CM9 ICS ROM for AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717!

Looking for something more than just TouchWiz on your AT&T Galaxy Note?

Well, you can give the “famous” CM9 ICS ROM for your AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717 now. With CM9 ICS ROM, you will lose the pressure-sensitivity feature on your S-Pen but be able to enjoy the full “pure” ICS experience.

Of course, if you really need to use your S-Pen you can always have a custom ROM backed up in CWM so you can easily restore to that ROM when needed.

Other than that, you will find a load of features and options in the CM9 ICS ROM so give it a twirl and let me know what you think of this ROM.

Also, some T-Mobile users have reported getting better 4G signals with this ROM.


Download CM9 ICS ROM

Download Gapps

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To install, wipe, then install,, then Gapps.


*NOTE – To install a new ROM, you need a rooted Galaxy Note, install ClockworkMod Recovery, and MAKE BACKUP of your current ROM, follow SGH-i717 instructions at Galaxy Note Root Guide before you attempt this.


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27 Responses to CM9 ICS ROM for AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717!

  1. Tetsu says:

    everything seems to work great except for bluetooth. Anyone else have this problem?

  2. ImPimms says:

    I was reading on xda forums the following for this rom “Please flash or have installed this (UCLD3) or this (UCLE2) modem ” I checked and I do not have either I have i717UCLA1 (stock). I downloaded the modems they suggest. Do I just flash this like I did the radio files in CWM recovery?? If not how do I do this. Which one is better or what are the differences? Anyone know the answers please help. Thanks in advance. Pretty new to all this.

  3. JOSE says:


  4. bob says:

    DON’T download if you ant T-Mobile 4g speeds!! !!!!!

    • craszh says:

      Hi Bob what do you mean? Don’t download this ROM if I am on Tmobile? I have gnote i717 and I am planning to try this ROM out sometime today when I have time. Thanks

  5. craszh says:

    Wow this ROM is not so bad after all. I didn’t want to install it at first then I got bored with my old ROM (Saurom) and wanted the video camera effect from ICS which I’ve been waited for so long. So I install it and this ROM is not so bad my family and I had a blast with video camera effects. So cool, but couldn’t send it via mms though. Everything seems to be working fine so far for me including wifi and tethering (hotspot). Didn’t try to connect via bluetooth yet since I don’t really use it and I don’t have any bluetooth to connect to anymore.

    Another con for me is that I can not hide the apps in the drawers.. I know I can use Apex Launcher to do that, but the problem is I don’t want to use Apex or GO launcher wish it built into the ROM already.

    This ROM with quadrant test at between 2900-3100 which is not so bad consider it is under clock to 1242 mhz, but one big thing I’ve noticed this morning with my battery fully charged at 100% I only get 4 hours (exploring the device, checking/setup emails, etc) even though it is under clock. I thought it will give a better battery life than that since it is under clock. I was so wrong LOL. Big con for me even though I have 2 extra batteries with me. This is just bad hopefully they will do something about this. Also notice my phone gets hot too… WOW!! Never experience it with other ROMS. I have the cm7 on my Mytouch 4g which I’ve gave it to my son and the battery on that ROM last the whole day even play with the phone for hours. Hope this ROM will do the same after it is finalize fingers cross. CM7 is the best ROM I’ve ever used and hope CM9 will do the same after it is finalize.

    Also notice after installed this ROM I get 4G (HSPA) for Tmobile even though I didn’t install the 4G modem radio frequency. Wondering if this came with the ROM or because I had it installed when I were using the Saurom ROM. Which I think it was cool.

    Just want to put this out there just in case someone want to know a little more about this ROM.

    Will test out the Navigation today hope it won’t disappoint me got to have my Navi! What is a smartphone with out Navigation now a day. LOL

    Thanks Max for putting this up.

  6. drago says:

    I’ve been using this ROM since Max uploaded it and I love it! Its awesome! I don’t have s note or memo but I got flip a sketch so its alright. Anyways, I’m on Edge which is still fast! Just wondering if anyone who got 4g instead of edge, what radio modem are you using? Im using the radio I flashed with saurom but don’t have 4g on cyanogenmod 9. Just edge. Please let me know if anyone has 4g and what radio are you using. Thanks!

    • craszh says:

      i got 4g on my note i717 coming from Saurom RC7.1. even though it say 4g on the notification bar most places in L.A., CA around area code 90031 i still not able to get the 4g speed i am expecting. sometime it not even move at all. but when it does working it can go up to 8mb when it is working. You might want to flash one of those 4g radio Max put up for ICS. Try that and hopefully it should work. i didn’t have to flash the 4g radio for some reason, but i got 4g i was a little shock at first.

  7. rikkyrod says:

    hey to all who havent tried this rom yet. it works great i had the onlyone ics and didnt like it much tried this and it seems faster data speeds. i have simple mobile which is powered by tmobile. and i get excellent speeds. i am using the stock modem that came from this rom. i have only recieved the 2g/edge speed in some areas but, that happens to be areas in which i get no signal. i dont really use the stylus much unless my son plays games or something. but the only other con i can say is that when i do play games such as need for speed the phone gets hot. battery lasts me about half a day with txtng surfing etc.just adjust the battery saver mode. overall im very thankful for this rom and thankful to max. take care GOD BLESS and lets keep getting high on android…

  8. Envious says:

    I noticed that speaker phone and headset speaker volume sound extremely low, way too low for that matter. Anyone else having the same issue I’m having? Thanks!

    • craszh says:

      yes i have the same issue too. it kinda screw the volume a little with this ROM. i’ve noticed after first couple days using it even after volume up all the way from the sound setting. I know the stock ROM speaker is very loud. I also notice not all the ROMS are perfect so far for the note. LOL

  9. blessed4478 says:

    I was wondering if there was a way to sync my facebook contacts to my phonebook wit this rom… I tried everything… I really would appreciate any help

  10. Tyrin Truong says:

    Can anyone tell me if this rom has google play bc i downloaded paranoid android and it didnt have google play.

  11. craszh says:

    Hi Max,

    I heard there is an update for this ROM with the official ICS is that correct? If yes can you update us on that? Thank you

  12. RayLebron says:

    Hi. I would like to know if there’s a way to enter an unlock code using this rom. I would really appreciate any help. Thanks in advance

  13. AL says:

    MIC does not work on CM9…anyone faces this problem? Any solutions.

    I am on 9.0.0-RCO-galaxynote-xpoldwild-EXPERIMENTAL

  14. Justin says:

    I installed this rom. but even I set Tmobile APN correctly. I could not get 4G network. do you have a solution for this?

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