Official UCLF6 ICS ROM for your AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717! [Rooted][Wifi Tether][Custom Bootanimation]

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For those of you rooted and/or on custom ROMs, you don’t have to unroot your phone to get the official Samsung ICS update for your AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717.  (I will post that also soon.)

Instead, check out this custom ROM which comes with the official UCLF6 ICS update, rooted, and with wifi tether.  Also as a bonus, comes with Nova launcher.  It should also run just a “tad” faster than stock as it’s de-odexed and zipaligned.

Go ahead, what are you waiting for?  Let me know how it goes for you!

No, you won’t lose root or CWM.


Download UCLF6 ICS ROM

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Credits – XDA

Custom boot animations work fine on this, download your favorite boot animation here.

Then use ES File Explorer. Go to settings and enable Root and system write, then copy the whole and place it in /system/media/ folder.

Voila, you can get any custom boot animations also!

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210 Responses to Official UCLF6 ICS ROM for your AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717! [Rooted][Wifi Tether][Custom Bootanimation]

  1. kenneth says:

    Maybe a dumb question soo i just install from CWM!? But i dont know i love my hybrid mode (paranoid android)

    • Jean says:

      Yes, but not a dumb question cuz this post DOESN’T specify. I reseted to factory defaults before i flashed it though.

  2. sosaid says:

    Is there a Miui rom for this phone ?

  3. Mike says:

    is there someting official for telus i717D

    • Tim says:

      Telus had a release date for today, July 13 2012, for ICS on the Galaxy Note. Shouldn’t be any difference other than the Telus bloat ware. I am on Rogers and will probably give this ROM a try tonight or over the weekend.

  4. YSH says:

    How do i install this ROM? thanks

  5. omar says:

    i really love the onlyone rom and work perfect for me and get all kind of applications the only thing i want now is S beam if you can get apk for me MAX will be nice of you Thank you man for your great job

  6. Darren says:

    so where is NOVA Launcher??

    • Darren says:

      got it- i had to do a wipe first. how is the 4 way boot accessed? i feel like im bombarding your site but im way new to android

      • craszh says:

        yes i am wondering about that too and curious what is a 4 way boot? is it the same as Hot Boot? sorry i never heard of a 4 way boot before. thanks in advance

  7. Minh Bui says:

    video plays better, no more blue blur in horizontal mode.
    ICS Blaze modem work surprising with this kernel for Tmobile 4g

  8. Raf says:

    Hey max I just wanted to take time to thank you for posting up this rom and a video online with it

  9. EL says:

    Would this work on m galaxy note with Bell Mobility in Canada?

  10. Tanase says:

    Hey Max,
    will this version (ROOTED) trigger the flash counter? And is there any legitimate flash counter reset software out there for the SGH-I717?
    Thanks dude…

  11. craszh says:

    Hi Max,

    Sorry this might be sound dumb, but I don’t want to flash any other ROM for a while till the S-Pen and S-Memo is back in action. I am using CM9 right now in my GN i717 and loving it. I am wondering since this is an official ICS will the S-Pen and S-memo work? I don’t see you mention it in your video. Please advice greatly appreciated and hope you get your Youtube account back soon. I’ve said this before and I am going to say it again…. Thank you so much for all the instructions, videos and all your help with the Android rooting and unrooting, installation of custom ROMS and etc. You’re awesome man! Thanks!!

    • Jean says:

      S-Pen and memo work fine for me….

      • craszh says:

        Thanks, is the s note work for you? I keep getting this message when tried to insert a video or pic “S Note Document restored after application closed”. Can never get this to work since day one I got my note. 🙁

        • Jean says:

          Never tried that feature… I’ll let know

        • Jean says:

          Both worked fine for me…. Make sure your phone isn’t pluged into your computer copying files …..

        • snowcpaul says:

          Hi, I am facing the same problem as you. Did you manage to solve it? Appreciate your advise. Thank you.

        • Lucas says:

          Ditto, any solutions yet? Thanks.

        • Tim says:

          In settings go applications>manage apps. Then choose all tab. Then scroll down to S-Memo. Force close it, clear cache and data.

          If that does not resolve your issue, you will need to boot into recovery and clear dalvik. If that fails you can try a factory.

  12. john says:

    umm, I have bell… does this work?

  13. Jay says:

    So is this almost like official att ICS with things added to it to make the ROM better? I would like to see video about the official att ICS on tooted phone being installed

  14. Jagpinder says:

    I have an un-rooted galaxy note running on official ICS. Can you please tell me how to root my phone?? Thanks in advance.

