Gubment Cheese ROM for AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-I717! [ParanoidAndroid]

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For those of you looking for more “pure” Android experience, definitely give Gubment Cheese ROM a go. ┬áBased on Android 4.1.2 ParanoidAndroid ROM, the Gubment Cheese has a great mix of features like Android 4.2 Photo Sphere camera/GMail/Gallery apps, Awesome Beats app for headphone addicts, GNote app for your S-Pen, and the flexibility of running your favorites apps in Phone or Tablet mode along with CM10 features (as Paranoid Android ROM is based on CM10).

Although I would have like to see Android 4.2.1 at this point, Gubment Cheese ROM proves to be a solid performer in the pure Android ROM category for the SGH-i717.

You can install this on AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717 (or any Canadian Note starting with SGH-i717 model number). ┬áThis ROM also does offer overclocking up to near 1.9Ghz, I don’t really recommend any overclocking as this ROM runs pretty fast but the option is there for you to take advantage of.

If you need TouchWiz features, don’t install this ROM but if you want a ROM that’s a bit more refreshing and give you something to play with on your spare time, definitely try it out and let me know what you think!


Download Gubment Cheese ROM

Credits – XDA <— Please donate to the developer of this ROM if you like it, thx!


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35 Responses to Gubment Cheese ROM for AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-I717! [ParanoidAndroid]

  1. Trai says:

    Just downloaded this ROM and rooted my note today! lets hope it works, since its new I guess im the test dummy!

  2. Franco C. says:

    Thanks for this video and article definitely will give it a try. Once again Thanks maxx your awesome!

  3. tez says:

    do i just install this rom or do i need to download gapps also and install

  4. Trai says:

    Every time i select the ROM in CWM it says installing then it says ERROR. Ive wiped/ factory reset and cleared the cache several times and still the same error. Please HELP!!

  5. tez says:

    i also did that and nothing

  6. Raul says:

    Is there no gaaps or super gaaps. Loaded rom and no plays store came out. Did I miss something

  7. Walter says:

    Similar to Trai I am getting the following. Please help. Is the file corrup?:

    — Installing: /sdcard/
    Finding update package…
    Opening update package…
    Installing update…
    assert failed: getprop(“ro.product.device”) == “SGH-I717 || getprop(“
    roduct”) == “SGH-I717” || getprop(“ro.product.device”) == “quincyatt” ||
    E:Error in /sdcard/
    (Status 7)
    Installation aborted.

  8. JC says:

    For those of you having the error in CWM switch to TWRP reocovery it runs better and will allow you to flash this rom I use Gubment Cheese as my daily driver and love it

  9. Trai Austin Gross says:

    Okay, so I installed TWRP and got the ROM to run great! It worked, its smooth, and my first time with rooting I’m very pleased. One problem, I don’t have Google play store. How do I get that back on????

    • jeff says:

      HAHA i did the same thing . Click the XDA link and scroll down you’ll see the link for gapps and super gapps both work . you load it just like the rom . flash it in recovery. i like the rom too.


  10. tez says:

    so i installed twrp and rom and all i ghen i reboot is the flippigles how long do i have to see this before i get to the home screen

  11. Talfin says:

    Is anyone else seeing a huge battery drain on this ROM? I have Power Toggle installed along with Juice Defender. I made sure a majority of the apps don’t sync up often and disabled a lot of the installed apps notification popups as indicated on other google searches that I performed. When I was on AT&T ICS ROM, and Juice Defender, my battery would last for 18 hours+ with normal use (reading ebooks, phone calls, maps and internet search, etc). On this ROM, I’m barely getting 10 hours. Anyone else see this, or have a fix for it?

    • Trai says:

      Buy a bigger battery! It seems about the same for me as stock. a little longer. But i have a 5200mAh battery that last almost 30 hours.

  12. jeff says:

    I replaced my origonal battery with a standard battery from amazon. It was $15 for 2 plus a charger and cable. I saw a big improvement. My origonal battery wasn’t good from the get go

  13. John Arnold says:

    I used the Goo Manager app to load this ROM and I must say it went very smoothly. It will do your backup, wipe and flash all in one.

  14. Thomas says:

    I’ve installed this ROM, but doubletwist won’t sync with my computer anymore. Have tried uninstalling/reinstalling the app. Any other solutions?

  15. Trai says:

    So I’ve had this ROM for a about a week and I’m experiencing some problems. The camera works great but I cannot take videos. It pulls up camcorder and the quality is terrible. Then when I go to watch it doesn’t save or anything. Also it reboots randomly. Sometimes when I reboot I have 0 signal so I have to reboot again. And apollo keeps freezing and forcing a reboot. Any help? I love this ROM but its causing a headache.

    • johny10 says:

      are you overclocking your cpu too much?sometimes may cause problem.however i dont have a signal and camcorder problem,but this rom wont allow me to use 4g lte network of rogers canada and fido,wifi signal is stable but not strong enough(maybe my home router).

  16. batman says:

    I got it working with TWRP, but am wondering:
    1. how do you take native screen shots with this Rom?
    2. if I put a pin code to unlock, whenever I pull down the notification bar to read an sms off email or anything, I have to re enter my passcode.

    anyone have a work around?

    also did notice a huge battery drain, around 30% more power hungry.

  17. MANI says:

    i did the flash using goomanager it went well no problems, but its stuck at the flipping triangle thingy for 15 min now. what should i do?any suggestions??

  18. km says:

    Hi Max, this rom is great and i have been using it for 2 weeks and only music player force closing problem. However, when i force close and reopen, it works perfectly. I do this every time when i turn off and on the phone. It is not that bad.

    I have a question that is about turning on syncing. When I go to Setting and Account, the sync is off for all of the accounts i have. I can not turn on the sync myself. How can i turn the sync on?? It is not convenience that I need to sync manually a couple of times everyday. Please let me know if you have an answer. Thanks,

  19. vespa says:

    I try to install this rom to my note i717 but i get error. it said (status 7) Installation aborted. My phone is freeze now. What should I do?

  20. Trai says:

    Okay, so ive used this Rom for awhile. I tried a another rom but didnt like it so i re-installed this one. But now when i type on the keyboard it tics. I unchecked the box that says “touch sounds” but still does it. Any help? Its super annoying!

  21. victor c. says:

    the data doesnt work for this rom

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