How To Root Galaxy Note 10.1! [Easiest Method][CWM][Method 2][ICS/Jelly Bean]

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For those of you who want an easier/quicker method to root your Galaxy Note 10.1 GT-N8000/GT-N8013, you can install the “High On Android” ClockworkMod Recovery on your Galaxy Note 10.1. This will allow you to install, backup, and restore ROMs and also flash zip files so you can root your GT-N8000/GT-N8013/GT-N8010.

UPDATE: This root method works for both 3G and Wifi Note 10.1, GT-N8000 or GT-N8013 or GT-N8010. If your model number starts with any of those model numbers, you can use this method fine.

This root method works for all ICS and Jelly Bean. (Android 4.0.3, 4.0.4, 4.1.1)

This root method does increase your binary counter (unlike the other root method) but I wouldn’t worry so much as ChainFire the developer of Triangle Away app (app that resets the binary counter) is pretty quick about supporting new devices (so in the near future it should be possible to reset it easily).

Also, if you don’t see a firmware listed for your Galaxy Note 10.1 for the other root method and you don’t want to flash another country’s firmware, you can use this method and safely root without changing your firmware.


Download USB Drivers for Windows

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(Don’t have unzipping program? Download and install 7Zip first.)

Q: Can I get OTA (over-the-air) updates after using this root method?
A: Yes, to get OTA updates after using this root method, you will have to re-flash the stock recovery using ODIN. (Same as you did with ClockworkMod Recovery, easy to do.)

Q: I don’t see ClockworkMod Recovery when I enter recovery, I see stock Android recovery.
A: With newer software updates, you may be encountering this error because it will overwrite ClockworkMod Recovery upon reboot. ย To get around this, simply boot into ClockworkMod Recovery right after flashing in ODIN. ย You can set auto-reboot off in ODIN then when done, just hold down Power and Volume Down straight to bootloader menu.

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You will need a rooted Galaxy Note to install all ROM/kernels.
NOTE: If you are a noob, please remember the author of this site is not responsible if you mess up your phone. Make sure you know what you are doing before following any instructions on this site!
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226 Responses to How To Root Galaxy Note 10.1! [Easiest Method][CWM][Method 2][ICS/Jelly Bean]

  1. abcd says:

    The tab is not even released. How did u get it?

  2. Dobita says:

    i just wondering is there anyway for gt-n8013 4.0.4 to support and work with adobe flash?

    • Max says:

      You can add adobe flash apk from adobe’s archive.

      • Dobita says:

        could you show me how to do it step by step? not that good with stuff like this,
        and i was able to download flask apk from some flash installer app, but then when i tried to open the flash, it still show a blue box with question mark

        • Max says:

          You have to enable flash in browser settings also. Let me see if I can do a video tutorial when I have some free time soon.

        • Andre says:

          Once flash player 11 apk installed, open flash player setting app.
          it will open default web browser, you can setup options.
          then flash player should work fine.

  3. simon says:

    I have a GT-N8013. I just updated it to UEALH2. Will this root method work for the updated build?

      • simon says:

        I tried to follow your instructions from the video. The CWM looked completely different from what you have in your video. The actual problem is that when I tried to install the root file it gave me an red error. Luckily the tablet is still working just without the root. Do you have any suggestions?

        • Max says:

          I think you have stock recovery? Try re-installing CWM.

          • rekil says:


            Thanks for the great work.

            However, this method didn’t install CWM for me either. After installing the HighOnAndroid file through ODIN and rebooting in to recovery, it loads stock recovery not CWM. I tried reinstalling HighonAndroid twice without any luck. Something is not working. Any suggestions?

            thank you

            • Max says:

              On newer software update you might have to flash it then reboot into CWM right away. Make sure the system doesn’t fully boot otherwise it will overwrite it with stock recovery.

        • wikedawsum says:

          I had the same problem on my 8013. Uncheck the auto reboot option in Odin. Once it’s finished, hold down volume up and then power button to boot directly into CWM. Worked for me.

          • Rick Paquin says:

            I also found, as Max explained earlier, you have to turn off the auto-reboot in ODIN and hold down power up and power and it will go directly into CWM. I’m running 4.04. Max did a wonderful job. I had to root my tablet because my copy and paste feature no longer worked. Now I can get to clipboard files and delete the corrupted files when that happens and get my copy andd paste working again! Max’s video was excellent! VERY appreciative!

            • deji says:

              I successfully rooted my Note 10.1 GT-N8000 and was able to get in CWM by unchecking the reboot option in ODIN. I believe i was able to root my device the only issue is that it seem to go back into the stock recovery and I still cant get into CWM.

              Did i miss a step or is this something else i need to do. Thanks for your great work

          • isao says:

            Thanks wikedawsum!
            I successed your way.

  4. Oscar Victoriano says:

    Can I you N8000 stock recover to N8010?

    • Lord says:

      That is also my question. Or have someone the stock recovery for N8010?
      thx a lot.

      • Richard says:

        Same question. Has anybody tried restoring a stock 8000 firmware on the 8010?

        • Jack says:

          I wouldn’t risk it because N8000 has GSM and different hardware than the N8010. N8013 is very close to N8010 though, so I would try that. And why would u want to flash stock recovery anyways? you’ll find ROMs with the latest sources once available and much faster than official OTA, not as stable, but stock is no fun.

        • Max says:

          Probably won’t work anyways, ODIN will detect it’s a non-8010 firmware.

  5. Rey Ford says:

    Thank you ZedoMax, your are the awesomeness sir!
    BTW, Can you compile a rom for us wifi only users?

