How to Root Galaxy Note 10.1 Wifi GT-N8013!

(Above shows my Wifi Note 10.1 being rooted, the red circle showing that there’s no SIM card slot.)

Well, it seems like Samsung did a good job of maintaining consistency along their Note 10.1 this time around. Unlike Tab 10.1s which required different recoveries for each different models, the Note 10.1 shares the same recovery and other file system partitions, allowing you to easily install the same ClockworkMod Recovery whether you have a GT-N8000 (3g model) or the GT-N8013.

What does this mean?

It just means that there’s more compatibility across all models of Galaxy Note 10.1 and it will make it easier for developers to make new ROMs for both.

You can root your Galaxy Note 10.1 Wifi GT-N8013 using the same root method used on the GT-N8000 version, see here to root your wifi version.

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Galaxy Note Reference
You will need a rooted Galaxy Note to install all ROM/kernels.
NOTE: If you are a noob, please remember the author of this site is not responsible if you mess up your phone. Make sure you know what you are doing before following any instructions on this site!
First time to rooting and custom ROMs? Please see our Galaxy Note Root Guide FIRST!

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21 Responses to How to Root Galaxy Note 10.1 Wifi GT-N8013!

  1. Tim says:

    Once you have released your ROM for the Note 10.1 I’ll be buying one to test! Great speed and as always, thanks for the quick tutorials.

  2. Michael says:

    Would u put a way about how to unroot Galaxy Note 10.1 Wifi GT-N8010! And how to clear times of the download because if i need to repair accidently. Thank you!

  3. si_android says:

    is n8013 root deleted? cant download from stockroms no link availble

  4. Bob says:

    Zedomax do you have the stock 8013 UEALGB recovery.tar if so can you post it? I tried to download one off of xda but that one has a boot.img, no recovery.img. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

  5. Lufer Seah says:

    Hi Max, i have try the rooting of my GTN8000 everything find. aspect for the storage card, does anyone has problem reading (64gb class 10) or it just me?

  6. Lufer Seah says:

    Oh, and great job done on the rooting test!!!
    i got all my galaxyssss rooted S, S2, S3, & now Note 10.1

  7. Hiruna Wijesinghe says:


    I have a N8010 and Im from australia..

    I have the stock XSA firmware and I am rooted. I bought a OTG cable on friday and i tried to attach mice and keyboards and other devices like a pen drive but it does not work. when i connect the otg cable by it self, it shows the USB connector attached notification but it goes away in few seconds. Usb Host Controller ( app does not show any device connect. I have tried connecting devices with USB debugging enabled and also it being disabled.
    I also flashed cm10 and it does not show anything at all when I connect the OTG cable. I dont think there is a issue with the cable. Please help me out here. If you can, please make a kernel like the SiyahKernel (for SGS2 and SGS3)


  8. Ivory Heath says:

    Thanks so much for the root Max. Only problem I am having is that it keeps giving me notification that there is an update available and when I try to update, it gives me an error and it stays on clockwork mod. How do I fix this problem? I am waiting for the Jelly Bean so I don’t know if that is the update. Thanks again.

  9. Eduardo G. says:

    Hi Max, Do you know the difference between n8010 and n8013?

    Can I root n8013 and load roms from here in my n8013.

    Thanks for all

  10. TechGeek says:

    Max: I follow all the steps on how to root my N8013 Odin, PDA load HighonAndroid file, place my N8013 on download mode, everything runs good I get a pass at the end, my device boots, and when I try to go into recovery mode I get a Manual Mode massage and than Android System Recovery I am pretty good at root and loading new rooms on my GS3, Note 2, and Note 1 but I can seen to make this one work can you help me please thanks.

    • Via Carzeto28f says:

      Hi Max,

      I have similar issue with rooting my Note 10.1. Rooting goes well and says pass but I can not get into clockworkmod recovery afterwards.

      Thanks for your appreciated help

  11. Jonathan Gonzalez says:

    after i do the whole odin thing I

  12. Jonathan Gonzalez says:

    after I do the whole odin thing i press the power and up button the CWM doesn’t come up my stock one pops up what did i do wrong i have the gtn8013. if i can get a quick reply that would be great

  13. Brandons says:

    After Odin passes on my gt-8013. I hold the power and volume up keys and it boot into stock recovery. What am I doing wrong. my android version on my note 10.1 is 4.12. Please help. I just got this thing yesterday and wanted it it rooted then as well. Thanks for all your work!!!

  14. Dwangs says:

    hey got my hands on a galaxy not tab model no. GT-P5113 would this root method work running Android version 4.1.1 please let me know i would appreciate your help

  15. Robert Gonzales says:

    hey max will this root work the 4.1.2 WiFi Note 10.1 still?

  16. Tim says:

    Hey Max. I just picked up the note 10.1 Verizon variant sch-i925. Is there a root method that I can use for this thing or should I take this back to Verizon and just get the Wifi version. I would like to overclock just a little bit and try out a few roms as I have done on my Galaxy S3. Thanks bro

    • Max says:

      Check XDA I think there’s root for that one, I don’t think there’s many ROMs for that model, wifi is much more versatile.

  17. peter says:

    Just tried to root my note 10.1 n8013, however,was not able to copy .exe or zip files on the tab to start the root process,anyone encounter the same situation?


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