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213 Responses to About

  1. edward says:

    hi guyz,
    would like to thankyou for your good step by step tutorials….helped me to get back at liking my Note once again after having it for a month or so…had been used to iOs being very customisable but droid is far better…i will be on ur site daily following and learning 🙂

    am sure to forward ur site to loads of ppl who i know want more out of their droid

    from tiny Malta

  2. sarf2k4 says:

    simple tutorial although i only go through it briefly since no galaxy note yet, finding as many information as i could for now.
    could you put a tutorial on flashing using odin? it could be useful information if there’s any and the LA4 based rom has been released, only heard can be flashed via odin with latest cf-root to keep root+cwm intact

    thanks in advance

  3. Richard says:

    Hi how are you?
    I live in South Korea and I have a Korean version. Recently I think it is now
    possible to root the Korean version.
    I read post #18 here;
    I have SHV-E160S model but I cant understand the Korean instructions
    Do you know if it is 100 percent able to root?
    Also how do I back up all my Contacts and Apps before I try to root?
    I dont want to lose all my information and data.
    Thanks a lot!!!

  4. Spencer says:

    Thanks for this very helpful site.

  5. safwan says:

    Thanks for your really helpful videos. I am getting my Note later today. I was wondering if there was a ROM in particular that you recommended?

  6. Michael Merten says:

    I have tried and tried but cannot root, Mac or Windows nothing works. On windows keep getting the ADB command is wrongly wrtten or cannot be found. Installed SDK, ADB, still same.

    • Michael Merten says:

      Managed to root, was my mistake as I had everything in the wrong directory. Thanks developers. Clockworkmod installed, romo or rocket next. peace

  7. Vinny says:

    Thinking about buying the Razr Maxx due to my great data plan and having the Verizon LTE in my area (Boston). I hope you have not given up on the Razr, been following you faithfully and seems you have turned your attention towards the Samsung Note (LTE). I also have the AT&T LTE Network in my area as well but my Data plan would not be anything like my Verizon plan. I am using a rooted Thunderbolt that I have tricked out to the Max. Also have the T-Mobile SGS2 rooted and in my area the T-Mobile data speeds are very fast, getting between 10 – 14 MB download during the day and over 3 MB up (inside my house). Not too shabby for the 4th place Network in the USA. I also have the AT&T SGS2 and the HSPA+ speeds suck, AT&T doesn’t have the advanced back haul set up in our area. Go figure, AT&T installs the LTE but no advanced back haul for their HSPA+. Follow you faithfully and just hope you have not given up on the Razr Maxx.
    Thanks for all your hardwork,

  8. chris says:

    love what you are doing here…keep up the good work…cant wait to see whats next for the i717….
    can you do a vid or post steps on how to fix the force close issue with the older CWM on the att i717…..you touched on it in the first rom vid for the i717 but did not explain how to fix it…. I am stuck having to delete all info off the phone every time it turns off….Please help me figure this out….thank for the help

  9. Nishit says:

    Thanks a lot for all useful info…i rooted my note guess version was KL3…now my note firmware is updated to LB1…i searched to whole google but couldnt find how to root it…
    Let me know if you can help it.
    Thanks in Advance…


  10. Tumbleweed says:

    Great tutorials! Rooting, Clockwork and flashing new radio all worked for me. I’m now rocking 4G with T-Mobile on my i717!

    One question thought… where do I sign up for the email list? I’ve poked around all over and don’t see a subscription form anywhere.


    • Magdalena says:

      Dear Tumbleweed and Max,

      Could you please help me transform my already unlocked AT&T Note from Edge speed T-mobile to 3G speeds. I tried to follow your instructions but I am not a techy. I live in the Bay Area, CA. Any help is appreciated greatly. Best, Magdalena

  11. Steve says:

    Guess i need the note… Att is not great in Los Angeles… What should I do?
    Also, what is the best way to learn about rooting, kernels, etc. I have not done any of this….
    I find Iphone boring!


  12. Mauricio says:

    I have a Galaxy Note GT-I9220… I’m living in China so it was bought here… therefore lots limitations since everything is set up to use chinese softwares, like the weather, the searching engine, emails, webbrowser and so on… google applications only through websites… cannot use the installed application for swipe keyboard…sooo I rooted my phone but everything is the same as before…

    So my question is, how can i wipe out all the Chinese version stuffs and re install everything like if I bought the phone in another country? Like Hong Kong for example (which is know around here since some people smuggled in them)…

    Or perhaps I’m not using properly the superuser app… please help.

  13. Douglas says:

    About to receive my new Galaxy Note GT-N7000 in the mail. I’m in the US and using T-Mobile and thought I found earlier some website for upgrading this phone to use the T-Mobile’s 3G network. All I find now is the tutorials for the AT&T version. Is it possibly to use T-Mobile’s 3G network with the N7000? If not, will it be possible?

  14. David Conrad says:

    After owning the HTC Evo 4G from Sprint for 2 years I thought i would never part with it. But owning the Samsung Galaxy Note (1717) from At&t for almost 2 months,the experience has been great. I look forward to your video reviews on Youtube and your website. Keep up the good work!

  15. fire tiger says:

    is there anyway to make the galaxy note GT-N7000 to work with T-mobile 4G? i only get Edge, and after 24 hours researching on the internet, all i get is the hardware frequency is different from t-mobile, so there’s no way to make the N700 work with t-mobile 4g. i don’t want to part with my Note. please advise. thanks in advance.

  16. Omar says:

    How to make my Galaxy Note GT-N7000 to work with T-mobile 4G? that I got it from England!. please HELP NEEDED.

