ICS Objection ROM for AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717! [Best ICS ROM]

I’ve been running OnlyOne ICS ROM for almost a month and let me tell you it’s been good. But I did find another great ICS ROM for my AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717 that works pretty well.

The ICS Objection ROM comes with TouchWiz UX launcher and regular ICS launcher, allowing you to choose between the latest TouchWiz or a plain Google ICS launcher. Besides that, performance on this ROM is fairly good without overclocking plus you get S-Memo and S-Note app for your S-Pen.

I think this has to be the one of the best ICS ROMs so give it a go if you are still on Gingerbread and let me know what you think of this ROM!


Download ICS Objection ROM

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To install, wipe, install TeamPerfection UCLE2 Objection2.zip, then install Team_PerfectionS_UCLE2_Objection2RC1.zip (to get S-Voice), and reboot.

Credits – XDA

*NOTE – To install a new ROM, you need a rooted Galaxy Note, install ClockworkMod Recovery, and MAKE BACKUP of your current ROM, follow SGH-i717 instructions at Galaxy Note Root Guide before you attempt this.

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169 Responses to ICS Objection ROM for AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717! [Best ICS ROM]

  1. Deli says:

    Link isn’t working at the moment.

  2. LuisRaa says:

    Hello Max:

    Question, this cook works with t-mobile? the accuweather widget clock works fine?

    best regards, great work

  3. david says:

    Cant get the link to open.

  4. Joe says:

    Hey Max, the link isn’t working dude.

  5. LuisRaa says:

    yeap, the link is broken

  6. Damond says:

    “The file you are looking for doesn’t exist.”

    Any ideas on where it is?

  7. Aman says:

    hmmmm CAN’T FIND IT.

  8. Max says:

    Sorry guys try now should be fixed.

    • Isaac says:

      Hey Max, got the ROM loaded ok, any ideas on S-Voice can’t find the app

      • Denny says:

        You need to install RC1.

        Go to the XDA link above then you can find something something Objection#2 RC1 link which is approx 100 MB.
        Download and install it then go to your application.
        Voila! πŸ˜‰

      • Max says:

        Download RC1 in the download link (just updated) and just install over the ROM!

  9. Angel says:

    Hello, how do I enable the 4g for tmo? I installed the T-mobile Blaze ICS Radio but only works on edge, I cannot find a way to enable HSPA like I did with Saurom, please help, by the way this ROM is buttery smoth.

    • Angel says:

      Never mind, it was my location (home) as soon as I went out I’ve got the 4g ,this rom is great so far not a single issue., thanks a lot.

  10. Crey23 says:

    Big question….and I need to know like now getting close to my 30 days with att….

    What do you think of a rooted Note Vs. SGS3? I can get it on VZW in a few weeks or stay with the rooted note?

    I love the screen and don’t mind the size…in fact kinda like the extra real state. My concern is the lag that exists on the Note, and the poor pixalation while watching movies, particularly over dark/black portions. Also, while benchmarks are not the end of all measures, the GS3 really kicks but in that arena I think it even out performs the hox. My other concern, now with carriers, is the lack of HSPA on VZW. Where i live LTE is hit/miss proposition, which would default to 3g running somewhere between 1-2 mbps, while ATT still has not launched LTE in the area, I am getting 4-6 mbps of HSPA.

    I need some advice on what to do….keep a rooted note on ATT or Switch for the SGS3 on VZW???

    I need to make my decision over the next 24 hrs.!

    • bob says:

      i would keep the galaxy note and keep a nice smooth ROM on it. with a ROM the lagging is gone and you can enjoy the huge screen while getting hspa

    • craszh says:

      yea i would stay with the note….I don’t think i will go to a smaller screen for a long while unless it worth it for me. i have cm9 right now and i don’t see any lag. this rom is awesome coming from Saurom ROM. can’t wait for dev team update cm9 with the S pen and S memo working that would be just awesome. only problem i found with cm9 is that the battery is not so great compare with saurom other than that everything seems to work almost flawless considering it’s a beta version. i think i will be using it for a while since i like the camera effects when video recording. also i notice a lot of the new ICS roms coming out lately has one bug too many for me.

