How to Root Galaxy Note 10.1!

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For those of you who want to root your Galaxy Note 10.1 GT-N8000(3G version) or GT-N8013(Wifi version), here’s a tutorial on how to do that.

This root method will give you “root” on your Galaxy Note 10.1 and you will still be able to get OTA updates after rooting. The root method works by injecting root to an official Samsung firmware, meaning it will also not increase binary count so you will be able to fully unroot easily (actually just one click in SuperSU app) and return for warranty.

UPDATE: I don’t recommend this method anymore as you can have problems on newer firmware, there’s an better, easier new root method now using ClockworkMod Recovery!

Step 1. Go to Settings->About Device and make a note of which Build number you have.

For GT-N8000, if you have build number ending in XXALGA orXWALG7, you have a European or Saudi Arabian/United Emirates firmware.  For now, I only have these firmware so if you don’t have this Build number, you can still install it (if you don’t mind having European/Saudi Arabian/United Emirates firmware) or you can wait until I post another firmware for your country/continent.  (I will also post another root method using ClockworkMod Recovery image in the near future)

For GT-N8013, if you have build number UEALGB, you can flash the UEALGB with root injected.

Step 2. Reboot into ODIN download mode by holding down Power and Volume Down buttons together for about 15 seconds.

Step 3. When you see warning screen, hit Volume Up button.

Step 4. Connect a Galaxy Note USB cable to your computer.

Step 5. Download ODIN and Stock ROM with root injected for your Build number. (I only have European one right now but will post others soon, check back!)  Unzip both files, you should get a folder with two files for ODIN and also another file that ends in “.tar”.

(Don’t have unzipping program? Download and install 7Zip first.)

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Download ODIN
XXALGA works for all European Galaxy Note 10.1 (same firmware for all, you can also use on any GT-N8000)
XXALG7 works for Saudi Arabian/United EMirates (same firmware for all, you can also use on any GT-N8000)
Download XXLGA Stock European Firmware with Root injected (Mirror)
Download XWALG7 Stock Saudi Arabian/UnitedEmirates Firmware with Root injected
Download UEALGB GT-N8013 Firmware with Root injected (Mirror)

Download Samsung USB Drivers (for all Windows)

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Step 6. Make sure you see yellow highlighted box with a random number, if you don’t, download and install Samsung USB drivers then unplug/plug your Note 10.1, you should see it now.

Step 7. DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING ELSE but hit “PDA” button and choose the stock ROM file ending in “.tar” and hit the “Start” button.

Step 8. Your Galaxy Note 10.1 should be now updating with the stock firmware with root injected.  If for some reason it fails during this process, do not worry.  Simply reboot into the ODIN download mode and try the process again.  Make sure you are directly connected to a USB port on your computer or laptop and DO NOT USE A USB HUB or USB 3.0 port!

Step 9. Once you see “PASS!” you are done and your Galaxy Note 10.1 will reboot.

Step 10. You should now find SuperSU superuser app in your app drawer.  Congratulations!

Step 11. You can test you have full root access by downloading a rooted app like Titanium Backup app from Play Store and running it.  You should get a nice Superuser request.


Q: Does this root method increase binary count?

A: No it does not as it’s a root-injected official Samsung stock firmware.  It only gives you root, does not give you custom recovery either.

Q: Do I lose my apps?

A: No, you won’t lose any apps, settings, or any of your photos/videos.

Q: What does rooting do?

A: Rooting gives you “full” admin control over your Galaxy Note 10.1 so you can do cool stuff like run rooted apps like Wifi Tether app (to tether your Note 10.1), backup apps using Titanium Backup app, install custom ROMs (so you can overclock and also get better performance/battery life), and a whole lot more.

Q: How did you inject root in the official Samsung firmware?

A: It’s pretty easy to do if you have some Linux/Android knowledge, I will actually have a tutorial guide over at soon. (The site isn’t up yet, I just bought the domain name.)

UPDATE: 8/10/2011 4:20PM Just made High On Android ClockworkMod Recovery for Note 10.1! Will post soon, stay tuned folks!

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179 Responses to How to Root Galaxy Note 10.1!

  1. Henrick says:

    This is cool cool cool Stufffff.. I’m high on Android dude,,,,,

    I already order mine TODAY..

    Congrats to Super MAX

  2. David says:

    well done bro.

    but need to wait until I got my Note 10.1 here then can only try out.
    it might be months later…. 🙁

  3. Karl says:

    High marks as always, Max… a fine job!

  4. Henrick says:

    Max, the firmware link is not working.. It’s giving a hard time to download. Mirror is dead as well

  5. A.I. says:

    GREAAAAAAT, root confirmed and loving it 🙂 …

    Just got mine yesterday as a lucky one with my german retailer only having a couple in stock 😉

    Thanks for the root. Bookmarked the site and hit the like button, keep this up 🙂

  6. Rom Hak says:

    very nice max, i cant wait for the note 10.1 come out in Australia so i can buy it as well and the Gnote 2 5.5 also, i love my Gnote 5.3 more then my gs3 so i cant wait for Gnote 2 and Gnote 10.1 to come out here, hopefully by then, you will have more firmware to root Gnote Aus model
    Love it MAX U THE MEN BRO

  7. Rom Hak says:

    and one more thing Max, do you know where i can download software to create our own custom Roms and Kenels please?