  17. Mike Jones says:

    I have two questions. I just purchased my AT&T Galaxy Note. My carrier is T-mobile, what should I do first?
    I would like to install ICS but I am not sure what to do first or if a certain sequence is necessary.

    Is there a hack to enable the T-mobile wifi calling app on the Galaxy Note?

    Thanks for any help


  18. Sammy says:

    Hi, I have a problem with ics in my gnote, when I push some bottoms like “call bottom” the process takes too long for dial and makes calls. I would like to install the stock 2.3.6 rom. Maybe this problem stop. What do you think? Please help me. Thanks. P.S. Sorry for my english I’m from PR.

  19. Stilson says:

    My new galaxy Note is Model Number SHV-E160L. This is in Korea with Lte. I have tried to Root it by pressing the lower volume button + Home + Power but it instead reboots without going into download mode. What can I do? I appreciate.

  20. Sereiratha says:

    I have problem with my galaxy note, N7000. I want to root my device and I chose your second method, using odin3 v1.85. As I opened odin I confuse to put “u1_02_20110310_emmc_EXT4.pit” to PIT and “AbyssNotekernel42CWTouchOriginalLogo.tar” to PDA. After running my phone rebooted. After running and reboot my phone get stuck and by showing just ” Samsung Galaxy Note N7000″ and lock to “ClockworkMod Recovery” not to OS event I try to reboot many time. So please help me for this I really stressful with this problem

  21. Louis says:

    Hi, I was trying to flash a rom on to my note, and it shut it down. Screen went black and I couldn’t turn it back on. So, I tried a few things to get back on until it did. Then, I reinstalled the AT&T stock rom in to it and everything is working fine. I tried again to flash a rom and when I got to recovery mode the power bottom got replaced by the home key. The power button won’t work. The home key is doing the power button’s job. Just like the note 7000. Can this be fix and how??

  22. Gerry Bradford says:

    I have a problem. I bought a Galaxy Note 19220 here in China without checking it out first. The system is pretty much all Chinese and there is no way for me to download apps from Google Play Store etc. You probably know this anyways. Is there a way for me to change the firmware to an English version. I sure would appreciate your help. I bought this today for Mothers Day for my wife and now its pretty much useless.



  23. blkfrd says:

    How soon do you expect to see some ICS roms running the official ICS.

  24. Michael says:

    hi everyone, i do not have the galaxy note (yet) but i have t-mobile and was wondering one thing:
    when i unlock my note and insert my t-mobile sim card and whatnot, and get everything going, will i be able to call and text and everything else on a phone? it sounds like a stupid question but i was just wondering before i spend good money on a full price note and not be able to use anything.

    A response would be great.
    much regards, Michael

  25. PaulsNZ says:

    Hey Mate,
    Do we go back to stock GB rom and then get the OTA update to ICS or will rom’s based on this start appearing soon ??
    Keep Up The Good work Max

  26. BrettOZ says:

    Hi I’ve just installed the new Rocket Rom ICS v1 with the Kalagas theme.
    The rom is fantastic but I hate the theme.
    Would you know where I can get a stock theme to flash over the top of it.
    I would to get the factory stock look.

    Thanks heaps and love the tutorials

  27. Philip Rhoades says:

    I can’t find the mailing list link either – where is it?

    This site is just what I am looking for but I would like to be on the list as well . . is it only RSS?



  28. DRAC says:

    i just used your guide to root my i717. very informative. a little rom toolbox tinkering led me to a brick, to which your other guide helped me recover from. i am now once again rooted and have a couple of questions. which bloatware apps are safe to delete? and how can i gain back my system storage memory? thnx in advance!

    • Max says:

      Some bloatware apps are part of the system, meaning it can brick your device, just make sure to make a backup of your current ROM before tinkering then you can always restore easily.

  29. Brian says:

    Hey does the international version of the Galaxy Note work on T-Mobile 4G? or is it only the AT&T version that could be unlocked for that?

  30. JMR says:

    Hello, i need HELP!!

    I installed the OnlyOne ICS ROM. Everything worked great. I was happy configuring all my accounts, including my company email. The phone got stuck on the data encryption step. It says Unable to complete encryption due to interruption. Perform factory data reset (erasing all your data) before use. After resetting, try encrypting device again. THere is a Reset Device button. Press it and phone reboots, but comes back to this same message.

    I have put device in recovery mode, tried deleting all user data, even ran the OnlyOne ICS ROM again, but every time i get the same screen with Encryption Failed message.

    Any thoughts??

    • Max says:

      Hmmm… not sure on that one, I would suggest trying another ROM that supports it for now.

      • JMR says:

        I can go back to gingerbread and when trying to flash OnlyOne again I return to the exact same error, after deleting everything and reinstalling from scratch. Its not that i am trying to encrypt again it just stuck there. Any ideas?


  31. Alif says:

    hi, my unlocked European white galaxy note came with the firmware N7000XEUKK3. I rooted it and tried to flash the criesko ics but my flash count caught it so I unrooted it and installed a stock gingerbread rom.

    Baseband: n7000xxla4
    android 2.3.6
    kernel: dpi@DeLL174#2

    Now my problem is I am getting the message about my device is not supported for update via kies and I can’t find the original firmware that came with it, anywhere.
    I want to send the phone to samsung as I am having some heating issues and then they will see my flash count which is 2 and my warranty will be void.

    Any help would be much appreciated .


  32. Gerard says:

    everything is awesome now running ICS ROM Only One beta, but only problem is that it will not connect to keis. Any suggestions?

  33. angelo says:

    can i get the samsung galaxy s ii skyrocket 4g to work in t-mobile network, like the Samsung galaxy note…

    • Max says:

      yes, you just need to flash tmo modem for skyrocket.

