How to Root AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717! [JellyBean][ICS][Gingerbread][Easiest Method]

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For those of you who want to root your AT&T(or Bell, Telus, Rogers) Galaxy Note SGH-i717, here’s a “universal” method that will root any JellyBean, ICS and Gingerbread.

UPDATE: (8/12/2012) Users have confirmed this root method works fine on the new T-Mobile Galaxy Note SGH-T879! 

This root method is completely safe, does not erase any of your personal settings/apps, and anyone can do it.

This method is using Windows only but I will have tutorial coming soon for Mac OSX and Linux (so please check back).

Step 1. You will need to first put your Galaxy Note into downloading mode, so go ahead and hold down Volume Down and Power button together for about 10 seconds.

Step 2. When your phone reset, keep holding down the Volume Down button but let go of the Power button.  (You will feel a little vibration when your phone resets and your screen will turn black also.)

Step 3. Once you see the warning screen like below, hit the Volume Up button to enter Downloading mode.

Step 4. Connect a micro-USB cable from your phone to your Windows computer.

Step 5. Make sure your phone shows up as “Samsung Mobile USB CDC Composite Device” under Device Manager.  If not, simply install Samsung Kies and you will see it.

Step 6. Download and unzip into a folder. (Don’t have unzipping program? Download and install 7Zip first.)
You will find 4 files. Run odin3v1.85.exe file by double-clicking on it.

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Step 7. Next, you should see the ODIN program come up with a yellow highlighted COM.  If you do, you are ready to go.

Step 8. Choose PDA and choose the file “odin_ni717_cwm_recovery_b4.tar”.

Step 9. Hit “Start” and this will flash ClockworkMod Recovery on your Galaxy Note.

Step 10. Reboot your phone and copy over the file to the internal storage or SD card of your Galaxy Note.

Step 11. You will now reboot into ClockworkMod Recovery.  Hold down Volume Up, Volume Down, and Power button together for about 10 seconds.

Step 12. When your phone resets (you will feel little vibration and the screen will turn off), keep holding down the Volume Down button but let go of the Power button.

Step 13. Once in ClockworkMod Recovery, choose “install zip from sdcard” using the Volume buttons and hit the Power button to select.

Step 14. Choose “choose zip from sdcard” or “choose zip from internal sdcard” depending on where you copied over the Superuser zip file earlier.

Step 15. Choose “”.

Step 16. Choose “Yes”.

Step 17. This will root your phone by installing SU binaries (which gives you root) and SuperUser app (which allows apps to make use of root).  If you get any errors at this point, don’t worry about it and repeat Steps 13 to Step 16 twice more and reboot.   You will still get root.

Step 18. Reboot and you should find that your Galaxy Note SGH-i717 has been rooted with SuperUser app.

Congratulations!  That was easy right?  Not everyone can jailbreak an iPhone but anyone can root a Galaxy Note.

Having problems?

With Android 4.0.4 update, your phone might overwrite the ClockworkMod Recovery you flashed in ODIN.
To get around the problem, simply flash ClockworkMod Recovery again in ODIN, then when you see “PASS!”, immediately hold down Volume Up and Volume Down buttons, you should be in ClockworkMod Recovery instead of the Belly-up Andy Android figure.

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You will need a rooted Galaxy Note to install all ROM/kernels.
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511 Responses to How to Root AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717! [JellyBean][ICS][Gingerbread][Easiest Method]

  1. Sebastien says:

    Awesome! I downloaded this rom and flashed it this afternoon from rootwiki and like a hero you put up the root method already. Only issue is the download links dont seem to be working on your site tonight, I ll try back tomorrow. GREAT JOB! thanks so much.

  2. Sam says:

    Thanks for everything bro, you are the best at this sh#$, the only problem now is that I cant download the ZIP file, please help!

  3. Sam says:

    I need HELP!! I installed the ICS ROM on my phone, everything was working fine (the phone was running on GSM network) until I rooted the phone , It said that there wasnt any SIM Card inserted and I couldnt turn the mobile network on, so I had to flash it back to Saurom ROM in order for it to work! Im a Tmobile user!

    Pleasee HELP ME 🙁

  4. 2tupaccolypse says:

    I think we are waitign on cwmr

  5. julio says:

    downloads are not working…

  6. henry says:

    Where are the files you say to download?

  7. eva says:

    where do you download

  8. eloy says:

    use the same files as if you are rooting on gingerbread

  9. Chris says:

    Max–You didn’t include the files for download? Can you PLEASE post them? Thanks!

  10. David Jordan says:

    Just 2 items:

    Step 12, When your phone resets (you will feel little vibration and the screen will turn off), keep holding down the Volume Down AND Volume Up button but let go of the Power button.

    I had to download from The one in your zip file kept failing.

    Thanks Max! You made it soooo easy.

    Onto a custom ROM 🙂

  11. Michael says:

    I got an Error while flashing with odin

    When you wrote AT&T how can i check if your great tutorials also run for my Version out of Germany ?
    Direct byed without Branding
    Kernel Version
    Build Number
    I am new in this and it´s the phone from my wife ….. ! 🙂

  12. Chuck says:

    Does this method increase the flash counter?