  8. craszh says:

    Hi MAX!

    Awesome video as usual I don’t have one of these, but I always like to watch all the new videos you putted up that had to do with Galaxy note and Galaxy S3. Thanks again for all the cool videos teaching people how to do cool things like rooting and installing new cool ROMS. BTW sorry to hear about your mom hope she doing well. Thanks

  9. Stanley says:

    Nice job man….!!!!

  10. Aurora says:

    Well that escalated quickly.

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  12. Nate says:

    There’s methods for root working on devices ranging from the galaxy s3 to Asus tablets that don’t have the need to flash anything. Anyone out there not familiar should wait for this method. On gs3 it’s called debugfsroot or something.

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  14. Niggy says:


    very good work. But don’t works for me, because there is no German sales code in the CSC of the European Firmware. Is it posible to make a firmware, which includes the DBT sales code? There is a original Firmware available which includes the western european codes:

    Would it posible to make a rooted firmware based on this Version? This would be wonderful!

    Many thanks, Niggy

    • Max says:

      Sure will do let me see if i can do it tomorrow check back!

      • Niggy says:

        That would be perfect 🙂 I’ll wait for it 🙂

      • elias sayegh says:

        will app to ext sd work after rooting i am scared to root my device vid the warranty for nothing i just want to move apps to ext sd card but as i saw and read on other sites it says that root is required there isint any other methode pls help!!

  15. Jorge says:

    can anybody confirm it ? it work for GT-N8013 (WIFI) for root by Download UEALGB GT-N8013 Firmware with Root injected using ODIN. Thanks Guys !

  16. Jorge says:

    can you make a video for GT-N8013 [UEALGB] please ! for root inject

  17. Jorge says:

    alright thank you i had to make sure you kno better to be safe than sorry ass 😉

  18. patrick says:

    This gave me root but didn’t allow me to mount they system file as rw. It keeps failing. What do I do now?

  19. Eric says:

    Max I have a question for you. Which tablet is the best between Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700 or the Galaxy Note 10.1 for longevity, speed and quality? The GN 10.1 has the pen, Photoshop and two gig of ram but the TF700 has us screen, looks better quality and USB. I just don’t know which one will keep me happy for a year or two and hopping the quality of the picture would still be better than my Motorola Xoom which I still love.

  20. tjeerd says:

    He max does root also work on a gt-n8010 it is the europe version off the wifi only?


    keep up the good work

    greeting tjeerd

  21. jp smith says:

    Odin root works fine

    Lookinng for overclicking on n8013

    And some newer roms

  22. jp smith says:

    Where the root for n8013

    And tweaks

    Made my day when i rooted my sbn 10.1

  23. jan says:

    I accidently rooted a GT- N8010 with 8000 firmware. Everything workes fine, exept the upgrade button says: could not connect to a sever. Is there a solution for this problem?
    Best regards, Jan

  24. jp smith says:

    Root works good on n8013

    Sg n 10.1 way faster the tf700 ans sounds 500% better

    Screens is just fine at 1280 x800

    Photo shops works on both so problem there

    As the memory apps load faster and more can be loaded in memory so speeds up process

    All in al imho sam g note the way to go

    Andriod works way better here no freezes no sod nothing


  25. Sachin says:

    Hi Zedomax,
    Just got my note10.1 16gig…. does this rooting method support moving apps to external sd card?

  26. Creg says:

    Hi Max,

    Noob question, will I lose root if I update firmware OTA if I had my Note rooted in this method? Because then I’ll just go to root it the other way.

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  27. Tweet says:

    Is there official firmware for N8010 because so far i only can find the retail version. that’s why there is missing screen lock, security setting.. or is there any way to get back all these function..?

  28. Bigs says:

    I follow your step and it’s reboot to recovery mode and then it’s tell me that booktablet.apk is error. I choose reboot again and now my Note 10.1 is root Thx man. But I just curious what is booktablet ?

  29. Ilan de Vries says:

    Nice work thx, one question, if I want to go back to stock recovery for warranty reason where do I find it and how do I do this. Thx for your help all, I’m totally new on this where talking about the 8000 model


  30. noellkringle says:

    Great job buddy! However everytime i try to download the firmware, i always ended up stopping at 300mb or so. Can u upload the file to a resumeable-download sites or any torrent site perhaps? Although method 2 is easier, but I guess method 1 is really what i want. I’m using the XXLGA EUROPEAN firmware by the way. Thanks!

  31. jp smith says:

    i d/l ed the new root /up grade for n 8013 every thing wotks cept my gooogle play ??????