      • angelo says:

        Hi Max:
        I will be able get 4g and 3g in tmobile network with the skyrocket.
        also where do i get the flash tmo modem for the skyrocket..

        • stephan B says:

          hey Max,

          Same question here, I am running CM10 on my skyrocket right now, where do I get the Tmo modem for JellyBeam for the skyrocket?

  34. Dave says:


    I have an unlocked European N7000 which came with Gingerbread but I updated to 4.0.3 ICS when they rolled out the updates. I was just wondering which steps I need to take to root it because your current root guide only mentions rooting N7000’s with Gingerbread on them and not the 4.0.3 ICS. Thanks!

  35. troy says:

    How do i find out what sim i have i go through about phone and doesn’t say anything about sim this phone i got with bell in Canada nothing to do with at&t i was thinking about hooking my phone up to computer and running odin to install the new ics Rom or will that brick my phone?

  36. angelo says:

    Hi Max:
    I will be able get 4g and 3g in tmobile network with the ATT skyrocket?
    also where do i get the flash tmo modem for the skyrocket..
    Can I get step by step procedure?

  37. hamdogg says:

    interesting… how can anyone give any less than 10 stars!??
    Max… I’m thinking that a good idea would be to delete the rom installation guides that are no good/ or get bad feedback on. Also could you do another of the new rocketROM version. Rocket seem to be the best ICS out at present..

    Cheers… keep up the fantastic work!

  38. Al Marenger says:

    Thank you so much for your help i’m on ZSLPF and i’m not too happy so now i can look at something else it’s way too slow.

  39. EJ says:

    how do i subscribe to emails?

  40. Rob Ert says:

    I just used your tutorial videos and instructions to flash my rom with the HYFR Beta…Wow! Really impressed. You made it simple and everything (but the Super Video) works super fast. Just wanted to say “THANKS!!!”

  41. Al Marenger says:

    Thank you for the easy use info this is the best yet.

  42. Cesar Augusto says:

    Hi there!!!

    Just One question Max

    When I see today the OnlyOne ics rom, I took the decision and began with the root process. Everything went fine with the first part, but in the second, the clockwork part, I follow the steps carefully but the device does not start into that mode…

    In odin shows that everything is correct…. So, I don’t know where I lost the way… Could you give me some advice?

  43. Zouhaier Ghanney says:

    Please I need Help

    I’m searching for an ice cream sandwish Rom to my Galaxy Note
    Kernl V4.2

    and thanks a lot

    • Max says:

      I like kingdroid ics.

      • Andy Deutz says:

        Hi..nice ROm..true. but why you dont give out any info about the current “brick problem”. CWM + Data Wipe or Recovery = very big risk for a brick! See xda-developers. Now its on the way to the service…cry…huäääää

      • Junior says:

        I need your help.

        The rooting worked of course and went fine.

        Then backed up one by one with titanium. Then I backed up ROM (Original) but for some reason it didn’t complete it as fully as yours, i had another error after /data line.

        I tried flashing cm9 though i thought i was pretty much backed up, but after install as instructed, i just got the android logo on a backgrop like he’s flowing thru the inside of a computer.. i can’t seem to use my phone.. when you get into the mode holding the two volume buttons after, i tried to restore my backup, but it says it can’t mount the drive.. this is supposed to be really simple linux.. what is happening?

  44. Zouhaier Ghanney says:

    what are the risks if i change the the original rom ?

  45. Junior says:


    I did the rooting.. .it worked…

    i did the clockwork.. it worked..

    went to back up original ROM, mostly did, but encountered one more error than your video tutorial.

    Flashed with CM9 ROM, it booted up after the 2nd try..

    Went to marketplace (Google play) to download ROM Manager for Clockwork.

    Installed it, and was having trouble trying to initiate restoring old ROM, chose “Reboot Recover” and now my phone is BRICK! it won’t turn on! I just bought this phone (500 bucks or so) and had everything working, but made a mistake obviously! Please help! if i remove the battery and put it back in, it briefly turns on and off but now the power button doesn’t really turn it on! sigh.. i’m the best at wasting money..

    • Max says:

      Sorry to hear that. Rom manager IS NOT COMPATIBLE with Galaxy Note DO NOT FLASH CWM FROM ROM MANAGER. Nowhere on this site tells u to do that and if u bricked ur phone because of it u can try mobiletechvideos to get jtag fix for 50 bucks.

      Just dont use rom manager on samsung devices as a general rulw of thumb.

      • Junior says:

        Thanks for the prompt reply.

        I somehow got it out of brick, but still need help.

        I can’t seem to find a stock Rogers/Bell/Fido/Telus ROM. I can’t get the phone to boot up on an AT&T “STOCK” ROM on my Toronto/Canadian SGH-I717R (Galaxy Note) but obviously i can’t really use it. What do i do? Can you email me privately and help me max? Thanks for all your dedication by the way.

        • Junior says:

          Correction, i can get it to boot up on the AT&T ROM.. though it’s a canadian phone, this is funny, it started out as canadian ROM, i rooted it with your videos, then clockworked it, had this one error while attempting to backup the original ROM (that it could not access the android security directoy) if i remember, but it still finished saying “backup completed”.

          Also while in AT&T Mode, i can plug it in my computer and access the file system, so, there’s hope now, just I want to bring it back to stock, re-root and clockwork and just use the ROM that came out before the CM9… can you assist please?

          • Max says:

            Theres a rogers rom somewhere but i n not in front of a computer right now u can try saurom rom thats based off rogers. I will see if i can find rogers stock later today.