  6. Max says:

    Oh no, bought the Tablet today and your downloadlink is not available. ๐Ÿ™ Hopefully it get back soon. Thanks for your great work! ๐Ÿ™‚ Max from Germany!

  7. Scorp says:

    Great work ๐Ÿ˜€ . Keep it UP.
    Any Ideas to fastboot CWM without flashing because I saw it working on Samsung Galaxy Tab or to use a temporary with no need to flash CWM then flash Stock Recovery.

  8. Randy says:

    Hey max, i got the note from negri as well. thx for the root info, but the problem i’m trying to solve has to do with usb recognition. I’ve scoured the forums n have tried everything including factory reset to no avail. If you have the time, I’d really appreciate swapping some emails to explain further — you seem to know your stuff. lemme know n thanks!

  9. Lord says:

    Hey Max, thank you for your great work! I actually rooted my N8010! thx a lot

  10. Gabriel says:

    I successfully rooted but any idea why my touch screen is now totally un-responsive? It works after reboot but as soon as the screen goes off and I turn it back on it does nothing until I restart it again. Not blaming, just asking.

    • Max says:

      Does that happen all the time? I am looking into it, happened to me once.

      • Gabriel says:

        It happened every time. I tried to flash stock back to it and it still did it. I was within my 30 days so I exchanged it at BBY. I looked into it more and found that it’s not just rooted tablets. XDA had some forums from people saying that their non rooted tablet was doing it also, especially after the last OTA. They were also saying that Samsung has now pulled that OTA.

  11. Horatio says:

    I have only a Mac on hand, any idea how I could root my note 10.1 with the mac?

  12. Seto says:

    How to make odin file with stock recovery only? Your recovery are rip from some firmware. I want to rip the recovery I want from the firmware. How? I simply package with tar in 7-zip. I will make odin crash.

  13. Kunzhi Shen says:

    Thank you for your “how to root’ and i have rooted my N8000. But today I choose system update and I found that the tablet is unrooted. I repeat the steps to root it again. The recovery has been written by odin and when I tried to enter recovery, it is recovery 3E. It never changed no matter what I do.Is it locked?

    • Max says:

      Just reflash and enter it right away, newer software versions overwrite the custom recovery on reboot, that is why that’s happening.

      • kunzhi says:

        i have done it! do not choose auto reboot in odin and recovery is overwritten to cwm.if auto reboot, recovery will not be changed to cwm.
        thank you for your reply

      • precboth says:

        I have some problem, can i root my device again,..? because i have reflash and nothing happend, in i found my device still unrooted..? and i have tried not choose auto reboot in odin, but it doesnt work. could anyone solve my problem?

        • precboth says:

          nevermind, i have my own experience,
          after you reflash via ODIN (do not check auto reboot), do not turn off the device, but go straight with push “volume up + Power” so you will entry CWM.
          thanks, it solved…

  14. Vee says:

    Hi, is there a way to unroot the n8013? I’ve only seen the unroot method for the n8000.

  15. Jay Paul says:

    After flashing CWM Recovery do I hold the power button + VOL DOWN


    PWR + VOL UP to enter recovery. Above in the two questions and asnwer setion you write PWR+Vol DOWN, but in video is it was PWR+VOL UP.

    I am about to try this on my brand new Gaaxy Note 10.1 and wanting to know for sure what I need to do.


  16. James says:

    theres recovery.img but no .tar file =[

  17. Eugene Doronin says:

    I’ve rooted my N8000 but when I’m trying to install CWM it asks me to choose my device Epic4G, S3 I9000, i9000..
    Which one should I choose?

  18. Cleerson says:

    Hi. I rooted my Galaxy Note 10.1 and removed COUNTER using Triangle Away 1.90. But i have a problemm: I cant remove YELLOW TRIANGLE when i put it in DOWNLOAD mode. The counter is “0” now. Another question: in Recovery mode (stock) i see the ANDROID TOY lay down with a RED TRIANGLE. Any idea about this situation? Thanks in advance.

    • Max says:

      counter 0 is normal. The triangle isn’t going to affect your phone any way btw, I wouldn’t worry too much about it, the stock recovery has red triangle, that’s normal.

  19. Cleerson says:

    Hi. I rooted my Galaxy Note 10.1 and removed COUNTER using Triangle Away 1.90. But i have a problemm: I cant remove YELLOW TRIANGLE when i put it in DOWNLOAD mode. The counter is โ€œ0โ€ณ now. Another question: in Recovery mode (stock) i see the ANDROID TOY lay down with a RED TRIANGLE. Any idea about this situation? Thanks in advance.

  20. franta26 says:

    Triangle Away for Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 already works (version 1.95). Pls update your article ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for your work.)

  21. Speed Wizard says:

    Hi. Excellent job, man, thank you so much! Works fine here. Now I have some newbie few questions
    Unroot: Is it possible by stock firmware? CMW will gone away and binary counter? In case of warranty need
    Will I need to do it to receive OTA upgrade (JB 4.1.1 or ICS new release)?

  22. Wheres the stock recovery tar ? I have N8010

    Btw, I’m in Australia…

    ANDDD tell me how to install Ubuntu natively on this ๐Ÿ˜€

  23. cstung says:

    is that possible to unroot?

  24. Yes it is. Just download the stock firmware from

    And flash it with ODIN
    Make sure u have reset the counter with Triangle Away app…

  25. jose says:

    I root my samsung galaxy 10.1 GT-N8013 and without know that i cant make update i hit to update bottom yesterday morning, since morning the tablet is like making the update but then when got to 100% it restar by in self and star loading again. i cant turn it off even not reset it. so i was thinking to unroot it but i couldnt find how to do it…..btw you think it will help or there is something else that could help me?

