LiquidSmooth Jelly Bean ROM for AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717! [Best AOSP ROM]

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For this week’s ROM of the week on the AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717 (or Candian Note), check out LiquidSmooth Jelly Bean ROM!

This AOSP ROM features the latest Android 4.1.2 to give you the best of the AOSP and pure Google OS experience. ย In addition, LiquidSmooth ROM works well with GoogleApps 4.2, which gives you additional bonuses like Photo Sphere camera, GMail 4.2, Calendar 4.2, and more.

I think this is probably the best AOSP ROM out right now for your SGH-i717 Note and should give you a ton more performance over others.

For touch-sensitivity S-Pen, now you can download and install the Papyrus app from Play Store that will allow you to take notes just like S-Note/Memo apps.

Also, if you are looking for a good TouchWiz-based ROM, try the Padawan ICS ROM I reviewed last week. ย That one and this ROM is my best two recommended ROMs “right now”.

Give it a go this week and let me know what you think!


Download LiquidSmooth + Download Gapps 4.2

Credits – XDAย <—– Don’t forget to donate to developer of this ROM if you like it, thx!

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165 Responses to LiquidSmooth Jelly Bean ROM for AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717! [Best AOSP ROM]

  1. ree says:

    Thanks max I guess I’m running jelly bean from now on ! After a week without electricity courtesy Hurricane Sandy….!!!!

  2. Steve says:

    Hi Max,

    can i flash this through CWM, do i need the first LS Rom…

  3. batman2012 says:

    Hi Max! Can I use CWM or do I need to use twrp?

  4. Hasan says:

    Hi Max
    thank u for this ROM its the best ever, its really fast and stable. but i have issue that by this ROM i cant read my SD card and sometimes the phone restarting by itself.
    any solutions for these issues?

    • Edwin says:


      For sd card fix, go to settings-storage and press the menu button. ‘USB computer connection’ should come up. Make sure ‘Mass Storage’ is checked. I searched everywhere and even tried installing/ unstalling kies/ drivers, but this method worked great for me. Let me know how this goes.

  5. Ray says:

    Hey I try installing Liquidsmooth jelly bean rom for note i717 and all I am getting on reboot is the liquidsmooth sign and nothing else. I need help? can anyone tell me what I need to do. No buttons are working. Please advise asap

    • barman2012 says:

      I flashed it with twrp recovery and it works awesome! If you flashed it with cwm I doubt it would….try twrp recovery

    • batman2012 says:

      Its hard to say based on the info you provided, however it sounds to me that you will need to restore your phone to stock using Odin or Heimdall. Here’s a link to the files you’ll need: Don’t worry that its with Rogers, you are just trying to get the phone working again. This assumes you are able to still get the phone into download mode. If that isn’t even working, an ebay search for a USB jig will allow you to get it into DL mode.

      I’m not a developer or anything, just a guy who likes to mess around with phones/tablets. I’m not responsible for anything that happens if you try this. The info is all out there on the forums!

  6. J says:

    Thanks Max appreciate all the work you put towards keeping us up to date with the recommended roms!

  7. Charles Bullard says:

    Before I installed this ROM I had 4g but I I don’t now how can I fix that ? Besides that great ROM

    • batman2012 says:

      You need to go to the xda sight and find a different modem for your phone. There are a TON of them available, most of which are flashable via CWM. I’m with Telus in Canada, and I found one that works really well.


  8. george says:

    Installed the ROM and after reboot, it is just stuck on the LiquidSmooth screen and will not go anywhere…
    Pls advise. I used TWRP when I installed this.. Frankly, this is my first time rooting my galaxy note.

  9. Ray says:

    Please help, I installed liquidsmooth but now I keep getting a message saying “the process andriod.process.acore has stopped. I also get other messages saying other apps have stopped. Please advise. I’ll hit okay then it goes away and then comes back again.

