 2g network but when i install any of the modem i get insert sim card i have tried everyone even after i put the att modem back on the same i have to restore to my backup to get back on tmobile network. What am i doing wrong.

  38. fabian says:

    hello! I wonder if this rom colors are not opaque as in ICS officer.

  39. gee says:

    Max…question how can i free up my system memory im running on low. Do I clean up the system cache or wipe out system n data???

  40. beto says:

    hey max i know this is an off the ball question but do u know where i can get a lcd replacement for my note… i need the lcd and digitizer touch… yeah i broke iit… thanks…

  41. Philip says:

    Hi Max

    after i install the ics 4.04 my Bluetooth not work with my car, when start to pairing again, my car can’t find my phone.

  42. kenmaster says:

    Touchwiz breaks quite often, and can’t change the lockscreen wallpaper without crashing. Coming from an iPhone I find this quite annoying – oh well ! Can’t wait for the next release !

  43. david j says:

    cannot download the rom it keeps freezing up and quits downloading after several tries..

    anyone else want to host it??

    also is there any way to put the volume up button as the camera button.. that would save time

  44. fabian says:

    Hi Max, I’m having browser problems, When I’m in flash player or web browser on the phone, reboots itself quickly. is there any solution for this problem?

  45. kenneth says:

    the zip file is around 600 mb!?

  46. David says:

    Hi. I have an unlock Note i717. Was using Saurom then wipe to install this beta 4. Both ATT and T Mobile sim card was not read from the Note. Saying Insert SIM card to access network services. Help

    • David says:

      I had the first modem installed but didnt work then install the Blaze modem then didnt work. Did a factory wipe then install the Beta 4 then the Blaze modem lastly reboot. It works fine now. Thanks

  47. ceekay68 says:

    hey max i appreciate all your help the other night i really do . I have one more question for you does the original onlyone ics have to still be on the same memory card for it work ? My card is only 8 gb external sd and i put the original on and dont have enough room

  48. david j says:

    can you do a video walkthrough for install of this rom… first rom install that i needed to be rooted for…

  49. Leon says:

    This ROM is amazing! The only problem I have is when I try to set a homescreen wallpaper….it zooms ALL the way in regardless of how I crop the image. For instance I used the same photo for lockscreen and homescreen. The lockscreen is exactly like how I want it, showing the whole image. But the homescreen zooms into the center of that for some reason. Is there a fix for this?

    If I use the default wallpapers and live wallpapers it works fine.

    Thanks in advance!

  50. gee says:

    Max..i just wanna thank you ….this is great update speed up!!!

  51. Kevin M says:

    I just installed the OnlyOne ICS Beta 4 on my AT&T Note and runs awesome. I love it alot. It is so much more smooth without all the bloatware. The only thing that I notice right now is that my 4G signal doesn’t seem to be as strong. Is this something that has to do with the ROM? And is there something that can be done about it? I noticed the T mobile Modem installs you have, but T mobile in my area is TERRIBLE. They don’t even have 3G, much less 4G. Is there anything that you can recommend for me?

    I absolutely love you videos and your site. Thank you very much for your hard work!!!

  52. bless says:

    does this work with tmobile 4g

  53. kenneth says:


  54. kenneth says:


  55. bob says:

    hey max, im loving this ROM! but ive flashed every ics modem but i still get absolutely NO signal whatsoever. is there anything else i can do because i dont want to go back to any other rom!

  56. SEC.4 says:

    Just wondering how to install from stock rom to onlyone ics rom? everyone i ask tells me i have to root my phone first but i’ve used odin on 2 other builds without having to root and they’ve worked fine. so my question is, is there an odin to get onlyone to my phone with out having to root?

  57. kenneth says:

    Hi max I want to overclock my note but i read that you sa that we cant do it with IcS but i was reading that a few apps support ICS 4.0+ it is true or is better just wait. ..

  58. troy says:

    i love this new Rom i have galaxy note i717 running on bell network I’m getting 4g signals much faster my only question is I’m using set cpu but can’t get my phone to overlook over 1.4 says max 1.5 that’s where i have it set to although won’t go that high not sure why. Also where do i get blaze modem or do i even need it will it help to make my phone faster. Also thanks for all help I’ve been getting here. Ps. I’m always high on android 🙂

  59. Jonathan Whitehead says:

    IT’s a great Rom, but battery life sucks.

