CM10 Jelly Bean ROM for AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717!

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Many of you have been asking me when a stable version of CM10 Jelly Bean ROM is going to be available for the AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717. Well, I think it’s about that time now, the latest CM10 nightly build by XDA user ManelScout4Life brings you a stable CM10 Jelly Bean ROM with everything working!

Now, remember, CM10 nightlies are still considered beta and you might still get some bugs here and there but as far as major features like bluetooth, Netflix/Hulu, Wifi, and 3G/4G is working just fine as far as I’ve tested. I think this CM10 Jelly Bean ROM can be used as a daily driver so give it a go and let me know how it goes for you!


Download CM10 Jelly Bean ROM for AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717
Download Gapps

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Credits – XDA <----- Don't forget to donate to developer if you like this ROM! You might need to use TWRP recovery to install this ROM, so flash TWRP recovery in ClockworkMod Recovery then reboot recovery to get it. (You will have to re-flash ClockworkMod recovery in TWRP to restore your ROMs. ) You can find both flashable TWRP/ClockworkMod recovery here.

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212 Responses to CM10 Jelly Bean ROM for AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717!

  1. da1boomer says:

    Can it work on T-Mobile Galaxy note

  2. khai says:


    What about for the GT-N7000?

  3. ree says:

    thanks max downloading…

  4. Rick says:

    Does the SNote and SMemo and SCalendar work on this Rom ?

    • Kevin M says:

      Does not come with it, just download Gnote in app store

      • Stephan B says:

        Anybody knows when an update for this ROM is coming?
        I heard that it doesn’t come with the SNote, SMemo,
        so I want to make sure that both are included before I flash this,
        does anybody knows?

        • Levi says:

          S-Memo/S-Note require Touchwiz, and Cyanogen does not support it, therefore the S-Pen apps will never work on Cyanogenmod ROMs. From what I’ve read. However, ICS has native “active pen” support, so the pressure sensitivity of the S-Pen does work, and there are a few apps that use it. I have not found one that I like as much as the S-Memo or S-Note though.

  5. gee says:

    max…there’s like 3 diff. file on a download just do the updated file?

  6. ecko380 says:

    Does the sd card work with this rom?

  7. wise beatz says:

    If u are a head like me. Stay away from cm-10 for now. Music apps have a major problem finding the media.

    • Max says:

      There’s an easy fix, just erase .nomedia file in your storage! 🙂

    • Jean says:

      Seems like the only stable player is the Google Play app. Works decent with little lag on switching songs.

    • oreodoh says:

      wise beatz I also had a ton of issues playing music using this ROM. It’s not just with my locally stored tracks though. Pandora wouldn’t stream music properly either. The funny thing is I was able to stream movies via NetFlix no problem.

      This is definitely a huge issue for me, because I like to use my phone to listen to music on the way to/from work. Not having the audio working kills it for me, which really sucks because I think Google Now is freaking AMAZING.

      I may just stick with this ROM despite the audio problems and use my old iPhone 3GS for music during my commute instead. It is REALLY hard to give up Google Now having gotten a taste of its awesomeness.

  8. JOSE says:

    please i need help why this rom say in my galaxy note this error unfortunately the process.acore has stopped all time please help me

  9. Mike says:

    After flashing this rom I found out that there is no Google Play App Pre-installed on it. Tried to install and reinstall this ROM many time but still Google Play is missing. Can anyone be of any help?????

  10. JOSE says:

    im trying but the play store no work i install the rom + gapps and not working

  11. wilson says:

    i will definitely try it but not yet im just waiting for more reviews 😀
    hey do you think i can just t replace my galaxy note on rogers for a white one if i do the sim card trick xD
    hows battery life
    does cwm recovery works or do i have to use twar or whatever its called?
    thank you 😀

  12. Mike says:

    Thanks jacky I am going to try that out..

  13. Imad says:

    I tried flashing it on CWM it gives me status 7 error. Wiped everything and downloaded the file again and again and same error.

  14. ree says:

    Same here….error status 7

  15. JOSE says:

    eh tried that did the flash rom and then the gapps and when climbing up the rom fine but that error comes out all the time and it installed over twpr if there is anything else you need to set you please let me know or if you give me the instructions right to do so thanks

  16. mutxope says:

    What happens if I install an AT&T rom an a phone that is not AT&T?

  17. Chris says:

    Will the radios that work with TMobile HSDPA+ on the AT&T Galaxy Note work in this version of CM10?