  46. Rex says:

    Hi I rooted the stock ics galaxy note rom with your method on the no computer method and I also installed the Franco Kernel 5 as you had told. There is a problem in the franco kernel on the wifi issues. I am not able to connect in any wifi zone. When I put the WIFI on The phone recognises the network and and I key in the password but the phone does not connect to the network. I did not have the problem earlier on the stock samsung ics kernel. I have also tried the Franco kernel ver 4 and 6 but my issue still remains unresolved.

    Could you give me some suggestions or would you have the stock samsung ics kernel so that I could just flash the kernel.

    Kindly help.


  47. Chris C says:

    Hi There,

    I Live in New Zealand and have purchased a Galaxy Note. I have very poor reception with it. I use 2 degrees as my cell phone carrier. Which is a gsm based operator. Does anyone know of anything I can do to improve my reception. It constantly flicks in and out of service, from 3 bars of 3g to nothing at all. Its incredibly frustrating.
    If you need any more information please let me know…


  48. darren says:

    Hey Max,
    Thanks for the great videos. I’ve spent days exploring this site. I love my galaxy note (i717) its my first android after 5 years of iOS. I am interested in rooting because while I believe android is a very powerful OS it lacks efficiency. Anyway, my questi about restoring the stock ROM. I followed all of your directions, installed clockworkmod recovery, and the ics objection ROM. My problem is that although I downloaded and used ‘sms backup and restore’ I cannot retrieve my SMS data after installing the said ROM. I thought I could revert to the stock ROM and retrieve my SMS data (and also backup my calendar). When entering recovery mode and selecting to restore my original ROM I get the message ‘MD5 mismatch’ and I am unable to restore the stock ROM.

    Thanks for your help!


  49. Saleh says:


    Bro, I upgraded my Galaxy Note to ICS but it has some different Build number, hence I would like to know how to install ClockWorkMOD for this version. Can u pls help me out on this and provide me with the steps.

    I’d appreciate ur help…

  50. Amanda Bogan says:

    I have a galaxy note that im using on tmobile and its running edge. I also have an att sim and its not even reading it. I went through your videos looked at everything I dont even have an option to select what I want to use (hspa, edge) Any suggestions?


  51. Archit says:

    Can i access play store after rooting galaxy note (with ICS )

  52. Archit says:

    Will features of S-pen work after rooting my galaxy note

  53. Archit says:

    Can i access play store after rooting galaxy note with ics

  54. Davis says:


    Help…I’m not sure what happened. Tried to root the Galaxy Note international version and followed the ODIN step. Everything worked but when it rebooted, I get a yellow triangle and it doesn’t do anything but sit on the boot screen. I’ve followed your other instructions without fail, although this one has seemed to have caused some trouble. Please advise. How can I get it to reboot again. Phone seems dead now 🙁


  55. Philip Rhoades says:

    When I caused this problem (via a different sequence of events) I could still use:
    – can you do this? If you can, you could restore the original ROM with ODIN and start again . .

  56. Sanjay says:

    Hi Max,

    I have recently updated my galaxy note to Samsung ICS 4.0.3 via Kies. I’m interested in flashing Cyanogenmod ROM on my phone but I have read few articles online which say that flashing from Samsung ICS to Cyanogenmod ICS ROM will brick your device. Any suggestions???

    Thanks in advance.

    • Max says:

      Not if u use abyss kernel.

      • Sanjay says:

        Thanks for the reply Max. I would really appreciate if you can help me with some good links or tutorial for rooting and installing Cyanogenmod ICS 4.0.4 on my Galaxy Note. Thanks again.

  57. sasa says:

    Thanks for the tutorial, u have helped me in many ways good job keep it up…..

  58. Robert says:

    hi, I tried to root my galaxy note (gt-n7000 android 4.0.3) as per ur video https://rootgalaxynote.com/galaxy-note-root/how-to-root-ics-on-galaxy-note-gt-n7000-no-computer-required/ – and update the kernel but after several reboots Root check basis software says that phone is not rooted and SuperSU needs binary update but initialisation is failing. Can u kindly advice where can be the problem? thanks

  59. Robert says:

    strange, I updated to the latest 4.0.3 version several days ago.
    I passed all the steps, shown on ur video. The problem still the same.

  60. Robert says:

    I’ve installed Root Check basis software from Google market – now it says Your phone is rooted but second time when I am launching it it says : Sorry, your phone not rooted.

    How can I be sure phone is rooted or not?

  61. Archit says:

    Can I access play store after rooting galaxy note

  62. Robert says:

    After all the procedures when I\m restarting the phone it shows small black window and says that my phone is not rooted….

  63. Sachin says:


    Did you forget about posting on roortgalaxynote site? I do not see your reviews since june 21 here. Are you more busy with s3root site and highonandroid?

    Request: Please spare some time and review some new roms out there, for eg: crisekelo v8 is out, kindroid 4.2 is out and lots many.

    Let us know when you are back on this site?


  64. Robert says:

    Anyone has a solution for Samsung galaxy note gt-n7000 android 4.0.3 ?


  65. Chris says:

    Can someone explain the risks of changing kernels? I have just recently become comfortable flashing custom roms but i see a lot of people mention benefits from custom kernels.

    Att i717-HYFR

  66. Dim says:

    Hi, I bought semi-bricked N700 and since it does get into download mode I thought I’d flash it with ODIN but no matter what I did, my PC doesn’t see it at all. Nothing happens when I plug in.
    I tried Kies, reinstalled several times, Other Samsung Note drivers (different versions), adb drivers.
    I tried different cables, different USB ports, different OS, like Mac, Win. XP 32 and Win.7 32
    I am not able to get into recovery mode to make a change…running out of ideas and getting tired after two days of trying. Do you think one of those USB Jig Dongle will help?
    Please HELP!

