Jelly Bean ROM Preview for AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-I717!

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Here’s a quick “preview” of Jelly Bean ROM for your AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717. This ROM is still “super beta/alpha” so I actually don’t recommend you to flash this as a lot of important features like WiFi isn’t working. But I just wanted to give you heads up that developers are working on this and it will be here soon!

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32 Responses to Jelly Bean ROM Preview for AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-I717!

  1. Dave says:

    Thanks dude. I was going to try it out. Will wait a week or two.

  2. Laura says:

    Thanks Max! Can’t wait to try it.

  3. Any chance of going back to posting as embedded YouTube videos? This won’t play on my Note running paranoid Android or Nexus 7 on stock JB.

  4. vidsiu says:

    hi Max…i have a galaxy note i717 and my friend downloaded a Franco kernel and auto flashed by accident and now the phone wont turn on and i been tried boot to download or recovery mode and still nothing happen to the phone. it just like the phone is Dead~! plz help thanks

    • Max says:

      Does it turn on at all? You might have hard bricked it. Do you have insurance? If not, try mobiletechvideos, they do JTAG repair for $50.

  5. james says:

    Wifi works I’m using it now.

  6. Eric says:

    Hey Max,

    Are the CM rom any good ( ) or am I better off with the ICS reflection rom?


  7. Eric says:

    Thanks, any news about a jelly bean release for the AT&T galaxy note?

    PS I love your videos, I hope to see you on YouTube again.

  8. troy says:

    So is this jelly been Rom gonna be better then only one ics and goldie i like goldie cause i can change boot animations only one hypher i can’t these both roms have their ups and downs can you over clock jelly been
    Hope to see ya on you tube soon max thanks for all your hard work

  9. Lou says:

    New Version of JB, Google Now and camera works.

  10. Jek says:

    With Tmobile’s version coming out on the 8th August, Do you think the Tmobile modem and ICS be available for ATT version?

  11. Daniel says:

    I have an i717 running the objection rom thanks to you guys. I just have one question; Is it ok to delete all the ca certificates that came with the objection rom?

  12. Stephan says:

    Hi Max,

    Thanks, keep us in the loop, I am particularly interested in this one since rumors has it that 4.1 is much faster than 4.0! Also I am curious about the Battery consumption of the 4.1! when I had 2.2.6 my Note’s battery lasted a whole day with medium use. When I upgraded to the OnlyOne ICS 4.0 my battery started to die mid afternoon 🙁 how is the battery for 4.1? Also is the GUI faster in 4.1? OnlyOne ICS didn’t even have an Overclock app, so to me it was very slow… I hope everything is faster on 4.1 or at least have an overclocking app 🙂


  13. Rob says:

    Is there any eta on this rom? I’m supper looking forward to it.

  14. Mike says:

    Holy balls I want 4.1 – too many good things being said about it.

  15. Jek says:

    Tmobile’s out with its Note. Does anyone know when we can expect Tmobile’s modem and ICS?

  16. prince says:

    Hey, installed ROM on my i717 works pretty good. I noticed that if you set the phone to “stock UI” or “hybrid off” modes that the os becomes very unstable and reboots very frequently. I currently have my phone in “phablet” mode and it runs smoothly, with the exception of the video can, which has already been noted. I think JB in stock or hybrid off mode is easier to use with your thumbs, so is there a way to fix the crashing? Also, the phone doesn’t sync with picasa web albums when you sync it to a Google account. Can that be fixed as well?!? Amazing job otherwise!

    • prince says:

      Oh, one more thing… S-Pen apps and stylus cooperation. Is there a way to bring the touch screen back to normal operation as it was outta the box?!?

      Thanx again

  17. PaceyPimps says:

    Pls post a new video on JellyBean when everything is working.

  18. john marks says:

    What about a Jelly Bean rom for T-mobile version of GN?

  19. Martin Martinez says:

    Hi, I just root my art note and try to install this Rom from recovery but it say error, I have download it again and the same. What do i need to do?

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