  18. PaceyPimps says:

    Hi Max Pls help

    I went from the OnlyOne rom to ParanoidAndroid and i lost my 4G and the ability to change APN’s so i flashed to latest Cyanogenmod 10 and still the same problem In the APN settings it appears blank and does not let me add setting. I am in Claro Guatemala now they use HSPA+ and i see that on most JB roms the network mode only says LTE/GSM/WCDMA ‘or GMS/WCDMA preferred but no option for HSPA+ so is that why this is happening and what can i do Flash a modem and which one? Phone is already unlocked.

    Thank you to all

  19. Sikum says:

    we need stable version of CM10 Jelly Bean ROM for galaxy note n7000

  20. delock says:

    cool rom. did have a problem but I see I need to install gapps to get my apps back.

    I used clockworks

  21. Lord8 says:

    Thanks for this ROM, it works on my Note i717 better than the other jelly bean ROMS out there, however i can’t make phone call because the contacts app keeps crashing, is anyone else experience this? any thoughts on how to fix it?


  22. Diego says:

    Hi Max, I want to know if you feel the improvements of the project butter. Is there a big difference with the custom ROM like RocketROM, etc.? I know this is for i717 but it shouldn’t be very different of the JB for de N7000.

    Thanks genius!

  23. phil says:

    I have installed gapps and then when I try to install jelly bean it keeps saying aborted ??? can anyone help me ?

    • My Coal says:

      Are you installing gapps before or after jelly bean? I found I needed to install jelly bean first, reboot, configure jelly bean, reboot into recovery, and THEN install gapps.

  24. My Coal says:

    I had a few problems installing the rom initially, but eventually realized it was because I was installing an old version of gapps (ics version). Now everything pretty much works flawlessly!

    My only real problem now has to do with a Samsung car dock I purchased. For some reason it doesn’t play sound through my car stereo like all the other roms I tried do. Is this a known issue or am I missing where this setting is?

    In previous versions of android, I could go into Settings -> Dock and check an option to use internal or external speakers. Now the setting is “Audio – Settings for the attached dock”, but the entire option is totally grayed out. Is it possible the dock just isn’t being detected properly as a dock? I would think an official Samsung dock should work with the device they designed, but maybe this HW doesn’t have what’s needed to be detected in JB.

    No reply necessary, thinking out loud really, but if anyone has a clue about this issue LMK.

  25. phil says:

    I have tried both ways …what ends up happening…is gapps installs smooth…but EVERY TIME i try to install Jelly Bean it always says Install ABORTED I am installing this from my sd card by the way

    • My Coal says:

      Are you using TWRP instead of CWM or some other recovery method? Maybe it would work better for you. For mine I used CWM Recovery because I didn’t read carefully enough to see the TWRP suggestion. I have zero experience with TWRP, but I can tell you I did a data wipe on my SGH-i717 before doing the JB install. I had zero problems with the installation part. Not sure if any of this helps – kind of a noob at this myself so keep that in mind before trying my suggestions. 🙂

    • Nate Wiebe says:

      Use TWRP. Use this link:

      The preferred method works like a charm.

  26. Curtis says:

    I keep getting boot looping on liquid smooth screen? Any ideas?

  27. Jean says:

    How does one save pictures to SD card from the camera. Can’t find that anywhere.

    • manelscout4life says:

      you have to install jb camera +.

      The only phones with official jb don’t have sd cards so that hasn’t been added in yet.

  28. JOSE says:

    do not know what else insatle everything correctly and I get this error please help me out on the screen if unfortunately the process android.process.acore has stopped please and do not know what else I can not help with this situation more

    • g says:

      I had the same error. you have to install TWRP to install this rom. on the tWRP setup, clear your cache before installing this rom. then instapp Gapps after.

  29. Bushwick says:

    I tried to install JB from TWRP but get aborted..HEELP!..

    • Nate Wiebe says:

      Make sure you are using the newest version of TWRP. If so, try redownloading the latest CM10.

      Any more issues, please post in the XDA Developers thread.

  30. phil says:

    WHAT IS TWRP ? I have tried to install JB and I have tried gapps first and gapps second with SAME RESULTS ABORTED ???!!! can you explain what TWRP is and where to download it from ? if you mean from boot i am trying to install JB from my sd card and I am in rec mod …..

    • Nate Wiebe says:

      TWRP is another recovery image, like Clockwork mod. I have a link to instructions on the CM10 thread. The thread linked is the discontinued one. Just go the last post of the linked thread, and it will have a link to the new thread.