  26. hold down power and volume down button and keep holding until it goes to download mode and then the counter shud be at 1 and just turn it off by holding down the power button and then turn the phone on again. and get the triangle away app and reset the counter and go to Just download the stock firmware from And flash it with ODIN…. done!

  27. Edwin says:

    hi max , 2weeks ago i rooted my note .
    but after that , my device twice or more always reset by it self.
    can u help me? how to fix it.

  28. wayne mason says:

    please help,
    i rooted my gt-n8010 with the help of your video using the cwm method. all was ok but i need to send it back because of a dead pixel. i have used triangle away. now i cant restock with the original firmware. every time i try odin fails, (not responding). i have tried different versions of firmware and odin. tried kies but it says firmware is up to date.
    great video and guide though. thanks

  29. kingo rado says:

    thanx, am working on it,
    and wish ur mum healing

  30. kingo rado says:

    can i uni-rooting using this method ? and how ??

    thanks al ot

  31. FerociousAndroid says:

    Will this work with UEALI3?

  32. JP says:


    I am in the USA and have a 32GB N8013UEALGB and am eagerly awaiting a root version (and stock restore) for this model for the clockwork mod. I considered just the odin thing but … well…. you make the clockwork mod sound like so much more fun!

    I’ve watched all your videos (thank you for taking the time to make) and look forward to having some more fun with a rooted device. But since it’s my first android device, and my first root attempt (Yes I heard you but I’m going for it armed with your apparently idiot proof videos) but I am patiently waiting for version specific stuff (as if this will somehow prevent me from screwing it up).

    I see where others have asked and you have indicated you were “working on it” – so I wanted to be sure I wasn’t missing it or if you’ve just been a busy beaver.

    Meanwhile I want to be clear that I have absorbed everything you have indicated and post from memory what needs done:

    1. Take care that you have a standard recovery image and the rooted image for the device already on the sd card.
    2. Install odin on the pc.
    3. Plug in the device
    4. Click on the necessary button in Odin selecting the image on the SD you already have.
    5. Apply the new image.
    6. Reboot the device with the clockwork mod and make an immidate backup.

    Did I miss anything with that?

    Thank you again for all the edu!


    • Jay Paul says:

      NO this is correct. I would go as far as to tell you that after you make a first backup with Clcokword recovery, and everything works fine, I would save that folder somewhere else as well as on your SD card. I have had an SD card become corrupt on me and that was bummer. Now, I make a duplicate of the stock backup before injecting root into it and keep it safe on my computer and on

  33. Alexander Schwartz says:

    I once rooted my device using this method. Yesterday however, I installed an OTA update (110 MBytes) which changed something about S Note and probably fixed some bugs. I also lost root.
    So I tried to reroot it with the same method, but it doesn’t work any more. I flashed the HighOnAndroidCWMRecoveryGTN8000.tar using Odin without any problems but when I tried booting into Recovery Mode, I only got Stock Recovery instead of CWM recovery.
    Any idea? I’m having a European (German) version. N8000XXALI3.
    Thank you.

  34. peer83 says:


    i have the same Problem with Samsung’s update (to version N8000XXALI3).
    I’ve had no root bevore on my Note 10.1 and tried to root with the CWM method.
    The counter shows a custom change but i cannot boot to CWM ๐Ÿ™

  35. peer83 says:

    OK it’s working now. You have to switch off the “auto reboot” in odin. The Note stays in download modus.
    Then press power button and volume up to get to cwm recovery.

  36. nixon says:

    my computer wont detect my galaxy note when i run odin… even after installing the samsung usb drivers… i need help pls

  37. nixon says:

    nevermind i got recognition… now i get an error when i try to install my cwmsupersu-v0.94

  38. nixon says:

    thanks a lot peer 83 y tried what you posted and got it to work great!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  39. Jerry says:

    Where do i get the downloads for the GT-N8013, I have the Odin and the 7zip application.

  40. zakaria says:

    thank , i do 1st step with Odin , next when i like to access rom manager , have But not complete dont have full menu is like not complete Menu i cant install from SD Card ๐Ÿ™

  41. Aris says:

    does the stock recovery image works for the N8013?

  42. Gary says:

    i used your “method 2” to root my GT-N8013 and when I boot to recovery and try to install the CWM-SuperSU file… I get … Failed to verify whole-file signature and also… signature verification failed.

    any clue what I need to do?

  43. Geraldo Rocha says:

    I did all the steps but my screens after I rebooted with power+vol up are totally diferent. I found the CWM

  44. Geraldo Rocha says:

    I did all the steps but my screens after I rebooted with power+vol up are totally diferent. I found the CWM file at my SD card but when I installed, and signature error apears. Please, can you help me?

  45. Hiruna Wijesinghe says:


    I have N8010 and today I received a small update from Samsung and I had to re-flash the stock recovery and I updated it successfully and then now when I try to root it using the same method: so i flashed the CWM recovery tar using Odin and it was successful but when I try to reboot into recovery, it goes back to the stock recovery ? How can I fix this ? Please help.

  46. shaun says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I am a newbie to android tables and was wondering if someone can help me out. i have:
    Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet
    model: gt-n8010
    android version 4.0.4
    kernel version 3.0.15

    I am trying to get openvpn to work however tun.ko is giving me an error.
    i followed the video instruction. in tun.ko im getting this error:

    “Tun module is loaded
    Path to tun.ko is not found”

    which leads to tun.ko not being properly setup. Which leads to openvpn getting an error when trying to connect “linux:ipconfig faild etc”. If someone can help me out with this so i can get openvpn running.