  15. lester says:

    I have already updated my note to ICS that is unlock to tmobile how can I get free wifi tether

  16. Dustin says:

    I think I’m confused… I never unrooted my phone before I did the ICS update, my phone is telling me that it is no longer rooted.. How do I root it again?

  17. Minh Bui says:

    Where is the new features of eye detection and small animated video playing when using video gallary explorer? Thanks

  18. Thomas Hobbs says:

    ried to root my Galaxy Note AT&T version. Unable to download anything but the 7zip program which installed a bunch of stuff I don’t want on my PC. How do I download items to root and update to ICS?

    • Minh Bui says:

      Click download and wait 5 sec the link will pop up, all root menu are on the top. You need to read and select the correct file to download. Reread and retry to click on the right link.
      In a good 4g tmobile area signal, i just do my speedtest , i got more than 10m/sec. It’s really surprising.
      I have tried the one ics, this one is by far the best

  19. Dan says:

    Sweet ROM. I had installed the official update from AT&T and had to go back to GB after 1 day. Battery performance was horrible from what seemed to be Exchange Services eating up all the battery. Only started after I installed the official ROM. After I came here, I now have a rooted Note along with the latest custom rom (Above) and let me tell you, Nova is sweet. This site is sweet. Had phone rooted and new rom installed with CWM in about an 1/2 hr .. no wipe needed either (came from stock GB)

    Thanks for all your time and effort. Made this type of venture possible.

  20. chris says:

    i have a rooted gnote sgh i717 no custom roms i dont have a sd card, i downloaded the rom ics will i be able to install it with no sd card and would it be ok also how woild i install it. plz write back thanks bro.

  21. zapp brannigan says:

    this may be an odd request but i was wondering if anyone knew how to get the screen to invert so i can use it as a hud in my car. btw i want to use this cfw that’s why i posted this in this thread.

  22. Jay says:

    please some1 tell me how to install the rom on my phone?? i downloaded the file on my pc!

  23. joey lam says:

    is there a Rogers version?
    cause i installed this on my phone and its ATT everywhere.

  24. frobroj says:

    So do I have to install CWM to install this? I am rooted but rooted by using odin and a rooted stock rooted gb rom. So can I just install this with odin or do I have to install CWM and go that route?

    Thanks Max!

    • Max says:

      Yes you need to install CWM then install this. Much easier than unrooting plus this one gives you root and wifi tether hack.

      • screwthang says:

        I rooted my att galaxy note a while back with your method and never had custom roms i downloaded the .zip file for the official ics and dragged it to my external_sd and with cwm i used the install option and clicked on the ics update and when it says completed reboot now option i reboot and my phone stays on the android boot logo and doesnt load the phone so i end up going back to my stock rom? you know what the problem is

        • kenneth says:

          Just install it again when finish installing do a wipe cache partition and wipe dalvik that should fix it…

  25. joey lam says:

    how do i remove all ATT things to Rogers?
    i installed the rom but everything is ATT and when i connect says my firmware is ATT.

  26. Jay says:

    I clean installed it now I only have EDGE please help I need 4g working again on tmobile

  27. Jay says:

    ok cool! I will look for the instruction! Thanks for replying

  28. Kelvin says:

    Does it contain premium suite and if i am on oneandonly ics rom with tmobile radio, do i need to reinstall the radio?

  29. Angel says:

    I installed this rom 2 days ago, but seems like my battery drains out too fast, anyone has the same problem?

    • Jean says:

      Not only that but it takes forever to charge as well for me.

    • frobroj says:

      Yup. Me too. Also have issues with black screen when loading taken picture from camera app. Other than those two issues Its been fabulous. Trying the powersaver mode now but I was pretty much doing everything it does already. My guess is the overclocked proc is draining the batt a little quicker. But I tell ya what the transitions etc are buttery smooth. Gotta love that!! Now would someone make a longer lasting battery that is the same dimensions?!?!

    • frobroj says:

      Looks like my battery usage is mainly use based. Now that I am using it every day as normal and not monkeying with new features etc. It seems fairly close. It does seem to drain a bit more than the original base rom but its not so bad that I am throwing it out the window. I just have to add some more charging points throughout the day. The one thing I loved about my iphone and my atrix was the battery life. This thing is a friggin pig! A bright huge beautiful pig but a pig none the less!!