  32. sebas says:

    my galaxy note build number is XWALH1,
    it is can be root using this menthod or not?

  33. Derrick says:

    My GT N8000 finally got here. I love this thing. One thing that’s wrong with it is, my build number is UBALGA. Not compatible with your root method. ÷( I’m not sure what build I have. Any help, anyone?

  34. Madi says:

    Hi Max, thanks for your hardwork. I have the German gt-n8000. i forgot to write down my firmware number, i tried to root it with the european firmware u did post here. After flashing with Odin it went to Recovery Mode, i just made a restart and after that it did boot normaly, but even before entering my pin it says “S-Note closed” after pressing Ok it pops-up again and again. Please help me.

    Thank you very much.

    • Max says:

      That might be why, I think German firmware isn’t different from all the other European firmwares (sorry just found that out), try unrooting back to German firmware then re-root using Method 2.

      • Madi says:

        Hi, im not familiar with unrooting. I normaly just download the stock firmware and overwrite it. could u please link me or write me a guide how to unroot galaxy note 10.1. Thanks again mate.

  35. Chris Chiang says:

    Bro.. can u make a root injection for firmware in asia… N8000DXLG4… i really need root access for VPN.. i not really wish to root using recovery method.. which cause binary counter increase…

    and actually is there any diff for European firmware and my firmware?? plz do help..

    Thank you very much

  36. Vicki Chan says:

    My sim card slot broke when i used a microsim adapter on it and now I need to bring it back to Samsung Singapore for repair.

    How do I unroot. I re-installed stock recovery and downloaded one of the official firmwares from Singapore in sam mobile but I don’t know now to unroot?

    Is it simply flashing the firmware?

    Thanks in advance

  37. segatera says:

    Helo max iam counfius what is bater use rooting by odin or rooting by wcm??what u recomand

  38. segatera says:

    My note build malaysian xwalg7 thanks for reply

  39. Lino says:

    Hi there. Great work, well done.
    But I have a question:
    I read
    “On the Galaxy S III (among other new devices), Samsung has gone a step further, and has introduced a background service that runs on your device and checks for things such as a modified /system, apps running with root access, etc.”

    I thought: Rooting in this way would NOT prevent the background service from doing those checks. Am I right?

    • Max says:

      You can remove the files,
      erase /system/recovery-from-boot.p and /system/etc/ using ES File Explorer with Root and Write enabled.

      • lino says:

        Thanks for the reply 🙂
        I already bought Root Explorer so I can delete those files with it but there’s something I can’t understand: are those two files somewhat related with that service chainfire was speaking about? Their name seem to be totally unrelated :O

  40. long says:

    excuse me admin, you wrote that:
    you will be able to fully unroot easily (actually just one click in SuperSU app)
    so please telll me how to unroot,thanks 🙂

  41. Anton says:

    Hello , I,m poor with english . I have Samsug galaxy note 10.1 model GT N8000 ,versio android 4.0.4 , frequacy
    N8000XXLGA core 3.0.15 – 861995 – user Compilation IMM76D.N8000XXALGA

    I make step by step everithing from :

    Metode with ODIN and Stock rom . After i download Titanium Backup app and after rebooting my galaxy i canot reach root . when i open my files inside i have folder root an sub folders extSdCard and sdcard.. In root folder nothing. What can i do ??

    From Q&A i learn this : Rooting gives you “full” admin control over your Galaxy Note 10.1 so you can do cool stuff like run rooted apps like Wifi Tether app (to tether your Note 10.1), backup apps using Titanium Backup app, install custom ROMs (so you can overclock and also get better performance/battery life), and a whole lot more.

    but canot understand this part :install custom ROMs (so you can overclock and also get better performance/battery life), and a whole lot more.

    Can you help please? One mor time sorry for my poor english

  42. Moses Chong says:

    Thanks Max!!
    Writng from Singapore, successfully Rooted a GT-N8000 local SG version – Build Number : XWALH1.

    Thanks a lot for the Detailed and Thorough Step by Step explanation. Have a great weekend… Will Share this site with my friends.

  43. kinan says:

    hi ,I’m having a message on my GLALAZY NOTE 10.1 note N800 telling me exactly like this ,THIS MESSEGE IS ALWAYS ON DESK !!!ITS SAYS THE BELOW :
    H/W:PV 1.500
    RF CAL DATE:2012.6.22

    • Max says:

      try turning off everything in Developer Options.

      • kinan says:

        hi Max
        thank for your reply ,but unfortunately it didnt work ,I did try to to root using the KSA ver and even the European one ,still didnt work out ….what happen is that ,,everything was running perfect but i did the reset it ,,then the msg keep on appearing ,,is there is any way so that i can format it to the original soft ware??

  44. yousif says:

    hello max
    i have a big problem, here in iraq can’t find any local store for samsung to help me so, the internet is the solution as usual, send you an e-mail but no answer, anyway
    i have the note10.1 and i’m new to android, i have the arabic language in my note but don’t have the arabic input, who can i add the arabic input ?
    please don’t want to use a second program because i tried a lots of theme but hate all of them.