    • Mike says:

      STOP F**KING SHOUTING!!!!! Remember that these developers are GIVING things to you for FREE and you should NEVER RAISE YOUR VOICE TO THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU!!!!! If you’re too dumb to read and figure shit out on your own, STOP ROOTING PHONES. They provide every detail imaginable, you just have to LOOK FOR IT.

  31. Kevin says:

    Perhaps Someone can help,

    I installed jelly bean first, reboot into recovery, and THEN install gapps and rebooted. However when I try to log into Gmail or Play store i get these messages “Unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped” & “Unfortunately, Android keyboard (ASOP) has stopped. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

    Please & Thank you

    • Nate Wiebe says:

      Just to make sure everything is good, do the following:

      – Boot into recovery
      – Factory reset
      – Wipe Dalvik
      – Install rom
      – Install gapps (no restart between rom and apps)
      – Reboot

      Post in the forum thread if the problem persists.

      • Kevin says:


        I followed your instructions to the “T” & and now everything works flawlessly! Thanks again Nate, really appreciate it.

  32. Kevin says:

    Scratch that,

    The only Issue I am having now is that there is no sound in my Youtube, Google Music or Recorded Videos. It plays everything but No sound is coming out. Any fixes for that issue?

  33. phil says:

    I am attempting to install JB through recovery. I have done a factory reset and format and the wipe date and then install JB and then gapps.. and when I try to install JB its aborted…When I reverse it gapps always installs fine BUT JB never makes it through it always aborts I have current gapps and current JB I have a i717 galaxy note running AT&t … I have installed at current BLACKSTAR.. And I have to say it works great ! But I want to try JELLYBEAN ..And I have NEVER had this much trouble …Can Anyone help me out ?…really appreciate the communications from all of you .. Its pretty cool how EVERYONE from all over the world is helping…. MAYBE we should run it and STOP the politicians from doing so ? LOL hahah Anyways I am waiting for your in puts.thnx again

  34. Pluc says:

    After installation, I lost the ‘my directories’ and he cannot read my external SD card! He said my external card is empty . And my MP3 play but no sound …

    Any ideas???

  35. barman2012 says:

    Has anyone tried this for the Canadian Telus note? I’m assuming it works because it’s a I717, however it’s always nice to double check! Does it require a new modem?
    Onlyone works really well. That said I flashed CM10 on my tab and it’s incredible, so I have high hopes for it on my note….

  36. Julio says:

    Hello guys,
    So this is just a wish that probably won’t come true…
    I love jelly bean because it’s UI is just gorgeous and simple at the same time. I love all the sexiness about it like the notification bar and the drop down notification look is just way better than all other UIs. I hate touch wizz’s notification bar and all about it, but I love S-voice way better than Google now.
    My dream rom would be stock jelly bean with S-voice… and maybe s-note and all that… if this happens do tell me!

  37. batman2012 says:

    Awesome guys! Thanks for the feedback!
    Going to flash right away!!

  38. Matt Sears says:

    I tried installing from the newest CWM as well as TWRP and TWRP doesn’t even see the .zip files. CWM sees them but I get a (Status 7) error when I try this. I did a factory reset and cleared all the caches. Any ideas?

  39. Nishit says:

    Dear Max,
    As you mentioned somewhr tat ur developing ur own ROM…little suggestion query whether phone tracker can be incorporated in rom/kernal such a way that even factory reset wudnt elrase it?its a suggest however as i lost my note few month bak and was installd all kind of trackers but finally and luckly got it back via local police only via imei tracking….
    Thanks for all knowledge.

    • Max says:

      Yes I am thinking of something like that running in the background so the thieves won’t even know it’s running.

      • Nishit says:

        Great..but if ROM is swapped by odin…will it still work?

        As whn i got my note back it was fully formattd thus all inbuilt and installd trackers were lost 🙁

        Thanks Max.

  40. David f says:

    I flashed the cm10 rom and it works great except I can’t get wifi tethering happening. I can connect to the phone, but can’t get out to the net from my laptop even though the phone’s data is working.

    I do notice that when I enable the wifi hot spot that the wifi gets turned off. This is opposite of the ICS rom I had. problem?

  41. Solomon says:

    Hey guys when I found out I wasn’t able to use snote and smemo that really sucked. But I found an app called DigiBlog, it doesn’t have a lot but it eased the pain.

  42. Mauricio V says:

    Is there a working tmobile 4g radio for this rom on the att galaxy note?