    • Tim says:

      Galaxy Note (I717R) for sure. Be sure to overclock up to 1728MHz and set your DPI to 285 from 320. Both of these tweaks makes the Note well worthy.

      • Tim says:

        I am now running with my DPI at 214 which turns this phone into a dream. Even better when using the “Sense4” theme for Go Launcher.

  11. david says:

    So far so good but i just started getting force closes with i try to install a widget. What should i do.

  12. Drunken1 says:

    Installed this, and the RC1 with the Black hole Theme, running smooth so far, but the Crackle video app doesn’t work, in this or the other very good ICS ROM, Onlyone/Goldie. Any one have a workaround? Hulu+ and netflix both work fine, Crackle loads, allows you to pick what you want, then just goes to a black screen. Help!!!

  13. fadkar says:

    can someone PLEASE tell me if.ill receive t-mobile 4g speeds because even Rom on this website except for saurom hasn’t been compatible with tmo 4g

    • Drunken1 says:

      I’m located in Cleveland, OH and I’m running this ROM with the icsblaze modem, and at my desk at work, where my reception is crappy, I just did a speedtest and got 2642kbps down. On the Only One ICS ROM outside in my car I’ve gotten 10Mbs Down. I think it’s moreso location that the actual Rom/Modem itself, some places are better than others, even across the city here. But I can confirm, that it says 4g in the status bar up top. Now if only I could get Crackle to work……………

      • fadkar says:

        Thank you so much. But when i flashed only one Rom i couldn’t get 4g regardless of my.location. But ill give this one a try! Thanks!

  14. david says:

    Unfortunately touchwiz home has stopped error.. It happens when i swipe through my pages on the home screen. How can i fix? Thanks

    • willnot says:

      Doing the same issue scrolling between screens. Anreduce the number of applications -tried other launchers still crashing and really could use some suggestions of course have installed both the original and release canidate 1. Would appreciate any suggestions

  15. George says:

    Hello everybody.

    Looking for the Objection#2RC1.zip file but it says is “canΒ΄t find the file”.

    Any ideas on how to get it?


  16. Stoxer says:

    black hole theme, CM9: what are these and where can i learn about more of it all. i’m not noob to hacking (had 3 JBed iphones before) but i am a bit of a noob to android hacking. i’ve got a note for my first droid and would love to learn more about rooting it and all that

  17. kevin says:

    Hey guys. After I flashed this rom, I lost my root access per superuser. Titanium patch won’t work nor lucky patcher. Any ideas? Per superuser, I have the latest su installed.

  18. Fatihcee says:

    I m not known this icon

  19. Leon says:

    OnlyOneICS ROM is still the best according to my experience. This ROM is slow and lagging. I do not like the telephone keypad format. One thing I like this ROM is cleaned, not too many junk. Crackle does not work. I think Crackle has an issue with ICS 4.0.4.

  20. Grgry says:

    Thanks for the step-by-step. Worked great! I have a couple of questions:

    1) I can’t seem to change the font size for messages, email etc.

    2) I tried using the wallpaper I had before I added this ROM but now it doesn’t size correctly, meaning only half of the image shows now, and it’s fuzzy. Is there something I missed?


  21. KG says:

    Been running this ROM for a week. It’s pretty good/smooth/works. Glitches so far are “Visual Voicemail” causes crash FC on NovaLauncher but works on TWiz.

  22. Johnny says:

    Can this work on N7000?

  23. Jimmy says:

    i think i screwed myself max. i installed the objection rom on my i717 with tmobile and now i dont even get service at all. can you please help me? i installed the tmoblaze modem and nothing…i even tried the other modems. my phone was working fine with the stock gingerbread before. thx for the great vids and help!