  45. Marcel says:

    Thx a lot great video!

  46. Sam says:

    Hello does this method works with stock rom build number N8000XWALG9? (TPH – Portugal)

  47. Manuel Viramontes says:

    Hey Max, can you please show us how to root the Galaxy Note 10.1 on a Mac? It would be greatly appreciated as I have been looking everywhere. Hopefully I get a response! Cheers!

  48. Lufer Seah says:

    Hi guys, is anyone having problem get the 64gb sd card read or iszit just me.Sorry if it only me.
    any advice to solve this. i’m using a class 10 card.

    Great Job on the note 10.1
    All to MAX the Great lol i had all my galaxysss rooted S, S2, S3 & now Note10.1 GTN8000.

    • Mike says:

      You have to reformat the sd card from exfat to fat 32. Easiest way I found when I encountered this was to put it into my phone, wait for the phone to promt me to fix the card, and hit reformat. Only took a few seconds once I thought to try my phone as apparently the note 10.1 does not give the option to do this?

  49. Edwin says:

    hi max , 2weeks ago i rooted my note .
    but after that , my device twice or more always reset by it self.
    can u help me? how to fix it.

  50. JoeRo says:

    Hi Max !
    I have the Note 10.1 8000. I rooted it using the non custom method demonstrated above and everything was fine. I have busybox 1.20.2 installed. Recently whenever I issue commands such as ifconfig / hostname etc. I receive a segmentation fault.
    I have the N8000XXALGA firmware installed. I have tried uninstalling busybox however it fails. I have also tried re-flashing with the same firmware and N8000XWALG7 (KSA) – the tablet’s region firmware.
    In both cases I receive the same error the user “Barryt” encountered :
    :… Applied the CSC-code : KSA
    did not match sized
    After the flash failure my tablet reboots normally and everything works fine.
    I have unistalled Avast and tried however I get the same error.
    Appreciate your help.
    Thanks !

    • Max says:

      It could be from the busybox you installed, busybox is compatible with most android (the app i mean) but might cause problems with tablets.

  51. Isomelos says:

    Hey Max, my build number is N8013UEALI3. Will I have any problems rooting using this method? Much appreciated!

  52. CrokusBogus says:

    A total noob question here as I have ABSOLUTELY no prior experience in rooting etc.

    Here’s the situation: I’ve purchased a Galaxy Note 8000 in China(I live here for now) and it seems to have a TONNE of Chinese bloatware.

    I’m going to follow the steps detailed above and inject the European firmware ( if thats the right term). Hopefully things should go well and should not be a problem

    My question is this : will this method remove the Chinese apps ( QQ, Ren Ren etc) which seem to have come with the system and install Google Play etc? Or do I have it all wrong and am SOL and stuck with this?


  53. Shawn says:

    I have a n813ueali3 build and i would like to use this method because cwm one requires restoring stock recovery. Wouldn’t i lose my root then and id have to re use the cwm one and not have the update then. Also i’ve rooted a few devices before but im alittle un-fimiliar with how i would be restoring the stock recovery if I used the cwm method.

  54. Mosab Khayat says:

    Thank you very much

    the nice thing is I still got my opened taps in internet browser after the root

    thanks again

  55. Darkusone says:

    Everything perfect, very easy and fast despite the size of the OFW as root and am doing well, just a little mistake to restart the tablet but nothing remarkable, I recommend it to people who want to do and do not you dare, Thank you MAX work.

    Para Españoles:
    Todo perfecto, muy facil y rapido a pesar del tamaño del OFW, ya soy root y va bien, solo un pequeño error al reinicio de la tablet pero nada destacable, lo recomiendo a la gente que quiera hacerlo y no se atreva, Gracias por tu trabajo MAX.

  56. Sam says:

    In ClockworkMod Recovery I cannot find option to creat epartition on sd card.
    Is it missing?

  57. Rui Maurício says:

    Hi. I did the root like you show. Thanks.

    But the youtube app desappeare. I installed it from the market, but it doesnet work.

    All the rest seams to be fine… Can you helpme?

    [by the way, after I root the tab doesn’t connect anymore with Samsung Kies… is this normal?]

  58. Conner says:

    Please Zedomax I have a samsung galaxy note 10.1 n8010 wifi and i live in the uk. However everytime I need to charge it dosn’t work, I nned you to tell me how to unroot, so I can return it under guarantee. Please help Me!

  59. Mansour Yaacoubi says:


    I have a problem. I’ve rooted my Galaxy Note 10.1 with this tutorial.
    I bought it here in Germany. Well, the error I’ve encountered is, that after I rooted my tablet
    there were always poping up a message-box saying “Unfortunately, S Note has stopped.”.
    I click on OK and wait for several seconds (2-4 seconds) and this message appears again.
    What can I do? I got a GT-N8000

    • shane says:

      I am also experiencing this issue. The tablet is running really slowly and the pop up keeps coming up. I’ve tried to reflash it but its still the same. During the flash it runs in to an error. Please help, I cant even use my tablet now..