    • Tim says:

      I am finding the battery life is much better on this ROM. I have cleaned up some of the bloatware and I use a mostly black background. Nice to be able to take pictures while on the phone. ROM seems to still have a few issues however, these seem to be issues with app support and not the ROM.

  30. Craszh says:

    Just installed this rom pretty smooth, but need more icons on notification bar. And nova launcher need upgrade to premium 🙁 without upgrade it kind of useless. Can’t even hide app with it no point.

  31. Raf says:

    I don’t know if anyone is having the same problem as I am my navigation seems to be working fine but I am not getting no voice command you know like turn by turn directions if someone knows how to fix this please respond back to this other then that seems everything is working fine

  32. Al says:

    OK so I must be missing something as when I try to CWM this file it always says my disk is full no matter whether doing it from a blank 40gb sd or internal phone memory. What am I missing… where does this file need to reside and or am I missing what to click in cwm, I am rebooting into recovery to do this. Now I had the official ICS and am and to go back to gingerbread with odin and it won’t let me go back to ICS in Keis only hope is your file.

  33. zig says:

    How come my download stops at 11% and never increases??

  34. Al says:

    Max in short it says e:short write of /temp/sideload/ (no space left on device). I have all sorts of space and rooted phone. CWM is of no help. I don’t know how to get your ICS to load. My phone is dead until I can get ICS to load. Even the stockrom although will load will not give me a cell connection. HELP please… Thanks.

  35. Joe Franklin says:

    Help please.
    I installed the Official ICS rooted rom from this post. I tried installing the T-Mobile modems. I followed the instructions to the “Tee” and couldn’t achieve T-mobile 4g speeds. After the reboot I have no Signal, IMDI, Firmware, anything. Where my bars should be there’s a stop sign. I can’t use any phone or any features. I tried each modem with no positive results. Even when I installed the factory At&t modems I get no service. In fact I had to unroot my Galaxy Note I717 just to get it working back to normal. Ive been searching the inter-webs to see if this a common problem but every forum I visit seems to ignore the question. If anyone could please help me get T-Mobile 4g speeds on my rooted Galaxy Note I717 I would really appreciated it.

    • Max says:

      Please leave only one comment, otherwise it’s just more work for me!

      • Joe Franklin says:

        Sorry about that Max. I figured someone from the community was going to reply. Thats for all the great work you and I will let it sit for a few hours and let you know what happens. Do you recommend one?

        • Max says:

          Blaze modem worked fine for me.

          • Joe Franklin says:

            Sounds good I give it a try with results. Thanks again Max. Keep doing what your doing. You make owning an Android device that much better.

            • Joe Franklin says:

              Hi Max I tried each Modem for 45mins each with no connection. The same problem persist. I would hate to have to go back to my stock rom. Any more suggestions or tips I can try???

              • Warren says:

                I had the same radio problem.just to be clear, has anyone else had success with the blaze radio?

                • Craszh says:

                  I’m currently on blaze modem, but I just couldn’t get a good speed at all most of the time. Especially in los Angeles area don’t matter which radio I use that Max post. But for some reason I get a really good speed at my work in Rosemead area. Lol 🙂

              • cblizz says:

                after you flash the rom in cwm,flash the blaze modem then

  36. Cesar Rojas says:

    Help here!!!

    It’s the third time I’ve tried to install this rom from sd card through clockworkmod, and apparently the installation goes fine, but after the first reboot, it freezes and does nothing more!!!

    What could be wrong?

    Thank you in advance for your answers!!!

    • Max says:

      what rom were you on before? If not stock, that could be why, you may need to do a factory reset.

      Did you make a backup ROM? (as factory reset will erase your settings/apps)

      • Cesar Rojas says:

        Max, I had installed the OnlyOne rom, then I downloaded the oficial UCLF6, copied to the micro sd, went to CWM and installed from there…

        And yes, I did the factory reset from the CWM…

        • Max says:

          Try a factory reset and wipe cache after installing. If that fails, you can try this and use Darkside Wipe and installing ROM again:

          • Mark says:

            I have the experience. And I did install the Darside Wipe and wipe with it. Then tried to install without success: restart => freeze at SAMSUNG…
            Need help Max.

          • Cesar Rojas says:

            Max, I followed the steps you told me with Darkside, then installed the UCLF6 and after the reboot, it passes the samsung logo, but now stays in the android logo screen (which its background moves) and does nothing more…

            I’m really starting to worry about it…

            • Cesar Rojas says:

              Max, as an alternative, I flashed the rom I had installed before all of this began (OnlyOne), and it seems to work fine… I’m going to try to install again the UCLF6 and see what happens…

            • Tim says:

              Be sure to wipe data, cache, and clear dalvik cache. The dev stated it could take a bit a while, the first time, to get past the boot process.