  24. Sam Leb says:

    I really like it but the sound of the speaker is very weak, any kind of sound from the speaker sounds very low… and I can’t have a conversation over the speaker anymore. I guess I’ll go back… But I Like IT!!!! πŸ™

    • Luis Lara says:

      just download volume+ from the app market or by Apk. and enable speaker. after in th speaker you can also make the volume higher. have a nice day πŸ™‚

  25. Michael says:

    Max please help me :[
    I made a backup of the rom, wipe, and ran the two files then flashed the Tmobile Radio after a restart. For some reason it wouldn’t detect my Tmobile sim so I figured maybe something went wrong and I figured I’d redo everything. I wiped, installed TeamPerfection UCLE2 Objection2.zip but then when I installed Team_PerfectionS_UCLE2_Objection2RC1.zip again, my phone went all black and became irresponsible. I tried putting it on download mode or into cw recovery. tried holding down all 3 buttons for like 15 minutes. Same with the power and volume down button. Is it hard bricked? I can’t even get any signs of life on the phone, no small vibrate, no detection from computer, no dimmed screen. Nothing. How much would this cost to repair ?

    • Luis Lara says:

      I can help you out here. just simply connect the phone to the charger. make you’re the charger is connected properly. let the phone charge for about an hour or so. now you phone is working πŸ™‚ trust me try this and you will thank me. after that just re-install fresh and use any t mobile modem after i am using KID. you have a nice day πŸ™‚

  26. Fabian says:

    I belive that this rom is not compatible with the vk1 tmobile radio. Everytime you flash the radio the imei of the phone seems to be deleted and you won’t be able to get signal. if you have at&t I sugest you to get this rom is super smoot & the phone boots up super fast.

    • Luis Lara says:

      you are just using the wrong radio. πŸ™‚ re-install fresh and every time switch the radio and after wait 5 mins at most or so. your phone should now be working.

    • rikkyrod says:

      you try all the other modems max has for download? maybe the sg3 modem will work for ya

  27. Jimmy says:

    i reinstalled its fresh 5 times. still no cigar.

    • Luis Lara says:

      you are just using the wrong radio. re-install fresh and every time switch the radio and after wait 5 mins at most or so. your phone should now be working. πŸ™‚

  28. Fabian says:

    if you are going to use this rom on tmobile use the blaze radio.
    I’m on simple mobile and the vk1 radio was giving me issues. I just flash the blaze radio and it’s working like a charm!!!

  29. Benjamin Rowe says:

    Just A Question regarding the installation of this above ROM…..How Do You Do It? Through ODIN?

  30. Sufferingwith Rogers says:

    Hi Max thanks for you work and suggestions.

    Is there a way to overwrite the AT&T Contacts app with perhaps the another contacts app? There is an annoying search for AT&T Contact services everytime I click on it. Being a Canadian customer on the Rogers Network I would love to have this ICS ROM – working. Anyone with a working suggestion I would be grateful as I am relatively speaking a trial and error noob.

  31. NicRacine says:

    I have tried to install this ROM twice, and I always get stuck on “Activating Root Access”. The install stops there, and the phone reboots after 2-3 minutes. Can anyone help?


  32. NicRacine says:

    … in fact, I tried installing the other ROM you recomment (OnlyOneICS), and I get the same thing : Infinite reboot after a few minutes.

  33. Okie_Bama says:

    I really like this ROM, everything is smooth and works. However there is one problem I am having, if i turn my phone off for anything then what ever i have set for a ringtone or notification tone is gone, i have to set it again. Any ideas?


  34. mofasa says:

    hi i,m folowing your videos .i did not found one for my note .the one i have .note sgh1717 4.0.3 after i made update thru odin .i cant root it i did what you bost on odin ,it bas but the phone wont start so i have to update it again with odin is there a soloution for that or this update cant be root ,thank you

  35. rikkyrod says:

    dont install this rom please…. its pretty much ruined my note. max if you could please help. i installed then installed the rc1 ans the tw launcher kept FC . flashed the uvcl8 modem thats in cm9 for tmo. and around 3 hrs later i press the screen and it has about a 15 second delay. what could it be!? ive reapplied other roms butit seems it saves all infoeven when i factory reset and wipe and fresh install…
    thanks in advance
    erik rod

  36. juan says:

    hi the hotspots not work
    i need help to fix this problem

  37. Reneb says:

    Been using rom for 2 days now, just minor hicups installing the clockworkmod but the ics objection rom install is flawless. Overall, everything works great and ui is really smooth. Tethering and nfc is just perfect. Thank you guys.

  38. kim says:

    If I flash this rom and don’t like it. Would I be able to go back to saurom rom? I heard if I flashed ICS then I can’t go back. I just want a functional smooth phone.

