AOCP ROM for AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717! [Android 4.2.2]

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For this week’s ROM of the week, check out The Collective Team’s AOCP ROM, which stands for Android Open Collective Project.

Built on Android 4.2.2 sources, the AOCP ROM is specifically designed for your SGH-i717, and also comes with an orange AOSP theme and overclockable kernel (up to 1.83Ghz). If you are looking to run one of the better Android 4.2.2 on your SGH-i717, definitely give AOCP ROM a try this week and let me know what you think. Should be pretty darn good.


Download AOCP ROM

Download Gapps

To install, reboot into recovery, wipe data/factory reset (most likely needed, if you want to try without, just make a backup ROM, and backup your apps!!!), install ROM, reboot.

Credits – XDA <--- Please donate to the developers if you like this ROM, thanks!

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67 Responses to AOCP ROM for AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717! [Android 4.2.2]

  1. rekamyenom says:

    Please tell me I can flash this on my SGH-T879? I gotta try it!

  2. rekamyenom says:

    Ok, here I go! Flashing to the T879! Wish me luck!

  3. rekamyenom says:

    …No go. Wouldn’t even write it. Got a Fail right off the bat. WHY?

  4. craszh says:

    Hi MAX,

    is this rom already come with 4g for Tmobile also can i hack it to use google wallet on this rom for my i717 AT&T running on Tmobile? Great video and thanks in advance.

  5. Garrett Thomas says:

    How do you install this rom i keep getting an error

  6. craszh says:

    Use TWRP to flash it. awesome ROM Everything seem to work fine so far. ES File Explorer show my external sd as empty but use Astro works fine.

    • craszh says:

      Just figure it out on ES File Explorer I need to select sdcard1 for external sd card, but if I select the “external_sd” folder from sdcard0 (internal) it just show empty. I guess JB does that? Don’t know first time happen to me and first time install JB.

      Also finally got to test out GPS today and GPS work better than the last couple ROMS I’ve installed. This ROM is pretty stable so far and only have it for 2 days. Now just need to get the google wallet to work and it’s all good. Haven’t try to mess with overclock yet, but this ROM already fast as is.

      Thanks MAX as always.

      • jeff says:

        get “gps status- test and fix” from play store free. makes the gps lock in 4 seconds on google nav. you just run it when you outside and download extra info.

  7. preet says:

    Calls don’t go through.person on the other side can’t hear anything. Tried 2-3 times

    • Kenny Espinal says:

      I have the same problem but not with this rom. I did an unlock, root, and had the tmobile rom installed on my att galaxy note i717 and I cant hear the other person with phone calls or when I make them. Any answer yet? Thanks

  8. johny10 says:

    its still having a problem of connection to my computer(same with the jelly beer rom).

    • jeff says:

      pull down the notification click connected as a and change it on of the other settings till it works. i had a lot of trouble with jelly beer drove me to drink

      • johny10 says:

        alreay did it every possible way but still crushed,so i roll back to padawan room.

        • jeff says:

          i always try these new roms and they work nice for a few days then the trouble starts then i go back to my stock ics with just root. thanks GOD for nandroid backup

  9. DaGOAT says:

    well just like the jellybeer it keeps failing once starting to install rom but liquid smooth roms install just fine so i’m wondering if those roms aren’t setup for the i717? i’m not sure but very disappointed i can’t get 4.2.2 just yet

    • jeff says:

      try downloading it from xda. click the xda link max provided above cause he is the best. i hope you get it loaded its a good rom

    • canadiansdontsayaboot says:

      almost all these custom roms for 4.2.2 on my SGH-I717R have a broken camera. its useless because its stuck on the lowest setting with no auto focus.

  10. craszh says:

    just notice how you capture screen shot with this rom? or can you?

  11. josh says:

    Man this rom looks so much cleaner than and smoother than the jellybeer rom. (And i thought that the jellybeer rom was really good too!) thanks for all you do!!