  43. Daniel says:

    there is a lot of small bugs which sux cause i really like the cm10 ui and jelly bean.. i cannot reach my internal storage when connected to my pc.. and all my sd card folders doubled and i cannot transfer anything to the sd card from my pc. cannot seem to get 4g on tmobile when flashing blaze and kidd tmo modems. my play music app sees my music but doesnt play it.. I NEED A WORKING JB ROM! lol ive flashed so many roms i keep having to redownload so much data and the roms always have something wrong with them.. anyone know of an actual *STABLE* jelly bean rom for note?

    • Daniel says:

      by the way im on the sep. 4 version of cm10.. maybe the previous one works better?

      • Daniel says:

        some apps are telling me i need more space to install but i have a lot of internal phone space, and sd card space. tried wiping cache and dalvik cache but changed nothing

  44. Geoff says:

    I installed the ROM rebooted and now on endless reboot loop. ROM gets to the CyanogenMod and then reboots. Help somebody

    • Geoff says:

      So I finally got the phone to boot after doing a second install and clearing the cache. Everything works fine except I am unable to mount the internal sd and have checked through forums to see if there is any solutions and nothing yet. Anyone having the same problem??

      • David says:

        I had the issue with recognizing externald SD card, not internal_sd…., file manager couldn’t detect the external sd card when browsing. after the research, i found out that JellyBean has different naming scheme for internal and external SD cards, they are:

        /storage/sdcard0 –> this is internal_sd card
        /storage/sdcard1 –> this is external_sd card
        mine can only detect internal and i couldn’t browse external_sd card

        FIX: i downloaded app called Multi Mount SD-C from google play
        after i install app and ran, (mount), file browse was able to detect my external sd card so now i have access to all of my contents on external sd card

        hope this helps.

        PS. always great updates and reviews!!!! thanks MAX!!!

  45. Benjamin Rowe says:

    Hey max the latest update for cm10 has a issue with sound it kinda comes and goes and I have to restart my note in order to regain sound. Any thoughts???

  46. Delock says:

    Is there a fix for Bluetooth to play music?

    • Tamer says:

      I have the same Bluetooth issue, car bluetooth phone line is connected, but media is not, and I have both phone and media enabled under blutooth settings.

  47. azwad says:

    hi max! how do i install it on my shve 160s korean version note?

  48. sam says:

    if i do this on note for at&t unlocked which radio band can i flash for it to work on tmobile 4g cause right now i have official ICS with 4g so which bands will work with this one

  49. vision2099 says:

    Also the battery drains and I just tried charging it all night and its only at 67 percent. Music was not playing till I downloaded win amp.

  50. oreodoh says:

    I reverted to ICS, got that working, used twrp to wipe all caches, then followed the instructions in the original post to install the 8-SEP-2012 version of cm10 followed by gapps-jb.

    Now pretty much all of my audio issues are gone! Unfortunately my SGH-i717 still doesn’t play audio via the Samsung car dock, but my workaround of connecting the stereo mini plug directly to the Note is good enough for now. Here’s hoping it lasts!

  51. Stephan B says:

    Is This Rom part of CM10 “M-series” ? I read an article a 2 days back stating that CM teams is going to release a M series that’s stable once a month, is I am curious if this is it? at least for the month of september…

  52. MezJr says:

    How’s the battery life? I’m not getting great life on stock ICS, considered exploring due to that.

    (sorry for earlier post, it was in error)

    • oreodoh says:

      It’s pretty bad of you use your phone constantly like I do. I think google now is what’s killin me. I’m not running anything in the background really aside from that and a few music/podcasting widgets.

      But then I have two spare batteries as well so I don’t do things like turn off background sync, wifi, the screen, or gps anymore. I just swap out batteries.

  53. Mike says:

    Every now and then… like now. I can’t make any outgoing calls wih this rom. The other times when It works sometimes the person on the other end cant hear me when I speak.

    Any ideas?

  54. phil says:

    Hey MIKE I just read your response yelling at me and cussing at me as well You know what ? GO F_CK your self
    I am the one who donates to all of these mods ! and as for the mods here I never expect anything these guys are great ! These mods have always been very very helpful AND my excitement or stress with my phones dont give you any liberties or rights to speak to me the way you have LESS TIME with your mouth .. AND as for NOT knowing what I am doing I am in the business and I to am man enough to ask questions .I dont appreciate your negative crap …….MY only wish is that when you have NOTHING KIND or helpful to say then you should keep it to your self AND as for shouting I am not shouting

  55. Mike says:

    When did i yell at you? I asked if you had any ideas on why the phone want make calls sometime. You may have me mistaken with another Mike.