  10. omar says:

    Hi Max since i got this rom on my phone and it doesn’t wanna start again even after i unrooted to android 2.3.6 it doesn’t wanna work i don’t know what happened i had all of your roms on my phone and it was work perfect so help me man what am gonna do now

  11. Arvin says:

    now i need help.. I can’t download anything in google play store, or any browser at all.
    any tips?

  12. kenneth says:

    I love these roms really smooth and look nice i will that we can overclock but is good….

    • kenneth says:

      Just one thing i cant get 4G SPEED i have athe ATT note but on tmobile i already try with the BLAZE, KID_TEST AND VK1 radios but i just get HSPA+ is any solution to that or is any other radios that i can try?
      i really like these rom but i need 4G…

  13. MezJr says:

    I actually installed this yesterday. So far so good.

    2 things:
    1-You didn’t mention one nice feature of this, it’s the only JB rom that I know of for the Note that includes group mms “reply all”. It’s nice.
    2-the 4.2 gapps, are there issues with the camera and video? Also if I already have the liquid gapps do I have to do a fresh load to try these out, or can they be dirty flashed?

  14. John says:

    This is a crazy cool rom…best rom I have ever installed

  15. Marty says:

    My i717 came up locked looking for a PIN when it booted.

    It doesn’t recognize the PIN which I used before the upgrade.

    Is there a default PIN? I’ve tried 0000 1234, but no go

  16. LIV says:

    Fist a big thank you for the article.
    Also for the commentaries.
    I have only an observation: it wouldn’t flash with twrp. Worked only with cwm.

    I had no unexpected reboots on my i717, and all went smoothly.
    GMail 4.2 is not much better than the previous one. Camera seems to be friendlier, though, than the one from CM10, or from Padawan 4.

    Thank you again!

  17. Project262 says:

    8/10 Stars… I installed the release [aokp_quincyatt_jb_milestone-1] from GooManager via TWRP and it worked like a charmed!!!
    *****Great Job LiquidSmooth*****
    PROS: it’s pure LIQUID… Super Fast & Fluid.
    CONS: No S-Note/Memo, No My Files App, No Screen Capture with S-Pen
    This is why I LOVE ANDROID, every new ROM makes me feel like a kid on Christmas Morning!!!

    Can someone tell me how to take Screen Capture?

  18. g-man says:

    just installed jelley bean liquid on att galaxy note i717 works fast but no mobile network detected.

  19. Dillon says:

    Is this better than latest Cm10 ?

  20. ramtwins25 says:

    I flashed the ROM and everything works except my capacitive buttons. I only have the search and back button functional. I checked settings and see the on screen buttons but I do not want to reduce the screen size by using those. how can I get my home and menu button to work?

  21. Blitz says:

    Just installed with a full battery. Not 30 minutes later I was at half and 10 minutes later a battery warning and it refuses to charge. Have to keep it plugged in to keep it on long enough to flash another rom.

    Very cool features while i was able to use it anyway.

  22. kory says:

    Love this ROM. Very fast and smooth. Only issue is video recorder not working. Video records very fuzzy then when you try and play video, its just a discolored screen then for closes. Any suggestions?

  23. jimmyp says:

    Hey Max,
    Are there any T-mobile modems/radios out yet for Jellybean?
    I want to flash this rom but I won’t get HSPA on my phone if I do.

    Thanks for your help.

  24. Barnacle says:

    Hey guys anyone getting random reboots? I installed this ROM yesterday and so far today i have gotten 2 reboots.

  25. Clark says:

    Hey Max I’m having a problem with Taking Video. It seems to be Very blurry and low quality. Camera works great though and I love this ROM but I definitely need my Video?

  26. Angela says:

    Hi max,
    I rooted the phone and installed the rom, but now,
    I don’t have any mobile network signal, what shold I do? ๐Ÿ™

    • Marty says:

      Reboot until it sees the mobile network.

      I’ve had random lockups, reboots and sometimes the inability to “see” the cell and data service (from AT&T).

      I still think JB is great.

  27. Richard says:


    Is there a way to block your phone number?

  28. Rico says:

    So far so good except for a couple things.