  47. duke86 says:

    thanks man! this is great! XD

  48. Geraldo Rocha says:

    I have a Galaxy Note 10.1 and my compilation number is 8013UEALI3 … The problem was at the moment to install CMW… I cant found my SDCard and was needed to copy the CMW to a ExternalSDCard… Then I found the file, but when I install, a signature error appears… Anyone to help me?

  49. alvin says:

    Hi sir,

    I succeeded over and over again with your CWM rooting coz i’d rooted my n8000, my question is, my binary count right now is 3 counts, so how can i reduce it to one or shall i start all over again? does this count will affect my apps and programs? Thanks sir, I really need your help on this.

  50. anacleto says:

    Excuse my silly question, this method also works for N8010XXALGC safe?

  51. Tarek says:

    I followed your instructions but I faced a problem running the zip file! I have an error message saying :E: can’t mount. any suggestions of what I should do?

  52. Rafa says:

    max i have download the file but it is not letting me paste on my galaxy note 10.1 n8013 please HELP ๐Ÿ™
    also i just got yesterday it on 4.0.4


  53. Rafael says:

    Can someone please help me root my galaxy note n8013 10.1 I repeated the same steps over and over and over on the video and I keep on having problems someone please help

  54. thomas says:

    Hi i tried to root following this instruction, but I’m getting an Error.
    The install gets aborted. Even if I repeat. I don’t get root on my Tab.
    Can you help me?

    • Rafael says:

      I also was having the same problem and so I found the video of How to Install and Root Jelly Bean Firmware on Galaxy Note 10.1! [GT-N8000. On this same website I saw that video and answered my question that I had and I was able to figure out how to root it. But you have to watch the whole video hope this works for you the same way works for me

  55. TechGeek says:

    Max: I follow all the steps on how to root my N8013 Odin, PDA load HighonAndroid file, place my N8013 on download mode, everything runs good I get a pass at the end, my device boots, and when I try to go into recovery mode I get a Manual Mode massage and than Android System Recovery I am pretty good at root and loading new rooms on my GS3, Note 2, and Note 1 but I can seen to make this one work can you help me please thanks.

  56. Rafael says:

    I had the same problem and so I found the video of How to Install and Root Jelly Bean Firmware on Galaxy Note 10.1! [GT-N8000. On this same website I saw that video and answered my question that I had and I was able to figure out how to root it. you have to watch the video hope this works for you the same way works for me

  57. Naye says:

    I have successfully rootedmy GT-N8013 wifi using your above method.
    Now, I need to return my device back to the store; however can you tell me how to “unroot” it?

    Please help!


    • Rafael says:

      On here there is a video called Howย to Install Stock Recovery on your Rooted Galaxy Note 10.1! Just look it up and it will show u everything u have to do. Hope this works out for u.

      • Naye says:

        Thanks for your feedback. However, there is a problem, doing what you did on the video, has reset the flash/binary counter to 1 (this is after I already reset it to 0).
        Can you help me?

        • Rafael says:

          Try going into settings and doing a factory reset

          • Naye says:

            Well, I have to:
            1. re-Install CMW
            2. “root” it again
            3. “Triangle Away”
            4. Check that it is reset to 0
            THEN “Try going into settings and doing a factory reset”

            Is that what you mean?

            Thanks you for your assistance

          • Naye says:

            I tried but it doesn’t seems to work:

            ODIN MODE

            before Applying N8000_StockRecovery.tar

            PRODUCT NAME: GT-N8013
            CURRENT BINARY: Samsung Official

            after Applying N8000_StockRecovery.tar

            PRODUCT NAME: GT-N8013
            CUSTOM BINARY DOWNLOAD: Yes (1 count)

  58. Rafael says:

    I have done this and it has worked for me

  59. Feda says:

    If I have an external SD card. can I root my Tab using SuperUS file only using Android System Recovery??
    I mean without flashing CWM recovery??

  60. Kelvin says:

    I have followed yr steps but it turned out that there were some red lines saying “E: Failed to verify whole-file signature” “E: signature verification failed”

    What should i do now? Plz help

  61. rozman says:

    hi use cwm not working in my tablet error failed to verify whole-file signature
    signature verification failed.

  62. samin says:

    please help !! my galaxy note has the yellow bar when its not in download mode but when i put it to download mode the yellow bar dissapears

  63. brad says:

    I have the N8010 wifi. I rooted it with the 1st method and now it says N8000 and it has the 3g setup? Can any one help me to fix this problem?

  64. Oscar says:

    I downloaded the file “Download”, only 4.38kb? tried to unzip, but cant, any other link? thanks

  65. Ivanator says:

    Hey Max,
    quick question. I’ve followed your tutorial to a “T” and CWM is not flashing. I try to boot into Custom recovery it’s a nogo. Instead, it maintains Android Recovery . Any thoughts?

  66. Ivanator says:

    Since CWM gets written over on reboot, does that mean going back to stock isn’t necessary?

  67. vin says:

    Thanks for the great tutorial. I’m new to to this whole rooting business and I followed your instructions and everything was pretty straight forwards when rooting my GT-8010.

    I have a question about the sock recovery however. I followed your instructions on the ‘How to Install Stock Recovery on your Rooted Galaxy Note 10.1!’ video but I have no idea if it was successful. Does the N8000 stock recovery work on the N8010?

    How can I tell if it was a success?

    I want to be able to get the next update when it arrives, hopefully in the next week or so.


  68. chooi chee yiing says:

    this update can void warranty?
    this update can support asia language? example chinese language..thanks

  69. Max says:

    when I try to go into clockworkmodrecovery it brings me to the stock recovery instead. I turned off auto reboot and went strait from flash to recovery but it still dint work. What do i do?

