HighOnAndroid “TrainWreck” ROM for Galaxy Note 10.1!

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For those of you with a Galaxy Note 10.1, you can now get HighOnAndroid “TrainWreck” ROM for your Galaxy Note 10.1!

This is a custom ROM built on stock European firmware with cool features like GoogleNow and support for custom bootanimation.

*Note – This is only for GT-N8000 models, I will have another version for GT-N8013 soon.

Other notable features include speed tweaks for 3G/HSPA+/WiFi, power saving features, and graphic acceleration so your photos/videos should be higher quality.

Also let me note this is the first custom ROM I’ve ever built so bear with me if you find any bugs (although there shouldn’t be any as it’s based off stock ROM).

If you want slightly improved performance/battery life over the stock TouchWiz ROM, definitely give my new ROM a go and let me know what you think!

Here’s a video tutorial on how to install this ROM!


Download HighOnAndroid “TrainWreck” ROM
Credits – XDA

If you want to change the boot animation, simply download your favorite boot animation at AndroidBootAnimation.com then use ES File Explorer (enable Root/Mount in settings) to copy the bootanimation.zip file to /system/media folder and reboot. That’s it!


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49 Responses to HighOnAndroid “TrainWreck” ROM for Galaxy Note 10.1!

  1. Your ROM? It’s like you modified it? What are the differences from stock? what you did to: ”improved performance/battery life over the stock TouchWiz ROM”
    I’know I trust in your recommendations for other ROM’s, I trust you on rooting my devices, but your ROM??
    Cheers mate if is truth, I didn’t know you know you are moderator too!

    • Max says:

      Yes “my rom”! The differences are subtle, just some change in settings, re-packed kernel to support boot animations, and as stated on this page. But should be better than stock for sure.

      • Wery nice! Noow go to step 2. I have jelly bean for my s3 For my x one. Please make for us a stabile and full functional jelly bean for n7000. I will try your rom on note 10 and I will let you know how it is. Thanks and good luck.

  2. Forest says:

    Wanna make a clean rom for GT-N7000???? =D

  3. Ben says:

    will you port this for Nexus S?

  4. craszh says:

    Hey Max!

    That is cool this is what I need to find a developer to modify the stock ROM to make it better. I’ve tested a lot of the ROMs you’ve putted out for my galaxy note i717 and a lot of them is pretty much the same just maybe a slight different from the other ones if not better it’s worse and at the end is just same craps to me. Ended up going back to official ICS for i717 and I love it. But I need more toggle and this ROM can you make one for i717 just like how you did for your galaxy note 10.1, but for i717. I need my S pen and S note and maybe S voice to work the way it’s supposed to wrok which is the whole purpose of getting this phone. Pleaseee make one, thanks.

  5. Rafael says:

    Hey Max
    How can i get that same boot animation for my galaxy note i717 that you are using here and how can I install it

  6. A.I. says:

    Is the S-Planer widget still bound to the stock samsung launcher ? I use ADW launcher and Samsung managed it that there the S-Planer Widget is not recognized ๐Ÿ™

  7. Max, why is so hard for someone to finish a jelly bean rom for n7000 they made roms for all my phones. For note whyvare they so late? The rom for note 10 is excelent. Thanks

    • Max says:

      Because it’s not like someone is paying developers to make ROMs. They all work on their free time so you can’t blame them. Thanks if you like the ROM! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. opiujn says:

    Cool Max!! ๐Ÿ˜€ I would install this if I had Galaxy Note 10.1

  9. eight23 says:

    Is there anyway to have ROM for the note 10.1 without touchwiz and have the standard ICS launcher?

  10. Ravi says:

    dude you have done a fabulous job here…improving the stock ROM. coz other rom does not fully support s-pen, this is the best rom one can get.
    i’ll be waiting for your upcoming roms.

  11. Keven says:

    I have a question @Max. Can you make phone call and use 4G data on the tablet? Im interested in getting one if it can make phone cal. Thanks

  12. xX_Nexus_Xx says:

    Hello Max,

    got my NOTE10.1 yesterday and installed your ROM at once and it works perfect .. I have an AOKP version running on my NEXUS and would like to build a mix of yours and AOKP for my NOTE… I’m new to all this ROM builds .. can you help me getting this done .. any How-to’s, Guidelines or best practices .. would appreciate your help!


  13. jermaine says:

    the rom you made is great but i just saw the note 10.1 lte withe jell bean, and i know you wanted to keep the s pen apps pleases tell me you are going to make a wifi version of that galaxy note 10.1 lte with jelly bean. help us out i will pay you to make it.

  14. boris says:

    please mr.zodemax how can i put in this rom russian language i am sorry i speak english very bad thank you.

  15. boris says:

    help please mr.zodemax !!!no russian language and keabord here in this trainwrack rom.