    If i’m texting and get a call…messenger encounters a problem.

    I just tried calling my dad, doesn’t go through and i get “unfortunately, the process has stopped”

  29. dillon says:

    can i flash the g apps from this on CM10 rom ?

  30. Rico says:

    yeah, now it wont let me save a video or even edit pics.

    Back to ICS for me…this is bullshit stuff.

  31. Christian says:

    I have noticed with the Non Touch Wiz based roms that for some reason I can never figure out how to change the fonts. On #Padawan Rom it has the option to chane font style but on this ROM I cannot find a way to do it??

    Does anyone know how to change the fonts on this ROM or is it not possible?

  32. Anthony says:

    I just installed this ROM and love it…..BUT

    I am having a big problem where when in IDLE the bottom buttons flash randomly, the phone turns off when it wants to and when i try to make a phone call the phone gives this error “Unfortunately the process com. has stopped” EVERY time i use the phone, and the phone will not receive phone calls

    • Anthony says:

      to add to it when i installed rom and booted for the first time it got an error saying “unfortunately, system UI has stopped” and then went to settings

  33. Project262 says:

    Hey guys, I don’t understand why some of you are having that much trouble.
    I have had 1 freeze/reboot in 2 days, the ROM is smooth and really fast…
    This is what I did:
    1. I installed Goo Manager [ ]
    2. I installed TWRP [ ]
    3. In Goo Manager, I browsed available ROMS for my device (SGH-I717)
    4. Downloaded the aokp_quincyatt_jb_milestone-1
    5. Installed the Gapps via TWRPLove this ROM… but have some minor flaws, but in time the updates should fix them.

    Hope this helps.

  34. Raul says:

    This is a really reliable rom for me, I did have to do a hard wipe with black star. But the video quality iS beyond horrible. Any zip files to fix it? Or internal things i can do

  35. Jason says:

    just installed the app, love it, only one thing that keep on bugging me. i dont know how to remove some of the empty home screens, now i have like 5 empty screens that is waiting for remove. i know is a stupid question, but can any brother or sister guide me though this

  36. Dillon says:

    Max let us know when there is an update for the gapps 4.2 that fixes video can.

  37. Wanton says:

    Can you root using the same method Galaxy tab at&t sgh-i957

  38. brandon says:

    i want to install jellbean do i use clock worth recovery and do i just put on my internal memory.

    • Dillon says:

      I had trouble with clock work mod , install twrp first and it will replace it .. and it doesn’t matter about internal or external as long as you can find it ๐Ÿ™‚ just copy past file from computer

      • brandon says:

        Where can i download twrp and with gap 4.2 put thAt on the internal sd card also

        • Dillon Ferrill says:

          The link can be found on cm10 jellybean ROM , and yes but flash it after the jb ROM , I actually had trouble with the video cam and(doesn’t record ) so the gapps file next to the cm10 rom works better for me also ๐Ÿ™‚ but the photo sphere is amazing and the only thing I miss ๐Ÿ˜›

  39. Mike says:

    Does anyone else have the issue with every Jelly Bean ROM where all video playing applications (ie. YouTube, JB native player, etc) seem to make the video the foremost item on the phone? For example, if I am watching or even have youtube paused and I pull down my notifications the video is on top of anything within the notification menu. In the native client, depending on the resolution of the video, I will sometimes lose the progress/video nav bar behind the video. I was hoping I wouldn’t see it in this one but it is there too.

    • Dillon Ferrill says:

      I did untell I installed this after running cm10 with 4.2 gapps , I recommend using this ROM with older older 4.1 gapps found on the cm10 Paige ๐Ÿ™‚ and its fixed for me anyways

  40. Asho says:

    stupid question but can someone post steps to install this ROM

  41. babydoll says:

    @asho is right..can someone actually put up the “how to” on this???

    much thanks!

  42. Asho says:

    can any expert post steps pleeeeeeeease

  43. ree says:

    Install on twrp…then data wipe/ factory reset …install rom & gapps …then wipe cache/dalvik….after that reboot…easy as 123!!!