  60. Nenad says:

    Just got the beta 4 rom and it’s working beautifully. I have one issue the Bluetooth is not working. Does anyone know or has addressed this issue and where or what I need to do to get this fixed.

    Thanks in advance.

  61. troy says:

    Is it possible to Change bootanimation on this hyper4 i am having trouble with it i have found where my file is and getting rid of it putting new one in and naming it not working though or this Rom not allowing it?

  62. bill says:

    What is battery life supposed to be like with this?

    I’m coming from an HTC Desire Z and I didn’t try living with the stock Telus Mobility rom so I have no idea what battery life is normally like on the Galaxy note.

    I’m using K9 mail and the built in mail client to do imap and exchange 2007. I unplugged the Note at 9am and did some browsing/email on it and got down to around 90% by about 9:45am.

    I set it down and picked it back up at 2:30pm. Battery was down to 54% and the back around the camera felt warm.

    Brightness is set to 10%. What am I doing wrong or is this what Android is just like?

    • bill says:

      The power meter says Mail (exchange sync) has used up 60% of the power today. I’m polling it every 15 minutes over wifi. That kinda consumption seems crazy to me considering the desire Z was able to go 24 hours or more.

      • Max says:

        You have to drain battery all the way and recharge fully after installing new Rom sometimes. It will fix that issue.

  63. jems says:

    Man thanks a lot for this Rom, i like it a lot, if we could only achieve wi-fi calling would make it perfect!!!
    thanks keep up the Great work

  64. Kevin says:

    I’m using a Telus Galaxy Note SGH-i717D. Do I still re-flash T-Mobile modems after installing rom or is there a Telus modem? Can I even use this rom with Telus? Sorry, I wish I didn’t need to ask all these questions.

  65. James says:

    What keyboard is the one being used in this ROM? I love the fact the the numbers stay on top. Is this a standard keyboard?

  66. ghanemar says:

    This Rom is great, Thanks Max. One question I have is the allShare. It doesn’t show up with the applications and I can’t get to share images to my TV. The file is in the system/app but it doesn’t seem to appear anywhere else..

    Any hints Max??

  67. nvict says:

    Hey Max,
    First of i want to show my appreciation with all the hard work you do to show us how powerful the android OS is.
    I was wondering if you were able to change the DPI settings on any custom ICS Roms for i717?

  68. Chris says:

    Installed the ROM, freaking amazing. However I can’t take screen shots, not even with my S Pen

  69. Matt says:

    I’ve been running this for a week now, and I’m loving it. It’s my first time rooting and flashing a phone, but thanks to your site it was easy. My quadrant score is up almost 45%, and browser mark doubled with the Chrome beta. I’m unimpressed with S Voice, but aside from one calendar event freezing my phone up for 30 seconds, the rom itself is running perfectly. Thanks Max!

  70. Damond says:

    First time ROMing my device and I’ve got to say that it was extremely easy. Just followed the instructions and it was a breeze. I’m very impressed with it’s handling and speed as well as its look and feel. The task manager works awesome for recovering used RAM. I was a little disappointed in that I lost the beauty of Netflix from Gingerbread with this ROM as I’m a heavy Netflix user. I find it doesn’t allow the app to rotate to landscape when active for movie browsing, but it’s not a major loss. It takes a while for video to stream in clear but it gets there. I also found that the BEATScontrol app doesn’t do much for controlling the sound output through the phone. I’ve tested it on wired and Bluetooth headsets as well as the device’s internal speaker. I also installed a driver that claims to reproduce Beats sound quality yet I can’t tell the difference between it and the previous driver. Movies and music are my two biggest areas, and it’s disheartening to be a little disappointed in those particular areas. The ROM is still stable and works very well and I’m happy with it. I may be keeping this one for a little while or until something else peaks my interest.


    I played with the ROM some more last night and found a few more bugs in the process…
    –I found several of the pre-installed widgets will not load, such as the “Month 4×4” and “Agenda4x4”. I’m not sure why they have problems loading however.
    –I crashed the TouchWiz capability for adding new pages (accidentally done of course). I had 9 pages set up, yet I wasn’t able to delete them once created. I had to wipe and reinstall so I could use the feature, though I don’t plan to again. As I come across more bugs I’ll note them here.