  67. Frank Freeman says:

    Hi Max,

    After watching your video on ICS 4.0.4 stock ROM for Galaxy NOTE. I decided to try it out.
    I made a backup from my Criskelo ROM using CWM and installed ICS 4.0.4 on my Note using Odin 1.87. All went good and I played for almost 24 hours with it. But was not so happy with battery usage, therefore wanted to go back to my Criskelo.
    I started in recovery, installed Abysskernal4.2 touch and try to restore my backup(I DID NOT ROOT STOCK ROM). When it was done, the boot screen comes up with a yellow triangle and that’s it.
    Both 3 finger modes work(up+home+power and down+home+power), but I am not able to restore or install any ROM using recovery mode. In Odin it hangs while trying to write factoryfs.img
    Using Odin I tried installing different versions of stock GB or ICS, they all hang.
    Any suggestion?


    • Max says:

      After restoring your ROM, try clearing cache in CWM. (Boot into CWM using CWM.zip if you lose CWM)

      For ODIN issues, if it gets stuck, try again using another USB port and don’t use a USB hub.

  68. Heiden George says:

    Max how can i connect my usb headset to my galaxy note? i bought the USB connector and it is not getting recognized but the flash disc is recognizing

    Any solution will be highly apprecitated

    • Max says:

      Not sure you should really ask the USB headset company! Sorry, root/ROM related questions only please, my time is very limited and trying to help more people! If I knew the answer though, I would have told you.

  69. Vin Rudi says:

    I have a internatinal galaxy note that i purchased from Amazon, I am trying to figure out a way to enable 3 or 4g. I am currently only on T-mobiles Edge network for some odd reason. Do have a fix for this. I watched your video on how to root the galaxy note without a computer… Worked Perfect!

  70. jb says:

    i have a chinese note clone 1922o running
    android 4.0.9 ?
    tired many unsuccful attempts to reeo any suggestions?

  71. Ulrich Wittmann says:

    I have unrooted my Galaxy Note N7000 according to your instructions. The superuser icon was there in the app drawer. Then I installed the franco-kernel. Now I can’t see that icon anymore.
    How do I get access to the root options now like processor speed?

  72. David says:


    now there is a finding saying using cwm.zip to root the GB is dangerous now.
    It says that Temporary CWM.zip on Galaxy Note Found as a Cause of Hard Bricks.

    I used cwm.zip to root my GB in the first place then installed a custom ROM and kernel.
    Ever after that, I keep on using the cwm.zip comes with the kernel to upgrade my ROM & kernel from time to time.
    Luckily my phone still working now.

    What is your opinion about this?

  73. ami says:

    how would u differ between an original note and one that’s fake ? cause when i used a screen protector for my note it won’t fit perfectly :[

  74. Matias says:

    i was wondering if i could get any feedback between N7000 and I717.
    Planning to purchase within these days. read maaany reviews, still undecided.
    which is the best buy..!?
    thank you for your time.

  75. Robert says:

    question: what is Tmo ?

  76. Robert says:

    what can u say about Samsung Galaxy S3 Quad Core in comparing with Samsung Note? thanks

  77. Luckidrag says:

    Pretty alarming and yet I do not fully understand!


    I learnt everything from your site. Very grateful to that. I have rooted my N7000, flashed various ICS roms (Criskelo V7, V8…, Classic Rom and Rocket Rom etc). I also flashed various ICS kernels. So far so good.

    But now, I become confused and anxious to do anymore flashing activity. According to this link: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1810954
    it is no longer safe to root or flash any file using CWM.zip (temporary/Touch recovery)

    According to my understanding, this temporary/touch recovery comes from within Abbys. After rebooting recovery, you can then flash ICS Roms or kernels. So why is it not safe?

    Are you able to clarify? Does it mean that your method of rooting and flashing Roms and Kernels without a PC is no longer safe? Surely a video tutorial would benefit lots of users.

    • Max says:

      You can see the error is from wiping/factory reset, so long as you don’t do a factory reset in CWM.zip you are fine, installing zips are fine as they don’t do wipe, and I tell you to flash Abyss before installing a rom anyways:

      adodd@quadmonkey:~/Documents/galaxynote/tmp/sbin$ strings recovery |grep discard
      warning: %s: Wipe via secure discard failed, used discard instead
      Can’t discard critical data on CRC error.

  78. Luckidrag says:


    It is no longer safe to root or flash any file using CWM.zip (temporary/Touch recovery) – QUESTION TWO

    For a long while after I rooted my N7000, I dared not do Wipe Data/Factory Reset from any of the 3 possible places: 1, in CWM-based Recovery V5.5.0.4;
    2, in ClockworkMod Recovery (temporary/touch recovery) V, within Abyss;
    3, in Settings/Backup and Reset/

    Once I have more confidence and feels almost certain, I did experiment with Wipe Data/Factory Reset. I selected option 2 above. In other words, once I am in CWM mode, I flashed Abyss and reboot recovery. Then, I would do Wipe Data/Factory Reset and then flashed an ICS rom. I have done this 5 to 6 times without failure, using a variety of kernels, not necessarily a safe one.

    My question is why it is no longer safe to root or flash any file using CWM.zip (temporary/Touch recovery)? Is what I have done here correct or not? Should I stop or continue doing Wiping Date/Factory Reset when required?

    Please shed some lights on this. Thanks.

    PS, Max, I could not make any sense reading your second paragraph.

    • Max says:

      its never been okay to do wipe from cwm.zip or any ics kernel other than abyss and safe kernels. you can still install zips fine just dont do wipe u will be okay. just use abyss u will never brick.