  16. Jermaine says:

    what’s up max I have a problem some how i erased my back up and now my galaxy note 10.1 GT-N8013 is connected to the internet but play store browser nothing is receiving it so i am stuck i think switching between roms combined them do you have like a super wipe .apk. I have done factory reset wipe threw clockwork mod and changed roms and still getting same thing and now i’m getting a lot of the apps force closing can you help or do you have the stock rooted GT-N8013 rom thanks.

  17. Paul says:

    Max, great video and awesome job on this ROM, it looks amazing! I just noticed, it is only for the N8000’s, not the N8013. Will you be releasing this ROM for the N8013 as well? I would LOVE to be able to run this on my N8013 if possible. Thanks!

  18. JDMiami says:

    Good work. Is there any help you need getting the rom up for the wifi version. I just picked it up for the S pen feature and found your site. I’m interested in helping get the wifi version done.

  19. Jermaine says:

    max how do you flash or install system dump n8013systemoriginal.zip or do you have a video on how to get back to stock my back up got erased or do you have a rooted stock gt-n8013 rom that can be flashed clockwork mod or goomanager. thanks for all the help too

  20. clarence says:

    hi max ,
    do u know the way to keep the stock Chinese keyboard for the modify ROM.maybe some of the files i can port over to other none asian ROM, so i can flash any custom ROM without scarifying the stock Chinese keyboard which i really like .
    ROM : N8000DDLI1

  21. Rosebell says:

    HI Max,

    I get this problem with all the rom just the Urban HD rom, on the hoem screen alway have the small screen that show the information of the hardware, this screen will alway in front of all desktop screen, it just be overlap when i open other app. Can you help me how to close this screen
    THis is my screen http://dl.xda-developers.com/attachdl/17731522b7ce9782f259024183681df2/506c5393/1/3/6/3/0/5/2/IMG_20120929_170547.jpg

  22. Rosebell47 says:

    Hij Max, it appear like an app,, never stop, :)i was figure out, these is some service that if i stop from startup, this not appear anymore, i try stop startup : fastory test, csc,, service mode, also sysmode is set frozen. I did these in setting startup using System tuner pro

  23. Hassan says:

    Is there a solution for app2sd problem. I have galaxy note 10.1 gt-n8000 and I tried a lot of apps and solution but with no use. The device does not allow moving apps to Sd. Please advise.

      • Hassan says:

        Did not work. I tried the Linked2SD app with formating the sd into two partitions one primary fat32 and the other one primary ext but again did not work. I tried DroidSail App 2 SD app and I activate the USB debugging but it did not work. Even my device is rooted. However, I am using the same ROM of the manufacturer (not customized one). I do not know if you can advise.

        • Hassan says:

          It did work when I used your ROM ” HighOnAndroid โ€œTrainWreckโ€ ROM for Galaxy Note 10.1!”. My problem is solved. Many thanks for you man.
          Do you you have similar ROM for my galaxy S3 i9300 (international version)?

  24. Eugene_here says:

    Hi Max!
    At once I want to apologise for the English.
    I have:
    -Root – easy ver. – CWR.
    -N8000 XXALGA_HighOnAndroid TrainWreck ROM v.0.2 – super smooth, nice ROM.
    In options of languages and input – two times voice input (domino:)
    One page black-and-white, the second – white-and-black ๐Ÿ™‚
    And MAIN – Keyboard Samsung has no cirilics symbols
    though hand-written input translates in Russian letters.
    With it is possible to live – to put other keyboard…
    But all sense in a complex of ideas Samsung!
    It today the best application in the world and the most valuable in a gadget.
    Correct please!
    If it is possible ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks from all Russian ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. lara says:

    I purchase galaxynote10.1 gt-n8000
    I want jelly bean
    I do updated odin.
    but galaxy have black screeen.
    current, only download mode available.

    odin mode
    product name : gt-n8000
    custom binary download : yes(17 counts)
    current binary : custom

    in addiation, download is off.
    please, help me.
    thanks for your advice

  26. dirtyred says:

    I have a Korean Note 10.1 SHV-E230L (LG-U+) version.

    I am trying to use it in Japan, but so far LTE, 3G, and 4G will not keep the connections. It constantly drops.

    The note is not rooted or modified, and I am using it on Docomo network which supports LTE 2100/850

    What are my options? What should I do at this point? Wifi works of course.

  27. john says:

    Just installed train wreck on n8013 installed ok on cwm, but when it tried to boot ukp it goes no further than the boot animation and the samsung chime, I have tried 3 times on cwm and same results. Animation just flashes continuously.
    I have (2) n8013 and have used different roms on both before.
    Don’t know if you have sseen this before, just letting you know
    John schulder

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