  71. Que14 says:

    Hey Max… could you do a review of the updated OnlyOne ICS Rom “Goldie” I have read on it and it seems pretty decent. I have been running Beta 4 “HYFR” since forever and hands down the best ICS ROM for the note there is out there. However, by the looks of it seems Beta 5 “Goldie” will be so much better.

    Thanks mate!!

  72. Que14 says:

    Hey Max… could you do a review of the updated OnlyOne ICS Rom “Goldie” I have read on it and it seems pretty decent. I have been running Beta 4 “HYFR” since forever and hands down the best ICS ROM for the note there is out there. However, by the looks of it seems Beta 5 “Goldie” will be so much better.

  73. donald boutin @maine says:

    Hi when I saw your post I had to try this from out I have tryed both of the stock ics that were leaked and they are not even close to comparing to this new only one I am using the Goldie version with all the s3 features. I have been using it for about 5 days now and the only problem so far I am having is at home I only use wifi because where I live I only can get E internet which is slow.
    Well now all day today my wifi will keep shutting of and turning back on again on its own. Like I would open up android browser to search for some thing on Google and instintly the wifi turned off and says no internet connection . I then close browser and wifi turns back on. And now its doing it all the Time when ever it feels like it. I was thinking about redoing to rom again but I have a lot of downloaded apps that I don’t want to have to download again. What dobyou suggest I dobtobtry to fix this issue ? Any help would be great. Also to add to the problems i am having. While I am typing right now its typing supper slow like I can see it typing after I typed.

    • bob says:

      Your wifi problem might not be because of you ROM. That’s happened to me before but it turned out it was my I reset it and the wifi started working again:) as for the slow keyboard I’m not sure..

  74. Rovin says:

    Hi Max…..this is hands down the best rom I have flashed….One thing I found that the photo frame widget stops cycling pictures after few minutes. It stops on a random picture. Is there any fix for this. I have found this in all ICS custom roms.

  75. james says:

    does it have face unlock?

  76. james says:

    Awesome from 😉

  77. troy says:

    Hey max i seen a post about goldie so i am trying it. This Rom onlyone ICS “goldie” is almost flawless with blaze i loved the onlyone ICS updated Rom you posted but there was a few bugs livable but only a few, picture widget… Now on this goldie i am loving it if you could do a review of this Rom let me know what you think i think you have more understanding of these things than i maybe i am missing few things like its stability over the other one or something elts. Sofar running good thanks again for all your useful help.

    • james says:

      I am running hyfr right now but have the Goldie update on my phone was waiting on a review too lol before I flashed it. This from is awesome. Haven’t had any complaints yet. Way better than stock.

  78. troy says:

    I switched from hyfr to goldie i think goldie is better sofar but that’s just me i haven’t heard much about it so i thought i would give it a shot one thing i love most about goldie is i can change bootanimation where as hyper i couldn’t and i haven’t had any force closes yet on anything but the picture widget still seems to be a problem

  79. Stephan B says:

    hey man I keep stumbling on your website for the last 2 days when I search for ROM for my Att Note.
    I am a big noob at this, and I have only Rooted my phone at this time. I need!!!
    After looking at most of your videos, I wanted to confirm some stuff with you:
    Why did you choose OnlyOne over CM9? is it because CM9 is unofficial release and doesn’t support S-pen?
    Also most of the stuff here talks about T-mobile when it comes to connecting, I am still and I will remain on Att, does the Custom ROMS ( OnlyOne and CM9) both support LTE connection for at&t?

    You mentioned that Overclocking is still not an option for the 2 ROMS mentioned above!?
    Is there a place where I can do a comparison between features that are not working?
    below is an example(I made up those example.. I am not sure they apply):
    Facebook Sync…
    need to force close app..

    Echo when on speaker.
    facebook doesn’t sync.
    need to force close once a day.

    • Max says:

      Most custom roms support lte yes, cm9 is great just no spen. I feel spen is a necessity when running custom roms although some dont support it.

      • Stephan B says:

        cool, thanks for the quick reply.
        I almost never use the Spen with my Note ( maybe I don’t have the right apps).
        I will watch some youtube videos of both ROMs and see the look and feel for it then decide. I have the SPB 3D shell as an app so I hope it won’t conflict too much with the ICS interface.

        let me know your opinion on SPB 3D shell. as well as what you use you Spen for everyday 🙂

        • Max says:

          Spb 3d should work fine i just use spen for jotting notes down and ideas.