              • César Rojas says:

                I followed your advice and after a couple of retries finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel… I only miss the reason why it didnt worked it on the first attempt…

  37. Joey says:

    Hello all, I would so thankful if someone can tell me how to root my phone or do whatever I have to do so I can use it on an other network, it’s from Bell Mobility in Canada. It’s already unlocked but I’ve been told it needs to be rooted and flashed or something. Can anyone tell me the way to do it. I downloaded the file above but don’t know what to do next. Thank you so much.

  38. Fox says:

    I keep getting e:short write of /temp/sideload/ (no space left on device) every time. I have CWM and it never works whenever I try to do an update from the SD card. Was I supposed to flash the CWM for Epic4G??? That’s what Odin sees my phone as. What’s going on?

  39. Ty Lord says:

    Wondering a few things, i thought all the bloatware was taken off? Why is the AT&T Ready2go & YPMobile still on here? Is it ok to tear those off? Where is the wifi-tether app?

    • Benjamin Rowe says:

      This is the official ICS update through Samsung/AT&T You can remove the bloatware first by updating the actual app then u can uninstall it. also you will have to root your phone again or try to download wi-fi tether from play store and see if it functions if not then it will require a reroot so to speak in order these functions to work properly however if you have AT&T’s $50 data plan or there unlimited data plan the wifi tether is accessable via this path: MENU>SETTINGS>(under wireless and network)MORE>TETHERING AND PORTABLE HOTSPOT>SLIDE TO TURN ON. The wifi tether should then be active and depending on what type of device you have will depend on what level of encryption you can use but it will provide its own password to enter into your laptop or tablet.
      Hope this helps some

  40. Benjamin Rowe says:

    Here is the site to go to if you want too use Samsung Kies and then u can come back and flash cwm recovery as well as root:

  41. Al says:

    You should be able to take off any bloatware you are able to take off. Max left this pretty much stock from what I am reading. Also if you install Titanium you can open up and look for tethering and delete it which wil allow you to tether in your regular wifi settings via the checkbox. If you look to the right side of Max’s web site here under SH1717 hacks you will find a process for the tether enabling without paying for the service.

    • Benjamin Rowe says:

      You will have to pay if you go over your data limit however if your have unlimited data you will be in great shape trust me I work for AT&T

  42. duy says:

    Hello All!
    So I got every thing working but titanium back up won’t run. Apparently my phone is not rooted any more.
    Any help? Thanks

  43. AG says:

    Max any ideas on the ” e:short write of /temp/sideload/ (no space left on device)” error it appears to be a problem for multiple people here. I am able to use Odin but every zip file ROM no matter where i load from with CWM gives this error.

    • Tim says:

      Your flash must be out of space to load the new image. I would suggest backing up all your data and doin ga forced format method.You can also use Titanium Backup to backup apps to the external SD card then you can restore them as needed. Also, make sure emails, podcasts, pictures, etc. are all stored on the “external” SD card.

      • Al says:

        Thanks Tim what is GA forced format? I have chosen all the different wipes and formats that I know of. No problem on backing up got all the tools and have done that numerous times. Unfortunately I chose the Samsung update and then went and tried to root it and it corrupted and went back to gingerbread with Odin and now Kies won’t let me update to ICS. So Max’s file is the only way I know to get a rooted version of ICS back on again. Not sure why it always say my disk is full when their is space showing available. I am an old techy so I understand instructions so any help is welcome, this one is beyond me…

        • Tim says:

          Haha “ga” was me typing in a rush and should have been “doing a”; sorry about that.

          Just to confirm, you have wiped the system before installing the ROM? Also, try formating your SD card. Again, I would backup the device to your PC, then wipe internal and external memory to make sure there isn’t anything causing an issue. Is it possible you selected the “flash” option instead of choosing “Install .zip from SD card”?

          Enter into the recovery mode first and select “Wipe data/factory reset”, “Wipe Cache partition”, then under advanced “Clear Dalvik Cache”, and after this select “reboot system” then try installing again.

          From what I have been reading, a lot of people are having this exact issue upgrading to ICS and not only on the Note.