  56. Stephen says:

    Gotta get some update on the Tmobile 4G with an ATT note. Help, what modem should we be using?

  57. Nomad says:

    i keep getting INSTALLATION ABORTED each time i try to install this ROM. How do I fix this Max?

    I have installed Gaps, superuser and ,KERNEL but this rom and another i tried keep giving me INSTALLATION ABORTED error

  58. Sean says:

    Until CM10 908 version it was OK somehow stable
    And working fine with most apps I think
    But I am always having trouble with text app ‘KaKao Talk’ after 908 version. 909 to 915 it just freezes when I try to open a new chat window by clicking a buddy from contact list in the app. How can I let them know this to fix it for future versions? All the Koreans use KaKao Talk even other countries.They should fix this.

  59. stephan B says:

    Hey guys, I have just installed the CM10 m-1 experimental.. every time I go to titanium backup to restore some apps date the phone freezes and I have to shut it down and restart.
    here are the step I used to install CM10
    I originally had OnlyOne Rom.

    backup OnlyOne
    flashed TWRP recovery
    factory reset
    install CM10
    installed Gapps (without restart)
    CM10 downloaded all apps normally, when I go to titanium backup and go to backup/restore, I see a list of all the apps I had.
    THE PROBLEM arise when I press the file button (button next to home) The menu appears but at the same time the phone locks and I can’t do anything, no scrolling, go back to home etc… I have to press and hold the home button and wait for the device to restart. this happens everytime… does anybody know a fix to this?

    Am I missing a step?

  60. KP says:

    Just flashed to CM10-20120908 and I have no Camera functions at all, no icon either. Please help

  61. Chad says:

    I love the ROM but is there anyway to install the stock Samsung Keyboard. None of the keyboards in the market have it’s layout. Thanks

  62. Julio says:

    Ok guys here’s my question/problem

    I have had this issue on every jelly bean ROM out there. I’ve tried Paranoid, Liquid, AOKP, AOPS, and CM10, and they all somehow don’t allow me to use video calling apps. I have Tango and Skype and when I try to answer video calls, it crashes as soon as I try to connect.

    Like I’ve said, this issue arises on any jelly bean ROM, so is this issue only with me or is someone else having this issue? Try initiating a video call with these apps and if you’re successful PLEASE LET ME KNOW! Or if you are successful with another video calling app, give me the name!

  63. Sean says:

    Ok guys I really need your help. I have an i717 and i747 ( AT&T ) both are running CM10 JB Rom. I love JB i just want my swype keyboard back how do I do it. Please help my, cant really type anymore after years of using a Blackberry I have “Blackberry Thumb” and Swyping works better for me!

  64. RACE CHEN says:

    Hi, I bought a Rogers Galaxy Note from Vancouver. The android version is 4.0.4 and model number is SGH-I717R. I tried many times to install the Chinese system but it did not work. Do you know how to install it? cause I want my phone become like the international system, there are many languages can be chose. And also can I mail my phone to u, then you can help me to fix it. I will pay. Is that OK?

    Thanks a lot.

  65. Arvin says:

    yeah i flashed rom and gapps but im still stuck with the

  66. TSauce says:

    The only current issues with the cm10 rom that I have ran into even with the 9/18/2012 build is the google voice voicemail not properly working, so it will continue to use your current carrier and it will just randomly wont wake up from the black screen so you will have to hold the power down to force it off and then turn it back on, which that power up feature doesnt happen all the time but it does occur

  67. Sean says:

    Okay here is my problem……I want my custom ringtones i have set for contact to play in my Bluetooth headset when a receive a call, not that dumb ring. That way I will know if I want to take the call or not because I can tell by the ringtone who is calling. Why would Samsung disable this feature. my iPhone 4s plays the ringtone I have setup when I get a call. Is there anyway to do this. I ride a motorcycle and I have a device called a Chatterbox that let’s me connect via Bluetooth to my phone so I can hear my music and talk and make calls while I am riding. On my iPhone 4s my music would pause my custom ringtone would play and I could decide it I wanted to take the call or send it to voicemail, then my music would start right back up from where it left off. Right now my Galaxy i717 and my Galaxy i747 (Note and S III) just play this annoying ring and I can’t tell who it is! Any have a fix or work around for this.