  79. Robert says:

    anyone can advice on Samsung Galaxy S3 Quad Core in comparing with Samsung Note? Should I change Galaxy Note and buy Galaxy S 3? Galaxy Note uses too much batery and I have to charge it 2 times per day, while normally using WIFI, 3G and GPS and the display size is big. S3 is smaller display but CPU is 2 times faster. thanks for any advice

    • Max says:

      galaxy note has much bigger battery and longer life in my opinion if u need more battery life judt get couple spare batteries on amazon very cheap.

  80. Robert says:

    Galaxy note has 2500 maH battery and S3 2100 maH. But S3 has Quad core CPU, when Note has only Dual core. So, does it cost to upgrade?….I tried to play in the shop with S3 it was really faster…

  81. lloyd says:


    can u help me can i root my Note LTE Shv e-160s….

  82. lloyd says:


    can u help me can i root my Note LTE Shv e-160s ICS 4.0.4….

  83. Katy says:

    I have a big problem with my samsung galaxy note international version. I upgraded the phone and it got turned of and I could never turn it on again it stuck with the samsung logo flashing and nothing happen afterward. I need desperate help. Please help me thank you. I am new to android

  84. Chino says:

    I have a Samsung galaxy note gt-i9228 anyway i can get it to work with tmobile here in the US

  85. Darcy says:

    How do I sign up for your email list Max?

  86. aaron says:


    so i had a rooted galaxy note. i wanting to upgrade to 4.0.4. so followed everything. but something when wrong with the flash. and now when i turn my phone it just comes up the loading screen : samsung galaxy note gt-n7000. and nothing else. i can open recovery mode so maybe i could run a gingerbread rom ? only problem is that i dont have a another rom on there….. help me.

  87. john says:

    hi max i have a rooted note gt-n7000
    i have used Odin3-v1.85 to unroot i have tried 2 stocks N7000XXLRK_N7000XXLRK_N7000CPWLP5 and N7000XXLRK_N7000XXLRK_N7000XEULP5 i am in the uk both work both connect to kies BUT both say
    your device does not support software upgrading via kies. any idea whats wrong there kind regards

  88. saravanan says:

    pls gmail me when theres a new rom for galaxt note n7000 tks bro

  89. danny says:

    I just followed the instruction here step by step, tried to flash the blackstar6 for my rooted AT&T galaxy note. After cleared all 3 steps as directed here, and started to install the blackstar6 zip they just can’t open the /sdcard/BLACKSTA_VI.zip (bad), I did it 3 times. Don’t know what did I do wrong! Please help. Thanks

  90. Trevor says:

    I have an issue. I flashed the paranoid room in my i717 and everything seemed flawless except my phone would randomly reboot like one a day. So I switched over to cm10, unfortunately, I had the exact same problem with random reboots. Finally I switched over to liquid, and sadly, I have the exact same problem. It happens sometimes during phone calls. It has happened twice during class causing me to lose unsaved notes. I love the Roms I have flashed but this is hard to live with. What am I doing wrong?


  91. JP says:

    I bought a copy of Samsung Galaxy Note from China and encountered low internal storage issue. Can you help me to root this device and partition the SD card for more memory? Here are the specs:
    Model : e1108_v73_jbaol1g18
    Android version: 4.0.9,

    Baseband: maul11AMD.w11.37.sp.v17.f1,2012/03:20 18:09

    kernal version :

    Build n

    umber : ALPS. GB

  92. Jerry Siegel says:

    do you have anything on thing on the Tmo_SGH-T879-UVLG3_radio.zip

    Warm wishes,

  93. David Hou says:

    Hi there, I find your video to rooting very helpful. Thanks!
    I’d like to subscribe to your email list. How can I do so from the website?


  94. Tai says:

    couple months back, i rooted my note (n7000)… and also flashed the criskelo ICS V07 rom via abyss kernel method… the rom proved to be unstable for me as it would keep restarting on its own couple times a day… i tried to flash different roms via abyss kernel method and rom manager with clock work mod….. but what happens is whenever i tried to flash abyss kernel or any of the roms, the phone would reboot and nothin is done… what can i do now? how do i get rid of this rom or flash another rom…

  95. Rohit says:

    Any word on when you will begin teaching us how to root our Note 2 (N7100)?

    I’ve found your website to be the sole reason I’m able to root my N7000 and i717.

    Keep up the excellent work Max!

  96. Hiram says:

    Hi max
    my ODIN doesnt connect/recognize my galaxy note n7000…what should i do cause i think my CWM is corrupted due to accidently wiping/factory reset…now it keeps on rebooting automatically to the welcome screen eventhough i tried to use the CWM method(vol up + menu button + power)..i was previously on rooted ICS 4.0.3)…pls help me Max

  97. Jeremy says:

    You probably already know, but just in case:
    Resurrection Remix ROM is now on Galaxy Note 10.1!
    Are you going to try it out? Any plans for making a video about it?

  98. Alex says:

    I have a quick question i bought a galaxy note sh i717 and it has bad imei can i still use it on simple mobile/tmobile??

  99. sam says:

    dear frnd.. i am having GT N7000. android version : 4.1.1, baseband version : N7000XXLS1
    can i use the rom which u provided to update my phone?.. my phone is not rooted.. can u tell me the steps i have to follow?..

  100. natale says:


  101. Nakul Kapdi says:

    Hi guys,

    I Have install Jelly Bean on my GT-N7000 Now i Want Downgrade To ICS , PLZ Help me .. It has to work with official Update ..

    Thank You

  102. SawNay Aung says:

    please u help me i have samsung galaxy note GT-i9220 (clone by china ) android version info;
    BB Chip ;MT6575
    MS Board;android_2x_gb2
    Android version ;4.1.4
    Custom Build Vno:1349709280
    may i know how to root & i want root method and tool; please me.

