ICS ROM for AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717! [LEAKED]

For those of you who have been waiting for ICS on your AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717 (or Telus, Bell, and Rogers), your long wait is over as official ICS ROM has been “leaked”.

This ROM is fully operational, everything works out of the box and is probably going to nearly identical to the “official official” ICS ROM. In my testing, this ICS ROM does everything well so if you have been waiting for ICS, wait no more and start flashing.

And yes, you will be able to root this ICS ROM and also get updates (if you don’t root).

How to Install Video:

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Download ICS ROM Installer (Works only on Windows for now)

Download Samsung Kies (if you need it)

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Credits – Rootzwiki

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82 Responses to ICS ROM for AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717! [LEAKED]

  1. richard says:

    im using my saurom and im on tmobile….if i update will my 4g work ?thanks!

  2. _____homz says:

    Good evening folks! I am currently using saurom rom, do i need to flashed my current rom first before installing a new rom (ics rom) or i can go stright installing?

  3. mike says:

    The download link you have posted for the rom installer is wrong or different from the one on the forums which is 800+ mb… This one is only 1mb and doesn’t work.

    • _____homz says:

      you can download the ics rom directly from its source at rootzwiki, links above.

    • Max says:

      Oops, link updated.

      • Wayne Doull says:

        Hi max so if i do the ics right over the top of saurom its ok , but when i start the process i get failed , i have kies , does it help to try an other port or something. Hope you can help i would really like to get ics on my note.

  4. Ed says:

    I backed up my stock ROM then installed Saurom which is awesome, got it running smooth. Going along with what homz was saying, should I do another backup, clear data/cache then use the ICS installer as you were showing us on the video? New to this, ditched my iPhones with no regrets. Thanks for all of the videos you posted about the I717, very helpful especially for noobs like me lol

    • _____homz says:

      Still waiting for response… but to make it safe i might go and flashed saurom rom first then install the ics rom so it wont do any conflict with each other. The saurom rom is very smooth and stable except for the physical power button (it wont shut off completely once pressed, it only restart) but can be fix by adding up power off apps or widget.

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  6. Kyle Gibson says:

    Everything is deffinitely NOT functional on this ROM. Its silky smooth, yes. More so than the stock. But there are still relatively frequent SystemUI crashes and freezes, the camera doesnt work (not surprising), and the haptic feedback seems to be off, particularly for the soft home button. Other than that, it seems very polished though. Better than anything out there at the moment.

    • _____homz says:

      Are you referring to the ICS rom leaked?

      • Mauricio says:

        Wait, can anyone confirm that on their G-Note AT&T (LEAKED) ICS ROM does not have a working camera?? Thanks in advance guys. I just don’t want to install this ROM if it indeed is not complete…

        • johnathan hoang says:

          I installed this ics and it work great. The camera work fine on mine. however, when I tried to record then it was crashed a couple time then it works fine after that. I can take pictures and record now without any problem. I will update if anything new will happen. One thing I want to share is that it seems slower than the previous stock rom that I had on my i717

  7. brandedbysam says:

    I have the SHV-e160s Galaxy Note (Korean Version) would I be able to use this Leaked ICS?

  8. najaf says:

    HI Max,
    i tried this on my rooted i717 at&at stock rom and im getting stuck here… “PASS!”

    i have drivers installed.. i have installed surom before and then went back to stock.. no i have stock att, rooted with cwm installed.. please help me install this.. im also on usb 2.0, windows 7

    *the only file i downloaded and am running is SGH-I717UCLC5.exe

    Odin v.3 engine (ID:6)..
    File analysis..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..
    RQT_CLOSE !!
    RES OK !!
    All threads completed. (succeed 1 / failed 0)

  9. Scoe says:

    Thanks 4 the help with rooting this is my first time looking to learn more

  10. Parm says:

    Hi, I have a rooted saurom rom on Canada Rogers phone. I’m liking saurom – very good. I tried installing this ICS, but it keeps failing? Can somebody please help me?

    I’ve tried, having odin open prior to phone connection, tried it post connection but nothing seems to be working.

    Does anybody have any advice or should I just wait?

    Many thanks.

  11. Sam says:

    Hi, there will be some way to speed-up this leaked ICS ROM… Overclocking??? Thanks!