  44. Dillon Ferrill says:

    Battery life sucks for me …. its underclocked and won’t charge wile using it , I drained it dead while charging livestreaming video and it has the brightness down settings off but 3g

    • batman2012 says:

      I’m using RC 7 of this ROM at the moment. (There is an update RC8). I am also using Juice defender with custom settings… at the moment, my batter is showing 43% and the last time it was plugged in was 3 DAYS 4 hours ago….I did find it took a few days for the ROM to “cook” a little before I started getting max battery life.

    • ree says:

      U might just get what up wish for ….just installed kingkang kernel …overclocked up to 1944mhz..

  45. Robert says:

    ok i love this rom so far is the best i try.i m on att and funny thing is that i dont lte keep showing 4g but all the places i use to have lte is reading 4g.i try Padawan ICS ROM and everything is ok is readying lte everywhere , where i use to have before but i dont really like it.i love the Android 4.1.2 from the LIquidSmooth.i dont know what to do i try everything reset the apns reflash like i need some kind of update on the modem for this rom or it will just not read lte at all. please help. thanks.

    • Mike G says:

      I had the same concern…after some reading on XDA dev forum I have come to the conclusion that 4g = LTE. Depends on the type of ROM used as to what it shows. Try using the speedtest application and you’ll see the speeds are the same when on 4g vs LTE on Padiwan or other Touchwiz ROM.

      • Robert says:

        i think u my be right. it didnt cross my mind to do a speed check.i will do that and see whats the difference.i will re post with results.thanks

  46. Kees says:

    I want to try this sooo bad, but it wont go past the Liquid smooth logo screen. I have tried to install it several times, clearing all cashes, Darkstar wipe, you name it, i did get it to install once without the Next gen app pkg, but their was NO functionality, the Nav buttons didnt even work.. i can flash other roms, with no issue.. any suggestions?? i sent a mms to max on FB, but i know he’s very busy…

  47. ree says:

    Just installed & flashed the king kang kernel version overclocked up to 1944 MHz… smooth like a muthafu#*%er!!! This just got awesome goodbye ICS for good!

  48. Dillon says:

    Are you using twrp yet to install ROMs and back up ? If not replace your cwm recovery with that , and make sure you factory reset under the recover mod for installing the rom

  49. Adam says:

    Installed using root tutorial here and CWM and Galaxy Note i717r from rogers. I have not done any benchmarks, however the phone feels like it is running a lot better. I do not get a 4G icon ever, even with RogersI717RRWCLF4_MDM. I do get H+, is that the same thing somehow? I am on Vancouver Island where reception is terrible anyway.

    A few force closes on DoggCatcher. Running the flashlight using TeslaLED caused the phone to restart once, but it may have been a battery issue.

  50. Johnny says:

    Yah this is a nice rom but the camera doesn’t work when it comes to video! It will “record” but it won’t save the vid… And on the rare occasion that it DOES save it, the video is unplayable.

    • MezJr says:

      It’s not the ROM that is doing that but those GAPPS. I did the same thing. The GAPPS reccomended here are bootstrapped JB 4.2 apps that don’t seem to work completely right with 4.1.x, they have known issues like that. Personally I’d suggest using the GAPPS that Cyanogenmod reccomends until liquid moves their base to 4.2.

      Or there is this version of 4.2 where they include the legacy camera and gallery to handle the video issue:

    • zach says:

      I am having the same problem the video resolution is crap and then in doesn’t save. Need help.

      • MezJr says:

        Reflash with the GAPPS in the link in my post above. Everything will work, you just wont get the photo sphere and the updated gallery. Max, correct me if I’m wrong but I’ve yet to see 4.2 apps for the note that work 100% right.

        • Johnny says:

          MezJr I can’t see a link in any other comment . Can you please repost it?

          • MezJr says:

            Ah, either deleted out due to moderation or not yet approved.