  103. Prashant says:


    Thanks for the excellent guides and HowTo’s. I am wondering which is best custom ROM based on JellyBean out there for Samsung Galaxy Note.

    Please guide.

  104. Mariela says:

    Hi Max,
    I desperately need your help. I have messed up my phone and I don’t know how to fix it. I have followed you since I got my phone. I love everything that you’ve done to upgrade the note. but I guess since I’m not that savvy I’ve messed up my phone. I was hoping if you had a free moment to please email me so I can tell you what I’ve done to it and if you can help me 2 reverse it. Please. My email is marikiss2103@yahoo.com if you can help me out. I beg of you. I dont want to give up on it. So I came to my last resort the phone master.

  105. tonysingh says:

    i wish to ask
    can we install an official ICS rom from samsung, which is meant for another country/region(say China/austria etc) into my phone(india)??? is there any chance of loosing functionality???

    i have
    GT N7000
    and GT i9103

    the question is for both the devices

  106. Ramon says:


    how can I install the tmobile wifi calling on the samsung galaxy note i717?

  107. Brandon Morris says:

    Hello all. I am new to the note i717 and i want to root it and dowload the 4.1.2….but i have no idea what im doing. can someone help me out. either walk me trough it or something. i got the old 4.0 running but want the new stuff. PLEASE HELP!!!

  108. goins4696 says:

    here are 2 great roms to check out you should do a review Galactusnote(touch wiz base way better than padawan): http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2042151 jelly bam(jelly bean base best i have ever seen): http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1996033(sgh i717)

  109. goins4696 says:

    here are 2 great roms to check out you should do a review

    Galactusnote: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2042151

    jelly bam: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1996033

  110. goins4696 says:

    Meant to add for device sgh i717

  111. tyler says:

    I came across two ROMs for the sgh i717 you should definitely review

    This is a really nice touch wiz based ROM

    This has got to be the best jelly bean ROM I have ever seen

    You should definitely review these they are great

  112. oletex says:

    you have been great in support of Android..

    Just got the ASUS TF600TL/TK (ASUS Vivo RT Tab – 4g/LTE).. of course locked to ATT.. have you heard of anywhere I can jailbreak and unlock it?

    How I regret ever buying it.. I had to be out of my mind!!.. give me ANDROID any day..


  113. chris thieke says:

    help please i followed all steps for t mobile 4g mod on att note i717 now wont recognize sim and no imei no bandwidth

  114. Calvin Myers says:

    Was just wondering if u found multiview or multiwindow for the galaxy note i717

  115. Larry S says:

    Trying to root i717 AT&T.Odin works as it should with a “PASS” When I try to do cwm It says: find update package,open ud pkg E:can’t open superuser (bad),install aborted. I re downloaded all and even wipe cache partision. This phone was rooted when I got it with Padawan,I un-rooted it.Now it says(Kies/OTA) it doesn’t like my AT&T rom IMM76D.UCMB4.Why I am trying to root to hopefully put the correct rom in so I can update or install a custom rom.Running out of patience for Samsung to update it.

  116. Calvin Myers says:

    Larry s id say start back over. Get the 4.0.4 stock and start from there ive had less problems rooting from that

    • Larry S says:

      I have the new(correct rom?)( SGH-I717_ATT_I717UCLF6_I717ATTLF6.zip) in the root of the phone files.I tried to install it,didn’t work.Even tried to call the file update.zip and that didn’t work either.Appreciate the help I’m still a little gun shy on this.I’d go back to V2.2 if I new how and do an OTA update.I just got a new NoteII clone from CH(V4.1.1 2gb/12gb),trying to learn that also.Once I get my Note I straight,I’ll change over to the new one.

  117. Calvin Myers says:

    Your using odin right. having usb debugging on then putting into download mode? Only having auto reboot checked and using pda slot to push the file? U have a cwm after goimg back to stock right..?

  118. Larry Stoffregan says:

    Yes to all ?’s, Odin 1.85,debug on,pda push:odin_n1717_cwm_recovery_b4.tar, power button/volume button center of button to flash Superuser-3.0.7-efghi-signed.zip. Can’t open super user(bad)install aborted.I never seem to get root so I can proceed further with the Superuser file.Have re-downloaded all thinking maybe wrong/bad file
    I tried Oneclick root earlier,says it could root,but didn’t.If I could root and use Titanium Bup to cover an error should there be one.Have copied my phone info to my hard drive 156mb worth if I can use ? Kind of stumped,guess I don’t want to brick/bork and not recover.Not that sharp yet,but we’re trying. stoffrld at q.com

  119. Mark says:

    Hey max,

    I’ve been following you blog for 2 years now, im from holland and i like your work…
    I’ve got my own blog in dutch language and i’m wondering if we can swap links, i will provite you one on my front page so people can se where i learned my first steps in rooting androids….

    I hope you’ll give me an answer, best if its positif hehe

    From Holland

  120. chunlove says:

    I have a galaxy note unlocked at&t i717
    Can it still be updated from gingerbread
    Ice Cream s?

  121. Henry Brar says:


    I got at&t note 2 and i did the root as shown in your video but now my phone don’t read no sim.
    i did unroot my phone and that didn’t help.
    then i did the stock rom install like couple of time but still says no sim.
    plz help.

  122. Micah says:

    I was wondering if you could recommend a ROM for me? I’m looking for a ROM for my galaxy note 1717 where I can overclock it too 1836? The Saurom works great except flash-player doesn’t work with that rom and I use flash-player a lot. I also tried the new JB-rom but when I use that rom I lose ALL my cell service so the phone is pretty much pointless! I’m just looking to overclock to 1836 because a very very fast phone is what I want. I notice lag with every rom I have tried that isn’t overclocked to 1836. If you could help me out with a recommendation I would appreciate it very much! Btw I love your website and you do an amazing job!!!! thanks so so MUCH!!!