  12. _____homz says:

    I’ve successfully installed the ICS rom on my AT&T Galaxy Note and everything works find except for a minor bugs and lags but its not that serious. I’m gonna be testing this iCS rom and hopefully no major bugs around except for all the t-mobile users whose not getting 4G connectivity. I noticed right after i successfully installed the rom that i am not getting network coverage at all. The two t-mobile modem that maxx provided seems to be working so i did a researched and found out that the samsung galaxy s blaze modem is working and be able to get a 4G coverage, thanks to all the xda users who provided the files. So, no worries fellow t-mobile users… Here’s the link: http://www.2shared.com/file/43ErEtA3/ICS.html

  13. Jung says:

    I’m new to android phone. And I’m confused here. I have my note rooted and if I get this ICS, does my phone go back to stock rom? Do I need to root my phone again after get this ICS?

  14. hey max! says:

    hey max, ok so based on your experience you recommend this leaked rom or Saurom??

    Please reply as i am planning to switch from the stock rom!

    thank you

  15. Shimi says:

    Max , first i want to say you are the best & you site is marvelous – i learn a lot from you ! 🙂
    My Q : iv’e install the Saurom rom on my SGHI717 wondering if the new ICS leak worth the replacement with the Saurom ???

  16. Francois says:

    Will this work on a N7000 or only on i717 ?

  17. Brandon says:

    I am on bell in Canada, everytime I try this it fails right at the beginning, doesn’t even really start. IS there anything I can do to make this work?

    My phone is not rooted and not unlocked.

    Help please!!

    • Micheal says:

      The AT&T leaked version of ICS WILL NOT install properly (will FAIL) on Canadian i717 devices. Doesn’t matter whether it is rooted or not.

  18. Leonid says:

    Is anyone having problems setting up exchange email accounts or any other email accounts, other than gmail, on this leak?

  19. Wayne doull says:

    Hi guys i downloaded the ics rom and i have rooted my phone and also have cmw loaded, but when i try to put this on my phone it fails everytime is there something im not doing or forgetting. I’m from a blackberry and loading these roms are new to me. Any help i would appriciate.

  20. Chris says:

    hello..is there a way to Overclock this ROM? thanks guys!! 🙂

  21. SUMIT says:

    Did it work on my GT-N7000.??

    n also the root option u given is doesnt work on my device , wht should i do?

  22. dbstevey says:

    at&t galaxy note flashed the ICS rom rooted according to video and everythings good to that point. i am on tmobile so i wanna flash a tmo radio. the ICS rom picks up the tmo sim card until i flash any of the tmo radios. after that the phone says theres no sim installed and in settings if i go to mobile networks i get an error to install a sim card to access mobile networks. i flashed the stock AT&T radio and it doesnt fix anything.
    If i reflash the rom i can get the same results and iv duplicated it several times so its clear the tmo radios that worked in saurom or on the at&t stock rom do not work in ICS. so, is there a working radio for ICS that we can try? i really like the ICS rom it runs fast and doesnt seem to have the lag issues the stock rom has. i want to use this on tmo though so i need a working radio. any ideas or suggestions would be great. thank you.

    TMoUS Samsung Galaxy S2
    AT&T Galaxy note (need a working Tmobile radio to get 4g) ICS rom
    i was using stock rom with the Tmo_SGH-T989_VKL1_radio but the signal and data were not very good.
    less than 1mb/s usually sometimes i would get better speeds. is there a better radio for this?

    • Sam The Ram says:

      I got the same exact problem and tried the same exact thing. I flashed back to the Saurom ROM.

      Please help!!!

      • dbstevey says:

        SAUROM_XLA2_RCVII has issues too i dont even get a data connection i can make phone calls with the vlk1 tmo radio but no data. it sees my sim at least and it seems to be very fast but there are times when it freezes up on a simple menu change. I am hoping someone has some ideas about a working radio for ICS as this is the best option to the stock rom. the UI tweaks are great to look at but i think alot of them are conflicting with each other. i would gladly hit the thanx button for any promising solutions. at this point im really considering taking the note back and waiting for the journal to get to verizon where it will have LTE.

    • _____homz says:

      You can download galaxy blaze radio modem at xda forum site. I’m flashed my modem and it works getting 4g speed running ics rom leaked.

    • _____homz says:

      You can download galaxy blaze radio modem at xda forum site.