  13. Tony says:

    Hi There,

    After installing ICS and trying to use Tmobile SGH-T989_VKL1_radio_ATTNOTE.
    I lost my IMEI, it is gone! Could I flash back to Gingerbread?
    It was Rooted and installed ClockworkMod Recovery.
    Need help.

    • _____hOmz says:

      Hey, i just successfully flashed my stocked aat rom into the ics rom leaked and i was about to install the tmobile modem in order to get 4g speed but came acrossed your post so i had a second thought of doing it (scary….lol). So, what do you mean by your IMEI is gone after installing the tmobile modem?

      • Tony says:

        Yeah it was gone! I did restore using Roger ( Canadian Telephone Co.).
        I’ve got everything back using Gingerbread not ICS.
        I’m able to run T Mobile 4G without any problem.

  14. Spike says:

    “Congratulations! That was easy right? Not everyone can jailbreak an iPhone but anyone can root a Galaxy Note.”

    You must not have jailbroken an iPhone since 2007. They are always a simple one-click jailbreak, easier than this was bay far, unless you want a full custom firmware which is more than 95% of users want or need.

  15. Aamir says:

    Does this increase the binary counter?

  16. richard says:

    hih..ot question. how come when i used instagram it freezes and it reboots.i dont know why.thanks!

  17. kem says:

    Has anyone figured out how to create a mobile hotspot without purchasing the tethering plan from at&t? I rooted my device and had the capibility before I installed the ics leak. Now it doesn’t work unless I purchase the plan.

  18. Bill says:

    does this work for Android 2.3.6?

  19. BinYaqoob says:

    Hi, Can this method be used for GT-N7000 ?

    • _____homz says:

      No, it says at&t galaxy note only… The steps on how to root the international galaxy note is on the other topic on this site.

    • sharil says: u have any link for root for samsung galaxy LTE GT-N7005…pls i needed to root my phone

  20. Spencer says:

    Does the S Pen still work with Root/ROMs??

  21. MrNote says:

    Please, where is the MAC OSX tutorial coming?? I need help

  22. jeremy says:

    once again his methods do no not work ….i flashed the leaked ICS earlier now im trying to root…phone will not boot in cw recovery mode after i use odin to install…i dunno where this guy gets his your tutorials from but if i were you guys i would just stick with the xda forums this guy is an idiot

    • Spencer says:

      I tried a leaked ICS rom on my Bionic and couldn’t get it to work either. I found a ICS ROM that had been tweaked and such and got that to load, but the 3g, 4g, and wifi didn’t work 90% of the time. Its the roms, not the guy.

      Side note, does the S Pen work with root/ROMs? I really want to buy one but haven’t found any info about if the S-Pen works once another ROM is running

      • _____homzki says:

        One more thing, why would you install it on your droid bionic? This tutorial is for AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note exclusively… Do you know how to read right? F.Y.I: “You are here—–”

        • Spencer says:

          Are you that stupid? Just because you can’t follow a tutorial doesn’t mean you have to go off on people. Go here, its the same guy with tutorials and roms for the Bionic. On THAT SITE, there was a link for a leaked ICS Bionic ROM. The ROM didn’t work well with any of my data connections (3g, 4g, wifi). Just because you’re an idiot doesn’t mean everyone is. I was trying to be helpful and say most of the ICS leaked roms are very buggy. Just go to another rom until ICS hits the Note.

      • christine says:

        why are you talking crap on someone who is on so many different rooting websites and has helped so many people? roms are constantly changing and rooting is not always perfect. it almost never goes the way you want it to. but i give him props for always trying to help answer all different kinds of questions. lets see YOU on a website giving people better tutorials before you open your mouth and complain..i bet you wouldnt help anyone except to say “oh go on xda forums”…

    • _____h0mz says:

      You must be doing the wrong way… I successfully installed the is Rom the 1st day the tutorial was posted here…

      • Spencer says:

        Hey I want to buy an unlocked Galaxy Note. I’ve been on these sites and such to see if anyone knows if the “S-Pen” still works once you root/install roms before I drop $700 on one. I assume yours is rooted with a rom running… does the S-Pen (stylus) still work?
        Thanks in advance for taking the time to respond

    • _____homzki says:

      Who in the world would flashed any ROM before rooting the phone first…Now who’s talking IDIOT?

  23. _____homz says:

    PAST TENSE A ****!

  24. kelly says:

    do i have to unroot saurmrom first to do this

    • _____homz says:

      If you are using saurom rom already it means you are rooted. These tutorial is the other method for un-rooted at&t galaxy note.

  25. Mauricio says:

    AWESOME!!!!!! Bye, Bye AT&T crapware!

  26. MANGO says:

    I’m totally new to the flashing and rooting world but I did the odin install of the ICS leak on my phone….it erased everything that I had on the device and now its very buggy. A lot of force closes and freezes. Can any one offer any suggestions on what I should do to improve the performance? Should I reinstall the ROM using this method? Also is there any way to get back my old media/settings/apps or is that gone for good? I wouldn’t even mind going back to the stock gingerbread at&t rom if it means I can get back the usability of my phone. I really miss the big swype keyboard too. 🙁 Any help would be greatly appreciated.