          • stephan B says:

            I just got home from work and I just followed your guide for install CWM on my att note.
            trying looking up the OnlyOne instruction to install, and I saw that you have the “ICS objection ROM” as the best ICS ROM now…
            which one is better???????????? (I judge by overclocking which both can’t do at this time 🙁 )
            I am backing out my data now and I will install one of them very shortly.

            P.S: I liked you videos 🙂

  80. Rick says:

    Great ROM, but I’m experiencing several crashes throughout the day. It usually happens when switching from one app to another. Also, after upgrading to the new version I noticed that I only get sound out of one speaker when my phone is plugged in unless I press lightly to one side on the input. I’ve read about other Note users with problems with their headphone jack, so it may be a coincidence.

  81. kevin says:

    having issues with home screens.. When i pinch the screen or try to edit the number of screens i have kn my home page it force closes. Does anyone have that issue and is there a way to fix this.

  82. Chris says:

    Like the ROM very much. Was tired of waiting for AT&T. Few issues, beats audio seems to have no effect on the audio. Played with it and no changes were made to the audio at all. S voice seemed just as bad as the other Android voice recognition. I know that isn’t the ROM but figured it would do better amd be less picky on how something is said.

  83. Pete K says:

    I’ve been running the ROM for a few days now, but I’ve encountered a bug with adding new screens. I attempted to add two and it crashes Touchwiz. After it recovers, it’ll run fine unless I try to pinch to zoom out and remove the screen. This action causes Touchwiz to crash again. Any way to reset this so I can remove the troublesome extra screens?

  84. Stephan B says:

    Hey Max,
    I have everything installed and after the 2 days, My call quality is not so good. I had a call last night where after 2 minutes I couldn’t make sense of the what the person on the other line was saying. every time that person talked, the sounds arrived all disorted (interferences ) and I couldn’t understand anything. But the person on the other line could hear me just fine. This morning, same thing, after just 30 seconds into the call, the person on the other line couldn’t hear what I was saying ( this could be because I was on “Edge” on the 10th floor of a chicago building). I tried calling him back and the same thing happened.
    Has anybody had this kind of problem before?

  85. Brian says:

    Max Thanks for all this great info and instructions. I’m now running this ROM and it’s fantastic. My battery life seems better on top of the faster smoother interface. I’m using Nova Launcher and Widget Locker and they run great. No Ice Cream Headache here. Kicking myself for waiting this long.

  86. ralph says:

    hi can anyone tell me how to upgrade to the hyfr rom? i have a non rooted galaxy note 1717 running the leaked ics version 4.0

    • Max says:

      Just install it normally.

      • ralph says:

        hey max can i do it from stock android recovery mode update from sd/download i went as far as copying it there

      • ralph says:

        how do i just install ?? do i have to be in download mode or recovery really new to this really likein the ics 4.0 thank for all your great info…

        • james says:

          You need to root flash clockwork mod recovery then download rom to SD card dwhen in clockwork mod do a factory reset clear cache and then install zip from SD card. Max has made this a very very simple procedure

          • james says:

            And no you can not do this from stock recovery. U must be rooted with clockwork mod.

            • james says:

              And one more thing hyfr is outdated. You can download Goldie from xda forums which is the update for hyfr.

          • ralph says:

            thats were i have next problem oden flashes of screen.ive tried many times diffrent ways and no matter what it just wont stay on any idea why this is going on ..running windows vista thank you..

            • ralph says:

              can u root on leaked ics ..and is there another way to install the goldie rom i did the ics update without ..thanks

              • james says:

                Sorry bro wish I could help u. That’s a question for Max. I was on stock 2.3.6 when I ” voided my warrenty” lol. Is there a way u can flash back to stock? And maybe start over.

                • james says:

                  Was gonna say try rom manager. But it has to have root access. So I guess we’re back at square one. I’ll do some digging and see if I can find a resolution for u. What leak are u running so I know where to start?

                  • james says:


                    Read this and see if this helps. Not sure if it will work but its worth a try.