  23. francis says:

    for those of you who has tmobile and 4g, if it dont work you can try this modem it has been updated for tmobile users. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1581084

  24. roy says:

    Would it be possible for SHV-e160 (Korean version) to flash with this rom?
    The hardwares seem very similar to ATT version

  25. Wayne says:

    Hi guy’s anyone out there on telus in western canada get this working on there note, i’ve tried running as the admin but everytime it comes back with fail. Can you let me know some things that i might be missing.
    Thanks vm

    • Micheal says:

      Fellow Canadians with i717 models. The AT&T leaked ICS is just that, for AT&T devices. Cdn 4G and LTE is different from the U.S and therefore the ODIN install will ALWAYS FAIL when trying to install the latest Rootwiki ICS for AT&T i717.

      BEWARE you could BRICK your $700 Samsung Galaxy Note because in some cases .009%, after the ODIN FAIL msg you can’t get back to the original ROM.

  26. Dessigno says:

    Hi Guys. I was an iPhone Person at the point that convinced most of my friends to get one, and even my company (Family Business) got iPhones for every one. I have had all iPhones and even used to hack (Jailbreak) them and knew everything about them eaven repaired a few for my friends.

    Recently i got a Galaxy Note i717 from AT&T. I had never touched an Android phone ever!!! my First Reaction… WOW!!!! I was blind and now I can see. iPhones are a piece of $hit. I tell my friends that I just converted to Andoridism and repented form my Apple Sins…

    as you can see i know very little about Android. I know now that Android can’t be compered to IOS but i know that you could downgrade some iPhone with a few programs. my question (and pardon my ignorance)

    Is there a way to downgrade from Ice Cream Sandwich to Ginger Bread? since i updated my note to ICS my phone is acting up. it’s slower and have less ram available eave after Cleaning the Memory. Also it is rebooting when i use the Voice talk system to place a call… i have installed Avast and AVG and nothing found.

  27. T roc says:

    DESSIGNO….i must say you sound like me. I recruited and converted many folks to iOS. I got my wife a NOTE and one week later, bye bye iphone 4s. The answer to your questions is you have to do the CLOCKWORKMOD flash (aka…backup) BEFORE you update to ICS. I learned this the hard way as i to did jailbreaking and all. I get excited with new toys and have to slow myself down. Was smart enough to do a backup of the wifes NOTE before flashing to ICS. Not sure if the restore to factory setting with do the trick. Either way do the clockworkmod flash with ODIN for future use.

  28. Eric says:


    I’m having trouble with very poor 4G signal. I’ve reflashed, cleared cache & data/factory reset. On Saurom & Seriphim 4G signal was strong. Seriphim is excellent, but it’s still a work in progress. I don’t root/hack my phones as often as I used too and needed something stable. Several apps I’ve purchased only work on ICS. I really like the leaked AT&T ICS, but I must have a better Data/4G signal. Any suggestions.?

  29. chris says:

    Is there any ICS leak for Note for Telus?

  30. Jon says:

    Here is the link for TMOBILE modem for ICS there are 3 options:

  31. Mike083 says:

    Hey Max!

    You put all over your post that this will work for those of us here in Canada (Telus, Bell and Rogers). It seems from all the posts from those of us up here in the COLD WHITE NORTH that we can’t get it to work/install.

    You did put in your post in several locations – “For those of you who have been waiting for ICS on your AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717 (or Telus, Bell, and Rogers), your long wait is over as official ICS ROM has been “leaked””.

    YOU got any workarounds or ideas as to why it will not install on our i717s here in Canada???? I’m letting you know what I think. Maybe edit your video also??

  32. Tim says:

    Great site, has helped me learn a lot about Droids as I am new from the RIM world. One question, ICS was officially released and I have yet to see anyone post. Any idea of your time frame?

  33. Blkkalel says:

    I installed this rom on my AT&T Galaxy Note. Installed easily but I am having all kinds of issues. If I reboot, I have to reset up the phone. Th. Anyone contact list crashes constantly. Anyone having same issues. And has lags when launching Contacts and many other apps. Help Plz!!

  34. Iraqi says:


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  36. Vitalt says:

    Ouaache, must hurt thankx for the comment. But is there any fix when u brick a device like this?

  37. PaceyPimps says:

    Hey i see in XD developers that there are new ICS roms but like the unofficial one and the beta v2 so pls don’t forget this phone and update your videos on the i717

  38. Markski says:

    I just installed ICS and it works find… Thanks Max you are the MAN!!!!