          • Al says:

            I have tried all of the above and it still gives the same error. Too bad someone doesn’t have an odin version since I seem to be able to use those no problem at all… I even paid for the premium license on Rom Manager. I just can’t figure out why it acts like it is write protected or something. Grrrrr…. Max must not have any answers on this one either since he is ominously silent on this issue.

            • Max says:

              Do not use ROM Manager first of all as that may be the reason why. Try using the manual buttons and it should work fine.

  44. William Kim says:

    Where can I find *.tar in downloas files…I cannot see it…

  45. craszh says:

    I am now a little confuse if I have a stock i717 running ginger bread. How do I install this ROM? According to video this ROM is rooted already and all I have to do is install on my stock i717 to get ICS plus root? So do I use Ordin to install this or do I install CWM to the phone first and flash this ROM? Please help, thanks.

    BTW I want to install it on my other i717 which is stock.

    • Max says:

      If you are on stock, you can install CWM here:

      Then make a backup of your ROM in CWM then install this.

      • craszh says:

        Hi Max,
        Thank you for the instruction above.
        I have a little problem with this ROM yesterday on my other GNote already rooted and had this ROM installed and I am not sure if it is the ROM or what, but yesterday I’ve connected to my work PC and transfering file (photos) on my SD cards and safely removed the SD cards from the computer. When I try to open the camera it opened then fc saying Media is scanning. I’ve tried to opened the gallery it said the same thing Media is scanning for a long time. I reboot the phone and tried to open up the camera it keep saying Media is scanning and fc. Same thing with the gallery can you let me know how to fix this? I’ve restored it and re-flash the same ROM (official ICS above) and the camera still not working keep fc and the gallery keep saying Media is scanning. So now I’ve restored back to CM9 again and everything is working again. Any advice on how to fix this issue on the official ICS? Thanks in advance.

        • craszh says:

          BTW I also did a wipe and restore, wipe cache everything and it keep saying media is running or scanning and fc. Even did a clean installed and keep getting the same issue. Also when I did a clean installed and try to restore some apps with TB, TB said android ID had been changed or different from previous ID. Do you want to rerstore it? I click on yes. Why it my android ID changed? Any idea? Thanks again

        • Chadman says:

          I had this same problem. When I tried to use the camera it would say “media scanning” and immediately quit the camera program. What is odd is that after a reboot this appears to have fixed itself.

          • craszh says:

            Thanks Chadman for sharing this, but reboot didn’t work for me. Even after data wipe/factory install, wipe cache and fresh installed. And I really started to like it due to the S pen and S memo works again. LOL

  46. chris says:

    Hey maxx i already installed this ics custom rom for some reason my gps is acting up ,if i made a backup of my stock gingerbread 2.3.6 will i be able to go back to the backup i made or am i officially updated to 4.0.4 ics after installing this rom. I just wanted to heads up if i am able to go back to my stock whenever i wanted or will it harm my phone

  47. Ed says:

    This ROM works great! I came off from Saurom rom which i really liked. Im not having battery issues at all like a few ppl claimed.However a few days after install, i restarted my phone, but it never ran media scan or anything, had no icons, apps, just the wall paper. I could double tap the screen and got nova launcher settings to pop up but that was it? So i had to remove it and reinstall it. Anybody else run into that?? Is it because i restarted it and didnt shut it down all the way. Now im afraid to turn off my phone again lol

    • craszh says:

      yes I had that problem too on 7/17/12 just after a couple days running this ROM.

      • Fent says:

        I had that issue as well. Only with the nova launcher though. I ran TB -> market link fix. Worked for another few days. Ended up uninstalling nova and currently using tw.

        Came from OnlyOne goldy, then offical att ics (put your phone in download mode then emergency flash with kies), then root to flash this rom.

  48. eeee says:

    Will you be posting a Rogers’ rooted version of this? Thanks

  49. Zheng says:

    Thank you!
    but………unable to download!!!

    however; a quick question, do I need to re install the apps after I install this update>?
    PS: I am using “ICS Objection ROM for AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717!”

  50. Predator says:

    I took the leap and installed this over the official At&t ICS upgrade. Install only took 5-6 mins, and had me a little nervous. It seemed to fast. I did clear the cache partition before running the upgrade, so the initial boot after the flash took around 3-4 mins. I did verify that I was rooted, and that Tethering is working, I dont have nova, no big deal. And the phone FLYS!!! 2 questions I have are:

    Was this that fast for anyone else?
    Do you lose the At&t boot animation, because I did. Now when I reboot I see the android logo/animation.