                    • ralph says:

                      ok james first thanks for your time bro and thanks for the goldie rom update didnt even no bout that one. 2nd ifinnal figured out how to get goldie rom to sd card so i went to android recovery did a data factory wipe then i highlighted goildie zip and hit enter i think it worked of course have to set phone up again but how do i no if it installed thanks

                    • james says:

                      You should see a galaxy s 3 boot animation. And see the new touchwiz running when uget to ur homepage. And when in doubt go to settings,about phone and u should see android 4.0.4 as your current android version. Enjoy. I had to in/reinstall Facebook in order for the friend sync to act right. Other than that much smoother than stock. Enjoy.

                    • ralph says:

                      hi james well i have goldie on sd see it when i go stock recovery install from sd downloads goldie then power button looks all good reboot

  87. Gabriel says:

    Hey awesome guys!!! great work and I lovin!!
    Only one thing that I want to know, how can I change networking mode, like HSPA+ to LTE mode or LTE mode to HSPA+. I have only 4G network not LTE -_-;; My carrier is bell in Canada.

  88. Galen Krokum says:

    I just bought an ATT Galaxy Note a couple of weeks ago and unlocked , rooted, and flashed the OnlyOne ICS ROM on it for use with T-Mobile. I really like OnlyOne, but I have not been able to get landscape mode working for the home screen. I’ve tried other launchers that work in landscape mode, but they all have other drawbacks and I prefer the TW launcher in the OnlyOne ROM. Has anyone been able to get landscape mode to work for the home screen with the TW launcher in OnlyOne ROM?

    Galen Krokum

  89. Mike Daniels says:

    Hello Max;
    First, THANK YOU for posting a site like this, combining both Text & Video, to accomplish the task of ROOTING & FLASHING our Android Cellphones!
    Now, The problem I am having, after REFLASHING OnlyOneICS with the BETA Version recently posted, is having the KIES Program “NOT Recognizing” my Samsung Galaxy Note anylonger….it keeps asking for the phone to be connected to the application, not matter which steps I use! (unplugging & Rebooting (Hard Restart) – Check marking “USB Debugging” in SETTINGS – Removing KIES App & REinstalling; etc)
    I have exhausted ALL MEANS of trying to get KIES to recognize the ‘Note, on Windows 7 32bit, so I want to know if you have a better (and proven) way for this thing to allow “contact” with my ICS version of the Galaxy Note SGH-I717??

    Thanks for listening…Spike~

  90. ralph says:

    hey max i downloaded update for ics ,goldie and copied it to sd then put my phone in stock recovery mode and did dat wipe/return to factory then update from sd/goldie push power looks like it wants to go then reboot nothing still 4.0.3 any suggestion what im doin wrong? i didnt do the clear cash.. thanks nonrooted galaxy note 1717

  91. Keven says:

    Keep stuck at SAMSUNG LOGO have wipe cache/delv cache and install then stuck at SAMSUNG LOGO any helps?

    • rikkyrod says:

      hey i had same problem what i did was run odin put it in stock again.then root again thru odin. and flash after you flash everything again make sure ur phones not connected to ur pc for some reason that did the trick let me know

  92. Grant says:

    Love your work Max. I actually flashed OnlyOne Beta5 “Goldie” about a week ago and I LOVE it! Fantastic ROM, great daily driver. I had a couple force closes on Facebook right after flashing it, but I just uninstalled and reinstalled FB and everything is great! S-Pen works perfectly (pressure sensitivity is there), Netflix works, Flash in the browser works, 4G works, I can’t find a single problem. Oh and did I mention it has overclocking/underclocking (at least I think it does… I’m using setCPU and it hasn’t told me otherwise). Great battery life too. Super zippy and very smooth. Just sayin’, you need to do a review of Goldie for these folks. If you need a link, let me know.

  93. mike daniels says:

    Hey Max;
    Why are you ignoring me & my question??
    Have I done something to offend you, or do you not know answer?!

    Either way, I think I deserve a tiny bit of consideration, yes?

  94. James Tagger says:

    This is great!!! 1st time I’ve ever rooted or flashed a custome ROM on any device.I have to say I was very nervous I would make a mistake and end up with a brick but you by far give the best instructions and make the job easy and comfortable.And the benefits of this ROM are amazing!THANKS….Only issue I’ve come across is “SUPER VIDEO” does not run and crashes.Any tips would be greatly appreciated…Btw I didn’t wipe data but again all is well other than super video.