      • shane says:

        Got it fixed… you have to battle your way through to settings —-> application manager——> All tab->find s note and clear data. This will solve it issue. Seems like there is a problem with the s note cache or something. but that cleared it up.

  60. Gonzo1 says:

    Hi MAX…
    One question…
    What about GT-N8010 ???
    Have you the spanish version?
    Thanks Max.

  61. Clive says:

    I have Note 8000 & am in India.
    I am trying to download the european build from but the link is not resumable & I dont have a stable net connection.

    Pl post a torrent link or a hotfile/deposit/rapidshare type link


  62. Rafael says:

    Nice work Max,

    I have a question with root injected method if I update the system via OTA, SU will still working after update?

    Raffix Quest.

  63. william says:

    NOOB QUESTION PLS I am from africa…i think this european build should work for me..I prefer root injected..but when i update to jelly bean OTA will the root be disabled? pls respond

  64. Danny says:

    Max, thanks mate you’re an absolute legend.
    I am a complete Luddite and when faced with trying to fix my wife’s GT-N8000 (purchased in China) so she could get onto Google Play Store I was nervous to say the least. Your instructions were clear and your medicine worked. For anyone who gets stuck with a China bought GT-N8000 this is the fix for you.

    Thanks a million! Android High indeed 🙂

  65. Brad says:

    Yess! Rooted! Oho I had a N8010 now i have N8000? And was just WiFi but now WiFi and 3g? Did I do something wrong?

  66. obi says:

    i have a N8000XXBLJ9 build it should be a European version. Is it safe to install N8000XXALGA

  67. Omar says:

    Hi I have wifi version, but my compilation is UEALI3, can work with this ROM? is the official

  68. puw says:

    Hi, I’m in China build number N8000ZCZLI1. I’m on ICS 4.0.4. I’ve dloaded Clean Stock Euro ICS firmware N8000XXALGA_N8000OXXALG5_PHE_RootGalaxyNote. I’m hoping I’ve got the right one but, I’ve no idea if this is
    ICS 4.0.4 – can you confirm pls which version this is? Should I dload another clean stock Euro that is 4.0.4?
    Which 1 – any idea? I’m not looking to move to JB, happy to stay with ICS.

    I’ve never done anything like flashing or rooting. I would like to simply change the O/S from Chinese to full English, getting rid of Chinese bloatware etc. I’m not looking for a custom ROM, overclocking etc.
    Just a clean Samsung English 3G Note 10.1

    I’ve no idea, for the purpose of warranty if something goes wrong, how to make a ghost of the current original O/S before proceeding – how is that done? I can’t find anywhere, due to vastly reduced and restricted internet access, that goes through this process (to give me peace of mind 🙂 )

    Which method of the 2 above do you recommend I follow for my situation? Pls confirm which ROM pack link I need
    to dload and use for your recommendation. I’d hate to dload to my pc, copy to the microSD and hit start with the
    wrong ICS.

    I’d appreciate all feedback you can offer. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into helping folks like me (clueless with Android but great with a desktop haha)

    • puw says:

      done it, thx. One thing though, if like me you follow the video, the yes on the Note’s screen between the no’s doesn’t show, only no’s, until u tab down the list. I installed six times before I knew how to find the yes. That’s in landscape as per the video.

      • Dave says:

        Hi, i want to do the same. Changing my Chinese 10.1 N8000 to a European version. Which methode and which ROM did you use and did it remove all the Chinese garbage and included Google apps (play store etc.)?

        Thanks for the feedback.

        • puw says:

          Hi Dave. You have to root, to take control over the process – sorry, you have to. I was lucky to have a guy locally to help over the phone when it wasn’t going right. I’ve looked back and think I used StockROMs.net_N8000XXALGA_N8000OXXALG5. I tried other “Euro” ones and got Russian etc.

          As long as you follow the written instructions and the video (and don’t forget, if you do it in landscape, there’s a point in the installation where you need to select (screen tap) a yes, like the youtube video shows, but if in landscape you don’t know you can scroll down to see the yes when it’s your first time – all you see are no’s).

          Look here and here

          I know it’s a worry m8, after you’ve spent all that money when you feel on your own, clueless and in the dark. Once I was told to scroll down and hit the yes and found it, it all went great. I installed a Russian version, uninstalled, found a GB version and installed that etc.

          Somewhere was told to install Skype early on to get round the appz store I think.

          As far as I know, I’ve got what the UK should have on it. If you want a Yank one, I don’t know the difference. Being here, you know you can’t get out without a VPN. If you try and access the store etc without it, you don’t get to go lol.

          Make sure to backup the original, in case you need to put it back on for warranty.

          Other than that, I can’t think of any problems you should have. As I said, the screen with all the “No’s” on it baffled me until my guy said scroll down via the volume buttons and then everything worked out ok – the “Yes” was there 🙂 Good luck!

