Official Jelly Bean + Root for Galaxy Note 10.1 GT-N8013!

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For those of you with GT-N8013, you can finally get new Samsung multi-view/multi-window features on your Note 10.1 with the official Jelly Bean update from Samsung.

Now, if you are rooted or on custom ROM, you will want to skip all that unrootin’ jazz and skip straight to the ROM compiled by XDA user BadaB!ng505.

This ROM is basically identical to the official stock Jelly Bean for GT-N8013 with root and unlimited apps enabled for multi-window. Also there’s few more additions like support for init.d (so you can keep using app2sd mod) and battery mod.

If you haven’t yet upgraded your Note 10.1 to Jelly Bean, flash this in CWM Recovery and enjoy some of the best multi-window features in the world on a tablet device.

And do let me know how you like it, I think you will.


Download Official Jelly Bean + Root

For install, just install in CWM Recovery without data wipe/factory reset if coming from a Touchwiz-based ROM/stock ROM. Also do make a backup ROM just in case!

Credits – XDA <--- Don't forget to donate to BadaB!ng505 if you like this ROM, thx!

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14 Responses to Official Jelly Bean + Root for Galaxy Note 10.1 GT-N8013!

  1. angel says:

    It says download unsuccessful idk y though

  2. Clive says:

    I am on German 4.1.4 rooted with CWM. Using N8000
    Pl let me know once this option is avable for N8000

  3. Nicholas says:

    Hey, thanks for the information, but I have one question what if we already have ugraded to jelly bean. if it is not to much could do a video of you actually installing the unlimited multi-window mod?

  4. Goutham Kumar says:

    1.Hello sir not sure you remember me but asked u a few weeks earlier on YouTube whether to buy note10.1 or transformer adviced me to get the note10.1 n I took your word for it.Seriously I’m loving the note10.1,so a big thank for that.All your videos are so cool.I’ve learnt a lot from your android tutorials.keep up the good work sir.

    2.sir Is there any ROM like this for the gt-n8000 international version,I mean rooted stock ROM.really hoping to see a video on that sir.
    Thanks 🙂

  5. Rocky G says:

    Dear Max,
    OTA Jelly Bean arrived last night, it works great on my n8013. I would like root access. How Do I “just install in CWM Recovery”? I ask because I’ve already bricked my GT N7000 trying to “just install” the jelly bean rom released 2 months ago.

  6. Steven Chew says:

    Hi Max,
    Currently i am on a German ROM 4.1.2 rooted on my N8000. Can I download the above? You advice pls. Thanks

  7. J Quintero says:

    GPS is a bit slower than in oem version. It takes longer to catch signal.
    How can I enable app’s to SD?

  8. Pablo says:

    will this work on N8010? or is there something like this for N8010

  9. Sayed says:

    Is this rom compatible with N8000??

  10. Jeremy Hluchan says:

    Hey I have the GT-N8013. Just upgraded to Jelly Bean and lost my previous root using the exploit. I only have access to Mac osx. Because of this I have to use Heimdall. I’m confused on how to get everything I need on my Note using Heimdall and then installing it on my Note. Can you send me some info on how to do this using Heimdall? Or make full video tutorial?

  11. Dustin says:

    I am loving this one for sure super smooth. Only problem I have come across is that every time I attempt to open my contacts I get the “Unfortunately. Contacts has stopped” any ideas?

  12. mark says:

    I am using badaabing_v2…I wish to disable the force close app feature as it often causes me to lose valuable sketches on scratch book pro…any tips plz?

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