HighOnAndroid Flyin’ High ROM v0.1 for Galaxy Note 10.1 WIFI GT-N8013!

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For those of you who want some extra features on top of your new Galaxy Note 10.1 Wifi GT-N8013, here’s a custom ROM you can check out I’ve been messing with.

The HighOnAndroid Flyin’ High ROM v0.1 comes with support for custom bootanimations, app2SD support, init.d support, deodexed/zipaligned, and comes with root/Superuser.

If this is something you are looking for, try out my new ROM and let me know what you think!

I will also be adding some more features and try to update once a week.


Download Flyin’ High ROM

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Mirror1, Mirror2
Credits – XDA, Official FlyinHigh ROM Page

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41 Responses to HighOnAndroid Flyin’ High ROM v0.1 for Galaxy Note 10.1 WIFI GT-N8013!

  1. Mondy says:

    how do you come up with these names?
    ‘train wreck’

  2. DLPeeps says:

    Looks like the download links are broken for this rom

  3. off topic says:

    since the gnote 2 has jelly bean and a ton of awesome features, will the rom be ported or is it not possible because of different resolution

  4. Mike says:

    How can I unroot?

  5. James Psaila says:

    Is there anyway to add USB Charging to a rooted stock ROM for the Note Tab?

    • Max says:

      there should be a way soon.

      • James Psaila says:

        Thanks Max, I’m actually using the N800 trainwreck rom Got the device on friday, had the trainwreck rom on Friday afternoon), do you know if Social Hub is available as an APK (to add to the \sys\apps folder) as it’s not on the stock\trainwreck rom

  6. JIA says:

    Hi Did u know how to fix spen stoped work?


    N8010 N8013

  7. tommy lim says:

    Hi, i would like to ask, this can be work for samsung galaxy note 10′ with wifi and 3G?

  8. andoid says:

    did you fix google search all apps option ? m sure u know the google search bar on 8013 model is only limited to google we search

    • andoid says:

      did you fix google search all apps option ? m sure u know the google search bar on 8013 model is only limited to google web* search

  9. LazyLizard says:

    Noob to Android…..I have a Galaxy Note 10.1 N8013EA…..I have rooted my tablet and confirmed with Root Checker…..When I tried to install HighOnAndroid Flyin’ High ROM v0.1 for Galaxy Note 10.1 WIFI GT-N8013 by holding down power/Vol UP the install started by then halted with E:signature verification failed…..any thoughts from someone where I screwed up?

    Thanks for you efforts and zeal

  10. Krael says:

    Max, two questions from a Android Noob; (1) why is there no Official ICS 4.0.x available for restoring one’s GT-N8013 as I have looked everywhere with no luck, there is all kinds of firmware for N8000, GT-N8010 but the GT-N8013 seems to be ignored and (2) what is root injection Thanks

    • Max says:

      That’s true there isn’t any official firmwares yet but there are ones you can flash on XDA forums. Root injection is basically stock firmware with root. It’s basically stock firmware.

  11. Koolie says:

    Would you make this rom for the gt-n8010 in the future?

  12. stulker says:

    Hi Sir
    unfortunately I installed busybox for galaxy tab on my galaxy note 10.1 using CMW following ur instruction on youtube. now the device shows a yellow watermark for unknown device. Can you tell me how can I remove busybox or restore the device. I re installed the rooted framework but it did not work.

  13. Fernando says:

    Hi, Max.

    I had download your file with 976 meg. of for European Firmness. I use odin 1.85 to install and it succeed but it didn’t reboot at once because it showed the underbelow message.
    did not match sized “/system/csc/common/system/app/BooksTablet.apk”(No data available)

    After manual reboot. SI note dialogue box always blinking for unlaunching even I had disable it. I then using the wipe data/factory reset . It return it to normaly but when I look at the build no it was changed to another number IMM76D. N8000XXALGA. I bought this note from Hong Kong.

    By the way, the SUPERSU app. appeared on my Galaxy note. I had press BUTTON UP + ON_OFF Button and found that the message still appear again.

    did not match sized “/system/csc/common/system/app/BooksTablet.apk”(No data available)

    May I know if this is OK or not???

    Thanks a lot.

  14. JDMiami says:

    after installing high on android my play store stopped working. I’m tinkering with it to see if i can fix myself. getting server error. have you had this from other users or do you know a fix. thanks. and thanks for the hard work.

  15. John J. Martin says:

    Hey max, first of, thank you very much for your time and work, its very apreciated. I tried this rom in my note 8010, and it works!only problem though, the google store does not work any more, and I get this constant notice “google processes have stopped…” now, is there anything I can do to solve this? I use the app store a lot. Again thank you in advance and keep up the good work!

    • JDMiami says:

      When you install cyanogen 10 it has you install a second zip called apps. Just wondering if this helps lead you too the ‘root’ of the problem.

  16. Dvoraak says:

    Nice work Max and much appreciated but I have a question. My build is UEALI3. I can’t find recovery tars or anything else for that matter, based on that build. Does that explain why this ROM crashes S-Note and the touch screen on my tablet?

    I’m actually tempted to try this ROM again but it almost seemed like luck when I got it working again last time. Any thoughts? Thanks again for the work you put in and any help you can give me.

  17. Clark says:

    I just bought my Note 10.1 about 5 days ago and rooted it with no problem thanks to the awesome people that run this website 🙂 So my question is well… First let me start by saying that I have done what im attempting to do with like every device I own (LG Esteem 4G running Android Version 2.3, Two Nabi 2 Tablets running Android Version 4.0) which is swaping the “External Sdcard” and the “Internal Memory” so that the tablet thinks the “ExtSdcard” is the “Internal Memory” and the “Internal Memory” is the “ExtSdcard”! That way I have a lot more room to install games and stuff because a lot of the decent games are much bigger then 1.0GB now… But while I was reading about this ROM I noticed in the screenshot under the video above the tablets device memory is showing like 29.71GB’s of free space! So If I install this ROM does it swap the “ExtSdcard” and “Internal Memory” like I want? If not does anyone know how? Or does this ROM allow you to actually move apps to the “ExtSdcard”?

  18. lara says:

    I purchase galaxynote10.1 gt-n8000
    I want jelly bean
    I do updated odin.
    but galaxy have black screeen.
    current, only download mode available.

    odin mode
    product name : gt-n8000
    custom binary download : yes(17 counts)
    current binary : custom

    in addiation, download is off.
    please, help me.
    thanks for your advice

  19. Jesus Nieto says:

    Thanks ever so much for so much help you give to Samsung users. I don´t wanna take more of your time. Just one thing: I have Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 N-8013 already rooted. I want to know if there is a firmware that ONLY let me move apps to my external SD card. And how can I get it in case it exists. Thanks and Happy new Year.

  20. Rstgo007 says:

    Hello to all, i installed this rom it’s great but gapps is not working I downloaded gapps from the cm 10.1 rom but it’s still not working can anyone please help me? Thank you in advance for any help you can give me

  21. Rstgo says:

    Ok i figured it out the gapps for cm 10.1 is jb so i went to gooinsideme and downloaded gapps ics 20120429 and it works .

  22. Rstgo007 says:

    Hello again, as far as Adobe Flash Player I got it at Aptoide Market

  23. Rstgo007 says:

    Hi,can i run the Phase oc kernel on this rom? Or is there another kernal I can run, is this site still active? Hello, is there anybody out there?

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