            Anyway, google cyanogen gapps. On their wiki they post the latest signed apps. On xda there is a hybrid gapps that has both the 4.2 apps and the 4.1 camera and gallery to help with incompatabilities in 4.2.

            • Johnny says:

              Man I hate to sound like a pain, but are you referencing 2 different gapps downloads? I can find the latest CM10 gapps, but is that the same as this Hybrid one you were talking about?

              • MezJr says:

                Ah ok, so there are 2 GAPPS pkgs to use. IMO go with the Cyanogenmod one.

                The second, if you really want to try the 4.2 apps, but also have a fallback there is a guy on XDA who made what he calls “supergapps” which combines the 4.2 gapps with some 4.1 fallbacks like the gallery etc.

                I used them for awhile but ultimately I fell back to the regular gapps. Also I moved back to CM10 nightlies due to some issues with this rom anyway. They moved to RC8, and removed the group MMS (which is in 4.2 by default anyway).

                • Johnny says:

                  I heard RC8 had some issues so Im waiting on that. I installed CM10 gapps and have the same problem. I still can’t find this supergapps you’re talking about.

                  • MezJr says:

                    Did you do a reflash or did you flash over your current GAPPS? You should do a complete reflash (ie factory wipe etc and reinstall rom and GAPPS).

                    • Johnny says:

                      Ah, ok. I’ll have to try that then. I just flashed over my current gapps. I’ll try when I get home.

                    • Johnny says:

                      Just FYI, you were right. It works great now, but it is definitely missing the sphere camera. I really liked that. thanks for the help!

                    • MezJr says:

                      Yeah, I never used the sphere function. However the 4.2 camera seemed faster and I liked the gallery more.

                      The way I look at it is we’ll get it soon enough when we get 4.2 which in tracking the CM updates it should be within a few weeks.

  51. MezJr says:

    For me this ROM started messing up. I tried their RC8 and it had dumped the group MMS, so I went back to RC7 and I started having reception issues and finally I’d get an error stating that had stopped working whenever I got a call. So I just went back to CM10 nightlies which are pretty awesome seeing as they’ve already moved past a “stable” release and are well on their way to integrating AOSP 4.2.

    • Dillon says:

      Yea man cm10 jellybean ftw … i left it because i got random reboots ( probably fixed by now ) and im going on a cruise sunday and i wanted the most stable rom, but i miss that rom the most and going back to it soon , This just didn’t feel as smooth as the ota update and like stock android more like apex launcher ect..

      • MezJr says:

        Well, I was on CM10 since early October until early November, I went with this one because they implemented the AOSP group mms feature, and it looked like it could be better. At the point I switched CM10 was very stable, and the only issues I experienced were the HW overlay issue. Went back to CM10 on Monday a few nightlies after the stable release and I’ve had maybe 3 reboots as my phone settled in. But network speed was good, Bluetooth signal acquire was great as was everything else.

        4.2 has the group mms feature baked in to AOSP so everyone will have it on that. I just stuck with CM10 and grabbed Go SMS in the meantime.

        I don’t use a ton of apps though, so I can’t speak to any other compatibility issues. I have tried the 4.2 GAPPS and they are nice but not ready for prime time IMO (I like rock-solid stuff and no monkeying around and making andriod look like a crappy OS to people I use my phone around/with because I’m using half-adapted software).

        • Dillon says:

          I had trouble with the 4.2 gapps with video on both roms , and the camera isn’t freindly for my freinds and sinc

        • Dillon says:

          Its mostly girls on my phone i stuck with the old gapps , im currently running black star rom , becouse of features from Jellybean ported to it like animations and google now , im really like the inverted apps with touchwiz it because i feel sick going back to tw

  52. Kees says:

    have a Question on the Gapp pkg.. Its got Great stuff, I installed it on tm staock ICS rom, and the camera worked GREAT!, but it made the play store un-accessible … so then i tried downloading the Camera apk, and it worked for everything except the Pano…. _ says dose not support _ , is there a way to repak the Nextgen pkg, with only the camera and make it work on ICS???