  51. craszh says:

    Hi Max,

    Never try to put a custom boot animations before, do I need to remove the old boot animation or can I put more than one boot animations under this folder /system/media/ folder?

    • Max says:

      No, only one, you can always have multiple and just rename the one you want to use for though.

      • craszh says:

        Thanks MAX got it to work. Had to do a research a little, but figured it out.

        • moreno says:

          hi Craszh,
          i want to add custom boot animations and since you got it to work,i have to ask.
          how did you get it to work. i cant find how to install it on the web. i would appreciate it a lot if you would help me out with this with links where you found your information or telling me how.
          thanks Craszh

  52. Cotton says:

    Anyone.having battery issues? This rom is sucking juice hard. But it says its my screen. I’ve had my screen settings the exact way on gingerbread and my phone would last 16 hrs + now I’m lucky to make it past 5 hrs. Any ideas why this is happening?

    • girlfriday says:

      My battery is draining quite quickly too. I’m also on the same settings and apps as when I had gingerbread. Everything I do on this ics rom lags as well.

      • craszh says:

        lol me too this ROM drain battery like crazy, had my phone fully charged and 15 mns later down to 79%. Crazy! 🙂

        • Max says:

          Make sure you powercycle it use it at least for a day to judge real battery life. Once you install a ROM and start syncing everything, it’s gonna drain battery real quick also draining battery all the way and re-charging fully is the only way to reset the software battery stats fully.

          • Cotton says:

            Yea I’ve had this rom for a week now. Its just for some odd reason the screen drains the battery (#1 in the list of things killing your battery ). And I put my settings exactly the way they were, but it kills my battery in 5 hrs compared to my 16 hrs + so idk why its killing it more. When I had stock rom it would last 16 + hrs when I had only one hyfr it lasted the same. But this one just does something different and kills it in 5. I keep.saying the screen but that’s all I can.tell.from the battery stats. But maybe there is something more to.this rom that’s doing it and idk about.

          • girlfriday says:

            thanks for that info – will try draining and recharging.

  53. Jovan says:

    while using this rom i experianced a problem recieving text messages is this wide spread or something i did wrong or is there a fix for this problem please let me know

  54. SAM PUNIA says:

    I have stock firmware of i717 but rooted if i install this update and if dont like it could i revert my to original condition

    • chris says:

      Yes you can i had the same question a while bakk and no one wanted to help you need to root your phone 2nd install clock work mod recovery and 3rd make sure you have a sd card to make a backup of your stock gb firmware then install this .zip through cwmr if you dont like go back to your backup and delete this off you sd

      • SAM PUNIA says:

        Hey Thanks For Replying

        Just One thing have there any option to install Language Pack in Android coz i wanna install PUNJABI language in it

        • Sam punia says:

          dear could you tell me how i get SCREEN MODE option coz after this update whole screen look very dull every icon and option working very dull and light and touch is harder then before
          kindly help

          one thing it eat memory

  55. Scott says:

    My phone is rooted already but I don’t know how to flash a rom. I know it’s simple, but can someone please tell me. Thanks

    • Scott says:

      OK…I’m not a total dweeb….I figured it out myself…..hahaha
      BTW, Max, you are “The Superhuman Galaxy Guru”!

  56. Bmmeup says:

    Max, this is an awesome distribution. How do you turn on the much talked about facial recognition unlock function? Also, the tethering works when connected via USB but the wireless asks for a WPA2 password….is there a fix for this or do you know what they use for the password, ie-serial number, etc.?
    Thanks for your time.

    • Predator says:

      Ok, if you don’t know what a WPA2 password is you might not want to mess with you phone any more. You will brick it for sure. WPA2 is a wifi password that YOU setup and that YOU can enable and change. Look at the wireless settings.

    • Tim says:

      Facial unlock is under Settings > Security > Screen Lock. Keep in mind, this is a “toy” and is the most insecure way to lock your phone. Anyone who looks like you or has a picture of you can unlock your device.

      You should have a “Configure portable Wi-Fi hotspot” under Settings > “More..” under Wireless and networking > Tethering and portable hotspot. You can either view or configure your key there.

      • bmmeup says:

        Thanks Tim, since i flashed ICS, I no longer have the tab “configure portable wifi spot”. The option isno longer listed. I just have “turn on peer to peer wifi” and the “help” tabs, neither of which let me configure the wifi hotbot. Im really stumped as to why I don’t have the option to configure.

  57. acevedoj36 says:

    link is not working(not downloading).
    can you fix it.

