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How to Enable T-Mobile 3G/4G HSPA+ on your AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717!


Here’s how to enable T-Mobile 3G/4G HSPA+ on your AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717.  With this you will be able to fully use your AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717 on T-Mobile’s HSPA+ 3G/4G network and get voice with 3G/4G data.

In other words, T-Mobile users can now buy the AT&T Galaxy Note at full retail price, pop their SIM cards, and start using Galaxy Note fully.

Here’s a video demo of my T-Mobile SIM card with voice/data/3G/4G/HSPA+ working flawless on my AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717:

Before you begin, you will need:


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How to Unlock SIM on your AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717! [Bell/Rogers/Telus]


If you want to enable T-Mobile voice and data on your AT&T Galaxy Note, you will need to unlock SIM on your AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717 first.

Step 1. Dial *#06# in your Dialer.

Step 2. Write down the IMEI number you get.

Step 3. Go to (You can also use any other cellular unlocking service of your choice. I just used this one since it came up first on Google.)

Step 4. Choose i717 Galaxy Note 4G LTE or the phone you have. It should also work for Ro

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Saurom ROM for Rooted AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717![1.9GHz Overclocking][Best Custom ROM]


For those of you who want custom ROM on your AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717, I highly recommend you to try the Saurom ROM, which is pretty stable now and gives you “wings” with overclocking up to 1.9Ghz. I’ve got it running stable at 1.89Ghz with Quadrant scores around 4000. Other than that, it comes with customizable JKAYMODs allowing you to customize parts of the user interface.

UPDATE: Please see the latest Saurom ROM RC7.1 instead!

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Criskelo ICS ROM for Rooted Galaxy Note GT-N7000!


Here’s another great ICS ROM you can try out, CriskeloROM for your rooted Galaxy Note GT-N7000. This is a really stable/fast ROM, love it, try it and let me know if you have any problems. So far so good other than Apex launcher crashing with Samsung stuff, use TouchWiz launcher if you want to use Samsung widgets.

*Note – It is NOT compatible with AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717!

Installation Video (Make sure to follow exactly so you don’t end up in bootloop and waste your time.):


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MidNote ICS ROM for Rooted Galaxy Note GT-N7000! [Best ICS ROM]


Looking for a really stable and flawless ICS ROM for your rooted Galaxy Note GT-N7000? Well, try the MidNote ICS ROM, this one features leaked ICS 4.0.3 base from Chinese Galaxy Note plus many enhancements. Honestly, I was having a bit trouble with RoMow ICS I posted last week but MidNote ICS ROM seems to be much better with no funky keyboard bugs that I was getting.

Everything works well and seems to be purring, definitely and highly recommended ICS ROM. This maybe be one of the best ICS ROMs available right now for Galaxy Note GT-N7000.

Try it and let me k

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How to Get FREE Wifi Tethering Hotspot on AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717!


So, you want to get FREE wifi tethering mobile hotspot on your AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717?  Normally you would have to pay extra $20-30 a month for mobile hotspot functionality but you can bypass this and get it for free.

*Note – This does give you FREE wifi tethering BUT it still counts under your monthly internet usage plan UNLESS you have grandfathered unlimited plan from AT&T.

Step 1. Download and install Titanium Backup app from the Market.

Step 2. Open Titanium Backup app, choose “Backup/Restore” tab and find “Tether

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How to Install ClockworkMod Recovery on AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717! [Bell][Telus][Rogers]


So, you’ve rooted your AT&T/Bell/Telus/Rogers Galaxy Note SGH-i717.  What next?

If you want just root so you can get root for your Galaxy Note and get free wifi tether, that’s fine but if you want to install new ROMs on your newly-wedded bad boy, you will want to install ClockworkMod Recovery tool.  Which will allow you to install, backup, and restore ROMs.

Step 1. Hold down the Volume Down and Power button together until your phone resets.  When it resets, let go of the Power button but keep holding down the Volume Down button.

Step 2

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How to Root AT&T Galaxy Note! [SGH-i717][AT&T][Rogers][Telus][Bell]


So, you want to root your AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717?  (This method also works on Rogers, Telus, and Bell.)  This root method will give you root access to your Galaxy Note for Gingerbread.

UPDATE: Please USE new root method THIS IS OLD!!! Note: For Galaxy Note GT-N7000 Unlocked/International/Asian/European, see this root method instead!!!

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Romow ICS ROM for Rooted Galaxy Note! [GT-N7000]


Want a fully working ICS ROM for your rooted Galaxy Note GT-7000?

Well, the long wait is over, you can give Romow ICS ROM a try, which is one of the first ICS ROMs (with everything working) that’s available for Galaxy Note GT-N7000.

This ROM is pretty stable and smooth, gives you Nova ICS launcher, Face Unlock, and a full ICS experience. And that’s not all, your S-Pen works too!

We will have more ICS ROM reviews coming this week and next week so stay tuned folks and try out Romow ICS ROM in the meanwhile, you will love it!


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KingDroid ROM for Rooted Galaxy Note!


Here’s another great ROM you can try out for your rooted Galaxy Note, KingDroid ROM. This one comes with pretty cool customizations, better battery life/performance.

It also comes with mDNIe Switcher app which allows you to change stock color profile quickly. There’s also custom dialer, improved touch response, and faster YouTube loading.

Try it out and let me know how it fares!


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