    • Max says:

      Yes you can go back easily. I have been going back and forth between ICS and GB over 100 times now.

      • kim says:

        I just looked up regarding the flashing ICS… the Collective said it permanently damages the internal SDcard. Is that true?

        • Max says:

          No, it’s fine, I’ve flashed more ICS/GB ROMs than anyone else I know, no bricks for me, at least if you did everything I did which is everything on this site, u won’t brick. And i717s are more unbrickable than gtn7000 so no brick issues there.

          • kim says:

            so if you go back to GB you’re able to access internal sd card?

            • Kim says:

              Does anyone know if flashing ICS would permanetly damage your internal sd card? Please help. I really would like to flash ICS BUT dont want to permanently damage my phone.

              • Tim says:

                I believe the issue here is ICS is so new and, for the most part, not official for most devices. If it has worked for Max, it is fairly safe to assume it will work for everyone else if they follow his directions. I failed to do this once and bricked my device. Lesson learned, RTFM.

  39. Mr. Faded Glory says:

    Can someone please explain how this ROM is different than the stock leaked one? I’d rather not go through setting up my phone all over again if the difference is minimal. What I care about the most are: stability, performance, and (if possible) no bloatware.


  40. discolenny says:

    I can install the rom but its not detecting my sim card. I’m with wind mobile (same network like Tmobile)…When I install the rom I see it has the APN saved on the phone but I can’t get on the wind home network. So I flash the modems, the blaze one etc and when I do that it now can’t detect my sim at all… Any ideas. BTW my note if from rogers..

    • fixed says:

      I knkow exactly what youre talking about. I flashed the 4G install and when I checked my IMEI, it says null. check out my other post at the bottom to another guy. all you have to do is reinstall the stock rom and it work. it worked for me. then again install the new custom roms.

  41. discolenny says:

    I have also tried most if not all the 4.0.4 roms and none of them can read my sim? HELP.

  42. Angel says:

    hello guys I installed ics objection on my note i717 everything works smooth, but the only thing is missing is my weather widget, any idea how to put it back on the home screen? thank you in advance!!

  43. Raf says:

    Max can u do a video on how to install ICS Objection ROM for AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717! [Best ICS ROM] because i am already rooted but have not installed any Rom on my note phone unlock use it with t-mobile thanks love your website

  44. Jennifer says:

    These ROMs are awesome… but I want my Mini Diary πŸ™ – I cant find an apk for Mini Diary for the Note. Is there another way?

  45. james says:

    Hi Max

    Ever since I flashed this rom my clockwork mod has not been able to format my cache. It just gets hung up on formatting cache. I was able to recover back to the only one rom but cache still will not format. Every thing is working but that. Tried to install cm9 and it just stayed on boot image don’t know if cache has anything to do with it or not. Was just curious if this has ever happened to you and if you might know how to fix it. Thanks for any help

  46. Rahsaan says:

    Rooted my Note and flashed this rom last night…flawless! I find this rom to be extremely fast and stable…take that AT&T! Well done, sir.

  47. Ree says:

    Hey max …. my note i717 is running on only one ics hyper 4 rom and its great !!! thank you for everything …you think this better rom than only one rom? I guess one way to find out…have a nice night!!!

  48. Ree says:

    Max …. im a t-mobile user i can use the same modem?

  49. Surya says:

    I;ve had this rom working good. but now my wifi keeps connecting and disconnecting. constantly. has anyone else had this issue.


  50. kim says:

    did anyone noticed “music fx” option is not there?

  51. Eric says:

    Love the Rom so far but I found that the it forces close whenever I try to choose the Samsung Keyboard. Not a big fan of the stock ICS keyboard. I like my .com.