  68. Madden25-bayarea says:

    Is the only way to update to the latest version via CWM? thanks

    • TSauce says:

      Just download the latest of cwm/Rom manager if you want the easiest way to load and backup your roms instead of going into recovery manually and doing it

      Its just comes down to preference of how u load your roms

  69. frugalman says:

    i could not get bluetooth to work, it always routes sound to the speaker on the phone.

  70. SKIZZ says:

    Hey Max, will this work with rogers galaxy note? i717R

  71. gadgetgeek71 says:

    im usimg liquid rom now. but want to switch to CM what do i need to do. i tried it myself to install but i got an abort error

  72. CJ says:

    Your Website and YouTube Video’s are absolute garbage…You are not a phone expert, you are an advertiser; plain and simple. I see less advertisements on Cable TV….Moron

    • oreodoh says:


    • Max says:

      Cable companies get paid billions of dollars. For a guy like to me to survive on the internet and myself to survive on the internet and also provide FREE tutorials i have to put ads its just part of the process so i dont have to ask people like yourself to donate. NEVER anywhere does it ask you for your money? Thanks to ads.

      Besides that think of it this way, what would you do if you had to feed your whole family on a daily basis to survive? Would you try hard to make money through ads or get rid of them because some people dont like it?

      Try to understand where i am coming from this is live or die for me, with no ads i wouldnt have the time to make the tutorials in the first place i would have a real job.

    • Sasuke says:

      Most people here like Max’s works and information he provided. It is free tutorial, and very useful. You should appreciate it instead of complaining about ads.

      If you don’t like it, go somewhere else. BTW, you won’t find this kind of information on Cable TV.

    • jeff the flashaholic says:

      your a dick. Shut up

  73. E says:

    i have been using this for a few weeks and atleast once a day it freezes up and shuts down for minutes at a time. on top of that it restarts during calls. is there a fix yet or????

  74. Rob says:

    downloaded rom and has been working great. thanks max. by the way it works with ClockworkMod

  75. frugalman says:

    Are you guys able to take calls with your bluetooth?

  76. i tried this ROM on a few occasions but it crashes at times ,and sometimes my games freezes up.
    it is just not stable on my phone,,,,when is the next update for it so i can try it again,am running stock ics,am rooted and i want to use google it possible to use google now on my stock ics?.

  77. super-beaner says:

    hi i would like to try this beta but it seems the dl link is not valid..plz help

  78. Rich says:

    hmmm…flashed to the lastest (9/27) CM10, cleared cache/dalvik, flashed gapps, cleared cache/dalvik, reboot and now stuck on blue spinning CyanogenMod WOD.

    • Rich says:

      wiped and reflashed, fine now. But darn wifi wont connect…just sits at obtaining IP address.

      • TSauce says:

        Just for giggles, boot back into recovery mode, redo the clear cache/dalvik and then do the fix permissions and reboot back into the custom rom, are you loading your roms with cwm/rom manager? or doing it manually through recovery mode?

        • Rich says:

          how do you do the fix permissions thing?

          I use TWRP to install the roms..CWM for the rom backups.

          I’m about to go back to ICS if I can’t get the darn wifi working…ill try once I know how to do the fix permissions thing..will do dah gewgel.

          • Rich says:

            did what you suggested…no love 🙁 Still just obtaining ip address and that’s it. wtf.

            • Rich says:

              protip: if wifi doesn’t connect, first step should be rebooting modem and router…D’OH!

              Its working now. I stink.

              • super-beaner says:

                de de dee dee dam rich.. At least u got it all figured out oh an update..the Rom link is working now from my phone at least haven’t tried on the desktop but it should n go drink a corona n buy one (DONATE) for my boy max he deserves it!!

                • Rich says:

                  lol, yeah…and I even flashed back to stock ICS too theeeeen rebooted modem/router and once it worked I had to try CM10 again lol.

                  Only issue now is the slight flashing/blinking of the screen here and there which is supposedly being worked on.

              • TSauce says:

                Hmm interesting, that shouldnt normally happen with the router preventing you access with your phone connecting unless you have a black list setup for acceptable devices aka mac address control list.

                However in the advanced and debugging mode list, which this is a picture of the cwm, there should be an option for fix permissions. I am just posting to a picture similar to it from some random site from google, so you can kinda see what i am talking about. But generally you shouldnt have to do it if you did a clean rom install, but sometimes with nightly roms, you tend to run into issues where they dont make all the files read/write/modify and they accidentally make certain files locked and read only.