  95. James Tagger says:

    That did the the trick!So now everything is running flawless..Thanks James

  96. Austin says:

    Hey there Max, the only issue i am having with this rom is that I don’t have a lockscreen? any reason why or how to fix that. Thanks

  97. Mohammad says:

    Hi Max.
    i install this rom but updated one goldie version. i was getting problem with network as it gives me error insert sim. but after trying again flashing the rom and installing again the blaze modem, it work fine now. everything is awesome. but only problem is when i try to use hotstop it says that mobile data is not availabe or invalid sim. i do have data plan. i was using data with gingerbread rom. how can i fix it??
    can u help me plzz

  98. Dave says:

    Have you tried the Goldie Edition yet? It’s over on XDA. Thinking about flashing it tonight.

  99. Connor says:

    I almost always get an error about TouchWiz Home not responding. Any fixes?

    • ben says:

      I’m getting a message “touchwiz home is not responding. would you like to close it” but neither “wait” or “ok” resolves the issue, and my samsung siii is locked before the message pops again. annoying! i have a feeling there was an update to google play today and this may have caused it but i’m not sure. anyone else having the same problem? anyone know how to fix given i can’t even open the internet on the phone?

    • ben says:

      I’m getting a message “touchwiz home is not responding. would you like to close it” but neither “wait” or “ok” resolves the issue, and my samsung siii is locked before the message pops again. annoying! i have a feeling there was an update to google play today and this may have caused it but i’m not sure. anyone else having the same problem? anyone know how to fix given i can’t even open the internet on the phone? i’m tried taking the battery out but it doesn’t help…

  100. Rich says:

    thanks Max for the videos..a HUGE help in teaching a newb like me how to root and install roms! Installed this rom and then the GOLDIE update over it. The S3 LWP Ripple effect wallpaper just wont load for me…sits there blank untill an error message about it can’t be opened. Any ideas?

  101. troy says:

    Anyone running goldie update having any phone issues like ppl on other end complaining that
    you are always breaking up? i love this Rom although not liking the update timing every day and at the worse
    timing my phone cuts my calls short and says android upgrading starting applications and repeats sometimes
    2-5 times hate that when i’m in the middle of a call with my boss lol other than that seams to be good.
    Anyone elts experiencing these problems? and is there a way to fix? thanks

  102. Just to let you guys know, the rogers /fido data part does not work. It will dial out but can not see any website. Tried downloading the Rogers file that is on this page and still nothing. My model is i717r for Rogers / fido. Tried changing it to gsm 850 / 1800 still not data part.

  103. Help…. I can’t get my Need a rom flash for the modem i717r that supports hspa 4g up in Canada for Rogers. There are three provinces that only have 4G for data. I have tried all your ROMs and they all work fine but can’t get my data to work. It can send calls.

  104. john Willis says:

    i’m trying to download the onlyone hyfr beta 4 rom now but the download page is down. is there a mirror site i can try?

  105. misterdelica says:

    Which version ROMS has the support of the Russian language?

  106. Scott Mayberry says:

    Thanks for all the info on here and your replies to my post, Max. I have successfully rooted my device and installed the new ROM. Most things work fine and I am happier with the over all interface. I am having issues with Kies and Google Play store. I can not get either of them to work. Any suggestions on that would be great. I have tried data wipe, cache wipe and dalvik cache wipe but still unable to connect.

  107. agostino says:

    I cannot connect to Kies after flashing this rom. I have reinstalled the drivers multiple times. I have debugging selected; using original cable; what am I doing wrong? Will you post the official ICS update for rooted phone?

  108. Tammy Milliner says:

    I am using the Tmobile Blaze ICS and the newer Onlyone ICS Rom and it works wonderfully. I feel like I got a new phone. I have so many great new apps with this new ICS. I had the leaked ICS before, and it was really slow and froze a lot. Thanks, Max. You Rock!!!!

  109. Rj Lualhati says:

    Hey max thanks for the walkthrough!

    but i was just wondering if there was any way to have a toggle switch to force my note into HSPA+ on the ICS OnlyOne rom. Let me know if there is anything i could do!

  110. Mike says:

    Now that AT&T has updated the Note with ICS, will Only One ICS Rom still work as well as before. The ATT ICS is not so great.What do you think, Max?