  123. Have you ever considered about including a little bit more than just your articles?
    I mean, what you say is important and everything.
    However just imagine if you added some great images or video clips
    to give your posts more, “pop”! Your content is excellent
    but with pics and video clips, this site could definitely be one of the most beneficial in its niche.
    Great blog!

  124. cltflyguy says:

    You are indeed “da man”! Thanks for all of the great vids and writeups about our awesome Galaxy Note devices. I took your advice about trying Padawan JB and am loving it. Would really love to have the extras that Sweet ROM brings but it’s only for the N7000. Do you or does anyone else know of a ROM that will bring the extra Touchwiz goodies to theSGH- i717? (pop-up browser, airview, etc…)

    Thanks in advance!

  125. Daveon Jaxon says:

    Got a ?….
    I have a at&t Galaxy note i717(unlocked) I just purchased. Im on the verizon network and was wondering is there any way to convert this GSM phone to a CDMA phone. I read some articles about the UICC card, which can be programed to run either network. Need help please……

  126. Riyuichi says:

    Can anyone help me find Padawan V9 download? The new JB isn’t working out for me because of the lag so I was hoping to flash this instead.

  127. Chris says:

    Has anyone ever had issues with incoming messages having an incorrect timestamp on them? I keep getting messages completely out of order because of this. Anyone else have this issue? Rooted Galaxy Note i717 AT&T Android 4.04 Kernel 3.08 Build IMM76D.UCLF6. China Mobile network

  128. James says:

    I bricked my vzw 10.1. Do u have any method to fix it? I used casual to unlock with Adams version. I turned on an update popped up. So I guess it was an OTA. Now all it does is go into download mode. When not in ODIN mode flashes on/off.

  129. Mike.S says:

    Hello Max,

    I have rooted my Galaxy Note SGH-i717 with stock 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich from AT&T using the awesome info and video from your website.

    My question is do I have to un root my phone to install the new 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update If I use Samsung Kies or any other option. What other software do I need if NOT using Samsung Kies. I really don’t want to lockup my phone or have to reinstall all my apps and stuff on it.

    It would be great if you would make a Video and write up on how to do an UN Root, Then update to Jelly Bean and then RE Root the phone. That would help out us nerves new rooters and updaters big time.

    Thank You for your time and help.

  130. Erich says:

    Hey Zedo!

    I am from brazil and having a little problem here.
    I have the following:
    Base Band:

    Compilation number:

    Problem is that for some reason my ROM is alaways almost full. I have moved every app I could and still almost full.

    So, I thought I would root and install clockword as I did before in other OS versions. Problem is I can’t find a compatible version to root my N7000 with JB 4.1.2

    Can you please help me?


  131. Nas says:

    hi..i bought a used rooted phone to work with Wind mobile. The phone is originally Telus. I did a privacy factory reset to delete the previous user settings and date…now the phone still works however I cannot type as it appears as ‘null null null’. What do I do now? how do I fix it?

  132. Nate Sanford says:

    I have an AT&T Galaxy Note (I717) that was on stock ICS. Last week, it decided it wanted to lose its IMEI and Baseband numbers (both show up in “About Phone” as unknown). This happened while the phone has not been rooted or any custom ROMs installed, so I am not sure how it happened Since then, I have used your helpful videos to try and load back on stock ICS or the newer stock JB. The only one that I can get to even boot correctly is the SGH-I717-UCLF6BS.zip. All others will seem to flash fine, but then stall at the AT&T logo and then reboot. Some of them make it past the logo and then start optimizing apps, but reboots before this ends. Any suggestions? I don’t neccessarily need a custom ROM, all I really want is to get my IMEI and Basband numbers back so that it will recognize my SIM again.

  133. samuel kodjo azumah says:

    please how can i get new screen to replace damage one on my phone

  134. I am a wordpress plugin programmer. We have designed a plugin which will acquire web surfer’s email addresses in your database without needing their communication. I’m trying to get ‘beta’ testers and also since you are gaining substantial volumes of web traffic, I’m entertaining the idea of you and the blog site.
    You’re still interested?

  135. Helen says:

    It’s perfect time to make some plans for the future and it
    is time to be happy. I’ve rezd this post and if I could I desire tto suggest you feew interesting things
    or advice. Perhaps you could write next articles referring to this
    article. I wwnt tto read even more things about it!

  136. Mike says:

    just got a Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 SM-T520 and I’m looking for a custom ROM

  137. n5120 says:

    you have a great site, you helped me out a lot when i had my note 1 .. but i noticed that you have a site for every note except the note 8.. why is that??

    pretty much NO ONE offers help for this tablet, especially the n5120, which is the best one, simcard and lte ..

    no one is really talking about the rooting issues, the fact that 4.4.2 is out, and that its laggy, why is there a phone.apk on it, but can not make phone calls

    why are you not covering the note 8?

  138. Ravi says:

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 SGH-T859. I was trying to do a hard reset from the settings menu in the settings. I forgot i needed to do the hard reset from the clockwork mod on the menu on boot up.
    It will not boot up, any help would be appreciated on getting it to boot up.

  139. Brad Vowell says:

    I have a Galaxy Note 10.1 that would not boot. I searched the internet looking for help to correct the problem. I found one that seemed ok and followed the instructions. However, I did not realize that when I downloaded the firmware for my machine (GT-N8013) that it would only unzip 1 file. I then load this one file into the BL, AP, CP & CSC. After doing this, it acted the same. Is there any way to “fix” the unit after what I did?

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