  79. Phil says:

    Hey all….I’m running Blackstar right now and I was wondering can I run this right over the top ? Or do I have to completely wipe everything out again ? I wad hoping torun this or try jellybean without

    • Max says:

      If you are going from a TouchWiz-based ROM (such as BlackStar) to CM9/CM10/AOKP/ParanoidAndroid, you MUST do a factory reset otherwise you will end up in a bootloop. Likewise same for going the reverse this is because CM9/CM10/AOKP/ParanoidAndroid are built off Android sources whereas TouchWiz-based ROMs are based off Samsung’s source and thus they have different system data, not compatible without a data wipe/factory reset when installing!

      • super-beaner says:

        Thanks for the heads up! i will wipe/ reset on all my flashes, n just use ti pro to recover apps n such n Google for pics n contacts.. Also any advice on the network key or am i stuck just going and getting a gift card for a pay site..

  80. christine says:

    Thanks max! Flashing went smoothly & it still works with icsblaze modem for tmobile 4g!! The only issue is that when I’m using the web browser the screen would randomly flash like every 5-10 sec. Its not a major problem but idk what it is! Maybe just the browser?

    • super-beaner says:

      Hey christine I’m using black star and I don’t get any sort of flash might t to try it also how did you unlock your network control key for T-Mobile I have been trying but no success I really don’t want to go to a pay site.. I just don’t want to put my CC info on some unknown website…is there any other way to unlock the sim??? Thanks o and I have the i1717

      • christine says:

        when i purchased my at&t phone from someone on craigslist and they had the service with at&t i asked them to call and request the unlock code! i just told them to say that they needed their phone unlocked to go overseas and use a prepaid sim or something like that. i think it was free too, all they do is look up the code using.your imei. i dont have at&t so im not sure what they do or require but it worked!

        • christine says:

          p.s. i know that if you dont have at&t theyll probably charge you for the code.

          • super-beaner says:

            Ha that worked no fee just awesome.. Called, gave them my t-mobile number (i know jaja) they asked for my name n info and then the imei 5min into the call i had my unlock code.. The phone was originally bought as a pre Paid if that makes any difference i guess they lost their privacy rights 6 months after the release so they have to provide you with the network key thank u Christine i owe u a big bear hug lol

  81. christine says:

    ^^ the screen flashes not only in the browser, like sometimes just the top bar will flash. what is this? Is there a solution?

    • wade says:

      Love CM10. Running the 9/27 release. Everthing I’ve tested that was broken in previous releases works fine now. Lots of bug fixes. I am also getting screen flashing, though. Tried toggling any seemingly relevant settings I could find with no obvious change in behavior. Any ideas?

  82. Adam says:

    I have the i717 unlocked then rooted to CM10 for tmobile (non ics). problem im having is that I get full bars with H+ which is a good thing but when i open my browser it takes forever to load a page. Using speedtest it was at like .5Mbs/s or less.Also in my settings is shows my band version as unknown. I am considering going back to stock and re rooting to an ics rom and modem. Can some one email me or give me a tip.

  83. John says:

    Has nyone flashes the latest update of this rom? It is so far AMAZING, love it, no issues that I have found. But remember still some what of a newbie.

  84. luke says:

    I’ve been running this ROM for about a month now. Recently updated ROM to the 9/27/2012 version and its supper buggy. Chrome shuts down forced to used stock browser, screen flashes/stutters or whatever you would like to call it. Random phone shutdowns. I go to make a call and my phone is off. Need a newer version or going back to old.

  85. John says:

    Gee, use the link at start of this blog and download the 10-06 ROM (latest release). Flash with TWRP and works great. Had issues trying to flash with Clockwork. Everything works so far that I have tried, while a newbie to flashing, I have overclocked and battery life is way better than ICS. Added a copy of apps for S-pen as well. Seems to be a nice music player and a EQ.

  86. John says:

    I had same problem with Clockwork, so I downloaded lastest version OF TWRP, flashed that with Clockwork, rebooted and then used the Volume UP and Down with power again and TWRP booted instead of Clockwork, then followed instructions. Factory wipe, wipe cache, wipe davit, flash ROM, flash GAPPS, wipe cache and davit after, then reboot. The link for TWRP is just below link for ROm and GAPPS above.

