Official Jelly Bean Firmware for Galaxy Note 10.1! [Multi-Window]

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Official Jelly Bean firmware, Android 4.1.1 is now available for Galaxy Note 10.1 GT-N8000 models.

What’s new with the Jelly Bean update?

The multi-window feature has been enhanced, similar to Galaxy Note 2, you can now do multi-window in dual-mode or also in true multi-window mode using tabs.  Just like a regular computer, the Note 10.1 can now multi-task multiple apps at the same time.

Now, at the moment not all apps are supported with this feature but as we have seen with Galaxy Note 2, a similar hack/mod should be on its way so you can use all of your apps with multi-window feature.

Other than that there’s also upgrade like the new Gallery app (like the Note 2 brings 2D/3D) and also video player gives you previews.

If you are on a stock ROM, you can probably wait for the official Jelly Bean update on your device OR you can simply install this official Jelly Bean Firmware using ODIN or Mobile ODIN PRO.  Flashing this over a stock ROM or TouchWiz-based ROM will not erase your apps and settings but do make a backup ROM just in case.


Download Official Jelly Bean Firmware German

Download ODIN

Don’t know how to use ODIN? See this example here.

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28 Responses to Official Jelly Bean Firmware for Galaxy Note 10.1! [Multi-Window]

  1. Herman says:

    Just to make sure I CANNOT use this for my GT-N8013, right?

  2. JP The Human says:

    Best “Official” Rom yet

    Better than the 4.1.1 Indian “Leaked” Rom, and noticeable speed and feature differences too

    Very Impressed

  3. Muadz says:

    If this is flashed, can i still get OTA updates?

  4. Goce says:

    Hello everyone 🙂

    I have note 10.1 n8010 (imm76d.n8000xxalga) and i have installed this rom too, but i have issues.

    When i am locking the screen, or the device lock it self, the device is restarting.

    Is there any fix for this?

    Thank, Goce.

  5. Ethan Pierson says:

    Hi I had a similar problem on my g note running jellynote. I just downloaded rom manager from the play store and ran fix premissions

  6. Goce says:

    Nothing. Everything is same. With Root Manager the function Fix Permissions was throwing error that something is wrong and the permissions can not be fixed and i do it over CCW, but same problem.

    Any other suggestions?

  7. seeto says:

    The snote screen brightness does not change. The problem was brought fore from previous even we change thr display to min settings, the opening of snote 2ill set to max brightness auto. 🙁 anothe issue was that i cant register my devise as the softwRe update promt processing fail. Anyone encoutner same as me?

  8. JoeRo says:

    Trying it and loving it . Thanks !
    Hopefully can get a root for this soon.

  9. Hin says:

    Hello zedomax..

    Can we root this version ???

  10. jmagrock says:

    Will this work for n8013?

  11. TechGeek says:

    Have anyone try installing this rom on a N8013?

    • The Govenor says:

      I have the GT-N8013 wifi and i used odin to flash works fine but lose root the only method to get root back is root injection the other will not root the root galaxy note 10.1

  12. Teddy says:

    Does the ps touch come along with this rom too?

  13. Kevin says:

    It’s unable to download :\

  14. Cannachris says:

    Does this ROM work on other European GT-N8000’s? (Mine was bought in the Netherlands)

  15. KuriaNdungu says:

    Love the rom however Stock Email does not work and crashes constantly. anyone with a fix for this? i had to download another email client.


  16. Andrew says:

    Heeeeeey Zedomax I just came here to post my hugue thanks to you, i was waiting for this update and i was checking almost every day for an update thru the settings on my device, now those days are over. I just flashed JB over ODIN mobile, and everything went great (tho i admit i had that fear everyone has i think) now i’m finishing the boot, and anxious to test all the things JB brings to my tablet. THANKS man!

  17. Goce says:

    Hello everyone

    does anyone have problem as i have?

    with this ROM the tablet is restarting after 10 second after i lock the screen or the screen lock by it self.

    can someone help me?

    Thank, Goce.

    • David says:

      I have the same problem. It became a nuisance, so I had to remove it since I could not find any answers as to why it was failing.

  18. kent says:

    my region Asia and flash german jb , everything is ok but only why cannot register device.. get update .. ?? pls help

  19. Jamel says:

    Hi, i installed the jellybean rom from germany, im from belgium and my samsung device doesnt update and the voice of svoice is gone after i rooted the device and put the clockwordmode on it.
    Could you see what the issue could be. Thnx

  20. lara says:

    I purchase galaxynote10.1 gt-n8000
    I want jelly bean
    I do updated odin.
    but galaxy have black screeen.
    current, only download mode available.

    odin mode
    product name : gt-n8000
    custom binary download : yes(17 counts)
    current binary : custom

    in addiation, download is off.
    please, help me.
    thanks for your advice

  21. Scott Thomas says:

    I intsalled on my 8013 it works fine but one bug. Keeps restarting when screen turns off. I flashed using odin pro. Any way to stop it from happening? Btw love the multi-screen. Dont wanna lose it

  22. EL says:

    Will this rom work with the Canadian GT-N8010 wifi?

  23. henio says:

    nao consigo baixar a room para tablet note 10.1,começa o download e depois cai.obrigado.

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