  69. NADISH says:

    HEY CAN U MAKE Stock US Firmware with Root injected PLEASE

  70. Mauro says:

    HEY CAN U MAKE Stock United Kingdom Firmware with Root injected for n8010 or n8000 PLEASE,
    4.0.4 or 4.1.1

    you can download from

  71. nadish says:

    what is.binary counting

  72. Hardy says:

    I used N8013RootInjectedSystem file for rooting. Now the s-pen does not work anymore. Is there another file I can download? (I have GT N8013, WIFI only us version)

  73. Raymond Chan says:

    Hey Max, I have GT-N8000 Build Number is IMM76.N8000ZSALI1 (N8000XXLI1) so Which rom should I use? I got this from Hong Kong 3G Version.

  74. J Aquarius says:

    Hi Max,
    Tried root method 1 on the Galaxy Note 10.1 Wifi (with the latest stock update) Ver. “UECLK8” using the “Download UEALGB GT-N8013 Firmware with Root injected.”

    Thru the Odin all went okay and the system reboot, but when it did it stayed on the Samsung logo and nothing further.
    Please advise how to solve or any other flash method that I can make it work.

  75. Emergency Help says:

    I thought this method was easy…..but when I did it… I got stuck…, so that I would like to ask more advice from you..
    After I have done, and then my device rebooted but it got stuck… and the red let/ter say that
    ” did not match sized /system/csc/common/system/app/BooksTablet.apk’ (No data available).
    Then I waited for a long time…but I saw nothing, so I rebooted system… but when It was rebooting, it got stuck at logo “Sumsung”. I think its system was broken…..
    So How should I do more?
    Please help me too.. Thank you in advance!

  76. Fernando says:

    Works fine in brazillian N8000 device. thanks!

  77. Juan Sebastian says:

    Nice man, i rooted my galaxy note 10.1 (wi-fi), and i founded that now i realized that i have apps from the 3g version, i have some issues with samsung actualizations and i have a new menu one option say actualice and the other say actualizate by wi fi i select actualice and say unable to conecct network so what can i do? I am able to get the premium sute or not? Im scared 🙁
    Thanks for all

  78. Gunny81 says:


    Great work as always, I appreciate all the effort you put into this.

    I am wanting to un-root my 8013 and could not find the instructions on here. I recently bricked my RAZR, so I just want to make sure I do this right before I ruin this tablet

    Any and all help would be much appreciated in un-rooting this 8013.

    Thank you.

  79. Dave says:

    Hi, like in a previous post i also have a Note 10.1 N8000 bought in China and i would like to flash it to a european firmware so i get rid of all the Chinese apps. Also i would like to have the Google apps and play store on it (which is not on the Chinese version). Anyway i also do not need any rooting etc. just a clean original european version of the Note 10.1 N8000. Who can tell me which methode to use best and which ROM to use (download). It is the first time i have to do this and i can use the tutorials found here just need to know which methode and ROM to use.

    Thanks for any feedback.

    • puw says:

      See above Dave and acknowledge pls

      • Dave says:

        Hi i tried to flash European Firmware with Odin but for some reason it always fails when it reaches ‘modem.bin’. Tried two different versions from which the second one flashed in a different sequence but also failed at modem.bin.
        Now my note 10.1 seems to have a bit of both Chinese and European but when looking in the system it shows the CSC unknown now. For the rest all seems to work and all Google apps are working too but can someone explain why it always fail at modem.bin. I want to flash it without errors and then being able to wipe clean the cache etc. to get rid of all the Chinese stuff. Any advice welcome.

        • puw says:

          write down the steps u r taking pls.

          At what step is the modem.bin?

          • Dave says:

            Hi, first of all thanks for replying to my thread. Really appreciate it!
            First things i did succesfully was to flash the Clockwork recovery and SU. Then i tried to flash with Odin the new firmaware. See below log file:
            Enter CS for MD5..
            Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
            Please wait..
            N8000XXCLL3_N8000OXECLL1_N8000XXCLL1_HOME.tar.md5 is valid.
            Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
            Leave CS..
            Odin v.3 engine (ID:5)..
            File analysis..
            Get PIT for mapping..
            Firmware update start..
            NAND Write Start!!

            Complete(Write) operation failed.
            All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

            Like mentioned i tried another firmware which flashes the system.img before the modem.bin and then fails again.
            After that one my note shows:
            PDA: with the flashed version number
            CSC: unknown

            I cannot understand why it fails everytime. I checked my note with another european SIM card to see if it is locked but works normally with that SIM card as well. If you have any idea what is going wrong or what to do then let me know.
            Thanks again.

  80. nissn says:

    zedomax i have rooted my note 10.1 and its working but iam having a problem there is a window coming on screen says : unfortuantely S note has stopped . and then iam clicking ok its appering again what i have to do please help

    • Max says:

      You may have a newer firmware, try re-installing the latest firmware using ODIN, then re-root using CWM method.