  39. Markski says:

    Hey Max I might have spoke to soon My WIFI is not working can you give me some advice on what to do please?

  40. Pj says:

    Does your phone need to be rooted to do this

  41. Mr. Faded Glory says:

    First of all I wanted to say THANK YOU to Max (the OP). Those instructions were definitely the most straight-forward, easy to follow, and n00b-friendly I have seen in quite some time. I followed both guides to flash ICS and root and worked without a hitch for me.

    Now on to the ROM:
    The Good: Everything appears to be working (so far). I haven’t run into any Force Closes or crashes (at least not yet)
    The bad:
    1.) This ROM is very VERY very (did I already say VERY) laggy and slow. Not really sure why. Sometimes taps on the screen take a while to do anything, other times apps launch and/or perform poorly.
    2.) To be expected from a “stock” ROM: Loaded with bloatware. I ended up rooting and manually nuking lots of the junk with Titanium backup. However, the next time I hard reset I will have to go through all that trouble again.

    Needless to say, I’m getting really frustrated with Android in general. Can’t wait for Windows Phone to ditch Android permanently…..


    PS: Thanx again to max. MUCH APPRECIATED!

    • Micheal says:

      Maybe you should try


      Make sure to wipe everything.
      •Goto Mounts & Storage/Wipe System
      •Goto Advanced/Wipe Dalvik Cache
      •Install ROM ZIP from SDCARD

      As the posting, I’ve been running it for weeks. Battery life is good. Fast response. Using TouchWiz works great. Not a single FC. The radio configuration works well with LTE.

      Microsoft??? Well after stating they are getting into the Tablet business in addition to making their next OS properitary I think you will see them joining the ranks of Nortel, Rim in the next couple of years as Steve Balmer is definitely taking Microsoft on dangerous course. Cloud computing might be great for personal use, but I have yet to hear a CEO/CFO say they will allow corporate data to exist on a CLOUD.

      • Mr. Faded Glory says:

        Thanx Michael.

        I was actually looking for a “stock” rom because I was looking to avoid any bugs ROM cooks may inadvertently introduce. As it stands, Android is buggy enough on its own (I actually has the Galaxy nexus, which is as plain vanilla as you can get and it had LOTS of bugs and issues).

        As for the Microsoft, let’s just agree to disagree on this one. I loved Windows Phone 7.x but all the hardware is just flocking to Android (such as the galaxy note). As soon as Windows Phone 8 comes out with a screen size of 5+ I’ll switch to it no question.

        One thing I hate about trying out different roms is that I have to manually install and configure every thing all over again. Google account is “supposed” to do this automagically but in my experience it never did! 🙁

        • Micheal says:

          The link I supplied is a pretty good ICS stock rom for the I717. But you are 100% right about data migration. I pulled contacts and a lot of other items over to the “Google” cloud and my Google account and unfortunately a lot didn’t migrate over.

          That said, the same is happening with Microsoft. I had one of the first MS 7 phones and was told by Microsoft that everything would nicely migrate over to my new Nokia Lumina Win 7.5 and guess what. NOT A DARN thing migrated over. The phones couldn’t see each other and the O/S on the new phone said it couldn’t read the files I had migrated to my Win 7 Pro desktop as a backup from the original phone. So Microsoft has some “bugs” to work out also.

          As an individual who has been a MCP for years advising/consulting with Fortune 500 companies, I still think Steve Balmer is taking the company down a slippery slope. But that is just my personal opinion. (Have lost my shirt on both Nortel and Rim stock in the past and just sold off my Microsoft.)

          Good luck with what ever you select. But I still love my huge screen Galaxy Note i717. But again, this is just my personal choice.

  42. ralph says:

    max, ive downloaded ics leaked update on my gnote 1717 nonrooted phone 4.0.3 1717uclc5 kernel 3.0.8-perf-1717uclc5-cl281649 build#iml74k,144 installed no problem now i want to update to the new hyfr witch is now goldie i placed this file on sd card got into stock andriod recovey mode i see file under update from sd card it looks like its gunna work no eror message but when i reboot it dosent update is ther anthor way to do this ..i cant root because i cant get oden to stay on it flashes off so thats why ive been trying another way can u help me…thanks bro

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  44. Vladimir says:

    I’m on Objection RC1 ICS ROM But in case i want to flash another custom ROM what i have to do? (AT&T GNOTE) Or if i want to go back to 2.3. Thanks

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