  87. Karmanator says:

    Jelly Bean List of Problems. Tried lots of Jelly BEan version and was forced to go back to ICS

    1) Bluetooth to Mazda3 2012
    2) After ending a call it sometimes freezes. (Because of this I had to go back to ICS. This was driving me crazy)
    3) Screen flickering during drawer pull down
    4) Alarm clock sometimes does not work as it should and you have to delete the alarm and put it back on.
    5) Does not play WMA, M4A and terrible interface to Music DJ and playlist
    6) Camera video sometimes has flickering during playback because it copies like that
    7) Voice calling sucks
    8) Random Yellow screen and forced to reboot during lock screen pin if you press too quickly lock and unlock

    • christine says:

      ive been using liquid smooth jelly bean rom and theres really no issues. its the most stable jb rom ive used. for the music player, just download poweramp its a great substitute.

      • jeff the nubie flashaholic says:

        Realy i had no luck with liquid smooth or any cm, paranoid etc. Audio was terrible, ringtones even stock wouldnt play , multible restarts with a few app . went back to Padawan to stay

  88. Rony says:

    Can someone plz help me. I am running Cm10 nightly builds for my galaxy note for Att. Everything works perfectly except I have no dial tone and no call audio. The calls are going through but they can’t hear me and I can’t hear them. I installed and reinstalled several times it works for a little while and then it starts messing up.

  89. waleed says:

    can i install this rom in korean note 160s as i717 and 160s have same specs

  90. noclav says:

    Max which would rom would you think is better. The ICS ATT Rom or this CM10 Jelly bean. One issue i have with the ICS Rom is that my phone Galaxy Note i717 will drop the 4g connection when its in sleep mode for a while such as overnight, then i have to reboot the phone for it to work. Does this rom have these issues.

  91. keng says:

    Quickpix or anything that has to do with pictures/video after CM10 build data 9-27,,, for me anyways,,, crashes,, I have tried multiple builds,,, same thing

    • keng says:

      no one else has this problem,,, 09272012 is stable with graphics,,, quickpics,,, the chive, gallery, etc..

      any version after that crashes !!!

  92. La'Darrian Moore says:

    I really really love this ROM. I installed it with no problems. I’m still testing the calling. I can connect to WiFi, decent battery life and 4G. Very fast. My AT&T Galaxy Note is amazing. I am a bit of a newbie with Android. Thanks Max!!! <3

  93. La'Darrian Moore says:

    But one thing when I installed this ROM I had no contacts and my Nanidroid Backup wasn’t even on my phone is there some way I can restore all of that without restoring my old AT&T ROM?

  94. Tony says:

    Great ROM, very stable and works beautifully, CM10 + RAM-EXTENDER = AMAZING. Just when I thought this phone couldn’t be anymore impressive. The swap space creator above works GREAT, you can make massive size swap spaces (1GB+). You can also use Swapper 2 for free from the Play Store (limited capability – Swap Space 256 mb max – still free virtual RAM is great!).

  95. jeff the flashaholic says:

    Gave the latest nightly a shot. Couple of things dont work i cn live with otherwise battery lige good, GPS excellent. apps open fast, no randem reboots so far. here is a link to inverted gapps for those who have gone to the darkside. Just flash it in TCWM. I read a lot of email and the black background saves battery life.

  96. Dillon says:

    Anybody else get lag scrolling said to side on the home screen?

  97. Angela says:

    Hello, when I am in recovery try to flash the ROM, it said error
    assert failedL getptop
    E: Error in /emmc/cm-10120121006-unofficial
    (status 7)
    installation aborted.

    what shuold i do here? 🙁

    • Dillon says:

      If your using Twrp make sure u factory reset first and wip cache and dalvik , if your on cwm flash twrp for recovery 🙂

  98. irfan says:

    hi max, how about samsung galaxy note korean version(shv e160s), is it working on it?

  99. Dillon says:

    Mine is very fast , running the latest nightly 🙂 getting no lag hardy ever reboots but , I don’t know what your talking about , what’s more stable ? I actually like the Aocp the Collective ROM better but I wanted to go back to a more stock theme

  100. Justin says:

    Hi Max,

    I tried this rom several times, and I must say it does improve a lot. but one problem is still a mystery. Yesterday I decided to install a new clean CM10 with Gapps 4.2. they worked perfectly, smooth, and fast. but this room still fell to the “auto-shut off” problem, after using for quite 2 hours, it will shut off once. if I let it stay in idle mode, it will shut off in 6 hours.

    Do you have any solution for this? I think doing the wide dalvik cache and battery stas wont help.

    Thanks bud

  101. patrick says:

    Great rom. Does anyone know how to edit the settings for the capacitive buttons? Everytime i have a missed text or call my soft light buttons will glow as a reminder. Patrick

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