      • nissn says:

        i have fixed that problim by going to application and force stop s note and clear the data off it its working good but i got another problem . its asking for update and i ave update it once but the root has been deleted i have rooted it again but it steel asking for update what i have to do and thanx for the replay

  81. Benson chengkokkay says:

    I just brought the n8010 in shanghai.I can’t go into google play store to download apps. Can I follow your method to root the n8010.? I am not sure it ia a newer firmware or older firmware. Please advise in step.

    • puw says:

      This is about how to change the Note 10.1 (GT-N8000(3G version) or GT-N8013(Wifi version)

      Check through the whole post above – control + f = search – to see what happened to others when they tried it.

  82. Pingback: [ANDROID] Galaxy Note – Use praticamente qualquer app no MultiWindow | Rodrigo Silva e problemas...

  83. JOHAR says:

    its U R G E N T
    I have tried to root my GT-N8000 with
    (saudi arabia / UAE Rooted Stock Firmware XWALG7)
    every thing gone fine and ODIN shown
    BUT stuck with SAMSUNG LOGO
    I tried to reboot but it is fruitless
    kindly guide further by email
    thanx in advance

  84. Susan says:

    thank u Max but I have a problem after downloading the tar file I un zip it but I didnt find the file I just fond boot img, cach.img and other from the type do I need to download another file so I can open this kind of file. thank you

  85. JOHAR says:

    thank you max
    Indian Tab. with (saudi arabia / UAE Rooted Stock Firmware XWALG7)
    1st time I got stuck with SAMSUNG LOGO, but then I wiped out all data and made a FACTORY RESET.
    and again tried ODIN and success fully rooted.

    wheneve screen turns off my GT-N8000’s signal goes off, it just tries to save battery and drops network
    then, when I turn on the screen , then it tries to get NETWORK SIGNAL.
    I rerooted my tab, but I finally got that this problem is embedded with the (saudi arabia / UAE Rooted Stock Firmware XWALG7).

    help what to do , because I am unable to recieve incoming call as well as all background internet activities goes off in lack of network signal..


  86. Abdulrahman says:

    Hi Max

    I’m facing the boot loop issue after finishing all above steps, it’s stuck on SAMSUNG logo now i tried rooting it again passed with the same issue. please your support

    Galaxy Note 10.1 GT-N8000 3G Version

    • Max says:

      Did you try the CWM version, I don’t recommend this method unless you have the original firmware when Note 10.1 first came out.

      • Abdulrahman says:

        Actually i fixed this issue by resting the device to factory, it’s working and still have the root access also i’m able to receive the OTA update. Thanks for support Max

  87. alan says:

    hey max im stuck at the samsung logo for quite some time…btw i tried the cwm version it didnt work…helpppp

  88. Seldi says:

    Hello MAX. I have GTN8000. i tryed that way but after 2min it says FAILED! pls HELP 🙁

    • Seldi says:

      After restart it says : Firmware upgrade encountered an issue. Please select recovery mode in Kies & try again.

  89. sokot says:

    So Sorry for my poor English language
    Hello to all
    i have a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 GT-N800 Two days ago I got to download the official ROM to install
    With programs odin I do not know what happened after that to install the rom you want to come up
    Logo Image for Samsung Rom the top down, and when I came out when I connect to the computer by cable
    Any of your devices Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 GT-N800 The drive did not identify the
    I was sure to check .usb debugging. And unknown sources There was
      And I was sure that application samsung kies. And drives installed samsung drivers Was installed
    But I could not forgive me Anglysm weaken
      I ask you to help me some photos when samsung startup Here is on the lose
    Please help me thank you
    So Sorry for my poor English language

  90. sokot says:

    Please help me thank you

  91. Rich says:

    I tried this with my GT N8013. It took a long time for the ODIN process to finish but it was green in the end.

    However, immediately after auto-reboot, the usual SAMSUNG Logo animation and sound intro happened BUT it gets stuck there. It doesn’t load the Android “Desk Top Environment” with all the apps to select from.

    Does this file expand in size as is working to root the Galaxy 10.1? Is it possible that it expanded to the point where it totally used up all the storage space on the internal HD and now there’s no room for any kind of movement within – the movement and space needed to load the desktop environment?

    I tried re-booting and waiting about 15 minutes for the desktop environment to load but its still stuck.

    How do I get unstuck?

  92. Rich says:

    Disregard my previous message – I fixed it. I dis-assembled it and disconnected the power cord connector from the battery (based on the picture tutorial in – so that I could stop that boot-loop – bs. There’s also a platinum level quality youtube video that shows one how to rip apart the Tablet “Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 N8000/8010/8013 Disassembly & Assembly” by “LE55ONS” Dammit why can’t they all super clear like this on youtube?!!! I then down loaded a stock quality rom and re-flashed the tablet. Funny thing though, it still kept on getting stuck in the boot-loop until the battery power fell low enough for the device to signal for a re-charge – that’s when I saw the desk top environment screen behind the low power notice.