  52. Vladimir says:

    Does Instagram work with this ROM? Excuse my bad english. (:

  53. Pj says:

    Has anybody installed the latest versions of this. Uclf5 i think it is on xda im having issues installing it max can u give some idiot proof instructions.if u get a chance

  54. Pj says:

    Probably should say what is happening. After i wipe and install the phone resets and won’t go past a Samsung fash or it will boot up and say the ui has stopped working any ideas on what is wrong

  55. Qadiyr says:

    Hello, i had an rooted unlocked att galaxy note on tmobile..everything was working fine so i tried to switch the radio for 4g and once i did the zip install as directed, once the phone rebooted it no longer recognizes my sim card…its acts as if theres no sim in it…so i have no phone services…and it says the imei and othe info is unknown…is there any way you can help me with please…i just got the phone…kind of broken hearted right now

    • fixed says:

      hey bro,

      I had the same exact same thing and that happened to me. well I can help you with it because I fixed my own phone. yes the IMEI went null. All you really have to do is return the phone to stock. This max guy has a video about how to return your note back to stock. go ahead and do that. Its a tedious process but it will work, im sure of it.

      When I put in a new radio for 4G tmobile, my phone was locked and even the IMEI was null so there was no way to use my i717 galaxy note (originally for AT&T). Download the STOCK rom. This is the original rom that the galaxy came with. Do the clockworkmod thingy where you hold power and BOTH volume up and down. install that stock. and wait until the phone boots back up. Once youre done you’ll see that your phone works again. Now you can install a new rom (I got the perfect objection rom) Its alright but I am waiting for jellybean. (hope it comes out soon for the note). I stayed away from the 4G radio change but you can try it again if you have time to restock the galaxy. I haven’t tried a second time and that’s just because I don’t have a data plan to begin with. I was thinking about getting one but Im usually in wifi spots anyway.

      YOU ARE WELCOME!!!!!!! =)

  56. Jimmy says:

    Can someone help me. Touch wiz keeps saying force stop and freezes.

    • fixed says:

      reinstall the rom… that’s all. sometimes it doesn’t work as well. these things take a few tries and who knows why… that’s just how it is

    • fixed says:

      remember to try and factory wipe and also go to advanced in the clockworkmod and erase everything you can. even the dlvak and the battery stats. I would just do it to be safe

  57. 1sys says:

    I apologize in advance if this is not the place, but it seems like a pretty smart crew here. Is it better to get a note form att and just root the phone to make it work on tmobile, or just get the international version with the better processor and hopefully that processor will make up for the lack of 4G, since the international can bot be rooted, according to some folks. So, root the att or get international and run it on tmobile with no root??
    I did read that the international version has a better/faster processor, thus the 2G speeds are better or at least as good as the 4G speeds?
    Any suggestions for this novice fella??

    • Max says:

      If you are going to use it on T-Mobile, get the ATT version or wait for T-Mobile GNote, which is coming real soon.

  58. 1sys says:

    Max, thanks for the reply, much appreciated. I have been waiting for the darn note on tmobile, but the rumor is they just postponed the release date till august… I am tired of waiting. I just hope I do not mess up the phone.. it will be my first rooting.

    • Tim says:

      I bricked my phone after the first couple of times playing with it. Just make sure you fully RTFM. You could always buy the better international Note or wait for the Note 2 which is rumored for October.

  59. 1sys says:

    the note 2 might come out in October, but come out in December for the holiday season, which would make sense to me. But than again, tmobile never uses common sense when it comes to phones and their release dates, at least they do not make sense to me. I am sure the delay is probably because they do not want it to compete with the SGIII. But, two notes, few months apart, is stupid.
    I guess I will try on ebay to get an att and root it.

  60. Jagpinder Brar says:

    I installed this ROM and it is really smooth. I am having trouble with titanium backup as I am not being able to restore my apps. It is just showing the installing screen and nothing is happening. Now I have to re-install all of my apps one by one, which is quite uncomfortable. otherwise, it is a nice ROM

  61. iqbal says:


    im ready to flash custom rom v8. my note went into stock recovery instead of cwm! i already rooted my phone using your method at : https://rootgalaxynote.com/galaxy-note-root/how-to-root-ics-on-galaxy-note-gt-n7000-no-computer-required/

    i check again in xda its same step applied. so why i didnt get the cwm? what am i missing? should i flash the cwm in stock recovery? wont it brick my note?

    please help dude.

  62. Raf says:

    Hey max what are the chances of getting 4.1 or 5.0 jelly beans for Samsung galaxy note? Or getting some of the features from jelly bean?

