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How to Convert your Galaxy Note into OnePlus One!


For those of you who have heard about the OnePlus One smartphone, you are probably somewhat interested in getting one or perhaps crazy about it (like some are).  (Don’t know what OnePlus One is?  See our OnePlus One unboxing video!)

Whatever the case, did you know you can essentially get all of the software features on OnePlus One thanks to custom ROMs?  By installing CM11 ROM along with our HighOnAndroid OnePlus One Conversion kit, you will be able to turn

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Gnabo ROM for Galaxy Note 10.1! [Quad Multi-Window/Air Command]


For this week’s Galaxy Note 10.1 ROM of the Week, check out Gnabo ROM!

Based on latest Android 4.4.2, Gnabo ROM is available for GT-N8000, GT-N8010, and GT-N8013 models.

With Gnabo ROM, you will be able to enjoy some of the latest Samsung features along with tweaks like quad multi-window and Air Command, along with floating S-Pen windows.

You will also find Tab 4 launcher along with Tab 4 browser.  The Tab 4 browser is pretty cool as you can 4 different instances at the same time, allowing you to open the same browser when you are multi-tasking using mult

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Omni ROM with Android 4.4.2 KitKat for Galaxy Note 10.1! [GT-N8000/N80XX]


For this week’s Note 10.1 ROM of the week, check out Omni ROM with Android 4.4.2 KitKat. Available for GT-N8000 or GT-N80XX (such as GT-N8010/GT-N8013), Omni ROM brings you the latest Android 4.4.2 KitKat to Note 10.1 users everywhere.

The only thing missing? Video recording does not work so if you use this often, definitely stick with an older Android 4.3 AOSP ROMs.

Overall, Omni ROM’s features are nearly identical to its phone version, featuring full Android 4.4.2 KitKat experience along with customization Omni Team brings.

I am pretty satisfied at

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HyperDrive ROM RLS6 for Galaxy Note 10.1! [GT-N8013/GT-N8010]


I’ve been guilty of running HyperDrive ROM on my Note 10.1 WiFi (GT-N8013) for the last couple months and I have to admit, this is the best TouchWiz-based ROM you can run that I’ve tried so far.  The ROM gets updated at least once a month with new features while giving you more options with its AROMA graphical installer and seems to get faster with every version update.

The latest version RLS6 comes with a choice between stock or Zeus kernel in AROMA installer and I highly recommend trying Zeus kernel as you can get nice speed bump from 1.4Ghz to 1.6Ghz using the

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PACMan ROM for Galaxy Note and Note 10.1! [SGH-i717/GT-N8000/GT-N8013/GT-N8010]


For this week’s ROM of the week for AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717 and Note 10.1 GT-N8000/GT-N8013/GT-N8010, check out latest Android 4.3-based PACMan ROM.

Packing in the latest AOKP MR2, CM10.2 RC0, and ParanoidAndroid 3.99, PACMan brings you the best of all 3 custom ROMs in one, allowing you to enjoy full AOKP ROM Control Settings to fully customize your UI/system, run your device in tablet/phone/hybrid mode using

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CM10.2 Android 4.3 ROM for Galaxy Note 10.1! [GT-N8000/N8013/N8010]


For this week’s Note 10.1 ROM of the week, check out CM10.2 Android 4.3 ROM.

If you are looking to experience Android 4.3 on your tablet, definitely you can start with CM10.2.  Everything is working out of the box on the CM10.2 except the camera is very buggy (I couldn’t get it working much).

I know many of you probably don’t use the camera much and other than that, CM10.2 runs very solid on the Note 10.1.  Camera should be fixed though in future updates.

If you cannot wait for official, stable versions then definitely try CM10.2 out this wee

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Illusion ROM for Galaxy Note/Note 10.1! [GT-N7000/GT-N8000/GT-N8013/GT-N8010]


For this week’s Galaxy Note GT-N7000 and Note 10.1 (GT-N8000/GT-N8013/GT-N8010), check out Illusion ROM.

Based on Android 4.2.2, Illusion ROM is an AOSP ROM (What is AOSP?) that’s a mix of many cool features.

Probably the coolest feature on Illusion ROM is the Key Lime Pie theme (from Android 5.0) and its transition animations. You also get UI customization that will allow you to customize your ROM similar to

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PACMan ROM for Galaxy Note 10.1! [GT-N80XX]


For this week’s Note 10.1 ROM of the week, check out PACMan ROM with AOSP Android 4.2.2!

Available for all Note 10.1 GT-N80XX variants (such as GT-N8000, GT-N8010, GT-N8013), PACMan ROM brings you the best of many ROMs like AOKP, ParanoidAndroid, and CM10.1.

First, you will be able to get full control over your UI to run in Phablet or Tablet Mode with ParanoidAndroid Hybrid Settings which also allow you to tweak your apps to run in Phone, Tablet, or custom DPI mode. (

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Revolt JB ROM for Galaxy Note 10.1! [GT-N8000/GT-N8013/GT-N8010]


If you want to run the latest Android 4.2.2 AOSP ROM (What is AOSP?) on your Galaxy Note 10.1, definitely check out Revolt JB ROM. This ROM is a mix of CM10.1, ParanoidAndroid, and AOKP ROMs.

Revolt JB ROM is built off AOSP sources with the latest AOKP ROM Control backed in (See AOKP ROM Control tutorial here) with some extra goodies like change DPI of your UI and enable PIE Controls.

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HyperDrive ROM for Galaxy Note 10.1 GT-N8013!


For this week’s Galaxy Note 10.1 GT-N8013 ROM of the week, check out HyperDrive ROM!

UPDATE: There’s a newer version RLS6, CLICK HERE to see it instead of this!!!

Based on latest Android 4.1.2 TouchWiz, HyperDrive ROM brings you a ton of new features like Android 4.2 PhotoSphere camera while keeping stability of TouchWiz. Also, I was easily able to install without doing a data wipe/factory reset.

HyperDrive ROM com

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