  58. Michael says:

    Hey Max, thanks for your hard work. Love your roms. I have an issue with my blue tooth, I can’t seem to turn it on and I’ve been having this issue since updating to Saurom Rom. Any ideas?

  59. moneybythaton says:


  60. agostino says:

    after installing this, I cannot connect to Google email or play store. I wiped the cache from the apps too. Suggestions.

  61. Las says:

    Thanks Max for your website and all information about the NOTE.
    In your opinion, Which Rom is better for T-mobile user? I’m currently on Saurom.
    Thanks MAX

  62. DAVID says:

    i gave this rom a run and its just as bad as gb was for me, I’m going back to the online beta4 rom.

  63. David Kraus says:

    The link doesn’t seem to be working. I tried downloading from my computer and my phone. Any suggestions?

  64. bird_420 says:

    Has anyone tried this rom with a different kernel?(abyss?)

  65. christine says:

    i installed this rom onto my galaxy note rooted with the tmobile modem. the 4g didnt work so i reflashed the modem and now it doesnt detect my sim card at all! do you know what modem is compatible?

  66. Juan says:

    I installed this on my galaxy note from att unlocked using cmw … everything went just perfect and it’s like having a new phone, everything works smooth and nova interface is great…this is definitely a must have for all owners of a galaxy note.

  67. bird_420 says:

    Okay, I have been running this rom for almost a week now and it is great. However, I just noticed that I can not turn on handwriting to text in Smemo. Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks in advance.

  68. Justin says:

    Hello Max,
    I installed this rom, everything worked perfectly except my wifi tethering and hotspot did not work. anytime I turn it on, the setting is stopped working. Do we have a solution for this?
    Thanks Max

  69. Aaron says:

    just a fast question maybe a stupid one but can someone tell me just exactly how to load this boot anima Please and thank you. Ive alrady got it but dont know where to put it. I cant seem to find anymore stuff aboit it othwr then use ex launxher thats it

    • Max says:

      I think I’ve answered this already on Facebook I think (please use one method of communication) but will do it again for others.

      Download from here:

      Then put it in /system/media folder by using ES File Explorer and enabling root and write in settings.

  70. Dallas says:

    Sorry to be a noob without a clue. But are there any step-by-step instructions available? Or any from previous rom mods that I can follow? Thanks in advance for helping 🙂

  71. Jek says:

    With Tmobile’s version coming out on the 8th August, Do you think the Tmobile modem and ICS be available for ATT version?

  72. bmmeup says:

    Is anybody having problems with HDMI output with this ROM? It’s really sketchy, sometimes working, sometimes not…get a lot of “headphone unplugged” messages popping up on-screen before it quits sending signal. Any ideas? Max? thanks!

  73. Justin says:

    Hello Max,
    do we have any custom kernel that might work for this rom? 1.5GHz sometimes seems to be slow to me. Also I used Titanium Backup Pro to uninstall some ATT features, and also Nova launcher. I switched it with Go Launcher and the phone looked a lot nicer with HD effect from GoLauncher EX (in my opinion)

    I hope we will have a custom kernel for this ROM

    Thank you a lot Max

  74. Justin says:

    Oh I found a solution Max

    we can get up to 1.7GHz

    also, with our current custom ROM ICS. the wifi tether (rooted) sometimes shows the errors.

    SO we can use the Titanium Backup Pro to freeze the Wifi tethering manager from ATT.

    Also, instead of choosing Generic ICS as the device. I chose the Samsung Galaxy Nexus (CDMA/LTE)

    I test this for 3 days and no errors

  75. mike daniels says:

    This OFFICIAL ICS Rom update or upgrade, whatever you want to call it…is NOT worth the trouble it will take to download it~!!

    The NOVA LAUNCHER never stayed at its “default” choosing, whenever I opened an App, or made a PhoneCall…it would switch back to a mode where ALL my Apps were either in the Apps Folder or SCATTERED throughout 4-5 screens!! (even with Nova Launcher UPDATED to 1.2.2!!)

    Had to RESTORE back to Previous ONLYONEICS Rom, or I would be Phoneless!

    Add a THUMBS DOWN to this version of ICS….

    • Justin says:

      I think you can do as I said above. use titanium pro backup to completely uninstall the Nova. so you can run on fresh ICS without problem.

    • Tim says:

      I can confirm the official versions (tested AT&T and Rogers) and they work amazingly well. Make sure you are flushing all the caches before installing. I also tend to do the install twice before I restart to ensure everything is good.