    • josh says:

      I had issues with Google Now, it would start up and then crash. So i uninstalled it with Titanium Backup and reinstalled it through the app store and now it works fine. I have no real problems with the camera or anything else. Only when the battery or phone heat up from use does it start to slow down or freeze and then crash… but other than that i have had great success with this rom

  12. canadiansdontsayaboot says:

    have they fixed the camera problem? everytime i flash a 4.2.2 rom the camera does not function properly (auto focus doesn’t work and its permanently stuck on the lowest setting making the video camera useless)

    • canadiansdontsayaboot says:

      just installed – installed fine with clockwork …. booted fine didn’t have the boot loop – its fast … MUCH faster than cyanogenmod 10. So far everything works great – the camera doesn’t have photosphere however a quick flash of camera 4.2 worked.

      Not a huge fan of the orange theme – however everything seems to be working wonderfully.

      will update as i find errors or stuff.

  13. wil says:

    Not very stable so far, it doesn’t even force close, it just crashes and I have to hold the power button to restart the phone. The USB connection is different now too. It doesn’t just hook up to the computer as 2 drives, now you have to tell it to connect as a drive and it takes forever. I like the nice touches on this ROM but so far the Padawan V8 ROM has been the most stable. This one needs some work.

  14. craszh says:

    This ROM works fine so far just the music app fc a few time already beside that I wish there is more customization. But this ROM works fine for jb ROM.I think it’s all depend on the phone also some might have no issue some might have a lot of issues. Love this ROM so far.

    • canadiansdontsayaboot says:

      other than the odd random reboots it works very well for me.

      i just wish it came in something other than the hideous orange.. lol. hard to see typing.

  15. wil says:

    anybody having problems with the usb settings? Mine crashes when connecting to my computer to transfer files

    • canadiansdontsayaboot says:

      yeah mine does too – it will hang the file explorer and the unit freezes. im having problems with random reboots too …. when im doing updates it will randomly reboot as well.

    • wil says:

      Now USB works, kind of. I had to toggle it and then after turning off developer options, it worked. I’m still not too excited about having to do the whole remove device thing in windows though. I used to be able to just plug and unplug my phone with no problems. Oh well it’s working for the moment.

  16. Jbehymer says:

    Using this rom right now and it’s geat. developers options open up by goin to the about phone and tapping alot on build version number aocp_i717_5.0-VBTE. havent found any bugs yet been running since released and its great but does lack a few options though. Anyway very fast and smooth with NOVA Launcher!! Thanks MAx

  17. pm says:

    Flash ok using TWRP, camera working, calls in and out ok, BUT WiFi not connecting, any one experience similar issue with WiFi connections?

  18. Batman2012 says:

    I used twrp recovery and it installed flawlessly. So far this room has been rock solid. Everything is working very well, no crashes and no fc’s. Camera, video cam, bluetooth, ap mode everything works as is supposed to. I’m diggin the orange theme. It’s as if this room was made for me. Not as much customization as liquid smooth jelly bean, but this is a more stable rom.
    Thanks to Max for once again doing what you do and hooking us up with an awesome ROM.

    Cheers to the developers as well!

  19. Johnny says:

    I wanna try this ROM out but everyone talks about using TWRP. I have ROM Manager installed on my phone (with the latest CW Recovery going) and I’ve told it to switch to TWRP, but when I reboot, it just goes into CW recovery. How do I switch to, or install TWRP? Installing it with ROM Manager doesn’t do it.

  20. craszh says:

    have been using this ROM a week now and have notice my phone randomly reboot itself lately and this happen mostly when the phone is plugged in. USB mass storage doesn’t want to connect once plugged into PC and when it does it’s not stable. sometime have to connect it a few times till the USB mass storage icon pops up annoying. And music app freeze when start it the first time, but work ok afterward. did anyone else have this issue?