  63. Arvin V says:

    i have this rom for couple of weeks, and i have problems with it

    1. Whenever i play music with Play Music and Doubletwist for like 5 mins (30 mins if i get lucky) it crashes down
    2. Wifi always drops

    otherwise its a good rom

  64. vidsiu says:

    the bluetooth isnt scanerable~! cant connect~!

  65. richter says:

    Paranoid Android ROM hangs at boot. Any ideas?

    Backed up
    wiped Davlik cache
    wiped other cache

    installed paranoid zip

  66. Raf says:

    Hey max. I just installed the new jelly bean play store apk on my galaxy note works great. Also update apps with no problem there is more features on the place store. Here is the website link for anyone interested in downloading it. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=27984313 ps install at your own risk

  67. raul says:

    I install this from and my battery dies faster thenv 4 u help

  68. wayne says:

    Has anyone got teathering to work?

  69. David says:

    Just installed this ROM and its working wonderfully. Only thing I was sad to see that the Polaris app that had come bundles was gone and I for the life of me cannot find it anywhere. Adding the system widgets to the home screen also isnt something I can find anymore but honestly this ROM runs so much better. Thank you for all your info and sharing your knowledge!!! πŸ™‚

    • Rahsaan says:

      If I may…I’m not sure if you used Titanium Backup before you flashed the ROM. I also noticed that the Polaris app was missing…but I remembered that I backed it up before I flashed the rom. I just went back and restored it via Titanium Backup after I flashed the ROM.

      • david z says:

        Than you so much for ur comment. I did use titanium backup pro but didn’t realize I.could do that. I took ur advice and restored it and its working perfectly. I just switched over to android bout a week ago from iOS and am still learning.

  70. Tim says:

    Excellent! http://drippler.com/samsung/galaxy_note#!377537 Hopefully it won’t brick our devices like the White Note update from Samsung did.

  71. kim says:

    Can you make a video on how to install “the Hybrid” rom by DAGr8. The instruction is confusing for me. Please and thank yous.

    The rom would be a hit if it works. Can you do a review on it too?

  72. Eric says:

    I love this Rom, what a big difference from the one of Bell. It’s much fast but the reception is not as good as before but it’s not terrible. Is there a fix for that?

  73. David Z says:

    One thing I have noticed and it could just be me, but for some reason my cameras photos are all coming out really dark. Its really strange in that there are not any settings or scenes selected and even if I use my flash, it only helps a little as everything comes out very dark though on the viewfinder its not that bad? When I went back to GB everything was fine once again but as soon as i flashed back to this ROM all the photo issues came back.
    This ROM is awesome (especially since I cant officially upgrade to ICS cus my baseband is incorrect) but any help on this camera/photo issue would be much appreciated. thank you!!

  74. Gausskun says:

    Max, I just installed both zip files in my rooted GN i717 but in the last part, the phone go stuck in this part:

    Initialisation Finished ……..
    Activating Root Accsess –

    The battery is almost full but the display is on any button works, i got fear if my phone bricks, Please HELP!!!

    • Rahsaan says:

      Have you tried going back into recovery,wiping your data, cache and then rebooting from recovery again?

  75. Raf says:

    hi max. I have a galaxy note i717 running on gingerbread. But I’m using it with t-mobile. Samsung galaxy just released ice cream sandwich 4.0 update and I would like to know if it’s possible for me to update my phone to ice cream sandwich 4.0 and still keep it unlocked using it on t-mobile? Here is the website http://www.samsung.com/us/attgalaxynote/update can you please get back at me and let me know. Thanks

  76. Joseph Karman says:


    Would like to thank everyone on this website for possibly the best ROM experience I have tried so far. This ROM is smooth and I perfer Objection ROM over the only one. I have had it for over a month and it has not crashed on me so far even when it is activating the camera. The offical release of Rogers up in Canada was a few days ago and I compared it to my friends official release and found it to be smoother, more options, overall better.

    I did run into a little problem at first not understanding that up in Canada before you flash your ROM copy down your APN settings if you want data on the web. I was lead to believe prior that if I was not receiving data that is because I needed HSPA+. Well that is not true. WDMA is responsible for that and I have read from the Rogers website that if you have a little problem being that you can make calls and receive text and can send yourself text, but get no data all you need is to setup your APN. The ROM’s here don’t have the correct ROM configuration for Western Canada. Below is an example of what I am talking about for FIDO which is a Rogerss child company. You can navigate this through your APN on your andriod.