  76. Justin says:


    I think I just killed my Phone. :-)))

    I installed new 1.7 GHz kernel, my phone was died ytd night. 3 buttons method, JIG, non of them can work. My phone could not turn on. I just shipped to the service in Nevada to do the JTAG for 50 bucks and 1 week waiting.

    Poor me, but its worth to let everyone know that DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TRY THE LINK I POSTED ABOVE.

    If you did, please see me for the link of service repair.

    Sorry for any kind of lost that you have to suffer after me

  77. Jek says:

    Tmobile’s out with its Note. Does anyone know when we can expect Tmobile’s modem and ICS?

  78. Roger says:

    I am so lost on how to install this ROM.Could someone tell me step by step how to do it. I have been trying for days. I gave up..

    Here is what I have trying. I download the .zip file and put it on phone. then i went to rom manager and selected install from sd card, I find the file and hit ok..then the phones goes through its progression like it’s installing it..but then I get the error message saying it’s aborted. then nothing happens..

    What am I doing wrong?..Please help

  79. Craszh says:

    Hi Max,
    Do you know how I can fix the low volume issue on the gn i717? Ever since installed ICS the volume is just too wgen watching movies or listen to music without using the headset. Anything I can do about this? Thanks in advance.

  80. James says:

    Followed the instruction for this rom ,had the zip file on sd card .went perfect ,work like a charm first time ,did the wipe first.
    Install blaze modem before the reboot and everything is great on simple mobile ,battery is so much better ,titanium reinstall everything perfectly .Camera,s pen,gps ,all are working smoothly .
    Great job !

  81. BODY says:

    Hi Max,

    Thanks for the input and the help you give us to all users. My question is directed to a problem I have with the contacts in my Note. Every time you install a new version that you send us the list and sync Google Contacts I see I have some contacts with the information separately and I have to go through the work of uniting the contact information. Wonder if there any remedy for this problem or I have to connect the user each time you install a new version of my Note. Forgive my writing but to translate the writing tube as well idiona not mastered English.

  82. a j boe says:

    best thing yet for all of u n tha hod an out.GET THIS FILE.

  83. Cait says:


    Can I use this on my galaxy tmo? I’ve been looking for how to get free tethering on galaxy tmo..I was able to rooted my phone using the AT&T version and downloaded the titanium backup but couldn’t find the tethering manager..any suggestion..


  84. Gee says:

    hey max….thank you for everything! !! I like this rom. ..on my att g-note running on tmobile. ..iCS BLAZE did svoice thnks to team perction n blck star 15 toggle green theme. ..its pretty stable n im high on android…woohooo

  85. Roger says:

    I installed this ROM, but I’m having a problem when receiving calls. The other end can hear me only when I’m on speaker phone. Is there a solution for this?

  86. Hydra says:

    Hi Max, what kernel should I use for this Rom? & where can I find it?

  87. craszh says:

    Hey Max,

    Have been using this ROM since you posted the first day…. it is very stable and I like it. So far so good and haven’t flash anything else. Scare to flash the JB from reading too many issues. Please come out new ROM for us that is stable and S pen and S memo working. How do I get the 15 toggles on this ROM?
    Thanks in advance ….. Go ANDROID!

  88. john says:

    I love this ROM! I first used some other ICS ROM, which was fine, but then updated to JB. After nearly bricking the phone with a JB nightly update (CM10), I re-built the phone up from scratch, but was unable to update from AT&T. So instead I flashed this ROM. I find it a lot smoother than the old ICS that I was using… especially noticeable scrolling web pages, menus (in Settings), etc.

  89. david says:

    Hi Max,
    I just bought AT&T i717 from Hong Kong on my holiday. I live in Melbourne and my mobile provider is Vodafone on 3G network.
    I have tried so many ROMs and now got it working properly i.e. no more force close and freeze screens. The current ROM I have is the Official UCLF6 AT&T ROM. Everything works fine except I cannot get the 3G network working.

    Would you please help?

  90. samsung fan says:

    hello,does anyone know which rom would have the pop up video and nfc in one package. i tryed a few roms and i do like them but i was looking for one that had the two items. so far i find one or the other. i like to watch a video and check my email. plus i had nfc on my stock rom and i still want to keep it. right now im running black star xl.

  91. moneybythaton says:

    Yea try padawan 4 it has overclock to 1890Ghz and has pop out vid and nfc. You can only download padawan 4 from here xda only give 6 and 7 which are weak.but right now best ROM to me is gun rom

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