  70. ZULHAIRI says:

    i successfully root my note 10.1 N8000, thanks
    i dont if my question is silly or not, since i m abit new in this root thing…
    the problem is that, when i make a backup using CWM, the backup file sized only about 16MB, is it like that or i m doing wrong somewhere?
    thanks in advance…

  71. calvin says:

    hey, the link doesnt work.

  72. Pingback: Update auf 4.1.2 vom 21.12.2012 - Seite 18 -

  73. Lara says:

    Thank you very much! I just successfully rooted my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 N8013GT …UEALI3 by using this manual.
    The only problem that i had was that i couldn’t get into the CMW Recovery mode by pushing the POWER and VOLUME UP BUTTON..My battery was at 5%, that’s why it didn’t work. When I charged it to 30% it worked. So make sure that your tablet is enough (or better fully) charged so you are able to root your device properly.


  74. Justin Lindsay says:

    Hey i downloaded the zip file but when i try to copy it over to my note 10.1 it wont let me. idk why it wont let me copy the zip over but i need ur help :O

  75. lara says:

    I purchase galaxynote10.1 gt-n8000
    I want jelly bean
    I do updated odin.
    but galaxy have black screeen.
    current, only download mode available.

    odin mode
    product name : gt-n8000
    custom binary download : yes(17 counts)
    current binary : custom

    in addiation, download is off.
    please, help me.
    thanks for your advice

  76. marรงal moner says:

    root is ok but my camara is not working not i dont undertand any soloucion?ยฟ

    thankyouy for the tutorial

  77. Ricardo says:

    My Note 10.1 gets stuck in SetUp Connection, help me, I’ve got a n8013

  78. bilbo says:

    Where are the files???? Theres no download link!!!!!!!

  79. chrisphoenix7 says:

    Why is the site for the root zip file download down? Why is there not a backup liink?

  80. Steven Chew says:

    I am from Malaysia and possess a GNote GT-N8000. I followed the steps in your video and have successfully completed part one by injecting HighOnAndroidCWMRecoveryGTN8000 via Odin3v1.85 and the tablet reboot nicely.
    However I have problem with the second part which is updating CWM-SuperSU-v0.94 where I have this message halfway…”failed to verify whole file signature” and “signature verification failed”.
    Where have I done wrong. Appreciate your kind assistance. Thanks

  81. Steven Chew says:

    I got it fixed .the second answer in the Q&A is the cure ..thanks anyway.

  82. Stauf99 says:

    Rooted my GT-8013 (4.0.4) and now I can’t OTA update.
    When I select update in settings it downloads it, then when I click to install it the tab restarts into CWM and asks “install untrusted update?” (or something to that effect) and then it fails, restarts, rinse, and repeat.

  83. Stauf99 says:

    nvm, pretty much the same as above

  84. Stauf99 says:

    nvm, nvm. still failed after flashing recovery in ODIN
    so, to reiterate:

    Rooted my GT-8013 (4.0.4) and now I canโ€™t OTA update.
    When I select update in settings it downloads it, then when I click to install it the tab restarts into CWM and asks โ€œinstall untrusted update?โ€ (or something to that effect) and then it fails, restarts, rinse, and repeat.

    after flashing stock GT-8000 in ODIN it just fails

  85. MrGeekman9999 says:

    Doesn’t mount external SD card in clockwork recovery.
    Put on local SD

  86. MrGeekman9999 says:

    Actually there are mount options that I didn’t look at. My bad!

  87. LNVien says:

    I got it rooted, then I update firmware, finished updating firmware and my GN 10.1 reboot, during reboot the a message ask for something (i don’t remember) with a warning that you can not undo … so I choose NO. then my GN 10.1 updated from 4.0.4 to 4.1.1 but when I check for update it says: “Your device had been modified. Software update are not available”.

    What can I do here to get update officially?


  88. Steve says:

    I have the 8013 and every time in CWM I hit install from SD Card, it reads my tablet instead. It never reads from my sd card. I tried to use the mount sd card and still doesn’t work. I see files on the sd card when connected to my computer and when I use a file explorer on the tablet. the sd card is fine.

    Any suggestions?

    • Stauf99 says:

      I kno this doesn’t help but i’ve never been able to do stuff from my sd card (on a tab) with CWM.
      so the only thing i’ve ever done is put it on my tab (i didn’t have a sd for a long time)

      if you find a way to use the sd card, please let me kno ๐Ÿ™‚

  89. reza says:

    if I wanted to unroot my phone how do I remove CWM?

  90. jai says:

    Sir gud day. Im planning to root my galaxy 10.1 using cwm. The thing is im affraid that i my not get update via ota. Then i read the q.a portion that i can update if i will flash n8000 stockrecovery.tar, the problem is i cant find this download in your website. Please help me this bro. Thanks a lot more power.


    Your reply will be highly appriciated.

  91. geek974 says:

    hi ! I want to root my galaxy note 10.1 gt-n8010 with android 4.1.1. The first step is OK but after doing the thing with odin when I reboot it olding power + vol up i don’t have the same menu as you ? can you tell me why ?

    here is a pic of the menu i have :

    thanks for your help ๐Ÿ˜‰

  92. Steven Chew says:

    Hi Max:
    I just updated my galaxy note 10.1 to jellybeans 4.1.2 (German ROM), however I cannot root it via above. Tried to boot into CWM immediately after flashing but not successful. Appreciate your comments. Thanks. Steven

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  94. samin says:

    hey max can u help please i tried the volume down and the power button way to get to the recovery mode 10 time but it keeps on showing stock recovery did i do something wrong because ive copied the folder into my note my odin says passed but i cant get to the recovery mode

  95. Jeremy Hluchan says:

    Hey can you do a video on how to use Rom Manager on the note 10.1?