  53. Marty says:

    Did LiquidSmooth pull some Google NOW functionality out when this ROM was built?

    Google NOW isn’t called up for me using the home or app drawer buttons. ๐Ÿ™

  54. Adam says:

    This rom is not very stable…. I ve had it for about 3 weeks now and it just restarts itself all the time … any stable roms out there for this with jb?

  55. RYan says:

    Just wondering, I put this rom on my Telus Galaxy note, and now my LTE is gone? IS HSPA + the same thing or slower?

    • jeff the flashaholic says:

      download speedtest from the play store and run a test i get the same speeds even though it says 4g and not lte

  56. bmmeup says:

    There are lots of gremlins causing big and little problems in this ROM, but when I finally got everything working after 5 or 6 flashes it is working great.

  57. iFERNZ says:

    I love this ROM, but the only issue I have with it is that the phone component will not let me receive calls. Any suggestions for a solution? Thank you!

    • MezJr says:

      I’m sorry but I literally LOL’d at that post.

    • Mikkie says:

      I’m having the same problem! The ROM itself is sexy as hell but whenever someone tries to call me it goes straight to voice mail or I see my phone ringing and try to answer the call – except I can’t swipe to answer because it says something like error phone program isn’t responding or something. I’m switching ROMs for now. But hopefully someone can find a fix for this so I can switch back! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks

  58. Dillon says:

    Is the video camera working now ? From the 4.2 gapps

  59. Hylyfe says:

    Hey Max,

    This is the best ROM I have tried so far. However, the draw backs began piling up. SD + File explorer doesn’t work, Phone reboots itself, cant get some Samsung APPs, Apolo + Music player constantly crashes… etc.

    Please-o-Please, look into and resolve these issues.


  60. Robert says:

    Hey I need company finally decide to give me a work phone and as much as I m dreaming on the note 2 I just find out is not going to happen.they will get like 30 HTC dna phone’s from Verizon.I don’t know anything about that phone except that is all 1080p .I need some reviews on it and most important I need a how to root the thing.please help as I don’t trust any website’s out there but this.thanks.

  61. mattman56 says:

    I installed this rom a month ago and I can’t send a mms messages. This is my first rom installation. If I want to go back to the original settings that I had when I bought the phone, do I just go to cwm and do a factory reset? I have emailed Max but no reply… I am on the Bell network. I just want to go back to my original settings so I can receive updates again from Bell. Any help would be appreciated

    • Dillon says:

      Did you mack a backup before installing your ROM ?

      • mattman56 says:

        Thats the part that I screwed up when I did the rom install. Is there a way to get it back to stock just in case of warranty. Thanks for the reply

        • Dillon says:

          I can’t give you a link because I’m on mobile but he has a folder on this sight , if you scroll up on the blue folders there is “galaxy note unroot ” it’s third to the left

          • mattman56 says:

            Thanks, I looked at that but it didn’t say anything about ROMS so I wasn’t sure. Will this make the phone able to get the Bell updates as well. I think they are releasing JB this month. I like the Liquidsmooth rom but just can’t send mms. Is there a setting I need to enable?

  62. Ian says:

    I saw someone else with this question before, but it was never answered. Is anyone else having issues with their SD card? Mine always says, “SD card removed, please install a new SD card.” I’m about to abandon hope and go back to ICS as this is the 2nd JB rom i’ve tried and have had nothing but issues. I did actually get this one to install atleast, thanks to the help I received above, so that was a big step in the right direction, but not having the SD card for me, makes the phone worthless. Any ideas?

  63. Troy says:

    Hi everyone I flashed this ROM using twrp everything works great except one main thing when someone calls me it rings once on there end and then beep beep is what they get and on my end it would ring but say android . Phone has stoped working so I tryed to fix permissions and had them call back same thing but on my end nothing now could someone have any ideas

  64. wushu masterku says:

    I really like this ROM, I almost kept it on my phone.
    the only thing I could not get working is the microphone for videos.
    it records in low volume.

    does anyone know a fix for this?