    I thought I’d post the APN settings found in the Android devices:

    Name: Fido Internet/MMS
    APN: fido-core-appl1.apn
    MMSC: http://mms.fido.ca
    MMS proxy :
    MMS port : 80
    MCC : 302
    MNC : 370
    Authentication type:
    APN type: default,supl,mms
    APN protocol IPv4

    • Tim says:

      Great information and for the record:

      Name: Rogers LTE
      APN: ltemobile.apn
      MMSC: http://mms.gprs.rogers.com
      MMS proxy :
      MMS port : 80
      MCC : 302
      MNC : 720
      Authentication type:
      APN type: internet + mms
      APN protocol IPv4

  77. Joseph Karman says:

    PS. If you have a Rogers phone and you flash a T-Mobile modem on your phone thinking it is compatible and would fix the problem and caused your phone not register your sim, a quick fix is to reflash your whole ROM with the OS again. Just to Note If you do need to flash your modem for whatever release, Rogers with Rogers. A good test is to Flash a clean ROM and see if you can make calls and SEND YOURSELF A TEXT. This will test a number of things. If you receive your text right away, and you don’t have Data / Internet, just setup your APN as mentioned above. I have google APN settings and found number of site which have the correct settings. I found that for FIDO there is a setting that is circulating around stating to put fido / fido for username and password and that is not correct. You will notice that it won’t work.

  78. chris says:

    Can you install the s voice zip over the official ics rom of art which is the latest from you put out

  79. Rudra says:

    Hi I have Android Version 4.0.3 and Build number IML74K.DDLPA by Samsung. not happy with it’s performance. Which is the right ROM being light and good performer and has good features.

  80. bob says:

    Hey is anyone else’s native email app not working? All of a sudden its not pushing emails anymore. But other than that this ROM is much better than only one! Much smoother in my experience.

  81. ree says:

    max u got the uclf6 objection rom link or update?

  82. Robert Gandy says:

    Have been using this rom now for several weeks and like it a lot. Smoothe running, with only occasional hickups. Pretty fast, battery life not too bad. Hope this keeps getting developed. I like trying out different roms, but I think this will be my daily driver for a little while at least.

  83. Rahsaan says:

    As far as this ROM continually being developed check out the link in the post above by Max.

  84. Joe says:

    Hey Max, love this Rom, but I feel it needs a boost! I have the Hotkernel something from DAGR8 King Kang Rom, will this work or do You have a Kernel you can recommend that is compatible with this Rom to OC. To 1728.

  85. mario says:


  86. mario says:

    yes iam using cwm not sure what happened also getting md5 mismatch
    not sure what to do

  87. mario says:

    not sure max but ive intalled hte stock rom like 10 times unrooted and the whole process tried re installing many times but getting same errors is there a way to reset cwm setting to default? or what you think?

  88. mario says:

    do you think if i install twrp it will help to fix this issue and try to install jb not sure if that rom is operational? its just if i back up my rom it backs it up but when restored its super slow basically i have to always re-root my phone before i can use it then reroot and then install all my apps its only letting use this on rom StockROMs.net-SGH-I717D_Telus_1_20120630122852_xxzc97o421

  89. mario says:

    and yes i have re donwloaded many times but same issue

  90. Mario says:

    Yes i tried black star but no go

  91. mario says:

    E: error in/ emmc/teamperfection ucle2 objection 2 zip why do i keep getting this error using cwm? your help is appreciated thanks max.

  92. mario says:

    hey max is there going to be an update for the objection rom??

  93. mario says:

    oh that sucks! hopefully they come up with one we really need an update it is by far the best rom so far ive installed the new black star its also nice but i like the objection rom better

  94. Rob says:

    Hi Max, just a question which one would you recommend this rom or the OnlyOne Rom?

  95. Dhruv says:

    Does 4G works in this ROM??

  96. Shadow_2291 says:

    I don’t know if you guys are having the same issue as me i just installed and tried a few roms since I installed a rom with touchwiz the lock screen does’nt work anymore even that i flashed another rom, i think its maybe the touchwiz.

    Can anyone help me here

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