  111. bigdroidlover says:

    just installed the onlyone Rom and my lockscreen is not working even with passcode..anyway good job bro..thanks

  112. Edgard says:

    im loving the ROM the only problem its the GPS it won’t connect? help please

  113. vid says:

    hi Max, Do u know which rom can run Full Chinese UI for galaxy note i717?

  114. Mark says:

    Hi Max,

    Thanks for the videos.
    I’m currently running the OnlyOne release that you put out a few days prior to this one. Is it worth doing the switch? Also, are there any roms out like this with overclocking yet? I notice the latest post you put has an official ICS release with slight changes, but it looks identical to gingerbread. I feel like I’m better off with this ROM. Please advise!! Thanks in advance

  115. wes says:

    my wifi sometime works but when restore it works for like 2 days maybe

  116. wilson says:

    i used to get LTE signal with my rogers note but one hour after i installed this rom i only get 4g (no LTE) and there is no way to change from hspa+ to LTE.. any idea max? any app or hack or something please 🙁 🙂

    • wilson says:

      i found the solution 😀 for LTE problems.
      on your keypad dial this
      then choose [4]LTE band
      then choose [1] lte badn all (or something like that)
      then choose one again
      press home key and there u go 🙂
      now i know how max feels when he discovers how to fix a problem

  117. Antonio Espinola says:

    quick question
    ROM OnlyOne Goldie B5 – UCLE2 *SGS III TW* *SVoice* – Stock, Rooted, Deodexed- 6/12
    is it an upgrade for this “HYFR” Beta 4?

  118. naufil says:

    Please port it to note n7000 please Max please or a stock s3 from for it like salman no edited stuff just like salman from but no weird wifi icons like in salman plllzzzzz or at least a note 2 touchwiz ux from for n7000

  119. Peter says:

    Hello Max, after I installed this rom the S Voice seems to stall sometime, could you help me out of this PLEASE???

  120. Joseph Karman says:

    Try obsession. I found everything works. Write down APN settings since that is responsible for your internet not your modem drivers. Clock Work Mod and TWRs are good backup tools first once you have them properly on than you don’t have to worry about bricking your phone. Backup your current ROM and your APN settings. Back them up to your external SD card

  121. Rob says:

    Hi Max, I’ve been using this rom for a couple of weeks already, and although I keep trying other roms like the Paranoid, Black Star, and CM10 Jelly Bean, I keep returning to this one in particular for its stability. I just wish i could have GoogleNow. Anyways thanks for your videos.

    • Antonio Espinola says:

      Hey Rob, I hear you. I always return to the same ROM ( OnlyOne ICS) after severat trials with different ROMS however I have good news for you. I am actually using OnlyOne ICS with GoogleNow with al the features working 100% is just a simple flashing of 1 zipfile of 30mb and you are good to go! I do not know if I can say the source here cuz I do not anto to violate the rules of engagement of this website , but google it , it took me 5 minutes to find it and install it! ( Max can I share the link???)

  122. Dillon says:

    keeps force closing over and over… help? should i switch to jellybeans?

  123. Jim says:

    I’ve been running OnlyOne for about a month now and love it. One problem I’ve noticed tho is when switching from Wifi to 4g, I will sometimes lose my data connection altogether and have to start/stop Airplane mode get the 4g connection back. I cant seem to pinpoint a pattern to it, seems to happen very randomly, like whether I am manually turning Wifi off or just moving out of Wifi range. I thought I saw a post about this somewhere but not finding much now that I actually need it. Anyone have any experience with this issue?

    • Jim says:

      Anyone? This problem is a tad annoying… Thanks!

      • bob says:

        ive been having the same issue as well!! unfortunately i have no fix for it that i know of:/ hopefully someone else can figure it out!
        other than that i love this rom, im running nova launcher ontop and its QUICK!!

  124. dillon says:

    Anyone else have experiance music glitches with cutting on and off and then self changing the music volumes ? Multiple times where i have to throw my $300 headset …

  125. rhycam says:

    Can I use it with my Galaxy note E160 4g LTE? my rom is 2.3.6 GB rooted.
    Please I need an answer.

  126. Josh says:

    when I click the download link after 5 seconds, when it says download ready….nothing happens 🙁 I really want a custom rom on my note! please help!

  127. Many thanks for that weblink with podcast.

  128. Josh says:

    I downloaded and installed, loved it.

    But when I try updating the apps it shows an error, any help?

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