  65. brandon says:

    hey, downloaded JB a couple weeks ago so far i love it but i noticed i cant download any pics from my messenger… I went through all the setting but can’t find a way to fix it. can anyone help me?? please and thank you

  66. value says:

    Im getting “process has stopped” error when someone๏ปฟ calls me, any solutions?

  67. Asho says:

    Is there a jelly bean stock rom out there for note i717?

  68. Minh says:

    After resolving the issue of “the process andriod.process.acore has stopped”, I still have this error message, “Unfortunately, Android keyboard has stopped.” I tried clearing the keyboard data and clearing the cache in clockworks mod, but nothing seems to work. HELPPPP!!!

  69. mendi says:

    Great ROM. Everything works except my GPS. For some reason it displays my location as bolivar, MO but I’m all the way in CA. Rebooting doesn’t work.

  70. jeff says:

    hummmmm read al the comments. maybe this rom isnt so smooth. liquids are bad for the phone. i switched to the gubment cheese rom . not so skiddish

  71. Chris trenholm says:

    I flashed liquidsmooth yesturday to my Samsung Galaxy Note 1 SGH-I717R (Rogers Canadian version) with the Gapps4.2 and everything seems to work great except the following:

    Scalability: it seems the screen setup is meant for a smaller phone than the note as the icons dont space out correctly but after the installation of Nova launcher everything is perfect.

    Video Camera: Is permanently set at low resolution, and I cannot change it – No matter what program I use…..

    Sometimes it hangs at the boot screen – but a quick hold down of the power button and another reboot fixes the problem.

  72. KEISHA says:

    Ok the only problem i am having is the notification sounds are not playing, the ring sound plays when i get a call but when i get emails sms etc it will show the notification but no sound. Is anyone else getting this and is there a way for me to fix it?

  73. jesus says:

    liquidsmooth install but I can not record videos. when I record a video, to play the screen turns color and is not … also when recording, is blurry

  74. Robert says:

    is there any way to make the voice functions work on any of these roms

  75. John says:

    I just flashed this rom and I’ve had one problem after another. I keep getting a android process acore has stopped working. I can’t access my contacts text receive phone calls and playstore won’t load any of my searches…

    I’m going to switch back to my OG rom for now. When I do, should I wipe data the same as I did when I flashed this rom or just go straight thru to recovery?

    • Max says:

      If installing ROM yes, if restoring ROM no wipe needed.

      • John says:

        Do you know of any fixes to these problems.
        By the way Thanks for all your hard work, I’ve learned a lot from your videos, websites and posts. I only use your site to do anything to my phone. You day man!!! Can I have your autograph, Maybe a picture with the fam…???

  76. Joseph says:


    I installed this several weeks ago and everything was working good except one little thing which was keep having to re-establish the exchange account connection. I was ok living with that but something else started to happen.

    All of a sudden, the calls stopped working. I can make calls and receive calls fine but once I am in the call, I hear nothing. People on the other side don’t hear me as well.

    Have you ever seen something like this?


  77. Scott says:

    start screen stays on liquid smooth logo. Help!!!

  78. wil says:

    Is there an updated version of this ROM?

  79. Eric says:

    Rom is great!! But, im having issues with the music player its very laggy and it crashes on me. Saying music player has stopped. What should i do?

  80. Femdom cams says:

    Hello, Neat post. There’s a problem with your web site in internet explorer, could test this?
    IE still is the market chief and a good part of other folks will pass
    over your excellent writing due to this problem.

  81. Philip says:

    Hi Max,

    Joseph says:
    March 21, 2013 at 5:29 am

    I installed this several weeks ago and everything was working good except one little thing which was keep having to re-establish the exchange account connection. I was ok living with that but something else started to happen.

    All of a sudden, the calls stopped working. I can make calls and receive calls fine but once I am in the call, I hear nothing. People on the other side donโ€™t hear me as well.

    Have you ever seen something like this?

    —i’m having this issue as well? anyone knows if there’s a fix or patch?

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