  96. hakeem lawal says:

    Good Morning from Nigeria, i have a little challange sir, please help me. i use a samsung N8000 with build number …….N8000XXBLK2 which was formally rooted but when i did my software upgrade it returned to an unrooted device. i have tried different methods to see if i can root it back but it wont work. after doing d Odin process and i press the power button and d volume up process it takes me to a different page different from your illustration on the video please help me. thanks Lawal Hakeem
    please help me its urgent

  97. Olivier says:


    I had the check signature fail problem (I was not in CWM recovery, but in Android recovery). In my humble opinion, it should be more clearly stated in order to avoid many newbie’s heart attacks ! All tablets which are now bought suffer this ‘slight inconvenience’.

    Nevermind, I followed your explanations, it worked it out. But now I am looking for a kernel in order to do some overclocking. Is it insane / a bad idea (I did it successfully with my GTab) ? Do you have a good link ?

    Thank you very much for your time and really great work

  98. Dawn says:

    Thank you very much!
    Ive rooted my Galaxy note N7000 AND my Galaxy note 10.1 N8010 succesfully!

    I’m new to this and i wonder how to install roms on my galaxy note 10.1.
    I would love to have Jelly Bean. Is there another tutorial about how to install roms on the Galaxy note 10.1?

  99. steve says:

    I received my note 10.1 today, OTAd to the latest firmware, and am planning on rooting tomorrow. When a new update comes out I will have to reflash to stock, OTA, and then reflash the CWM?

  100. Cyric78 says:

    Any idea if this will work on the Verizon LTE version? (SCH-i925)

  101. MIkeJR says:

    Used your CWM rooting method on by GTN8013. Worked fine until I got notice of an OTA update. I used Odin3 in the package to reflash the stock recovery. However, there are now two problems.

    1. The OTA update, even with the stock recovery, failed. I goofed, I guess, by flasing the stock rooted rom.
    2. I tried to again flash the CWM recovery using Odin so I could restore the backup of the original rom. However, now Odin3 will not add the device — After clicking “PDA” and selecting the CWM recovery tar file and then connecting the GTN8013 I get no message WHATSOEVER. And, therefore, cannot put CWM back on the Note. I wanted to do this because I wanted to try and recover the original rom rather than the replacement.

    So, how do I correct this situation? Also, do you know if ChainFire has added the Note 10.1 to Triangle Away?

  102. Krisnasoc says:

    hi, max…i try your method 2…its work…thanks alot…now i have a question..if i want to update JB latest version…is it safe? and if safe and update to JB…i must root again? i using ICS 4.0.4 on my note 10.1 GT 8000…do you have tutorial update JB? and root JB? thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  103. Alain says:

    please help I am using Gs2 GT-I9100 jelly bean 4.1.2 Alliance rom V7.01
    BUILD INFO: THRU JAN 31.14:30:29 KST 2013
    My problem is when i am connecting to data is not connecting i dont know what is the problem please help.

  104. James says:

    Will this CWM Root work on Android 4.1.2?

  105. I just got my Galaxy 10.1 GT-N8013 can I first update to 4.1.2 then perform the root using the CMW tutorial or do I have to do it on 4.1.1 first then flash 4.1.2 over to it?

    • Silentcontender says:

      My Note 10.1 came with 4.1.2 and I had no problems rooting it. Not sure if updating to 4.1.2 first then rooting will have any issues.

  106. Sonex2k says:

    i allways get the Android System recovery when i whant to get in recovery after rooting trough odin..

    pls help

  107. Joel says:

    thanks!!! but plz do change the Q: I donโ€™t see ClockworkMod Recovery when I enter recovery, I see stock Android recovery.

    It says press power and down rather than power+up!


  108. Mike R. says:

    Everyone else seems to be having problems that I didn’t’ and have not encountered the problem I have.

    I used this method to room my GT-N8013EAYXAR with Build UEALI3. However, the counter was incremented to 2 or 3 and the status now also shows custom . And the main problem is that ALL ATTEMPTS TO INSTALL OTAKU UPDATES FAIL. This occurs using the stock recovery or CWM. I tried using Triangle Away and, although it appears to reset the counter, the status remains Custom and the triangle has not been eliminated..

    How do I fix this?
    Once fixed, how do I get permanent root?
    Where can I get a copy of the complete stock original, unmodified Firmware (including kernal, system, recovery and everything else) that has NOT been rooted? In case I need to start over and for future use and peace of mind.

  109. Kosar says:

    Hey, I rooted my Galaxy Note 10.1 GT-N8013 using your method and it worked and now there is an update available but the device says “Your device has been modified. Software updates are not available.”
    I upgraded the firmware through Kies but nothing seemed to happen I think something is wrong with the binaries! or something like that! Do I need flash to stock rom?
    I’m running Android 4.1.2
    Build Number : JZO54K.N8013UEUCMB3
    Kernel version : 3.0.31-813049 se.infra@SEP-125#1

  110. han says:

    hey max! This method works amazingly for my GT-N8010 but now whenever I plug it on my computer it says hardware id missing and it seems I can transfer any files onto my note 10.1 help please?

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  112. william says:

    i have done everything correctly but after rebooting it keeps on saying “unfortunately, S note has stopped” what do i do?