  93. Master says:

    How about GT N8020 LTE I just bought it.

  94. elvis best says:

    hey max i have the samsung tab 10.1 model number sph-1497 android 4.1.2 buitn #jz054k.14970cbmf2 do u have any info on the root fot this device? hope so love you work the best ever been following your work for along time now iam hooook lol ty

  95. Gio says:

    Hello Max
    I’m looking for a help rooting my N8020 LTE Verizon.

    I have tried CF-AUTO Root using Odin 3 and it Failed


    All failed with the same response

    NAND Write Start!!
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

    USB DEBUGGING: Checked


    Thank you

  96. Ali says:

    i just follow your method,
    but after rooting, i mean after finishing with odin,
    i cant find supersu in my apps.
    whats wrong?

  97. Israel Andrade says:

    I did everything as described on your video, got a “PASS” in Odin3 V1.85. So far so good. But….
    It does not run CWM. It loads stock “Android system recovery ” Blue lettering, and on the lower part of the screen it is in ” # MANUAL MODE # “, Yellow lettering

    Do I arrow down to “apply update from external storage”???

    I am assuming that the CMW SuperSU-v0.94 did not run..

    What now?

    Please advise,


  98. Carlo says:

    Problems launching this for GT-8020, as well as GIO, any other person who tested and worked for this version,
    thanks in advance,

  99. Joseph says:

    the European firmware used above “Download XXLGA Stock European Firmware with Root injected (Mirror)” is what version of android? because my galaxy note 10.1 aready run on android 4.1.2 but it is chinese region firmware, so I want to European root injected firmware like it is done here, so what version is it

  100. Anton says:

    hello, and go whether this method for JZO54K.N8000XXCMJ2?
    (sorry for my english)

  101. Jishin Jose T J says:

    I had updated the software for my Samsung Galaxy Not GT-N8000. After update was complete, the tab is not booting. It showing Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N8000.
    I think when I ODIN it I Click Re-partition.
    How to fix the issue. How can i fix the same and start using the tab.

  102. Jishin Jose T J says:

    After watching some of your video i figured out that my Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N8000 is
    in android soft brick. Same problem with my Motorola Xoom But i still don’t know how to fix it
    How to fix the issue

    • Max says:

      What did you exactly do? Flashing CWM recovery does not cause any soft bricks, you must have done something else?

      • Jishin Jose T J says:

        Hi Thanks for reply.
        I got official kitkat update for my GT-N8000 after install it i really don’t like it os downgrade it using ODIN to 4.0.4 then upgrade it to jelly bean using WiFi after that it stuck in samsung logo
        try to restart but not working
        then i Odin it again with 4.0.4 I think when I ODIN it I Click Re-partition
        after that it stuck on showing me Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N8000

        I try Hard Reset but it Don’t showing me Android system recovery
        only think that i can do is go to Download mode

        • Max says:

          I think that’s the problem, you cannot downgrade, you will soft brick like you said, you will need to grab KitKat firmware and flash that with ODIN. Try for the latest firmwares.

          • Jishin Jose T J says:

            Odin KitKat really worked

            I thank you for taking time out to answer my question. I am sure that you are really busy and I appreciate you taking the time to respond personally to me. THANK YOU again.

          • Kerido says:

            Hi Max, it feels so good and easy when a bricked phone or tablet comes to life by solution. but…. Is the samfirmware website yours? Do you post those updates? If not, are you sure it is safe and does not contain deliberate holes?
            And does it come with clockwork mod? if not, how to install it after flashing the prerooted firmware?

  103. shopping says:

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    when the retailer is ready to put up fresh stock and needs to
    clear the old unsold stock. s, when e-commerce had
    been grown rapidly as it could not be made bigger as though the days go by.
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  104. Kerido says:

    and., do I have to flash the whole samfirmware again, for later updates?

  105. Chris295 says:

    I have a Samsung n8005 bought in Turkey with disabled phone and 3g software. If I install n8000 European OS will the 3g and phone be enabled? Thanks in advance.

  106. AttilaTo says:

    N8013 – Boots up only to Galaxy Note logo
    with VOLUME DOWN + POWER button I can get to the ODIN MODE
    can connect with ODIN on my PC

    Downloaded, Flashed ….

    1st try: KIES_HOME_N8013UEUCMI3_N8013XARCMI3_813049_REV00_u ser_low_ship.tar.md5
    ODIN says PAS but after reboot, stopped on Galaxy Note logo

    2nd try: N8013RootInjectedSystem.tar
    ODIN says PAS but after reboot, stopped on Galaxy Note logo

    please help with!

  107. vignesh says:

    Note 10.1 n8000 recovery mode not working..tried flashing several stock roms with odin .Though every time flash is success with “pass” in odin ,its stuck in samsung boot logo and reboots (bootlogo bootloop)..pls help

  108. Thames says:

    Max, I it was grate, but I lost the mobile connection. I cannot use the phone call (voice), it show “not registered on network”. Please help what can I do for recover that. Thank you.

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