  21. Kayla says:

    How can I install all the Samsung apps? Like the S MEMO ? I am assuming the sPEN is not usable with this ROM.. If it is can someone please explain? Thanks in advance

  22. wil says:

    Back to Padawan, this ROM is REALLY not dependable and crashes instead of force closing (Really frustrating). Padawan was the best. Man I want to use Jellybean but not at the cost of a stable phone.I hope next weeks ROM is better 🙂

  23. stoxer says:

    this rom is fantastic! i mean it’s got a few kinks here and there but overall its miles ahead of the ICS Objection rom i had on my note before. i’ll be keeping this for a while

  24. Slimboss07 says:

    Hey guys. If you are looking for the best rom and a stable one at that try Goldie B5 Rom here ========> I have been running this rom for 3 days now with no problems. Follow directions. If you have any questions ask me.

  25. craszh says:

    Ok after a little over a week with this ROM things started to go down hill, usb connection not work, random reboot, some apps fc. I love the ROM, anyone have an idea how to connect/fix the USB? every time I connect to the PC it auto unplugged and PC not able to install the whatever it is installing driver? Thanks

    • jeff says:

      same here had to do a factory wipe and start over.. i restored a couple of apps with titanium and thats when it started. its 4 days after the wipe and so far running perfect usb no problems

      • craszh says:

        thanks jeff i guess i will try that, that’s what i plan to do too, but i just didn’t want to input all my information all over again like emails and data on my apps. now that you’ve done it and working i guess i will give it a try. i did found a way to work around this by using remote web desktop or wifi file explorer pro, but it kind slow.

        • jeff says:

          check out the XDA link. They are going to release version 5.3 later today. may have some fixes. I think you can flash it right over the origional, if not the usual 2 hours of setting up

  26. ave says:

    This is a great ROM…took few tries to download but works well. The developers are be bomb!!! Now my Note 1 doesn’t need to be replaced… not just yet!!!!!

  27. Adam says:

    Bluetooth doesn’t work. After even 2nd update. Any idea why?

  28. jeff says:

    Version 5.3 just went live on XDA

  29. craszh says:

    Thanks Jeff for letting us know.

  30. Russ says:

    This has been the best rom by far that I have ever flashed. After the install (using CWM) it was a little unstable and had quite a few reboots everyday so I un-installed it and flashed it from my PC onto an external SD card then flashed it with TWRP to the phone and it has been awsome! I havent had a reboot in 4 days! I have also been over and underclocking the phone, lightning fast over clocked and battery life is amazing when underclocked.

  31. craszh says:

    after a few weeks this ROM start to have wifi and signal issue. just when i started to like it, but now back to black star X. 🙁 but not so sad i found black star X more faster than this ROM also based on benchmark. Black Star X benchmark at 3734 this ROM at 2735 without overclock this ROM, can’t overclock Black Star X. Also Black Star X battery life is a lot better too. Hope they have the note II ROM port to the note I soon.

    • jeff says:

      im hoping stock jb is out by end of march then all the devs will have a field day and we wont know what to flash. Max will have to switch to rom of the day.

  32. Russ says:

    Version 5.5 came out yesterday, seems very stable so far. I couldn’t find any problems with it and theres a few little changes, check it out!

  33. Haze says:

    Tried to install ROM with CW and got installation error. I’m totally lost on what to do now.

    Please help!

    • wil says:

      Use team win recovery project, google twrp i717 to get to the download. Also IMO the padawan rom for the i717 is the best ( it is ics though)

      • Haze says:

        Thanks I had Padawan on before and was looking for some JB action. I was able to get Padawan back on my device.

  34. craszh says:

    Hi MAX,

    Do you know how to get the esecure app to work for protection one? I like the bootanimaiton on this ROM the v5.8 it is awesome, but I need to get this app to work since i am using it to monitor my house. i’ve tried clear cache, data, unintalled and re-install with no luck. I can’t get this damn app to open correctly with JB 4.2.2, but it work fine with Padawan JB 4.1.2 for some reason. Thanks in advance if you have any idea on how i can fix this.

  35. jeff says:

    How did you get the play storr on this rom

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