  113. Ruman says:

    For those who can’t go to CWM recovery after flashing .tar file ,when flashing with ODIN uncheck the auto-restart box ,then flash the .tar file by clicking on PDA . then shutdown the note 10.1 manually by long pressing power button. go to CWM mode by pressing the power+volume up button, voila !!

  114. Moshood Abiola Lawal says:

    Thanks for the post it was very helpful, you’re a saviour, Pls i need your help after rooting my GT-N8000 through this method, i still get OTA update after downloading, if i try to install it gives error, pls can you give me a step by step process on how to update it, i will be appreciate ur urgent response thank you.

  115. Muhammed Negm says:

    i followed the instructions but a prob;em occured identifying E:signature verification failed

    • mrevomr says:

      Same here. I can’t root my Galaxy Note 10.1 ever since I updated to 4.1.2. Hope a solution comes up soon.

    • mrevomr says:

      Figured it out. The answer is in the Q&A of this website:
      ” Q: I donโ€™t see ClockworkMod Recovery when I enter recovery, I see stock Android recovery.
      A: With newer software updates, you may be encountering this error because it will overwrite ClockworkMod Recovery upon reboot. To get around this, simply boot into ClockworkMod Recovery right after flashing in ODIN. You can set auto-reboot off in ODIN then when done, just hold down Power and Volume Down straight to bootloader menu.”

      But instead of holding Power and Volume Down, hold Power and Volume Up. Then let go of the Power button while still holding the Volume Up button (like the video) when the logo appears. Make sure you disable auto reboot in ODIN.

  116. rfb813 says:

    Max, got the Note 8.0. Would love to see you work on that model. We need to root and install a custom recovery. From what I’ve read it should be an easy port of Note 10.1 Roms to the Note 8.0 after that and I am sure that a number of dev will start.

    • rfb813 says:

      Max, we have root and a CWM recovery operational on the Note 8.0 (see XDA Thread). Do you have the device? We need to start flashing Roms.

  117. Via Carzeto28f says:

    Hi Max,

    My note 10.1 stopped working and will not power on. Any suggestions please

  118. Brandon Morris says:

    As someone else mentioned, I’d like to know the same thing, what about Galaxy Note 10.1 4G LTE Verizon model (SCH-I925)? Does we use this method, if so do we use the same cwm- file? I’m guessing not. Either way, does that mess with Verizon-specific cellular data settings that are preconfigured? I’ve tried using Kies, but it keeps telling me that the device is not supported by Kies 2.0 and last I went looking around it’s because of, brace yourself for a big shock, Verizon…I checked, andI don’t see any stock images for SCH-I925, so I’m guessing there’s some truth to what I read about Verizon’s screw-up and the Kies program. Now I’ve even seen a mention that, in general, while Kies supports some models, some models ONLY work with Kies Mini; but every Kies Mini release I see is carrier and phone specific, and I’ve yet to see one for the SCH-I925. Any thoughts on any of this? I REALLY want root, but I’m not willing to just “not worry about binary counts” and not really willing to just “try” flashing a rom from another model; that seems damn risky — like way more beyond than just flashing in general with an appropriate rom.

  119. Greg says:

    Will it also work with JB 4.1.2?
    I have a N8010, 4.1.2 build N8010XXUCMB2, kernel 3.0.31-805288 (O2 UK)

    • Silentcontender says:

      I have the JB 4.1.2, its an N8013, build N8013UEUCMB3, Kernel 3.0.31-813049 and it worked just fine for me. Thanks Max for the method!

  120. muchamed says:

    How can I root my samsung galaxy note 10.1 N8010 on a mac?

  121. Rstgo007 says:

    Hello to all, I would like to know if I can run the Phase overclock kernel on my rooted stock rom Galaxy Note GT-n8013 JB, JZ054KN8013UEUCMA3 -Thank You in advance for any and all replys.

  122. george says:

    hi max,

    i am using GT-8000, after rooting it, i can save all my games in the sd card? what software you recommend for transfer of files? also what are the disadvantages of rooting GT-8000?

    hope to hear from you soon?

    thanks max,

  123. Ali O. says:

    HELLO!!! Please help me, I installed chainfire 3d on my GT-N8000 and NOW MY TABLET IS STUCK AT BOOT.. PLEASE HELP PLEASE.

  124. Robert Gonzales says:

    Hello Max question will this root work on my note 10.1 4.1.2 build JZO54K.N8013UEUCMD3 Kernel 3.0.31-813049?

  125. Giri says:

    Need help for OTA update
    I rooted my N8000 on 4.0.4 with this method, for getting OTA update I flashed stoctrecovery.tar (by odin) and was able to update to 4.1.2 and root the device again,
    but in 4.1.2 when i flash stock recovery…still the device is rooted….it is still not allowing me to update
    How do i unroot it this time?

  126. Amal Samanta says:

    I have a Galaxy 10.1 N8000 running on Android 4.1.2 which I rooted with the help and instructions from your this website with CWM recovery and thank you for that personally. I just want to know if I can flash with PACMan ROM for Galaxy Note 10.1! [GT-N80XX] since your note says that it is for Android 4.2.2.
    Shall appreciate you reply.
    Best Regards,

  127. Ash says:

    What is the difference between high on android recovery and cwm?
    One rom requires high on android recovery whereas others just state cwm.

    Pls help. Thank you

  128. collyn says:

    How do you do this on a mac? Odin is not available and it sounds like from other research Heimdall has issues trying to flash large files. Also Heimdall will not install on 10.7 so it’s off the table anyway.

  129. Manuel says:

    I try to root my Galaxy note 10.1 GT-N8013 with ClockworkMod but every time that I try with Odin I am stuck on ” Get PIT for Mapping and then fail .
    Max do you have any idea

  130. Cristhian says:

    Broth necesito ayuda mira te explico tengo una Galaxy note 10.1 Gt-n8013 y ps yo soy de Honduras y esa me la enviaron de los estados unidos pero cuando la Enciendo me pide Un pin la vdd no tngo idea de como la puedo Liberar Crees que me puedes ayudar Xfa haber como le puedo hcer

  131. Mark S says:

    Hey Max, thanks for all your tutorials, it helped a lot.
    I have a China bought Gt N8000 and as you know Google services including Play,Gmail.etc are all blocked. I rooted my device under your tutorials assuming that Google apps can be installed afterwards, but no. Google play still blocked. Kindly advise.

    Thank You,

  132. sabor says:

    i have a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 GT-N800 Two days ago I got to download the official ROM to install
    With programs odin I do not know what happened after that to install the rom you want to come up
    Logo Image for Samsung Rom the top down, and when I came out when I connect to the computer by cable
    Any of your devices Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 GT-N800 The drive did not identify the
    I was sure to check .usb debugging. And unknown sources There was
    And I was sure that application samsung kies. And drives installed samsung drivers Was installed
    But I could not forgive me Anglysm weaken
    I ask you to help me some photos when samsung startup Here is on the lose
    Please help me thank you
    So Sorry for my poor English language

    When i Connected device to the computer Mark is only charging
    not a USB
    Please help me

  133. chad says:

    Just wondering if this works on the new mi3 build for 8013 note?

  134. can you pist all the links on the web page..I cannot find the rom for rooting.
    orig rom for backing out. I would guess
    it should be easy to find this…

  135. The gives error failed whole file signature tries to run twice. This is a new 10.1 (202014) and it just did an automatic Samsung update to 4.1.2 before I tried to flash the zip file.
    Android Version 4.1.2
    Build Number

    Also have rooted Bionic, Rooted Note 2 and rooted Samsung tab 7 2

  136. oops 2012 10.1 not 2014

  137. wafeek says:

    i downloaded I extract it and i found 4 folders 2 odin and 1 zip and 1 rar i extract the zip and rar i dont found the tar file and the folder is nt the same shape like video plz reply !!!!!!

  138. Sabrina says:

    Sorry to ask you newbie questions, recently I root my GT-N8000 with method 2 (root only no Custom Firmware) & use Triangle Away to reset the counter but it keep displaying as 1
    FYI :
    and there’s note saying :
    Please note some devices keep resetting the counter to 1 as long as you are not running both a stock kernel and stock recovery

    Is it caused by updating SuperSU from v0.94 to v1.51 Pro ?
    Is it possible to Unroot then Reset Factory Setting then Root it again ?


  139. Sartaj says:

    Can I root my galaxy note 10.1 2012 edition (GT-N8000 ) to kitkat 4.4
    In any other way ???

  140. Sartaj says:

    Can I root my galaxy note 10.1 2012 edition to kitkat 4.4
    I any other way
    plzzz help
    Model – GT N8000

  141. Pat says:

    Excellent video but I have a problem. I get everything done down to rebooting into clockwork module, I hold down the power key and the up volumn key but I get to a screen title Android system recovery with the options to
    reboot system now
    apply update from ADB
    apply update from external storage
    wipe date/factory reset
    wipe cache partition
    apply update from cache

    not the screen shown on the video. Any suggestions what I am doing wrong

  142. Sandy says:

    Thanks just rooted last night, took a little longer than 5 min ๐Ÿ™‚ I was getting interrupted every other minute. the key for me was to read the transcripts under the video. I needed to stop the reboot and boot directly into clockworkmod otherwise it would say the zip was not correct.

    It took a while to download the correct zip I kept getting tryme software. had to really pay attention to the download address to ensure I was actually getting the correct file. Also I had the drivers installed but had to download and use the drivers on this site.

    I’m rooted now and so far its great! I no longer feel like my note is not up to speed with my samsung 4.

    p.s. the little dog in the background was confusing as I thought it was my dog, I was listening with headphones so be aware the pooch is kind of loud at the end of the video.

  143. mostafa says:

    hey i want that file ((root galaxy note 10.1)) how can i get it?

  144. leif says:

    I used this method, but I cant get into the custom recovery. Any suggestions?

  145. lalala says:

    Hi zedomax!
    I’m totally noob at rooting and flashing roms. Been reading up a lot and I’m finally (mentally) ready to root my GT-N8000. xD I just have a few things to clear up before I start.
    1. Will rooting affect s-pen pressure sensitivity?
    2. Is it better to flash a rom after rooting? Also, I’m still unsure whether samsung features and apps such as multi window and s-note will work on a custom rom?
    What do you suggest?
    Thanks in advance! ๐Ÿ™‚

  146. Bruno Macedo says:

    I’ve a gt-n8000 nd I follow thw video to root my device and it don’t work,I stell have the error on room manager that says that the super user is not found and on the super user tell me that the binari SU isn’t installed.
    can you help me???

  147. Sam GK says:

    My Galaxy Note 10.1 GT-N8000 is running on KitKat Official.
    I want to upgrade it to Android 5L Lollipop ROMs (if any, by rooting and installing Custom Roms).
    Is there a specific rooting for GT-N8000 KitKat; or I should go with the Rooting software for ICS/JellyBean?

  148. Darryll says:

    I ran your highonandroid root method. It installed ClockworkMod recovery. But when my system rebooted, & I ran supersu, I get an error. It says there are no binary files installed for root access? Do you have a solution for this because at this point it seems even though I have ClockworkMod recovery it seems that there is no root access? I even installed another app called root checker and it says there is no root access

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